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Natasha_shaikh IF-Sizzlerz

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Salaam Namastey & Hello to all my lovely IF Friends.Big smile

Welcome to you the 4th Edition of Our PV Chronicles.Big smile Hope you will have a nice time & Do leave in Your Comments, Suggestions & Feedbacks and Hope we continue this every week Embarrassed

Weekly Summary

 23rd April 2012

Payal and Palak see the clay and ball and ask Yash if the gifts were for them. When Yash states that the gifts were for Ansh, Payal and Palak tell him that boys like to play with toy guns. Yash understands his folly.

Yash immediately rushes to the toy shop and buys a toy gun for Ansh. He comes home and gives the gift to Ram Dulare to hand it over to Ansh. Ansh gets elated to receive the gift and immediately starts playing with it. Yash gets happy to see it.

At the dinner table, Ansh starts playing with the cutlery again. Yash softly reprimands him. Ansh immediately apologizes and promises to behave henceforth. Aarti is relieved while the rest of the family is pleased.

Aarti goes to Payal and Palak's room and tidies it up. She sees some sketch pens lying down and bends to pick them up. She crawls below the table to pick up all the pens.

Yash sees Payal and Palak's room neat and tidy and thinks that Ram Dulare must have organized it. He sees the girls' scribbled note lying on the floor and bends down to pick it. He is stunned to see Aarti below the table.

Aarti is unable to utter a word in front of Yash.

   24th April 2012

Aarti and Yash think in their hearts that they should thank each other for their role in keeping each other's children happy. They are about to talk to each other when Ansh comes into the room.

Ansh goes up to Yash and thanks him for bringing him the toy gun. Ansh gives him a peck and says that he was the best father. Payal and Palak too come into the room. Ansh requests Yash if he could sleep with him that night. Payal and Palak too make the same request. Yash accepts it and sleeps with all the children on his bed.

The following morning, Gayatri tells Aarti that she had to attend the parents-teachers meeting in Payal and Palak's school. She asks Aarti to ready herself to leave in a while. When Aarti looks worried, Vidhi relieves her by saying that she would drop Ansh up to his school bus while she was away.

Aarti wears high heeled sandals on Ansh's insistence. Ansh makes Aarti promise that she would wear those sandals as she looked good in it.

Aarti struggles with the high heels while leaving for school. Gayatri stops her and asks if she was going to school or for a fashion show. When she asks Aarti to change into simple footwear, Aarti politely refuses saying that she had promised Ansh and could not break it. Gayatri feels offended but does not say much as Yash comes by.

Gayatri decides to keep Aarti under control lest she became more rebellious.

25th April 2012

On the way, Aarti realizes that she does not know in which standard Payal and Palak were studying in. She decides to enquire with Yash about it. At that moment, Yash too turns to say something to Aarti.

Yash gives Aarti an opportunity to say what she wanted. Aarti learns from Yash that
Palak was studying in the second standard while Payal was in the first standard. She also learns from Yash that he too wanted to tell her the same thing before they reach school.

Yash asks Aarti to go and meet the principal while he goes to park his car. On meeting the principal, Mrs Lobo, Aarti learns that both Palak and Payal were academically brilliant however they were socially reserved. Aarti also learns that Palak and Payal also get into arguments with their classmates.

Mrs Lobo begins to complain about the girls' upbringing. Just then Yash enters the room and clarifies that Aarti was Palak and Payal's stepmother. He adds that Palak and Payal's mother died when they were infants. He states that he was the sole person responsible for takes Palak and Payal's upbringing. Before leaving, Aarti promises Mrs Lobo that she would take good care of Palak and Payal and would not give her reasons to complain in the future.

Gayatri believes that Mrs Lobo must have praised Palak and Payal during the parents-teachers meeting. Yash points out to Gayatri and Suraj Pratap that Mrs Lobo complained that both Palak and Payal were socially reserved and did not get along with classmates.

In order to alter their behavior, Yash decides to personally talk to both his children. He also decides to admit them in hobby classes wherein they would interact with children of their age.
Aarti interrupts Yash and states that she wanted to take care of Palak and Payal's responsibility.  She adds that there must be a flaw in their upbringing because of which Palak and Payal were socially reserved.

Aarti believes that Palak and Payal do not socialize with other children as they were bound by strict rules and discipline. Yash refuses to agree with Aarti. He states that it was not correct for Aarti to state that there was a fault in Palak and Payal's upbringing.

26th April 2012

To end the argument, Yash tells Suraj Pratap that he was going to office. 

Gayatri begins to scold Aarti for stating that Palak and Payal do not socialize as they were bound by strict rules and discipline. She states that Aarti must control Ansh before passing remarks about Palak and Payal's upbringing.

While going towards her room, Aarti meets Prateek. Prateek has a friendly chat with Aarti. Just then Suraj Pratap calls out to Prateek. Aarti stops Prateek and wipes the lipstick marks off Prateek's face. Prateek thanks Aarti as he believes that Suraj Pratap would have got angry at him if he had seen Paridhi's lipstick marks.

Pankaj is upset with Vidhi as she does not have enough time to spend with him. 

Aarti believes Yash was upset with her for offering to raise Palak and Payal in her way and commenting on the upbringing the family had given them.

Ansh enters Aarti's room and demands a toy car that he had got as gift. Aarti goes inside the room to find the car. Just then, Yash goes to the other side of the room to answer a phone call.

Aarti gives Ansh the car and asks him to sleep after playing. Meanwhile, Ansh takes Aarti's hair pin and places it on the sofa in such a way that it would prick Yash.

Yash sits on the sofa and as expected screams in pain. Ansh smiles on seeing the success of his prank.

27th April 2012
A concerned Aarti asks Yash what happened. Ansh points out that Yash got pricked by a hair pin. Aarti apologizes to Yash and explains that she did not know how her hair pin landed on the sofa.

Keeping Yash's injury in mind, Aarti asks Yash where the first aid box was kept. Yash informs her that it was kept in the washroom. Aarti does not find the first aid box and brings a perfume bottle instead. She explains that a perfume acts as an antiseptic solution and hence he must apply it. Aarti asks Yash if she could help him out. Yash clearly refuses.

In the middle of the night, Paridhi tells Prateek that she was bored sitting at home and so wanted to resume her job. Prateek fears it would be risky to bring up the topic in front of Gayatri and Suraj Pratap.

Aarti readies Palak, Payal and Ansh for school in the morning. Gayatri enters the children's room and orders Aarti to come at the dining table to serve breakfast to everyone.

At the dining table, Paridhi quietly goes next to Prateek and asks him to talk to Suraj Pratap about her job. Prateek tries to build up the topic and begins talking about women empowerment.

Suraj Pratap directly ignores Prateek's statement and states that the women of their family should concentrate on the needs of the family.

Gayatri addresses Aarti as 'Arpita' and asks her why Yash was taking long to arrive at the dining table. Aarti informs Gayatri that Yash was still asleep. Gayatri asks Aarti to wake up Yash.

Aarti goes to her room and tries to wake Yash from his sleep. In his sleep, Yash believes Aarti was Arpita and pulls her close to him. Aarti pushes Yash away and points out that she was not 'Arpita'.

Aarti realizes that Yash was burning with fever. She decides to go and inform Gayatri about it. Yash feels awful for not recognizing that he was embracing Aarti and not Arpita.

Scene of the Week

This week the best scene is undoubtedly the intense dramatic scene between Yash and Aarti where Yash in sleep pulls Aarti towards him on bed thinking its Arpita only to later realise after opening his eyes that its Aarti . When Yash realises that he has indeed pulled Aarti towards him ,for a split second he is mesmerised with her beauty and even carasses her hair when its Aarti who breaks the trance and asks Yash what is he trying to do Embarrassed ;
Thats when Yash finally comes back to his senses and blasts Aarti for coming to his room to wake him up Cry ;Yash even points his finger towards Aarti in extreme anger to remind her that she is not Arpita but Aarti on which Aarti too firmly tells Yash that she does not want to take Arpita's place either . Both Yash and Aarti finally have their first private interaction in the form of this heated intense argument over Arpita ...
Aarti then finds out he has high fever when he was almost about to collapse and so she asks him to rest on bed while she will go and call Gayatri . After Aarti leaves ,Yash wonders how he made this big blunder of pulling Aarti towards him thinking its Arpita and then he wishes Arpita comes back in his life Cry
The beauty of the whole scene was that its  extremely hot and intense WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Even though Yash pulled Aarti thinking its Arpita but one cant help admiring the intensity of the scene the way Yash was carassing Aarti's long silky hair followed by that intense eye-lock between both and then the intense dramatic blaming game which followed with some top level acting by Gurmeet and Kratika EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Somewhere Aarti liked the fact that Yash showed his extreme anger and warned her not to take Arpita's place Wink ;If Yash had not given that extreme reaction after the pull ,then mayb Aarti would hv again misunderstood Yash's intentions thinking why is he doing chance pe dance again LOLLOL ; So Yash's outburst after Aarti's fall was a blessing in disguise as Aarti knows that Yash did it thinking she is Arpita and so his character is not really dheela LOLLOL
Coming to Yash ,his extreme anger and accusation on Aarti comes from his own guilt because in his subconscious mind ,he has started to feel a certain pull towards Aarti and even today when he pulls Aarti thinking its Arpita ,for one moment after opening his eyes ,he did looked mesmerised with Aarti's charm when Aarti herself broke the trance saying what the hell r u doing WinkLOLTongue...
So Yash was more angry on himself for feeling that unknown pull towards Aarti and so his outburst on Aarti was more of his defence mechanism out of his own guilt and fear of forgetting Arpita WinkTongue...When Aarti says she has no interest to replace Arpita ,we see Yash is further frustated because he too knows that Aarti herself does not want to change her name into Arpita ,so the question of replacing Arpita does not even arise LOL ...His condition today was more like "Ulta chor kotwal ko daante" or "Chor ki Daadhi mein tinka" LOL...
All these above factors makes this scene so interesting and the best scene of last week Star

Dialogue of the Week

Best Dialogue - Aarti

This week I didn't choose a male and female dialogue because this one stood out so far above the rest that I thought it should get its own tribute. And here it is!

"Mein kisi ki jagah lena bhi nahin chahti, Yashji. Mein to sirf aapko jagaane aayi thi"

I loved this dialogue for two reasons. One because it showed that Aarti was not at all interested in taking Arpita's place, and two because it showed the future of the AarYa relationship. Aarti is not here to do something as mundane as filling Arpita's shoes, she is here to wake Yash up from his long sleep, where in his half-conscious existence, he could convince himself that Arpita was still with him, still around. But now with Aarti here, just being herself and totally different from Arpita, Yash will find that he cannot stay asleep, just like she prevents him from sleeping properly at night. She has come to wake Yash up and make him live again!

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OMG Moment Of The Week


Best Picture Of The Week


Funniest Scene Of The Week


For this week (April 23-April 27) the funniest scene happened on April 27th. Payal and Palak have just left Arya's room saying that their Papa is sending them out because he wants a kiss from Nayi Mummy just like Chachu wanted a kiss from Chachi. Ansh is kinda of upset hearing this so he decides to stay in the room for a bit saying he wants to play with a car toy. Yash get's a phone call and Ansh puts a hair pin on the couch that Yash was sitting on. Just like Ansh wanted Yash sits on the couch and jumps back up. Aarti turns around and Ansh tells her about the pin so she goes into the restroom to get an antiseptic since there was no first aid kit. Aarti offers to help Yash, but Yash says there's no need. Now for the funny scene: Ansh responds to that by saying "Mummy Papa feels embarrassed because it happened on his bum." Hope y'all enjoyed this week's scenes ... until next time see y'all :)

Best Dressed Of The Week


This week we have not one but two characters who beautifully complimented each other in their dressing style ...Its none other than the young love birds Pratik and Paridi with their colour-coordinated Green+Red dressing style thus indicating lots of love ,positiivty and happiness in their relationship EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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OMG Moment Of The Week

She is busy in her exams wish her all the best Big smile

 Romantic Moment Of The Week

I believe romance is at its best when it is simple and subtle... When a lot is said even if you don't verbally speak... When there are sparks and electricity flowing in the air despite the clear weather... When you seem to have some sort of connection despite just meeting each other a few days before... When you are just starting to fall in love - even if it is for the second time...


And that is exactly how the most romantic moment between our lead couple - Yash and Aarti - was for the previous week... Yes, I'm talking about the scene in the car, when Yash and Aarti were on their way to Palak and Payal's school for the Parent-Teacher's Meeting... Aarti kept sneezing, and when she couldn't find her hanky, Yash opened the dashboard drawer and handed her a tissue - without even saying a word. Aarti didn't have to say anything, but Yash knew what she wanted...



Then, Yash switched on the radio and "Chup Tum Raho" from Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin started playing... "Aankhon mein kho jaaye bole haathon se haath, baahon mein chupkar saason se jaise dole raat" definitely made some sparks of romance start, but the newly-wed couple felt a little awkward, what with not knowing each other that well and marrying only for the sake of their children' Again, they didn't say anything, but both knew how weird it felt in that enclosed space of the car with the romantic song playing in the background... Yash and Aarti both went to switch off the radio, but coincidentally their fingers touched when "Ungliyon ko ungliyon se, mausamon ko shokhiyon se baat karne do" started playing... Undoubtedly, the lead couple felt awkward again, but there was no denying that there was something going on...





These fingers-touching, accidental bumpings into each other, eye locks and somewhat awkward moments are just the beginning of their great love story... Romance starts from these sweet, simple and subtle moments... Thus, there is no doubt that the romance between Yash and Aarti has also started... However, to see the hot, passionate, all-consuming romance that also defines couples in love, we - the audience - will have to wait a while... Till then, we can enjoy these sweet, simple, and subtle romantic moments...


Prediction Of The Week


Biggest Disappointment of the week

Credit: -enchanted-

*The End...

This week we didn't get entry i guess members are busy in exams EmbarrassedWe'll be Back Soon with another Issue of PV Chronicles. Do Hit the LIKE Button if u Liked the NL. & Do Leave in Your Suggestions, Criticism & Feedbacks. All are Heartily Welcome !!Big smile

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Wow, love this weekly summary Smile  Great jobClap

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Wonderful edition of Newsletter Natasha ClapClapClapClap...Loved the OMG scene/picture of the week and also the funny scene of the week along with the perfectly selected dialogue StarStarStarStarStar
Lovely selections ClapClapClap

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Lovely is all I can say!

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that was an awesome post...Embarrassed
Good Work natasha...Clap

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Great job on this edition

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