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(M&G) Bandit Queen (2)-[Ch.23 & Epi. Pg.90]

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SECOND THREAD!!! Big smileBig smileBig smile

Before anything...the credit for this idea goes to Shamy2011 aka Shaks for giving me an idea for next story line. I am just helping her write this story for her...This will be mixture of Dhoom movie where instead of our munda Maan Geet is the main culprit in this story. So I hope you guys enjoy both of our effort and like Shak's ideaEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

P.S. Yeah this was the surprise I was talking about LOLLOL

                    Chapter 16

They say when heart breaks-it breaks and it never grows back the same way. The heart grows back twisted, crooked with is never the same again and nothing can fill the cracks it will forever remain broken. She sat in the gym running on the treadmill, she kept running and running until her legs gave up on her. Then she would spend another half hour practicing kick boxing until her hands, arms, legs and body gives up on her..she would lay on the floor looking at the empty ceiling. 

Whenever her heart and her eyes clouded up with emotions she would fight with herself until those emotions were no longer inside her. It went out like this for a month...Meera, Pari and Yash would look at her with worry but none had the courage to ask her. They all just hoped that one day she will come out of her shell and break down...never once did she cry after that escaped night..never once did she talk to anyone...only answer the questions that she was asked...
Geet sat on the bicycle going as fast as she front of her eyes only one person's face popped up again and again...Maan...she had to find him...not once did she give up on finding him...he was her main target..her main reason why she is still alive, the main reason for the hatred that filled inside her heart more then anything and anyone...he was her destination...she wanted him for revenge and she will not rest until she gets what she wants...

She wipes the sweat off her forehead throwing the towel on the floor with anger...she stops short when she saw Meera looking at her with worry..she puts her hand on Geet's shoulder reassuring her...Geet just looks at her with no emotions

Meera: Geet it when you will do this to yourself?

Geet: You know the answer to your is still the same answer as it was yesterday, the day before and before that as well...

Meera: Forget got to move on

Geet: NO! I cannot move on until I find him...I cannot move on until I get my revenge

Meera: Revenge, revenge revenge is that ALL YOU CAN THINK ABOUT! (she yells at Geet for the first time)

Geet: YES! Because that is the ONLY thing that matters to me right now is Maan...and my revenge nothing else!

Meera: What about us? Are we over too?

Geet: You guys (Geet holds Meera's hand) are the only three people in my life that I can trust now

Meera: Then you must trust us when we say forget everything, forget you are the bandit queen and start all over again as a normal person...

Geet: Bandit queen IS still alive and WILL stay alive whether you guys support me or not (she leaves the room..Meera calls after Geet but she didn't listen..she just kept walking away...Pari and Yash comes out of the hiding...)

Yash: Meera what are we gonna do now? She is still hung on Maan...

Pari: There has to be some way to make her come out of this

Meera (thinks for a while) There is a way...(all cuddle up in a group to hear about Meera's plan) 
"Sir we have a target in clear shot..."

"hmmm stay on target..." (He laid on the ground on top of a broken down building looking through the binoculars...he closes his eyes to focus on the target ahead but as soon as he did..Geet's face popped in front of his eyes...her eyes looking at him with anger, hatred and most of all with pain. Her eyes asking him questions why...why he did this to her...)

"Sir sir..come are losing the target..." (He opens his eyes when he heard someone spoke through ear piece...) 

"I am on it..." (he focuses back on his target..he gets up from his spot and jumps to the ground hiding himself behind the wall...) "is everyone in their positions?"

"Yes sir, we are waiting for your order..."

"hmmm...keep your eyes on him..." 

he closes his eyes to focus but all he could think about was Geet...this move hasn't been very easy on him...his mind, soul, heart belonged to Geet..he can't rest in piece until he finds her...until he knows where she is...he needed to give her his answers, ask for her forgiveness but deep down he knew that this wasn't possible...

"Sirrr come in..."

"Yeah where is the target..."

"He is about to get into taxi...we will never be able to catch him after"

"am on it..." 

Maan runs after the guy...he sees that he got into the taxi...Maan runs behind the taxi in trying to stop but the taxi was too fast...Maan stopped in the middle of the road...he runs into an alley taking a short cut...he runs as fast as he could as if he is running away from himself...he shakes his head trying to block out Geet's painful voices, her eyes...he stops short when he saw her in front of his eyes...

"Why Maan...why did you betray me?" 

Maan: Geet...I didn't mean to...I love (she disappeared...he looks around frantically trying to find her but couldn't...he drops on his knees..."Am sorry Geet...")


Maan pays attention remembering his mission..he takes out the earpiece not wanting to get disturbed. He runs out of the alley..the taxi just passed by him but not that far...he takes out his gun aiming at the tires...he counted to three shooting on the tire...the taxi did full 360 turn...Maan runs toward the taxi taking the guy out from behind it...he punches the guy in the stomach as soon as Maan could grab his hands on him..the guy falls down on the road holding his stomach..Maan started kicking him again and again..his team had to come and hold Maan back...

"Let go of me and take him to the station..." 

They all nod and puts the guy in the car...Maan wipes the blood from his hands as he got into the other car to the police was evening and he was still stuck at work...the murder case was finally solved and the guy was behind the bars for life but still he didn't feel happy...he felt so empty and alone...this past month he never once called home..he never forgave his father for transferring him here..

Once in a while he would receive call from Vicky and Dadima..the only two people that he liked to hear...his father never cared nor made any effort to call him not that Maan cared. He was back to his old life the hard core cop that he was known for, everyone looked up to him, everyone saulted him, gave him praises for solving every single case but still their phrases meant nothing to him. 

He looks at the time realizing he was getting late. The station was about to close for the night...he grabs his things to leave when he stopped. He heard two constables talking about him..

"I don't know what happened to Maan sir..he is not the same anymore after that robbery case..."

"Yeah even I noticed...we had heard so many great things about him how he is very sincere and never looses his target or his focus but today he barley managed to catch him..."

"hhmm you know I heard he was staying in the bandit queen's house as an undercover cop..."

"yeah how lucky he is...I mean kya maal thi woh...uska chehra...wah"

"I know I wish I was in Maan sir's place..."

Are you guys here to work or talk? (Both turned around to see Maan looking at them with anger..both get up immediately with heads bowed down..)

"sorry sir..."

Maan: If I hear another word from you both or from ANYONE about the bandit queen then you guys will be suspended and I will make sure you guys don't get any other position anywhere else...understand!

"Yes sir.." (Maan leaves..he throws his bag and jacket in the backseat of his car and drives off...he didn't care about the destination..he just wanted to get away from everything and everyone...)
Geet throws the paper in front of the group. They all look at it in confusion looking up at Geet for answers. She points her finger at the middle of the paper that displayed advertisement...

"This is an ad for a big masquerade ball that is being thrown right here in Mumbai...and we are going to go there..."

Yash: what is so special about this party?

Geet: The rumor has it that there will be one special person attending this party that we need to steal from

Meera: What are we stealing?

Geet: A necklace...the women will be wearing a very expensive necklace that is worth millions

Meera: what! Are you crazy? Since when have we started stealing in public?

Geet: Since now! New town, new methods and new approved bandit queen

Pari: But isn't that too risky? 

Geet: NOTHING IS RISKY! Its very simple...we dress up blend in with the people around us then we find the perfect opportunity to steal the necklace...

Yash: But

Geet (looks at him with anger that makes him shut up in fear...) You guys have the whole night to decide whether you guys are with me or not! If you guys are then I don't want to hear ANY more questions or complaints then...if you guys are with me then we will go over the plan at 8am sharp. (she leaves all three of them alone)

Yash: Meera what are we gonna do now? 

Meera: I don't know there is no stopping here...once she makes up her mind there is no turning back

Pari: she is worse then before..I can't believe Maan..I hate him for doing this to Geet

Meera: I know me too but right now we have no other option..we have to go along with Geet 

Yash: Okay you guys know am always there with you guys no matter what you guys decide but we can't let Geet put her life in danger again.

Meera: i know..that is why we gotta stick with the plan we made before but this time with some minor changes...

Okay so what do you guys think? Worth the wait?Embarrassed

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Thread 1

Current: Thread 2
Chapter 16 (above)

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congrats for new thread

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