Nadaswaram Apr30-May4-updates on pg-1

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Makku Mayil falls on Soodillada Sokku's kaal and begs him to forgive him. Sokku is super happy and happily forgives all his brother's mis-givings. Mayil goes to each member of the family and begs forgiveness. He blesses the new couple and also Gopi-Malar. Kangolla katchi kanneeera oothings by everyone. Gopi gets a call from Vanitha and leaves in a hurry without telling anyone the reason.

Komaru stil in jail, KM's kai itching so she makes up for Komaru's absence by whacking all the side goondas. Some kadangaara lawyer comes there and promises to get Komaru out by next day. 

Gundu mani Kaamu standing outside Nelli mansion. Gopi comes there and asks her what happened. Kaamu tells him that her husband threw her out of the house. Gopi calls Moorthy and tries to reason with him. Moorthy is adamant and says Kaamu is not his wife anymore and she can stay with her parents forever, he will send her divorce papers. Gopi begs and pleads, so does kaamu, but no use. Gopi and Kaamu leave sadly. Kaamu tells Gopi that she is pregnant. Gopi insists that they should tell this to Moorthy. They go back and Kaamu tells Moorthy that she is pregnant. 

Instead of being happy, Moorthy talks cheaply about Kaamu and says he does not believe he is the baby's father. Kamu is disgusted to hear this and walks off, but Gopi still begs and pleads with Moorthy to reconsider. He is about to fall on Moorthy's feet when Kaamu stops him and takes him away saying she doesn't need a husband like Moorthy. Gopi and Kaamu leave sadly.



Welcome Priya.

Reserved for Tuesday

Wav - no telecast today? So no Kacheri. oru narrow gapla naan esssaaa????

Namba mudila...

thanks May 1st and all have a happy 1st of May..
.  Wink

I don't know what I am trying to say above - but ellarum serial illa TV parthu Ensoy



Wednesday -  Water tank back to Sokku Palace..Mayil is actingShockedShocked
Kobi n WT reaches home n informs about the happeneings ..Dev's Starts her RKO with meen's accompanyOuch mayil tells still no body is letting them to live in peace.. nu next RKO.. Sr.pp Tells he expected all this problems..but still he trust NA so only he got this marriage done nu solluraru..Sr. PP tells that once NA is back to home everything will come to normal nu solli yellarayum passify pannuraru..
Mahesu gets call n got info of mayil return, soppanasundari marriage n so on.. there comes dimsu with sottai velu .. Dimsu n sottai badmouth Pp pamily n make mahesu to cry(Dimsu.. wait machi wait.. anala patta gorilla komaru kae appu vachutangae Pp Pamily ur nothing kannu..unnaya thugittu poi oru kumuru kumuru na theriyumParty)after some naggings ask her to go n meet her family n come back.. n ask sottai to accompany her..mahesu ask him to come but dimsu refuse n ask her to go .. once she goes in to get ready..dimsu tells sottai to make sure mahesu dont return soon to trichy..sottai checks for is there any plan behind..but dimsu tells that plans will not be shared to alakai's n sends him off..
Mayil is in frontyard talking to someone.. josi comes out to mayil n tells that everyone have round kittified us..but at the end everyone successfully completed against our wish nu solli yethivitufy mayil. mayil face changes..but get to see sokku coming out of home started to bash josi telling that he is still spoiling their family.. there comes rag's with pirai's 2nd daughter n scolds mayil for being there..Sr.pp Comes in n tells mayil is here with changed mind..rag's is suprised n takes him in..
Screen Freezes..




Mayil says sorry to Ragini and said he has tortured everyone. Both goes in. Josiyar mulikuraning and thinks he needs a good josiyar to do parigaram LOL Eppo Kumaro coming nu teriyalai vaam LOL.

Inside Sokku tells his wife and co about how Mayil beating up josiyar, everyone feels he deserves it. Magesu arrives with Sotta thalaiyan. She and Mayil exchanges some anbu pasamTongue and Mayil says sorry for talking bad about her before. Magesu ask him not to remember all that and goes in happily to meet Paramu. Sottayan says everyone looks happy and this week is gathering week LOL.

Nelli house. Lolayee is not stop bak bak bak pouring out her anger and annoyance to elder son, with sudu munji DIL sitting beside and thalai atufying Confused.  Lolayee curses her magarasi mudhevi daughter for everything. Elder brother does not seem to be happy and ask Vanitha why she did all this. Lolayee says Vanitha never thought about kudhumbam manam all. Elder son ask what shall we do next? "Vera enna panna... ellaram senthu oppari vaikavendiyadha taan.." says Lolayee. Vanitha ask why Lolayee talking like this. Elder son says let appa come back and we can talk about it. Ask who is going to go and take care of Nelli today. Murthy refuses to go. Lolayee too feels upset and heartbroken as husband never respected as wife. She has lost respect on him already. He could have told her about the marriage .. argued with her instead on doing all this behind her back. Lolayee is much anger and kotti tittify whole hearthly .. Vanitha ask finally who is going to go and take care of Nelli? Everyone keeps quite. Vanitha says gets up to go and mother curses her to go and inform her father everything that had happen here. Vanitha leaves disgusted. Lolayee warns both her son .. those 2 girls should never step into this house.

(yabbaaa today ennodhu ears bleeding.. lolayee pechu thangamudiyalae CryCry )

Vanitha cries out to her father and says she is so hurt and upset. She cries feeling bad Moorthy chasing Pregnant Kamu out from the house.  Nelli says he feel sad too but right now he can't do much as doctor refuse to discharge him. Nelli is controlling himself. Nelli ask Vanitha not to worry. He will come out and take care of everything. Right now his very happy as his going to become grandfather soon.  Nelli is very sure Gopi would have been angry with Moorthy but might have controlled it for Kamu sake. Nelli assures Vanitha again that he will deal with everything once his out from hospital. 

sokku house. Paramu is taken to her room for her santhimuhurtham. Looks like they are given Gopi's room Ermm Inside orei konjals Wink Ramesh pulls Paramu hand and she scolds him arivu iruka Shocked and ask him to go and close the door first ROFL Ramesh close the door and Paramu switch off the light.

Sam & Gaja semma tension waiting for Gopi to come. Gopi comes out and ask why did they miss call him many times. Gaja says its time for saraku now .. saraka shock gopi ask Shocked Gaja reminds Gopi about about his promise to buy saraku for them after the wedding finish. Palar!! Shocked gopi slaps Gaja. He ask if Gaja has lost his brain. Has he forgot what Sam said that day. When gopi offered to buy chicken briyani and saraku, Sam told that he is not outsider, this is family matter and he is here to help and how can Gopi say like this nu 
ROFL Gopi ask how can he buy saraku now and break poor sam heart? and ask Sam if that was right?  ROFL sam malapuran and finally gopi says he will give money and ask them to go and drink. Sam and gaja wants Gopi also to come and join them. Gopi says cannot and sam ask why? Malar comes and ask Gopi to come and have dinner. 

Sam goes to Malar and tells her that today Gopi will be joining them so he ask Malar to go and sleep first. Malar says its time for dinner. Sam gives big sound and speaking in English "i say go so you go in no..." Malar gives one look and starts "hello, do you know what is the time? Its late night now. Your BIL Gopi is not bachelor but married man and he has a wife. Does he not have brain not to disturb gopi at this hour...?" Sam starts crying when Malar speaking in english 
ROFLROFLHe ask Gopi to take his wife in. Both starts walking in when Sam again calls Gopi and tells him just cause he married Malar, does not mean they can treaten him in english. Gopi ask who treathen Sam? Gopi tells Malar maybe Sam did not understand earlier and to repeat what she had said. Malar starts and both sam and gaja runs away from there ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL




                                      Friday 4th May 2012

                                                  Romance rumbums

 S starved senior love birds  ,Malar / Gopi ,listing the obstacles to their FN ' Sokku's hospital;isation on the day of their marriage because of Ashok , followed by Malar's leg fracture , then Pandi's death , Rohini problem , Mayilattam , operation Paramu . Now Paramu wedded to ramesh & the single bedroom in the house occupied by the newly weds. Sighhh.

KaLLak  kadhal paravaigaL ' Dims- Divs ' Dimsu in happy mood ' en pondati oorukku poyittaaa , ala Janakraj shtyle. Divs darling explains her plan ' Dimsu should call Mahesu in a loving voice & start  talking  sweetly while Divs sitting by his side will make kala kala valai osai .  Already confused Mahesu will get more suspicious about them. Will come back running to catch them red handed . But will find both missing ' Divs will go to her sister's house while Dimsu will go to karaikudi on the pretext of meeting Mahes family . Mahesu's chappa mooku will be made flatter further . Mahes will repent for the mistake .&Divs will make use of it  to start her fresh koothu.

Pudhu MaNa kadhal purakkaLin kaLippattam ' Paramu / ramesh cootie cooing 'oodal , koodal konjal goes on for some time. Then Paramu runs out of the room giggling, stops suddenly seeing kamu sitting & crying.  Guilty feeling creeps in to Paramu's mind ' apologises to Kamu. Kamu consoles her , says paramu is in no way responsible . Moorthy is the most indecisive person ' either listens to mom or dad , no suya buddhi , his kaNNe maNiye konjals during their courtship period were all just nuNi naaku vasanam ' not from the bottom of the heart ' excessive cinema impact . Further Kamu consoles self & Paramu saying Mr. Nelli will set right everything.

Mayil tells Sokku that he would like to host wedding feast for the newlyweds . Decision taken to host the feast in Sokku's house . Previous night veranda vasi Gopi, Malar  Gopi ,  mousquito adichunde prepared the list of items to be bought . Gopi offers to go to the market but Sokku wants to show the world his reunion with Mayil. Finally all the three decide to go. Malar tells Mayil about Sokku's 60th birthday function which Sokku was avoiding because of their separation. Now since the matter is sorted out she wants Mayil to convince Sokku to go ahead with it.  Mayil with a hypocrisy writ large on the face quips  that they will conduct the sashtiapthapoothi on a grand scale.

Preparation for the feast in full swing in Sokku house. Ladies busy cutting veggies. Sottai comes kuzhapping the kuttai with his stupid behaviour. Mahesu gets the call from Dimsu. As rehearsed D & D stage their drama ' kala kala vaLai Osai   , kosura  ich ich sound vera.  Makku Mahesh opens glycerine tank. Spot decision to return to Tiruchi immediately ' soLLa reason to the family ' Dimsu suddenly fell ill . Sottai passes the message ' Mahesu KiLambiyachu ' to Dimsu & super happy  D & D  make their travel plans.

MumoorthigaL in the machi market ' selecting fish ' Mayil gives tips to Gopi how to pick   tender & tastier ones. Ashok comes there , seeing them leaves the place angrily without buying anything. As he leaves a car comes & 2 persons get out of it '  Freeze on their face -think they are Pandi's ex boss & his henchman.

Thodarum thodarum thodarndhukonde irukkum

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Thanks Priya [ presume it to be your name ilove].
Komaru's sidekicks are his adi [ vangum]atkal rather than adiyals.
Moorthy  deserves a resounding kick as also the director for dishing out Hyder Ali day's dialogues.Angry

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Thanks for the updates Star

I wish Gopi gave him one big slap ... useless Moorty with his stupid anger Angry I really hope Kamu does not return back to that house if Nelli comes and call her and i do hope Nelli gives few slaps to Moorty for saying the baby is not his Angry

so now all under one room and next arriving magesu pola Ouch

Kamu Mages preggie ... definitely Meenashi is going to poke on Malar now Confused

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Thanks for the update.

So MaYil changed for sure a?

Too bad moorthy - I agree Gopi slapped him.

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Thanks for the updates.

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Migan neenga inniku  esssa? May day spl. film? ensoy

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Originally posted by srima

Migan neenga inniku  esssa? May day spl. film? ensoy

illa avanga essu illa... thursday updates pannurango for me Party ROFLROFL

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Hey pee pee fans ...'
I was not regualrly watching this serial...but somehow I catch up with the watc hing from the DVR...using F forward button...
But sad thing is...suddenly this dishnet here in the US have changed their plan...
we have opted Tamil Megapack ...which included SUnTv, Vuijay Tv, Jaya and kalakngar...but suddenle they changed their packages...the present maga pack does not include sun tv...Cry
If I want to have sun tv then I have to opt for tamil mosaic pack...which we are not going to ...
so what I am telling naaa...for all the sun tv serials like PP...I will depend only on your prumai to wacth the serials online...

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