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SwaRon Oneshot: The Confession!

Shona_Mayur Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 3:05am | IP Logged
Alright guys, so I really love this show and I have been a very silent member on this forum. I really love all the couples on this show and I made my friends watch it with me too. My friend writes  so I encouraged her to write about her favorite. This FF is originally written by my friend, act12 -better known as Jiya, but she didn't have time to type or post it up so she requested me to do it for her. If anyone wants to know what episode it was referring to then it was the one aired on April  24th, 2012 and here is the link:

 Here is the FF she wrote, please enjoy:

Swaron OS: The Confession!

After feeling the degradation by Swayam, Sharon gritted her teeth as he made his way out of the crowded area. She took a step to follow him, only to be stopped by Rey, "Sharon, please'."


She looked at him angrily, "No Rey, how dare he? Uski itni himmat ki usne mujhse ye sab kaha?" She quickly turned around to follow Swayam outside, without paying any heed to the words from her friends. 

She was out for blood. No one had ever dared to doubt her character. Yes, she was very short-tempered. Yes, she loved being classy. Yes, she loved being the fashionista. Yes, she was quick to judge. And yes, she was egotistical, arrogant and prideful at times. But she was never and will never be a characterless girl! She had guys going for her but that didn't mean that she had to stoop as low as to let any guy touch her. Her attitude was meant to be a shield from any wrong person to approach her. So when did this happen? The one guy she thought could handle her in every way possible. The one guy she thought would be able to penetrate every wall and every defense she puts up. The one guy who she wanted to penetrate all the walls doubted her chastity. What made him think that way? Where had she gone wrong in all of this? She looked at his retreating back and growled out his name, "Swayam!"


As soon as he heard his name being called out, he stopped dead in his track. Blood boiling in his eyes, he didn't want to say or do anything that he will regret for the rest of his life. He waited for her to take those tiny, angry steps to approach him. Taking a deep breath, he braced himself for whatever she was about to say and silently praying that it doesn't provoke him to say other mean things that could possibly provoke him to talk rudely any further. He felt a slight jerk and he turned around to look at her. She looked angry and it took her all her might to turn him around. He found this rather cute and fascinating and he would've even smiled at her if it weren't for her doubting his love and calling him a stalker.  He slowly raised his eyebrows and looked at her hands holding his black shirt. She realized her tight grip and released him. He knew that he was really angry at the moment to listen to anything she will throw at him, so he turned around and started walking as soon as she released him.


Seeing him walk away, after giving her the expression of cold indifference and arrogance made her blood boil. How dare he? Apne aap ko samajhta kya hai? Her brain gave into the danger signals that her body reacted with. She stepped forward to grab hold of Swayam's hand. Without seeing or noticing his surprised expression, she went inside one of the classrooms while dragging him along. As soon as they were in, she locked the door from inside. She saw him make a move to get out of the room but she wasn't going to give up that easily. She was Sharon, dammit! And he will have to listen to what she has to say even if it meant tying him up just to make him listen to her! 

She saw him give out an exasperated sigh, "What do you want Sharon?" His stern voice irked her. She brushed the slight pain she felt at her heart as she straightened up to glare at him. 

"How dare you Swayam? What the heck do you mean huh? Shivam ki party me main bhi tha? What the heck do you mean by that?" She waited for him to clarify. It better not be what she thinks it is because if it is what she thinks it is then she will be very very angry at him.


He had tried to avoid saying anything to her up till now. It surprised him when she held his hand as she led him to a room. He had tried to move away from her but she was adamant at making him angry. His brain stopped working properly and he gave into the raw anger that's been building up. "Really? Ab uska bhi clarification chahiye tumhe?" He looked at her change her expression. It went from pure anger to hurt and then back to anger again. 

She gritted her teeth, "What? Tum...tum jaante kyaa ho mere baare me?? What the heck do you know about me? You saw the fact that he kissed me, but did you stick around to see what happened after words?" 

He was really surprised to hear her. What did she mean by that? Aftermath? Was she joking? Why would he stick around to see her romancing with some other guy? He looked away and asked, "Kyun? Kuch aur dikhana tha mujhe takleef dene ke liye?" 

She looked at him, clenching her teeth, she grabbed hold of his collar, "tum...Tum...TUM!!!" She couldn't stop shaking him. This action caught him off guard. 

 He didn't know what to do. He realized how frustrated she was and for a moment he just looked into her moist eyes, wondering what if he missed something important, "Main kya?"


This guy was ticking her last nerve! He had the nerve to call her characterless when he didn't even know the whole truth. He didn't even know that she had cried. How disgusted she felt with herself. He didn't know how much she had wanted to distant herself from him so she stopped feeling guilty about the kiss that didn't even happen from her consent. The kiss that had left her feeling more disgusted than it had left him. She grabbed his collar and continued to shake him up so he could realize what it had meant for some other man to touch her. Wait, what? No! What was she doing? She left his collar and stepped back to recollect herself. She caught herself angrily saying, "Tum agar stalker ho to atleast achchi tarah se stalk karo! Puri tarah se apni research to kar lete." By the time she realized what she had said, it was too late. She looked up at him only to feel herself being carried away and trapped against a wall and his broad shoulders. He looked at her, hurt.  She looked away. "Swayam, ye kya kar rahe ho? Mujhe dard ho raha hai. Chodo mujhe!" 

Swayam looked at her, "really? Kyun Sharon? Why? It's ok when you say or do things that hurt me but it's wrong for me to do the same? When you call me a stalker, then shouldn't I atleast act like 'the cheap stalker' you talk of so much? And what huh? Tum kyaa keh rahi thi?? Why should I stay to watch you with some other guy? I don't care of what you think but...I cared..." He trailed of saying that. 

The last words almost a whisper for her to hear. She slowly moved to look at his deep eyes as he whispered again, "I cared dammit..." 

She felt him loosen her grip on her shoulders, but not enough for her to get away from him. She looked away. "What you think happened that night, didn't actually happen. I was shocked when Shivam kissed me and I didn't know how to react. I left from that party soon after."


He felt her look away as she continued, "I made sure that that incident was kept a secret because for some reason, I felt...I mean, jo tum soch rahe ho waisa nahiin tha! Shivam aur main saath na kabhi the, aur na maine aisa chaha. Kyunki main to...," She stopped talking abruptly and looked at him, as if shocked at what she was about to reveal to him. 

He felt his heartbeat quicken, "Main to kya Sharon? Akhir kyuun aisa hota hain? I mean didn't you tell me that you were together with him? You lied to me? Why? Did you want me to feel bad? Do you like hurting me that much?" He saw her gaze move to him, not meeting his eyes yet, "Nahi. I didn't realize...I mean I didn't mean for the things to turn out that way..." she trailed off. He increased the grip on her shoulder again to get her to meet his eyes, "Then why? Did you think it was funny? And why does it always happen to you huh? You don't mean for things to happen but they just do! And it always seems to involve me. Why?" He looked at her, searching for answers in her eyes but she turned her gaze away.

"Dekho Swayam, ab in sabka koi faida nahi! There's no point to all of this so just let me go!"


Even after so much protesting from her side, he didn't let go or loosen his grip. He just went on questioning her further.

"Why Sharon? Didn't you want to clarify? Didn't you come here to make me listen to what you have to say? So here I am...patiently waiting for the things that you want me to hear so why aren't you saying anything?" She just kept on struggling without uttering a word. He wasn't going to give up that easily, "Why did you lie to me about Shivam? You didn't want me to get hurt. You didn't want to make fun of me. Then why?" He trailed off. "Why is it that you came all the way here just to clarify that? Why is it that you didn't consent to the kiss Sharon? Wasn't Shivam the perfect guy for you? Or do you have someone else in mind? And since I am a 'stalker,' I know that you haven't met anyone new. I know that you don't see Rey in that way either then who is it?" He went closer to her face to meet her eyes, "I am getting really curious." He saw her nervously struggling.  He was so close that he felt her shaky breath on his face. Wishing he could take her in his arm at that instant, he interrogated further, "Have you ever wondered why is it that I make you feel this way? Why is it that you feel so nervous near me? What are you trying to hide? Who are you trying to hide from? Me? or yourself?" He saw her close her eyes.

"Swayam please. Please let me go. I have nothing to say to you." She felt his grip loosen as her heart thumped really loudly in her chest.  Happy at the little escape, she ran towards the door, only to be pulled back by his hands. She felt her body go numb as she felt his warm grip on her wrist. She felt him move closer to her. Her heart was about to burst out of her chest as she took heavy breaths. She felt her body stiffen as he stood behind her. 

She felt his breath tickling the back of her ears as he leaned in, "Why don't you answer these questions? Why can't you just let your ego aside for once and reply." She wanted to. God, how much she had wanted to but she was too scared to utter anything. Afraid that she may ruin the perfectly beautiful moment by her rude tongue again. 

It wasn't her ego anymore that stopped her from saying anything. It was him. He's not the same Swayam anymore. He's changed so much over the past few months. He was the cool dude now and she was the girl who would never bow down and confess to anyone. It was not because she was too arrogant but because she was too afraid to let her heart explore. There was only one way she knew how to express her true self and that was through dancing. However there was no dance floor here. She was lost at words and this proximity wasn't helping either. 

She gulped down as she felt him draw closer to her and whisper, "Can we put an end to this and be one? Can't we be together Sharon?" It was so low that she didn't believe that she heard it correct. She turned slightly to look at him and she saw the same Swayam there. The man who she had met the first time. The same innocence and the same adoration obvious in his eyes. Her breathing quickened and she looked away. She had wanted to say yes but didn't know how.


Swayam felt the question just slip out. At first, he was shocked at himself. Wasn't he angry at her? But as soon as he saw her reaction, his heart started thumping loudly. Was this real? He saw her look at him. For the first time in his life, Swayam saw a soft expression in her eyes. Her eyes spoke the same things his eyes spoke to her. The elegance and innocence took his breath away. This moment was more beautiful that anything he had imagined. However, the moment was gone as soon as it came as she turned her head away. He couldn't believe that that moment had happened. He leaned in and wrapped the arm he was holding her hand with, around her waist. This definitely got her reaction as he felt her stiffen.


His touch sent shivers down her spines. This was too good to be true. She leaned in to the touch and supported her limp body by leaning into him. This indication was her 'yes' to him. This was all she could manage right now. His effect on her made her unable to do anything. She heard him whispering, "If you don't stop me, then I will take it the wrong way Sharon..." She showed no indication to stop him. This was, after all, what she had wanted. She just closed her eyes to brace herself for his touch.


Getting the satisfying response from her, he wrapped both of his hands around her. This was enough for now. She didn't need to say everything for him to know. Some things are better left unsaid.


Alright guys, this is it. Please R&R and I will let her know of the responses she got Please excuse any typos because I typed in a hurry. Thank you!

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 3:34am | IP Logged ws really beutiful...Tongue

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marauder IF-Sizzlerz

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Bloody awesome. This one is just marveously written. Thanks to you and  your friend who have written this piece of beauty. Looking forward to more works on SwaRon.

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this was amazingly writen :) the confession was intense and beautiful !! do write more ...

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Awww This Ws Really Amazing WOW ! 

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This is so bloody beautiful :D

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Wow!!! This is beautiful!!!! I wish this happened in D3... This is one of the best interpretations of Last week's scenes... No kissing, nothing overdone! Simple yet it can be related to SwaRon... Realistic!!! Beautiful is not the word for this... No OS has ever left me spell bound like urs!!!! Its truly superb!!! Please do write more!!! And Please PM me whenever u/ur friend writes!!!!

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This is one of the most realistically written OS that I've read. Awesome job.

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