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WW About Last Night (Apr30-May08 2012))

JalebiJane Goldie

Joined: 11 March 2012
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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 11:42pm | IP Logged

New thread.

New-ish concept.

Launching right this minute

WW About Last Night.

WW = Whim-Wham (noun) defn. something fanciful, something playful, something whimsical.


Why New-ish?

Because it's a continuation of my ongoing FF About Last Night, except it will now be called WW About Last Night.

What's a WW?

WW stands for Whim-Wham: a delightful drop of something delicious and dangerous  

Will the writing style change?

No. I couldn't change the way I write even if my life depended upon it. But, I hope to take more risks, push genres, push boundaries--I hope to make it more fun, more sexy, more edgy, more impactful, more raw, more moving, more risky, more risque, more humorous, more more more...

That's a lot of more--what will be less?

Whim-whams will be short-ish (between 500-1000 words). But, they will still be complete scenes and I hope, impactful. 

How often will I post a whim-wham?

Twice a day! Morning and Night. So no matter what timezone you live in, you can pop in and have something fresh to read when you wake up and again something new to read before you go to bed. 

Will I still PM readers?

I will still maintain a PM list, but I will not send PMs to announce that I've posted a whim-wham. I will depend on you to simply check the thread twice a day. However, I will send PMs for special events.

Special events? What-the??

As Arnav would say, "wait and watch!"

[Hint: Contests, prizes, games, goodies, briefings, interviews, more more more]

Will the story continue?

Absolutely. Arnav and Khushi are my Alpha and Omega-they will continue to torment and tease each other (now twice a day!) We'll also have peeks at Anjali & Yash (my worse kept secret!) and play dominos with Little Khushi, now and then.

Are we still at Part 49?

No! The new numbering system will be the date and time (my timezone is Pacific Standard Time)

Why are you doing this, you silly woman?

As Yash would say, "five reasons":

  1. To explore my passion (you all know my passion is not writing; my passion is love!)  
  2. To develop and take risks with my writing
  3. To engage more intimately with friends (that means you!)
  4. To innovate within this medium
  5. To feed my creative tooth

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fanAR Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
look down for amazing update :))

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JalebiJane Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 11:48pm | IP Logged

WW About Last Night


April30 2012| 22:45 Pg1

May01 2012| 09:46 Pg17

May01 2012| 20:37 Pg26

May02 2012| 11:14 Pg36

May02 2012| 21:06 Pg44

May03 2012| 12:14 Pg54

May03 2012| 19:50 Pg60

May04 2012| 08:06 Pg67

May04 2012| 22:05 Pg78

May05 2012| 11:28 Pg87

May05 2012| 21:15 Pg97

May06 2012|11:49 Pg105

May06 2012|23:52 Pg113

May07 2012|12:35 Pg122

May07 2012|23:55 Pg131

May08 2012|13:15 Pg141

May08 2012|23:43 Pg150

April 30, 2012 2245

The drive from Raizada House to Gupta House was not long; but it was long enough for Dr. Yash Malhotra to discern that his interest in his patient Anjali Raizada had evolved dangerously beyond professional. The sheer genius of a double birthday celebration in Lucknow now seemed to him a plan of sheer madness. 

This was wrong on every level! Or to satisfy a mind as accurate and scientific as his own: it was wrong on five distinct levels:

  1. Professional ethics and personal integrity. Duh!
  2. Pregnant vulnerable woman who may/may not be married to crook/bigamist.
  3. Beloved sister of a volatile madman.
  4. Loving Sister-in-law of his best friend.
  5. Newest Favourite of his cherished daughter.

Five compelling reasons to stay well and truly away. 

Why then did his eyes continue to admire (things were mysteriously unfolding in fives!):

  1. Her charming eyes
  2. Her graceful manners
  3. Her pouty mouth
  4. Her glossy hair
  5. Her perfect figure (yes, even with an expanding waistline!--what kind of sicko was he?)

And most troubling of all--why did his heart leap when he saw her snuggled in bed with his daughter? Or earlier--why did his heart sink when he realized that both he and Little Khushi would have to part from her?

They alighted from the car in front of Buaji's house. And, while Little Khushi ran ahead  into the house, Yash felt he had to at least attempt to right what he now was convinced was a wrong.

In a low tone, he said to Khushi, "maybe I was wrong to suggest this party in Lucknow."

He had not depended on Khushi's husband having such sharp ears. Mr. Raizada said to his wife, coming near them, "Khushi, it seems your friend is canceling the party."

Khushi laughed, "Yashji? Cancel a party? Never! He can never pass up an opportunity to show off his dancing."

Yash met Mr. Raizada's eyes. He sensed the businessman measuring his true motive, and that filled him with guilt. Mr. Raizada was absolutely right--he did want to cancel the party.

Anjali now joined the trio. She misread the situation, and made a false assumption.

"Chotte, please don't change your mind. We are all excited about spending next weekend in Lucknow. In fact, Nani has already called Buaji to invite them all to join us--"

"How wonderful!" Khushi interjected.

Arnav looked at Khushi's beaming face but addressed his reply to his sister. "I never change my mind, Di. I hate parties. I hate Lucknow. Nothing has changed. But, I've agreed to participate in this ridiculous scheme and I'll keep my word."

Both Anjali and Khushi spontaneously embraced him.

"But," Mr. Raizada continued, "whether Dr. Malhotra is prepared to keep his word remains to be seen."

Arnav gave Yash a look implying 'ball is in your court, dude'. Both ladies turned to face Yash, who fumbled to explain himself. "I have no objection to the party--after all, it is a collective celebration for my daughter and my best friend..." So far he spoke truthfully. But in continuing he became more creative. "Yet it seems that my idea is going to impose most on the person least inclined towards the party."

Here the ladies turned to study Arnav.

Arnav's eyes remained on Yash as he clarified in a clipped tone, "Conveying a dozen people to our own home in Lucknow for a weekend is hardly an imposition--especially if it will give pleasure to my family."

Yash noticed that a hesitant look crossed Anjali's eyes while Arnav was speaking. She asked Yash, "are you reluctant because of me, because of earlier this week...?"

"No! Not at all," he said immediately, cursing himself for making her feel awkward. 

She continued anxiously, putting her fingers to her forehead. "Then?...Oh dear, it's your party, and I've hijacked it entirely, haven't I! Making plans, changing the venue--I'm so sorry. I got excited and carried away. Perhaps to distract myself..." She exchanged a brief look with her brother.

"Please," Yash said, taking her hand without knowing that he had, "please do not apologize. I'm indebted to you. I proposed the party, but you have made it concrete. Into a proper event worthy of the two Khushis. Even offering to host it at your Lucknow mansion. Thank you."

Anjali smiled, "so the party is on?"

He smiled in return, "absolutely. I can't wait for the weekend." 

Here Yash was entirely honest. Any desire to cancel or retract or rescind had dissipated.

They both seemed to become aware at the same time that Yash had Anjali's hand. He released it, and led her into Gupta House.

Nobody noticed a grim-faced Arnav and a gleeful Khushi watching the Doctor and his patient disappear through the doors.

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Krani IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 September 2008
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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 11:52pm | IP Logged

Coming to your WW...interesting concept.

Wait, does this mean I'll be getting TWO PARTS EVERY DAY. Holy f**king shit, I think Christmas just came early. 

But seriously, do you want me to fail Uni? I used to be on IF around this time waiting for your update, now I'll be here in the morning and night, waiting for your WW's...I am not complaining, I am celebrating WOOOHOO. 
Studies can wait...Arnav and Khushi can't :D (don't tell mum)

Anyway, now I will read your WW, and let you know my thoughts. 

So we are no longer going by the Parts. Now we will have dates and times? That's pretty convenient! It's like episodes!! :D WOOO! :DDancing


Coming to the episode. Or WW. I haven't actually decided what to call it yet. Shall think of a name soon :P

But anyway, like all the rest of your parts, that was perfect! It made me laugh, squeal, grin and do a little happy dance. 

Yash and Arnav's interaction - SO funny!!! Arnav was totally in character, using his techniques of putting Yash on the spot hoping for him to get flustered and blurt out the truth. But Yash was on his toes, and managed the situation quite well, ending up with him putting the attention back on Arnav for the party supposedly cancelling. 
And if the fact that Yash and Khushi's friendship was not enough to irk Arnav, Yash not being taken down by Arnav has probably irked him even more. And that was a treat to read. 
These are the few lines that literally made me laugh:

Arnav gave Yash a look implying 'ball is on your court, dude'. Both ladies turned to face Yash, who fumbled to explain himself. "I have no objection to the party--after all, it is a collective celebration for my daughter and my best friend..." So far he spoke truthfully. But in continuing he became more creative. "Yet it seems that my idea is going to impose most on the person least inclined towards the party."

Here the ladies turned to study Arnav.

Like I said, I absolutely LOVED it. 

Cannot wait for the next instalment!

Oh and I was stalking the previous thread before and saw that some incident had occurred with some comments being more hurtful rather than constructive criticism? And AngelTeen stepped in to stop 'em?
Well good on her!!! Smile Because trust me, your story is fantastic. You are a wonderful writer, and I only write comments if the part moves me to do so. 
Therefore the fact that I have been commenting, and practically leaving essays on every single part of yours, is pretty much indicatory of the fact that your story is brilliant. So don't pay any heed to someone who does not get the beautifully woven story you are telling us here :) 


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fanAR Goldie

Joined: 03 November 2011
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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 11:56pm | IP Logged
OMG two updates in day .. I am over the moon lol
Super excited Mya<3 :DDD

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XSilentPrayersX IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 August 2007
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Posted: 01 May 2012 at 12:06am | IP Logged


yay two parts everyday...i am gonna love it even more heheheh
Loved the update seems like ARNIE BY IS GETTING THE IDEA LOL LOL

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sweetie_angel IF-Rockerz

Joined: 22 May 2010
Posts: 6683

Posted: 01 May 2012 at 12:10am | IP Logged
I loved ur 1st ss
I loved about last night
N I'm sure id love this newish ww about last night also
Plus 2 updates a day us like a cherry on the top!!!
Don't worry about pms n all coz I literally stalk ur ff lol

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gujuprincez08 Senior Member

Joined: 25 July 2006
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Posted: 01 May 2012 at 12:13am | IP Logged
Hearing about the two updates a day, I got so excited! Dancing Silly Hug Very interesting concept. 
I think Arnav has finally caught on to what is going on between Yash and Anjali, though he is a bit slow, isn't he? LOL Wink

Can't wait to read about the party!!! Party Will have to wait till morning though! Wink 

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