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D3 - Incapable of being mature ?

LamheChurake IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 12:31am | IP Logged

So its Monday again ... Oh Yayyy -___- !!


How many of you are excited for the "Jaa Chudayl" sequence ? Let me rephrase my question: How many of you are capable of being excited about ANYTHING at this point ?


 Isn't it weird how most dance sequences (any major sequence for that matter) are centered around the boys in D3 ? Stern Smile  If Saas-Bahus shows are centered around roti-dhoti Aunties/Behenjis, in D3 the boys seem to take the cake ! They are the thoughtful yet victimized Bechares  And the gurls are portrayed as the perpetual villains/epitomes of stupidity. Swayam is Sharon's personal Pinata .. Kria makes Rey cry , Taani is too lost in some candy-floss heaven of hers (not that she has any guy who likes her enough to cry for her) , Simmi is shown as baby-sitting Rinni 24/7 and Rinni is mentally 5 yrs old. Neha is  .. well lets just say that I want to make her MY Pinata And  Vishakha would pick a fight with ANYONE who is anyone. Why are girls portrayed in such poor light in D3 ?

 We miss the good times when D3 actually had mature content (not R-Rated mature .. Not THAT kinda mature  LOL) .. But Food for thought .. and a sane person in their late teens and early to mid-tweens could relate to it. Now its just so one-off narrative based, loaded with mindless mush and fluff like Duppatta , Fall-Catch , and my personal dushman .. LOOK-LOOK-HAWA-HAWA Dead. Story/substance/content is more or less non-existence ! One week Swayam and Sharon are running around a wedding venue (which incidentally happens to be their COLLEGE ! Wacko), having filmy "Hum aapke hai kaun" type sequences .. And a few days later, Sharon is seen Snooping around Swayam's room .. Finding memorabilia related to herself .. Blushing like she is Snow-friggin-White .. And a few days down the road She is calling him a desperate stalker creep fantasizing and leching after her. Question is .. If Swayam is a sleazy perv ... Toh acha kaun hai ?! That whatshisface SHIVAM ??!!! Given Sharon's past-record and horrible taste in men, We wouldn't put it past her. Issey acha toh Sharon  Shivam ke saath bhaag jaati last time and Swayam (And viewers) could have finally found some closure, Instead of waiting around ... Week after week ... Month after month ... Hoping for SOME positive progress.

Last week's episodes sent D3 and SwaRon track back in time .. to Day-1 in St. Louis .. We are REALLY intrigued as to what might transpire within the Walls of St. Louis College of Science, Arts and Commerce this week .. That would send the story spiralling back to the 16th Century !! 

Previously Mondays meant Rosy-Faced D3 fans, excited for 4 days of awesomeness ... Now it just heralds more misery , gloom and depression. Are we to assume that despite starting off with an amazing concept and cast .. Indian Television is incapable of delivering consistency and mature content independent of useless fluff  in the long run ?


I pity us fans .. That despite all this .. We'd still hang around .. Watch whatever is dished out ... Purely out of habit .. Owing to our hopeless attachment with cast/characters we have come to love over the past year .. Will we EVER see any progress ? EVER ???!!! Or are we destined to reside in the abyss of sheer hopelessness that D3 is now .. forever ?!

P.S : Ppl kindly do not bash ... let us just have a civilized DISCUSSION ? Pretty plz ?

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Gratitude_Me IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 January 2012
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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 12:33am | IP Logged
do i need to tell you how much i love you & your post.
firstly thanks for making this was much needed post.after last royal*bazinga week*

considering the fact this week we have ohh so wow amazing "Jaa chudail" i excited at all????? no... not at all .now any f**king thing on D3 wont excite me much...i way passed my excitement phase Confused now iam heading towards indifference...Confused.
CHAKKU CHUDAIL & her pov rather excites me more...LOLWink

this must be the first show on indian television were guys is given so much importance..LOLLOL.D3 guys are really dukhiyari bahu types...& girl they are not less than atyachari saas .LOLLOL
rey is mordern day devdas , swayam he is just their to take all sort of shit from sharon & become some sort of saint so ha can give preaching to others.
sharon the most realistic character now turn into most unrealistic one, simmi wasted in background,rinni as you said 5 yr old..lollipop pls.Tongue , vishakha should join fight club,neha..overacting ki maharani & finally taani...muh mat khuwaiyo mera AngryAngry...well less said about her is better or i just take a pass at her

ok some times i feel that cv is forgetting tht swaron are couple or may be future couple..they are making love story  & not TROY .ITS SWAYSM & SHARON ..NOT ACHILLES VS HECTOR.
just few weeks back or rather 1 day back sharon was blushing so hard from pink to red all sheds ki baap re "ASHIAN PAINT KE COLOUR PALLET KO COMPLEX aa jaye" & then she said all those "MAGICAL WORD"..WOW WE JUST NEED THT
if you never wanted to give us swaron then why you made us going through all this royal torture.
she should have been with shivam & swayam can live happily ever after..& audience can rest in peace."its a love story cv please say yes"
when on earth she ralize her feeling for swayam...sharons pov is never given regarding swayam ,...she just hate him tht i can calculate till date...she really hate him????????Shocked

so its monday today & well what i expect ...frankly nothing..why because this dog & cat fight we have seen it previously also.after shivams party sharon did all tod phod..on tuesday swayam big deal...we again have same sequence after 6 months ..& it will be lik deja vu feeling for all of us.WackoWacko
i just watch D3 foe sake of swaron ..its been whole yr & still they are not together ye to haad hai bhai.i was expecting them to be together.but insted what we got is major show down & where is progress in this.if tht show down lead them to confession then kuch to baat hoti..but *phew*

all i want is swaron & tht is also very soon ,because now my patience are OVER.they are just weasting sneha & shantanus tallent in this randomness. fan they just watch for TANHA sake. so i pity both fans as well as tanha.

p.s.-i am off to d3 now for few days.didn't saw single episode from wednesday. 
poocho kyu ?because i want swaron to be together & i am not getting no D3 for me.
so you can imagine my disappointment & state of mind..Ouch Ouch

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-Sakina- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 October 2008
Posts: 10487

Posted: 30 April 2012 at 12:35am | IP Logged

Well,yes.I'm surprised howits Monday today...and I passed the entire weekend without wondering,for once,what the new episodes have in store.I actually have been rendered incapable of anticipating ANYTHING as far as D3 is concerned.

Honestly,SwaRon are what keeps D3 going for me.And...their eternal deadlock,stagnated storyline aint helping much.They take one step forward,and a hundred steps backward.After whatever Swayam does for Sharon,Sharon can't stop feeling grateful.After the whole wedding episode,Sharon can't stop blushing in Swayam's presence.She's hell-bet on making sure that its only HER,for Swayam.She sees stuff related to Swayam in his cupboard,and loves it.And then she calls in a desperate stalker.
Where is the continuity?Where is the SENSE?Itna sab kuch hota hai,and Sharon is NEVER shown thinking about the moments she's been close to Swayam.
And yeah.Its supposed to be a youth show.But all we get to see is Boys hangouts,Boys dances,boys and their problems.So,the girls aren't part of the youth?Portraying them as perpetual imbeciles-NOT cool.
So yeah, need to look into these matters.And yeah,Sharon's realisation,SwaRon confesion and post-confession-VERY much needed now.We've had,like.ENOUGH.

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ABBY92 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 October 2011
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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 12:36am | IP Logged
Seriously Rafi, Last time Mondays used to make me smile as I wait for the clock to strike 7pm IST and I used to be on my laptop half an hour before just chatting with other SwaRonians who are all excited for D3 to start...But now, God, it feels like some kind of chore...People might say that why are we still watching the show then But damn it, even when we feel like quitting...we can't !!! TanHa is the only reason we're still hooked on to the show...More importantly, We have already put in too much effort and time into SwaRon and so, we sit in this hopeless world of D3 and wait, hoping and praying against all odds that something good will happen to SwaRon soon and we can finally see them together !!!

Already we have to deal with what seems to be the IMPOSSIBLE FAIRYTALE that is the current SwaRon, we have to deal with other stupid stuff like the Boys dancing to Jaa Chudail ?? In what world does it make sense...we see Swayam and Rey crying so much for Sharon and Kria...and now, they're just letting out frustration by calling them Chudails ??? I'm still hoping that it's some kind of dream sequence by Nil and Vicky...If it turns out to be that it's actually Swayam and Rey who are thinking about the sequence...God, I'm going to be so damn pissed !!! Swayam  just only cried his eyes out that day, feeling guilty for hurting Sharon and within 24 hours, he now dancing to Jaa Chudail with Rey, who I thought is meant to be Sharon's best friend...Like W*F ???

I think through out D3, we have already figured out that the boys are given more preference which is fine by me...They're fun, hilarious and I love the friendship that they share...But that doesn't mean that the girls should be sidelined like this...I mean already most of the girls have some kind of traits that we just can't stand...Sharon, being the most realistic girl in D3 is shown having an ego that seems to have no end, Simmi and Rinni, I love this two...But the CVs treat them like some kind of Blonde Bimbos...But when they feel like it, suddenly you hear Simmi and Rinni giving Sharon some of the smartest advices ever...RIDICULOUS !!! Neha was shown as someone who was crazy for Bollywood movies in the beginning but now, they've made her so filmy that it's annoying to watch her on screen especially with Vicky and Vishaka, she was shown as the tough girl, the one who stood up to Sharon from the very beginning but now, I just get frustrated when I see her on screen...She just seems to snap at someone, anyone all the time !!! 

I wish we could see the friendship among the girls's been a year and  all the boys have bonded so well, regardless of Weaklings or Dazzlings...But we see the girls still somewhat being distanced from each other...Even then, we hardly see friendship scenes between Sharon, Simmi and Rinni...Like last week, even though Sharon doesn't show her friends that she is upset, I'm sure Simmi and Rinni know that she's hurt...Why can't we see them planning something to cheer her up ??? We always see the boys doing something to cheer each other up when one of them is feeling sad...So, why not the girls ?? Really man, I don't understand why the CVs show the D3 girls being so dumb at times !!!

And SwaRon...God, I'm at point where I curse the day I came across SwaRon...One freaking year and all we have gotten is GHANTA !!! The best part is that we fans fool ourselves and each other...every time there is a showdown, we're like this is good, this will give them some progress and we have been disappointed every single time...and  now, it has crossed all limits...This last show down seems to have brought SwaRon back to square one...We still console each other saying this is good, cause nothing worse than this can happen between SwaRon...It's good that they're letting it all out...this way, all the misunderstandings can be cleared...But you never know the CVs, they might make SwaRon even worse than this !!! I've prepared myself for the worst of the worst !!! The way it's going, looks like we'll have to wait another year before we get SwaRon together !!!

I really pity myself and other SwaRon fans for the fact that we fell in love with such a beautiful fairytale which has now turned our lives into a freaking nightmare !!! And still, here we are, praying and hoping that SwaRon will happen soon !!! SwaRon has seriously become an addiction and I seem to be going insane as the days go by cause of D3 and SwaRon...God only knows how long I and the other SwaRonians can stand all this shit...For all we know, SwaRon might never happen and we will come to realise that we have wasted all this time on a hopeless love story !!! WE NEED A SWARON CONFESSION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE cause I don't think we, the fans can be optimistic for much longer and keep blindly believing that SwaRon will happen !!! Right now, I don't even think God knows if SwaRon will happen in this life time or not !!! 

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hkl75 Senior Member

Joined: 16 December 2011
Posts: 904

Posted: 30 April 2012 at 12:37am | IP Logged
Well Rafi even immaturity have got maturity,,, D3 tou Talking bout maturity, d3 is royally disappointing me with every passing episode. I felt the utter non sense in so many episodes... 
1- shadi in a college? Really? A teacher asks his students to arrange the whole shadi. Matrimonial service wale tou daru pee kr truck k neeche agaye hai na... 
2- swaron ka ajeeb chemistry... Aik din sharon is pyar nichawar n blushing coz of swayam, theek aik hafte baad she again tags him with the stalker title... Itni jaldi how anyone can change her mind n feelings. 
3- girls r always shown as dumb ones. Y? Rinni ko hamesha alien thpe show kia in terms of common sense n when saron ko sb blame kr rahe thae she stood for her... Jb chahe kisi ko intelligent bna dia n jb chaha chuza bna dia... 
4- swayam ko itna chill show karte hai jo k normally koi nhe hota. 
5- jaa chudail? Y? Rey ko ab bhadas nikalna yad aya? Yeh sequence jb hona chaiye tha we had bulbul k bikhre gul n now when it is least expected,it will be dished out...
6- taani ka qissa meri samjh sae bahir hai. Bndi ko editing k elawa i doubt kuch ata hai... 
7- kis college main insult hone pae mob vdo bnta hai? Arae ladai ho rhi hai koi movie nhe chal rhi! 
8- no monoluee from sharon's side which is so irritating now coz we dunno what is goin in her mind...
Tjeae were just few random points pr aise kitne hi points hai jis pae u feel CAN THIS HAPPEN??? Maturity tou ab nhe rhi. Random scenes have ruined the true essence of this show badly... No excitement anymore... 
N talking bout partiality towards boys, the global phenoma it is how girls r always looked upon as someone bitchy ya dumb ya total fruit cake

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Radioactive. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 January 2012
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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 12:37am | IP Logged
A much needed post Rafi di. D3 isn't the same as it is before. All of us used to look forward to watching D3. We used to curse the clock for not striking 7. But now...

D3 has changed in many aspects. It doesn't have , as you said, a mature story line these days. It seems that D3 is shown just for the sake of telecasting an episode from monday to thursday. It doesn't keep any sort of value to it. It's just like hopping from one thing to another. It's insane how one week's episode in in no way related to the next weeks episode. It's like the have this talent of forgetting everything. I don't understand why this is happening.

Why can't we have our old D3 back? I used to discuss D3 with my friends 24/7. So much so that they used to beg me to stop. But now, I've got nothing to tell them about. It's like I'm not watching the same show anymore. Sometimes episodes don't even make sense. We have been waiting like idiots for the past one year for something to happen between Swaron, but the result is still "Nothing". Couples that began showing signs of love a long time after these two had are now an Official Couple, but they are still standing in the same position, rather they have been pushed back I'd say.

Other than that, as you said the girls of D3 are always shown either as the "Clown" or the "Villains" . Taani is shown to have completely no balance on her foot & keeps talking to the tanni in a thought bubble. Neha, she is just intolerable these days, she used to be funny, bu these days the only word i can think of for her is OTT. Vishkha is first of all shown very less & when she is she is either fighting or just in the background. Simmi n Rinni are shown as sidekicks of Sharon, rather than her friends. Rinni is not given proper screen space at all.

I don't know what's happening to D3? Where are they headed? What is D3's future?

The Answer,  -____-

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mrun_29 Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 12:42am | IP Logged
D3 will never ever progress... Dey'l jst keep showing us d same stuff evvytym bt in sum other way... Dats it... Aur kuch nai ho sakta n we'l watch d same lyk FOOLS. It'l jst mke sense wen der vl sum +ve progress in swaron track... Which i doubt kabhi hoga? I reili want a SwaRon confession now! High time... Or i quit d3

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--Rumeli-- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 05 January 2011
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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 12:42am | IP Logged
D3's maturity in terms of content hav gone down d drains..much be4..i simply dont undrstnd wat was d point of*jaa chudel seq*when dere r much to be shown..on d part of d actors..n situations dey r dealing through at d moment!!
wen creatives giv high..intensity to bubble talks of sillyness..inspite of giving a major..insight..of a crucial scene..mreovr..d open ended scenes..wich r nvr around completeness..hw can we xpct maturity??!Its only our inclination towrds our favs..dat we stil hoocked to d crap!

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