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Destiny Made Us For Each Other- SaJan FF (#2)

whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 May 2012 at 7:29pm | IP Logged
Hey friends!! HugHugHugHug

I don't know how to thank all the readers for loving this FF so much! EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed It's all because of you guys that the first thread of 'Destiny Made Us For Each Other' has finished successfully, and now I'm here with the second thread. PartyParty  I am really very happy that you guys love my FF so much! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed I've started the second thread with an aim to entertain you guys even more, and never let you get bored while reading the updates. Tongue And I hope that I live upto your expectations! Cool
Thanks for your love and encouraging comments for this FF friends!!HugHugHug



Link to previous thread

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whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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Part-1 to Part-31 (Refer to the Link above)

Part-32- Pg1
Part-33- Pg6
Part-34- Pg9
Part-35- Pg13

Part-36- Pg18
Part-37- Pg25
Part-38- Pg30
Epilogue- Pg35
Journey + Thank You Note- Pg35



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whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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Listen to the following song when you arrive at the song part. I hope you love the song, its one of my favouraites with beautiful lyrics, that fit perfectly in the situation. Embarrassed


                                                                          Part- 32


Samrat returned back quickly from office, so that he could see his wife, h could give some time to her, and of course romance with her! He threw his bag clumsily on the sofa and himself laid back, loosening his tie and closing his eyes to relax.


Expecting this to be gunjan's voice, samrat happily opened his eyes and took the glass of water. But to his surprise, he saw suhani holding the tray and smiling to him, while SD was seated on the sofa beside him, reading some business-related magazine.

"aap… dono?" samrat stammered nervously.

"nahi toh aur kaun hoga bhai?" suhani smiled and sat beside him, "waise mera bhai aajtak itni jaldi office se ghar kabhi nahi aaya….. fir aaj ye chamatkar kaise hua?"

Samrat's eyes were widened for a while, and he looked at SD for some help, but he too had the same question in his eyes.

"wo…main… ghar.. jaldi…." Samrat tried to make some good excuse, and then his mind was struck with a nice one when he looked at suhani. "wo kya hai na, ab tum shaadi karke doosre ghar chali jaogi…… aur mujhe tumhari bahut yaad aayegi…. Isliye main aaj jaldi ghar aa gaya, taaki tumhare saath zyada se zyada time spend kar sakun!"

"Aaaww….. mere pyaare bhai!" suhani smiled and hugged him. But her smile turned into a wide grin, as she very well knew that samrat came home early not for her, but for gunjan. SD too knew that, but how could they let samrat go so easily! They decided to tease him further.

"kya baat hai beta, tum kuchh pareshan se lag rahe ho?" SD asked in a concerned tone.

"nahi.. nahi toh, main.. bilkul theek hun…" samrat smiled forcefully, "bas, sar mein thoda dard hai."

"achha, toh main sar daba doon?" suhani smiled sweetly, while caressing his head gently.

"nahi, uski zarurat nahi hai! Ek baar gunjan ko dekh loonga, fir saara sar dard door ho jayega!" samrat said, and mumbled the last line under his breathe.

"are, aise kaise zarurat nahi hai? Lao, main sar daba deti hun…" she persuaded.

"nahi nahi…. Wo main… haan, main fresh hokar aata hun… shayad tab thoda better feel karunga!"

Before suhani could protest further, samrat quickly stood up and made his way towards upstairs. Suhani sat back and giggled with her father, on seeing samrat's eagerness to meet gunjan, who was not at home!


Samrat reached at his room and opened the door quietly, to give a surprise to gunjan. But instead, he was surprised to find her no-where. He even checked the bathroom and called out her name aloud, so that wherever she was, she heard his voice and came to him. Yet there was no sign of her. Assuming that she must be busy in kitchen, samrat took his clothes from cupboard and went in  washroom to get freshen up.




"gunjan toh yahan bhi nahi hai!" samrat thought to himself, when he came in kitchen to get a glass of juice.

"kuchh dhoond rahe ho kya bhai?" suhani whispered from behind. Samrat turned back and looked at her blankly, not knowing what to answer.

"haan.. nahi.. nahi.. wo…"

"haan nahi nahi ka kya matlab hai bhai?" suhani looked at him suspiciously.

"matlab… wo… main…kitchen.."

"arre wo sab chhodo, maine garma garam adrak waali chai banayi hai, chalo, sab saath baithkar piyenge!" she smiled.

"lekin main…"

"chalo na bhai!"

Samrat tried to speak, but suhani pulled him towards the hall. They both settled there along with SD. Suhani gestured him to initiate some topic to have conversation on, while samrat seemed to have least interest in ginger tea. But for suhani's sake, he took his cup of tea and drank a sip.

"kaisi bani hai chai?" she asked happily.

"bahut achhi." He replied and looked around with eager eyes, but could not find gunjan.

"beta, kisi ko dhoond rahe ho kya?" SD asked, smiling secretly at suhani.

"main.. gunjan ko…. I mean, wo kahin dikhai nahi de rahi hai…"

"aakhir dil ki baat zubaan par aa hi gayi!" suhani muttered to herself.

"kuchh kaha kya tumne?" samrat looked at her.

"a…. nahi.. bhai, wo, gunjan kisi kaam se bahar gayi hui hai." Suhani replied.

Samrat frowned, but hid it behind his forced smile in front of suhani and SD. He canclled his meetings, he came home early only to meet his wife, who was not at home! He drank the tea with an upset face, while suhani whispered to her dad that until gunjan finishes the date preparations in bedroom, they had to keep samrat busy with them. So, SD started discussing about their upcoming business deal with him. He tried to finish the conversation quickly, but every time he did this, suhani came up with some new topic. He was quite annoyed, as he was least interested in having any conversation and only wanted to spend some time with gunjan.


"sab kuchh ready hai suhani, now wish me luck, and hope ki samrat ko ye sab pasand aaye."

Gunjan sent a text message to suhani, after reading which, suhani replied her with best wishes and smiled to herself.

"bhai, mujhe na tumhe kuchh dikhana hai." She stood up saying this.

"haan toh dikhao na!" he said.

"uske liye tumhe apne room mein jaana hoga… kyunki jo main tumhe dikhana chahti hun, wo tumhare room mein tumahara wait kar raha hai!" suhani replied, smiling widely.


"uff, matlab baad mein samajh lena, filhaal toh apne room mein chalo…"

"lekin main…"

"chalo na!"

Suhani again held samrat's hand and led him towards upstairs, in his room. On his way, samrat asked her about what she wanted to show, but suhani answered only after they reached at his room.

"main toh bas tumhe ye dikhana chahti hun, ki tumhari pyari si biwi tumse kitna pyaar karti hai." She smiled. Samrat was quite confused at this reply of suhani. And when she left him alone, he took a breathe of relief and quickly opened the door of his room.


The sight presented before his eyes was extremely mesmerizing and pleasing to eyes. He stood there in wonder, looking at his own room very carefully, as if he was new here. Entering in the room, his face lit up with a bright smile. His room was decorated in a simple, yet beautiful way. A candle-lighted room, with red rose petals spread all over the bed and table, aroma spreading a sweet smell in the atmosphere, and window-curtains made in such a way that moon-light could add more to the beauty. He was about to call gunjan, when he felt her soft harms wrapping around his waist from behind and her head leaned on his back.

"I missed you…" she whispered softly in his ears.

"missed you too jaan!"

Samrat smiled and holding gunjan's hand, he made her turn towards himself. He could not move his eyes off her, when he saw his beautiful wife wearing an elegant saaree of his favouraite colour, pink, looking even more beautiful.

"tum iss saaree mein bahut sundar lag rahi ho gunjan…. Bilkul aasmaan se neeche utri kisi apsara ki tarah!" he smiled, as his eyes moved all over her.

"baatein banana toh koi tumse seekhe samrat!" gunjan grinned at him.

"of course!" he said, "waise tumhe pata hai, aaj main apni meetings cancel karke, office se itni jaldi ghar aaya, sirf tumse milne ke liye, par tum nahi mili!"

"haan, par ab toh mil gayi na?" she smiled, "main toh ye saari preparations karne mein busy thi… aur suhani se maine hi kaha tha ki wo tumhe baaton mein uljha ke rakhe!"

"par kyun?"

"kyunki main tumhe room mein bula kar surprise kharab nahi karma chahti thi. Samrat, jab hum college mein the, aur tum mere liye kuchh plan karte the, toh tum mujhe uski bhanak tak nahi lagne dete the, fir main toh ek chhota sa surprise plan kar rahi thi tumhare liye." Gunjan gave her sweetest smile. "lekin ek chhota sa doubt hai."

"kaisa doubt?"

'yehi, ki tumhe ye sab pasand aaya ki nahi!" gunjan said normally, and walked forward.

"hmm.. mujhe ye sab bahut pasand aaya, bas, ek cheez adhoori reh gayi shayad." Samrat said.

"kya hua samrat? Kya adhoora reh gaya?" she asked innocently.

"ek minute."

Saying this, samrat took a step back and then turned towards the cupboard. He opened the locker inside, and taking out a file, he looked at gunjan, who still stood there in confusion. Samrat took a matchstick from the side-table and then lighting the file on fire, he threw it on the floor.

"ye kya hai samrat?" gunjan asked, as she saw the flames which burnt that file on floor.

"ye………contract ki file hai!" samrat smiled, and approached to her, "tum yehi chahti thi na, ki main apne haathon se hamare contract marriage ke papers ko jala doon? Aaj wahi hua gunjan……….hamara rishta itna kamzor nahi hai, ki ek kaagaz ke tukde se toot jaaye…….." he gently held gunjan from shoulders, "hum dono har janam ke liye pati patni hain…….aur is sach ko koi badal nahi sakta hai……….Khud bhagwaan bhi nahi!"

"I love you samrat……….." gunjan tightly hugged samrat, "aur main apni taraf se poori koshish karungi, ki hamara rishta kabhi na toote!"

"hamara rishta kabhi nahi tootega gunjan……..kyunki kismat ne hamein milaya hai, lekin is rishte ko nibhaana hamare haathon mein hai……….aur agar hum ek dusre se sachcha pyaar karte hain, toh koi hamare rishte ko tod nahi sakta hai!" samrat hugged her back. "I love you gunjan."

"Toh fir ye baat tumne kehne mein itni der kyun laga di?" gunjan asked, breaking the hug. "jab tumhare dil mein mere liye itna pyaar tha, toh fir tumne mujhse ye baat chhupa ke kyun rakhi? Jaise har baat tum asaani se keh dete ho, waise hi ye baat kyun nahi kahi tumne?"

"maine bahut baar tumse kehne ki koshish ki thi gunjan… bas, shayad tab kismat ko hamara milna manzoor nahi tha." Samrat replied in a heavy voice. "aur isi ke chalte hamare beech kitni mis-understandings…"

"samrat, maine tumse kal raat hi kaha tha ki ab hum un puraani baaton ko yaad nahi karenge, jinhe yaad karke hamein dukh ki siwa aur kuchh na miley!" gunjan said. "fir kyun tum…"

"kyunki mujhe takleef hoti hai!" samrat said, "anjaane mein hi sahi, par maine tumhe bahut hurt kiya hai.. aur main jab bhi ye yaad karta hun, toh mujhe bahut takleef hoti hai…"

Gunjan was about to say something, but was stopped by samrat.

"sach kehna gunjan, kya tumhe takleef nahi hoti thi, jab bhi main tumhare saath bura behave karta tha, jab bhi meri wajah se tumhari aankhon mein aansu aaye?" he asked.

"main sach kahungi samrat." She replied, "haan, takleef hoti thi, bahut takleef hoti thi, lekin usse bhi zyada takleef tab hui, jab mujhe ye pata chala ki jise main bura samajhti hun, wo mujhe khud se bhi zyada pyaar karta hai…… aur, tumne kabhi mujhe ye baat batane ki bhi koshish nahi ki…"

Gunjan asked him the reason for hiding his feelings. And samrat looked at her in surprise. He thought that why she was asking such questions, which only she could answer! Infact, he had confessed his love, it was gunjan who rejected him rudely, and asked him to never ever show his face to her.

"kya hua samrat, kahan kho gaye?" gunjan waved her hand in front of him.

"umm.. kahin.. kahin nahi gunjan." Samrat smiled slightly. "waise, agar tum ye shaam hum dono ke liye special banana chahti ho, toh tumhe meri ek request maanni padegi."

"request? Kya?"

"pehle promise karo, ki jo main kahunga, wo tum karogi." He pleaded.

"haan baba, jo tum kahoge main wo karungi." Gunjan replied, "par mujhe karna kya hoga?"

"tumhe apni meethi si awaaz mein mere liye gaana hoga!" samrat smiled.

"kya??" gunjan was startled.

"dekho, tumne abhi mujhe promise kiya hai, aur agar tumne apna promise toda, toh main tumse naraaz ho jaaunga!" samrat frowned fakely.

"samrat?? Kisi bachche se kam nahi ho tum! Bilkul bhi nahi badle tum!" gunjan was amused.

"toh kya apne dost-cum-pati ki baat nahi maanogi?" he pleaded sweetly, leaning closer towards her.

"maanungi, lekin ek shart par." Gunjan ordered.

"kaisi shart?"

"tumhe bhi mere saath gaana hoga!" she smiled.

"what??" samrat widened his eyes, "nahi, Bilkul nahi gunjan! Main kitna kharab gaata hun.. agar padosiyon ne mera gaana sunkar pathhar phekna shuru kar dia toh?" samrat said fearfully.

"tum padosiyon ke liye gaaoge ya mere liye?"

"tumhare liye of course!" he winked.

"toh fir duniya ki chinta chhodo, kyunki tum chahe jaise bhi gaao, mujhe tumhari awaaz pasand hai." She smiled.

Samrat knew that gunjan would go on persuading him until he agreed. And his ears were very eager to hear her sweet voice, so he agreed to join her.


Gunjan (sings)- Main waari jaawan
Main waari jaawan
Saathon ki hoya kasoor re
Main waari jaawan
Main waari jaawan
Dil to hoya majboor
Main waari jaawan
Main waari jaawan


Samrat (sings)- Choo liya tune lab se aankhon ko
Mannatein poori tumse hi


Gunjan (sings)- Main waari jaawan……


Samrat (sings)- Tu miley jahan mera jahan hai wahan
Raunakein saari tumse hi

Ho…. Choo liya tune lab se aankhon ko
Mannatein poori tumse hi
Tu miley jahan mera jahan hai wahan
Raunakein saari tumse hi


Piya O Re Piya...
Piya Re Piya Re Piya…..
Piya O Re Piya...
Piya Re Piya Re Piya…..


(Samrat offered his hand to gunjan for a dance on this romantic music. With the slow but sensual rhythm of music, they took every step in the same rhythm, with their eyes lost in each others, and hands caressing each other lovingly.

And after this romantic dance, they had dinner in their big balcony, which was also nicely decorated by gunjan, and the dinner table set up perfectly with samrat's favouraite dishes, and of course, gajar ka halwa.)


Samrat (sings)- Koi kami si thi jeene mein
Jaana yeh humne kahan
Aise miley ho jaise hum pe
Ho meherebaan yeh Khuda


Gunjan (sings)- Main waari jaawan
Main waari jaawan
Saathon ki hoya kasoor re
Rab di marzi hai apna yeh milna


Samrat & Gunjan (sing)- Barsa hai hum pe uska noor………


Samrat (sings)- Piya O Re Piya...
Piya Re Piya Re Piya…..
Piya O Re Piya...
Piya Re Piya Re Piya…..



Precap-: Gunjan meets her parents.


Do leave comments and hit the 'like' tab! Embarrassed



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-CreativeSoul- IF-Sizzlerz

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hey ria congrats on the new thread Hug
i was just about to go to bed but then i saw ur update so i had to rush and read LOL
lovely update it was really cute i love the way samrat was trying to escape suhanhi to get to gunjan hehe
and i loved sajan's convo
and the song is one of my favourite so i loved it soo much <3
do continue soon

love Heart

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KuchBhiMatBol IF-Rockerz

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congo fr d new thread ria!
N this part was simply
waiting fr next one updt soon!

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Glowing_Star IF-Dazzler

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Hey Dear! Congrats on the new thread! Party

This part was just simply Awesome <33 Loved how SD n Suhaani teased Samrat !! It was very sweet. Specially loved SaJan's convo! They are so 'Januble' Day Dreaming

The song was just perfect for the situation! It's one of my fav song! Embarrassed

Waiting for the next update now! Thanks for PM Hug

Nila Heart

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saduf IF-Rockerz

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a huge congratulations to you on starting a new thread
the update was awesome and very romantic
cont soon

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Shreya30456 Senior Member

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Congrates for ur new thread n awesome update loved gunjan surprise for samrat thanks for the pm

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