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ManVeer SS: Fallen Angel - Chapter 21 - pg. 145

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Fallen Angel

A ManVeer SS

My OneShots:


Never Too Late

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Thread 2:

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Hey Guys,

Because of the overwhelming and sweet response that you guys gave to my OS's I decided to take a big risk and actually write a SS. I don't know how it's going to turn out but I hope you guys can continue giving me your feedback. This SS is based on some scattered ideas that have been running around in my head for a while and also a little based on how I initially used to envision DEK to be like -more like what I wanted to see happen in the show.

A few changes:

There is absolutely no Akash at all in this SS.

And there are a few changes in the character personalities. The major one is of course Manyata. I'm trying to depict her as a little more understanding and considerate although her childishness and innocence which is the core of Manyata in the show are still there.

Chapter 1

On some days, the walls of Manyata's new home seemed to shrink around her and look more like the grey concrete in a jail cell, threatening to suffocate her. Those were the bad days. The bad days usually consisted of her discovering yet another selfish motive or "plan" of the family members she lived with. They weren't bad people, but they definitely had their shades of grey. Manyata tried looking at them in a positive light and sometimes it wasn't that hard. Despite the many times she had felt caged or worse, lied to by them, she knew that they all loved her deep down. Then there were people like Vijay and Jayghamandi. It didn't matter how much you tolerated and how many times you acted like the better person and tried to be friendly, they would always hate her. Well, Vijay did develop some sort of a soft corner in his heart for her, but J! Her biggest problem was her thirst for attention and this made her act like a stuck-up brat. Manyata knew this very well and at times even felt sympathy, but what the hell could she do? Her whole family had put so many expectations on her. Her Dadisa had been anxiously waiting for years for the day to come when she could proudly announce Manyata as the Rajkumari of Devgarh. And that's what Manyata did. She paved her way towards becoming a princess. It had taken time to accept what her destiny had decided for her, but when she did, she learned to change herself to satisfy the expectations of others. Well, that was the story of her life ever since she had been discovered by Yuvraaj Udayveer.

Udayveer. He was another story all together. She had disliked him from their first meeting. He was just too damn egotistic for her to handle. She remembered that even the first time she had set her eyes on him, strange warning bells had rung through her body. To be honest, their relationship hadn't improved much since then. That was mostly because during Manyata's one month of Princess training, she had worked so hard that she didn't have time to meet anybody and even if she did meet Udayveer, he would always do something that annoyed her. It was like every time his face came in front of her eyes, her brain would scream at her. DANGER! But she knew things were about to change now and all she could do was stay determined at her stance. Becoming a princess for her family was one thing, but marrying an arrogant prince was another! And this thought had been bothering her ever since she had walked in on a conversation between DS and Uday.


"It's time Uday, that you not only rule over Jaigarh but also over Rajkumari Manyata's heart. After all, you guys have to get married some day," her DS had said in the usual affectionate tone that she used with that Halkat.

"Don't worry Dadisaab. Princess Manyata won't know what hit her," Uday winked plus smirked his usual smirk.

Coincidently at that moment DS's eyes fell on Manyata who was standing at the doorway, with her eyebrows slightly raised. These people would never cease to surprise her. Their level of confidence..OMG' Did they really think it was that easy to make someone fall in love? And that too with a prince who was way too overconfident, not to mention a flirt. Yes she knew that they were betrothed but she had made it clear to everyone many times before that she had no intention of respecting a commitment they all had made when she was a little enfant.

"Manyata! Why are you standing at the door? Come in," DS said with a smile as soon as she spotted her.

Manyata's face flinched when she looked at Uday, but she calmly said, "It's okay dadisa. I was just going to visit you for fun, but since you are a busy'" Manyata couldn't hide the sadness from her face and averted her eyes. It irritated her that her DS was closer to that Udayveer than her. Even more that they were both talking about her and planning God-knows-what together behind her back.

"It's okay Manyata. I was just leaving," Udayveer said in an unusually nice tone. He headed towards the door which meant walking towards her. When he finally came close, he gave her a reassuring sweet smile. She didn't even know he could do anything but smirk. Thankfully he left, although he definitely seemed to take his sweet time. Or maybe everything just happened in slow-motion when they met. Okay Manyata, that is enough thoughts on that Udayveer for one day.She instead focused her attention on DS. She knew there was no point arguing that Uday was bad for her, but she did anyways. End Result: the same. Her DS would always conclude that Udayveer was a person with a golden heart, Manyata had mistaken in judging him and Udayveer and Manyata's marriage would happen no matter what!

End of Flashback

Manyata sighed and continued to stare at the night sky on the edge of the terrace. Its peacefulness and beauty made it her favourite spot. She was lost in her thoughts until one of the servants reminded her that it was time for dinner and that everyone would be waiting for her to show up. Manyata pretty much dragged herself down the stairs, dreading tonight's dinner. As she had expected, or feared, Udayveer was sitting on the dining table with the rest of her family. His visits were getting a bit too frequent these days and she wondered what was cooking around in his mind.

"Manyata, where are you lost? Come and eat with us," her sweet mother Komal beckoned her to come forward.

Manyata's eyes did a quick scan of the table and she wrinkled her forehead. For some reason, the only empty chair was the one beside HIM. Funny how all those extra chairs just seemed to disappear today. Udayveer, quick to notice her problem, merely smirked at her. She went forward and expected one of the servants to pull her chair out for her just like she had been taught. Instead, Udayveer got out of his chair and pulled it out instead. She sat down, muttering strange words under her breath. Uday again smiled and sat in his own chair.

The rest of the dinner was uneventful except for Vijay and Manyata's occasional bickering until DS made an announcement. All Manyata got out of it was that they had apparently signed some very big business deal with some Oberoi Industries and tomorrow night there was going to be a success party.

"I expect everyone to be on their best behavior and be warm towards the Oberoi's. This deal is very important and I am hoping that all the guests are welcomed graciously." DS told everyone at the table. The way she talked to everyone often made Manyata feel like her DS seemed less of a grandmother and more of a strict teacher, and everyone sitting on the table, her students. But most of the times, Manyata had a hard time not admiring the wisdom of her grandmother. She always got her way with things one way or another, because she always foresaw the future whereas others remained stuck in their pasts and present.

The rest of the dinner, Manyata had to suffer J's constant chattering to Vijay about which dress she should wear tomorrow. She wanted to scream at her that she looked dressed up for a party everyday anyway and to cut the crap, but what was the point of worsening their already damaged relationship.


The next morning, Manyata woke up a little nervous. It wasn't her first party in her new home, but today was the first party after her complete transformation from Moniya to Princess Manyata. She wanted her family to feel proud of her and most of all, she felt ready to feel like the princess that she was meant to be. She rummaged through her new wardrobe and threw all her clothes on her bed in frenzy. They were all nice dresses, but none of them seemed good enough or appropriate for the occasion. Just then she heard a knock on her door. Manyata went and opened it. It was Udayveer. Without thinking she slammed the door close on his face.

"Princess!!" Udayveer shouted. This was the first time someone had treated him this way, but he managed to take a deep breath of air and exhale calmly. Easy does it Udayveer. Don't lose your cool.

Manyata immediately felt stupid and a little guilty of her childish act. She sighed and opened the door.

"Kya hain?" She asked in a business-like tone.

"Good morning to you too Manyata." Uday replied and without waiting to be invited walked into her room while Manyata quickly flattened herself against the door to avoid bumping into him.

Manners obviously did not work with this Princess, Udayveer thought in his head. Next time I'm just going to barge in without knocking, he decided.

"You are spending a lot of time here these days. Koi aur kaam nahi hain tumhe?" Manyata asked.

"Oh so you do notice me. Thanks for the pleasant surprise Princess," Uday smirked.

"Haven't you heard of that saying? Always keep an eye on your enemies!"

"Aww Princess, and here I thought that we were actually good friends!"

"Forget friendship, I don't even like seeing your face!"

"Are you sure?"

"Of course, I'm sure. In fact even your presence makes me so irritated!"



"Are you a lesbian?"


"Oh let me explain, a lesbian is a female who doesn't get attracted to the opposite-"

"I know what it is, halkat! I was just shocked you would ask me that all of a sudden." Manyata quickly said.

"Oh well just checking. After all, you are the first girl who says that she does not like looking at my face and is quite frankly not dying over me," Uday smirked.

"You are way too full of yourself. Just get out Udayveer!" Manyata started pushing Udayveer out the door.

Before leaving he quickly told her, "By the way I left something for you on your bed. Wear it tonight, if not for me, then wear it because Dadisa wants you to."

Manyata immediately noticed a package wrapped in golden wrapping paper that was placed in the middle of her bed. How did that get here without her even noticing? She gave a suspicious glance to the servants standing outside her room. This Udayveer definitely had connections.

Making sure Udayveer was nowhere close to her room, she quickly unwrapped the present, unable to help herself from being excited like a child on Christmas. What she saw made her gasp. She admired a gorgeous light blue sari that Udayveer had gifted her. It looked like this:

Then she frowned thinking that Udayveer gave it to her. How could she wear it? Then again, she remembered him saying that her DS also wanted her to wear it. Good enough excuse, she thought.


It was now dark outside. The sun had set and there were stars glittering in its place. And here Manyata was too busy muttering a string of swear words to notice the beautiful night outside her window. Wearing a sari was the most difficult task she had ever done in her life. First of all, she felt way too revealing. Second, the pallu thing was like the hardest thing to handle and it was way too heavy. Third, she was very likely to trip and make a fool out of herself tonight. But those difficulties would come after the hardest part which was; actually putting it on. Thankfully her mom came to her rescue. She also gave Manyata a pair of silver earrings to wear and the servants helped Manyata with her hair which was straightened, but had light bouncy curls at the bottom.

Udayveer was already at the party before Manyata showed up. He was chatting with some business associates when a few girls approached him. Yes, he was betrothed to Princess Manyata, but come one, there was nothing wrong with a little harmless flirting, or at least he liked to justify his actions that way. He needed these types of distractions. Secretly he knew it was the only way to help himself from falling head-over-heels in love with Manyata. And love was something that even the almost fearless Udayveer feared.

Speaking of her, where was she? The girls were getting rather annoying all of a sudden and his eyes seemed to wander around looking for her on their own accord. When she finally came, he was left stunned. To say that she looked pretty would be an understatement. She looked beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous, no- she looked angelic in that sari! After he was done scanning her up and down, he finally noticed that she was struggling a bit to walk one foot in front of the other. It wasn't evident as she knew how to conceal her discomfort, but he could sense it nonetheless. He immediately broke into laughter. The girls hovering around him looked at him confusedly.

"Excuse me ladies." He left the girls who had a disappointed and jealous look on their face.

One foot in front of the other Manyata. Yes, you can do this! Manyata encouraged herself in her head while on the outside she plastered a smile on her face as she greeted everyone. Hey maybe this isn't that bad after all! The thought had barely crossed her mind, when her foot somehow twisted because of her high heels and she felt herself heading towards the ground. But before she could hit the floor and her mind could process what was happening, she instead fell in a strong pair of arms. For a few seconds, Manyata just held onto whatever it was that was saving her like her life depended on it. Slowly, her mind finally caught up with her and she opened her eyes only to be inches away from Udayveer's face. She realized that one of her hands was on his shoulder while the other was grabbing onto his collar and unintentionally pulling him close, while his arms were around her waist saving her from falling. When the position they were in finally hit her, Manyata felt her cheeks burning.

Udayveer who was momentarily lost in her beauty, finally gathered his composure and helped Manyata get back on her feet.

"Hayye...Mujhe nahin pata tha ke tumhe sharmana bhi aata hai Princess," Udayveer said teasingly.

"I hate you!" Manyata replied furious at him and at herself for tripping, falling into HIS arms, and then turning red like a tomato.

"What did I do now?" Uday asked curiously.

"You are the one that gave me this stupid thing to wear! I don't think I will be able to survive tonight."

"Don't worry Princess. I can continue holding you for the rest of the night if you want," Udayveer laughed.

Manyata was left confused by what he said and then realized that Udayveer's arms were still around her waist and she hadn't even noticed. Her jaw dropped open and then she quickly forced him to remove his arms from around her, but they wouldn't budge. Udayveer decided that he was having way too much fun this way and tightened them each time she tried to loosen his grip.

He quickly let go though, when Manyata who was tired of struggling like a little kid shot him the dirtiest look she could muster. When she left after calling him a "Halkat yeda veda," Udayveer wondered how people did not burst into flames when she looked at them with those eyes.




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Really Fabulous. Am Sooo glad that there is no Akash. Lol

Pls do continue Smile

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really loved the first update! keep it up!

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OMG!!! That was SUPERB!! I LOVED IT!! U should continue real soon cuz I'm just eager to read the next part!! Gr8 work n plzzz pm me for the next update(if u can) Thanks!!:)

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ooo I absolutely love it!!!! I hope you continue soon!! and thank goodness NO AKASH!!!! 

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Hey, really amazing start! Loving it, can't wait for more <3

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