Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi nahin Update - 25/4/2005

queenbee Goldie

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Posted: 25 April 2005 at 1:28pm | IP Logged

Last time, we left Jassi outside Gulmohur, her whole being awash with old memories, and vowing to reclaim her honor…



Jassi is still standing there, looking up at the giant building. She remembers how unceremoniously Mallika had thrown her out, not even allowing her to bid goodbye to her friends… Mallika saying, "Will you get out now or will I have to call Security?" Jassi asking for some time… Mallika daring her to set foot ouside Gulmohur without showing her the contents of the bag.. and finally, when Pandora's Bag was thrown open to reveal its heart-wrenching contents.. Jassi thinks to herself, Mallika – It's going to be as difficult to satisfy Jessica Bedi as it was easy to torture Jasmeet Walia!

She looks determined to give Mallika a hard time. She calls Mallika on her cell. Mallika says pleasantly, "Hello, Jessica! How are you?" Jassi adopts a hard tone. "Mallika, what is all this?? My first day in Gulmohur, I abandoned all my other work to sign Gulmohur's contract and then – no one is even here to welcome me!? If this keeps on, I shall have to think again about this contract!!" Mallika is flabbergasted! "No no no no Jessica, see, listen to me! Such a mistake will not be repeated, I will personally supervise from now on! Just calm down!" Jassi hangs up while Mallika is talking. "Hello!? Jessica!??" Mallika stares at her phone. She prays, "I hope she has not left in a huff!"

She panics and starts walking as fast as her legs can carry her, screaming at Bindiya and Naaz who she meets along the passage to stop gossiping and follow her ASAP or one of them is sure to get fired! When they timidly enquire what the matter is, she shouts, "What do you mean why? Here you are standing around talking nonsense, and Jessica Bedi is right outside waiting to be welcomed!" Veeru and Ruby have joined the group. Ruby tries to placate Mallika by saying that no one told them about her arrival, but that all the preparations have been completed in any case! Mallika says with pursed lips, that no one there know anything or does anything, cos they are all a bunch of fools! She commands them all to follow her, to HURRY!

They step outside Gulmohur and Mallika welcomes Jassi with an air-kiss and in her sing-song voice proclaims, "Jessica! Darling! Welcome to Gulmohur!!" Mallika is putting on a show for everyone. She loudly chides Jassi for not calling her right away, as they didn't know the time of her arrival! Jassi is not impressed and says stiltedly, "YOU should have called Mallika, to know what time I will be reaching here! You know I have a busy schedule, right??" Mallika is embarrassed at being scolded in front of her employees and looks at Jassi with daggers drawn. Jassi prods her, "Now ill you say something or do you have nothing to say at all?" Mallika eats humble-pie and says brightly, "I'm really very sorry.. this will not happen in the future. Shall we go in?"

Bindiya, Naaz, Veeru and Ruby are all staring at Jassi without an inch of recognition on their faces. Bindiya introduces herself sweetly, "Hi, I'm Bindiya!" Jassi greets her warmly, in marked contrast to her behavior with Mallika. Then it's Ruby's turn, then Veeru's, then Naazneen's, who presents her with a lovely bouquet of flowers. Jassi exclaims, "I'd thought there would be extremely dull and boring people here, Mallika!" (Mallika makes a dirty face, wondering if Jassi is referring to herself!!) and Jassi continues, "But they are all so nice!" The gang thanks her and Jassi tells them all, "It will be a lot of fun to work here!" The gang is overwhelmed to have someone so sweet in their midst and can't stop gushing over her.

While they all make their way inside, Ruby is left standing with Mallika outside and says, "She is such a big model but has NO NAKHRAS at all! She is so sweet and simple!" She hurries in after everyone. Mallika is looking Murderous!!!



Jassi steps into Gulmohur, and is greeted with lots of flowers and decorations - the interiors are looking very bright and welcoming. All of Gulmohur's employees are standing around to usher her in, and she feels like a Queen. There is soft music playing in the background. Jassi takes a moment to think, "Everything is the same here, even the people are all the same. But today they are looking at me with different eyes. No one wants to run away from me, instead they want to come closer. No one is making fun of me, rather they all want to know me better. Only because I have changed my face a little! Are looks really that important? If that is so, then why…?"

Further on, Jassi requests Mallika that she wants to know Gulmohur better. "If I am going to be working here, then I should know everything. Why don't you show me around?" Mallika is uncomfortable, "Me??" Jassi says, as if it's obvious, "Ya! It's your office, so obviously you'll be the one showing me around!" Mallika has no option but to acquiesce gracefully. The next scene has them both entering the empty conference room, where a million memories assault Jassi. She remembers the time Aryan accused her in that last, fateful board meeting, "Armaan and Raj were constantly scheming and plotting to shove the dust into our eyes to hide their shortcomings and their failures – and here is the cheat who helped them through it all – Miss Jasmeet Walia!" She remembers how Mallika screams at Armaan, "You threw away everything we ever had - on 'IS AURAT'S' name???" A memory of Puru asking them for an explanation.. of Jassi making it clear that she was leaving Gulmohur, and Puru trying to stop her…

The memories are so deep and dark that she gets weak-kneed and sinks into a chair, Mallika still standing next to her. Mallika asks, "Jessica? Are you OK?" Jassi makes an excuse about feeling dizzy. Mallika says confidently, "Now you are in Gulmohur! And we certainly know how to take care of our people!" Jassi gets another flashback, of Mallika and her in the same boardroom, where Mallika castigates her, "Fresh hot coffee! A secretary should always do the work of a secretary, not that of a Vice-President! I think you haven't heard me well – I said, Wait outside!"

Just then, coffee arrives and Mallika hands her the cup. Jassi thinks, "Is this the same Mallika Ma'am, or has everyone changed? Armaan Sir, this office, everyone at home, can anything be the way it was before? No, after what happened, nothing can be the way it was then." In a flash, she thinks of Armaan telling her, "I love you Jassi!" in her cabin that fateful day, when Mallika had walked in and seen them. Mallika had reacted angrily, "What the hell is going on here?" and Jassi says aloud, "Nothing!" She comes back into the present with a jolt when Mallika asks her, "Nothing? What do you mean?" Jassi says, "Err.. I meant, I don't need things like this – like this coffee." Mallika says sweetly, "Of course you need them, Jessica! Now look here, we are going to be working together. So we will definitely have to take care of each other's needs!"



Armaan's car has just pulled into the driveway and it is packed with the Walia family. Bebe has just been discharged from the hospital. Armaan opens the door for Bebe and helps her out, allowing her to lean on him. "Do come, Bebe! Gently, gently Bebe! Give one hand to me, and one to Uncle!" Billu rushes to help but Bebe seems to think Armaan is enough to support her. Billu gently lets go and thinks as he watches them go, "First he took all the blame upon his own shoulders, then he paid the hospital bills. And now he is here to drop Bebe home! Though, I did not much think it proper that he should be around so much…"

Billu then shouts to Nandu to help Bebe but she says in a quavering voice, "Oh, let it be, Billu! Armaan is there for me! Isn't it, Beta Armaan? You do have time to help out this old woman, don't you?" Armaan scolds her gently, What are you saying Bebe, of course I do! Bebe says, "You know, when I left this place, I did not think I would be coming back. It was Jassi who saved me!" Billu jumps, "Jassi?" Bebe says, "Yes! If her message had not reached me, I would not have had the strength to live on or come back here!" Amrit and Billu exchange looks. Bebe goes on, "Now I am just living for the day when Jassi comes back home!" Armaan says determinedly, "Bebe, Jassi WILL come back! And I will get her back!!"



Mallika takes Jassi to have a dekkho at her cabin, announcing, "This is MY cabin, where we can sit and talk comfortably!" She grandly sits in her plush cushioned chair and invites Jassi to take a seat opposite the table. Jassi is not to be outdone. She complains, "Mallika, your – chairs don't look too comfortable. I can't sit there!" Mallika gives her a forced smile and says, "Not comfortable?" She gets up and says to her, "Come, take my chair! Come!"

Mallika walks over to the other side of the table looking like she would rather be eating mud at that precise moment. Jassi goes ahead and lowers herself into Mallika's chair in slow-motion. Jassi looks at her for an ageless moment. "You would sit here and rule over this office. Command all and sundry. You have spoken so many bitter words to me here. Today, you have given ME this chair?"

Just then, Naaz enters and gets flustered to see Jassi sitting in Mallika's chair. "Uhh.. Ma'am..!" Mallika rushes to hide her embarrassment. "Nazneen! What on earth are you doing here? Go! Go now!" Naaz tries to tell her something but Mallika says, "I said – Go! I don't need anything! Go from here!" Jassi comes to Naaz's aid. "No Mallika. Naazneen, can you bring me the campaign files? Please?" Mallika is disgusted and questions her, "Campaign!?" Jassi says, "What else? You must have readied it earlier, have you not?" Mallika looks shaken! Jassi continues, "How will the launch be like? The clothes, my look? The hoardings, press and TV Commercials? I shall have to take a look at these, won't I?" Mallika protests, "But Jessica…!" Jassi makes a stubborn face and says she does not work without going through these details.

Before Mallika has a chance to react, Raj enters saying something like, "Mallika, your papers.." and stops in his tracks when he sees the object of his affection in the chair! He is confused, then understands what is going on, and a bout of silent laughter turns into a hastily controlled guffaw. He apologizes and is about to leave, when Jassi calls him back, "Raj? What's wrong? You were none too eager to get me back into Gulmohur. And now I'm here, won't you even say 'Hi, Hello'??" Raj says happily, "Hi! Hello! Heheh!"

Mallika interjects, "Jessica! It's lunchtime, Sweetie, I'm hungry, let me treat you to lunch at a great restaurant?" Jassi says, "Umm.. No. I'll eat here." Mallika makes a face, "Here!!" Jassi says, Yes, and says there must be a canteen around, right? Naaz is very excited and says, "Of course there is! We all eat there! Will you.. eat with us?" Mallika says saucily, "NO, Naazneen, she will NOT eat there." Jassi gives Naaz a smile and says, "Definitely, Naaz, I will!" Mallika is stunned at being turned down in favor of the canteen. Jassi says, "I will definitely eat with you Naazneen.. and anyway, it's been a long while since I have eaten ghar-ka-khaana." Mallika thinks, "Jessica bedi will share her lunch with THESE secretaries!? That too, after turning down lunch with ME!?" She takes a deep breath and gives Jassi a profoundly sweet, profoundly fake smile. "Come on, Jessica, let me show you the canteen! Come!" Jassi says happily, "Lets go!"



There is a lot of singing, whistling and masti going on in the canteen, with all the ladies having a ball! They are singing the song Mumbai se Aaya Mera Dost and changing the ending to "Jessica ko Salaam karo!" The song ends and Mallika looks as disgusted with a "What am I doing here" look on her face as Jassi looks delighted. She compliments them on their singing but says it wasn't really necessary! Ruby and Naazneen are at Jassi's side of the table while Bindiya and Veeru are seated opposite. Ruby hands Jassi a knife and fork but Jassi refuses, saying that she will eat with her bare hands! Bindiya exclaims, "You eat with your HANDS!?" Jassi says, "Yaaa! It's a lot of fun eating with your hands!" Naaz says, "Yes, yes that is true.. our Jassi also used to say this!" Everyone laughs in agreement.

Jassi says, "You guys keep talking a lot about Jassi. Who IS this Jassi?" They reply, She was everyone's best friend! Ruby says that she was Gulmohur's most hard-working and capable employee. Bindiya adds that she was a very good girl, just like Jessica! But she does not work here anymore. When Jassi asks what happened everyone makes a sad face and Naaz says it's a long story, (not to mention that Mallika is listening with her ears cocked straight!) and stops. Mallika says that Jassi was nothing great, she was just a nobody. Nobody likes Mallika's comment and Ruby speaks up, "She meant a lot to us, Mallika! Bindiya agrees. Jassi asks brightly, Can I take Jassi's place, by becoming your friend? Bindiya is overwhelmed and asks if she will really be their friend! Jassi says Yes, on one condition – that they call her simply Jessica and drop he 'Ma'am'!" Naaz asks dully, but how can we call you without saying 'Ma'am'? Jassi says, "Why not? I am also a girl! I need friends too! This Ma'am – Va'am creates only barriers, not friendships!" Mallika rolls her eyes into the air while the rest proclaim happily, "Ok! Jessica! Jessica!" and giggle away.

Bindiya states that the models who would come to work there earlier had their noses up in the air the whole time, but Jassi was not like them at all! Everyone celebrates the friendship and Jassi says that she is very hungry, lets dig in!! When they ask her what she wants, she says that she would like a bit of everything, as she is really missing her home-cooked food! Just then, Nandu calls out, "Jessicaji, Hello!" BOING!!! Bindiya goes, "Nandu-Bandu?? You – HERE!?!?" Nandu exclaims that he is Jessicaji's agent! Mallika asks in an irritated tone, "Now what are YOU doing here!" Nandu reminds her of their agreement, that Jessicaji can all anyone anytime into the office. He says that he has come to her with a packed lunch which Jassi's mom has sent!

Jassi can't control her happiness! Mallika makes a catty remark about him being more caterer than agent, and Jassi cuts her sort, "He is first my friend, Mallika!" She opens the lunch and smells the heavenly food, relishing the love that brought it here. Nandu misreads her cryptic silence and asks if she didn't like it. Jassi tells him that she likes it evry, very much, as if Auntie had sent her not food but tons and tons of love! She shares the dabba with everyone, and begins to eat with her hand. Bindiya's sharp eye notices something striking, "Jessica? You're a leftie too? By jove, Jassi was  leftie too!" Jassi sits frozen while Nandu looks at her, stunned, as if someone hit him on the head with a hammer! He thinks, "Some things are definitely common between Jessica and Jassi!"

Apparently, Nandu failed to make the connection. In the next scene, Jassi is shown walking with Nandu along the corridor. He is chattering non-stop, "Jassi was my best friend! This is where she used to work na! I would keep coming and going! I know everyone here – if you say so, I'll be happy to show you around!" Just then, Aryan catches sight of the duo and stops in his tracks. Jassi looks at him but is careful not to give her feelings away. Aryan says, "Jessica! Hi!" Jassi has a flashback of Aryan telling her cruelly, not to ever write Gulmohur's name in her bio-data.

Back to the present. Aryan tells her – I am Aryan, Aryan Seth, Mallika is my sister, and I am on the Board of Directors of Gulmohur. Nandu says to Jassi under his breath, "And very dangerous too." When Aryan raises his eyebrow and quizzes Nandu on his comment, he goes over to admire a mannequin, leaving Jassi and Aryan alone. Aryan tells her that they are very proud that her name is getting synonymous with their Fashion House. He welcomes her to Gulmohur. Jassi says with a mysterious smile, "Thankyou! And you know what? This is exactly what I've been wanting to hear from you!"

Mallika walks up to them with a bunch of papers and exclaims, "Jessica! You had asked for the campaign plan, had you not? Take a look at this! I've made it myself!" Jassi takes the offered papers, glances over them and replies, "Mallika, can I sit somewhere and read them through?" Mallika says with hidden tired sarcasm, "Yes! Why not? Of course…" Jassi adds, "Alone!" Aryan and Mallika exchange a look. Aryan seems to be pitying his long-suffering sister and thinking that this lady has some gall to be making so many demands! Mallika says artificially that her office will not be available as she has a few meetings scheduled there for today!

Nandu overhears and interjects, "There is only one place in this office where no one will disturb you." Mallika says sweetly, "You know soooo much! Where, Nanduuuu?" Nandu says it is Jassi's cabin!" The air is so thick you could cut it with a knife! Jassi asks, Is there a problem? Mallika sighs that there is no problem, and tells Jassi to come with her upto the cabin. They walk off leaving Aryan thinking to himself, "I never thought I would have to see Mallika bending so much! That too, in front of a model like Jessica! And what did Jessica mean when she sais that 'this' is what she wanted to hear from me? What did she want to hear? What did I say??"



Mallika and Jassi open the door to Armaan's cabin, and as Jassi walks in her mind is flooded with memories of herself and her Armaan Sir. She pictures their intimate scenes, him handing over the keys to her car, him calling her affectionately, she imagining him in his empty chair and loving the chair.. Bringing herself back to the present, she asks Mallika whose office this is! Mallika replies that it is Armaan's office. Jassi says, "Interesting!" She looks around and as if drawn to it, she walks over to the locked door of her ex-cabin. She asks eagerly, "And whose cabin is this?" Veeru replies, "This is Jassi's cabin!"

Veeru, Naaz and Ruby had somehow come to know where they were headed and followed them. Mallika says tiredly, "Don't you fellas have any other work??" Naaz asks Mallika to allow them to take a look, since Jassi's cabin has been lying closed and unused for so long! Jassi opens her cabin door and immediately sees her old avatar slaving away at her computer and her files. Ruby says sadly that they are all missing Jassi a lot, and Naaz supports her.

Armaan quietly comes up behind the three standing at the door and sees what is going on. He is very upset! He comes inside and asks Mallika shortly, "Mallika, what's all this?" Mallika launched into an explanation of how Jessica wanted to read something, so she thought that she could use Jassi's room here.. Armaan barks, "No, Mallika! Not at all!" Jassi looks from to the other, sensing the friction between the two. Armaan walks towards Jassi and says, "Mallika, this room cannot be anyone else's, it was Jassi's and her it will remain! Too many of my memories are tied up to this room…." He thinks of the long, passionate hug with Jassi in her cabin, the day before the board meeting… "and I will not tolerate anyone's interference in this regard!" Mallika asks him softly if he still believes that Jassi will come back. He replies, passionately, "She WILL come back, Mallika! She WILL come back one day!" He is standing very close to Jessica as he says this, "She will come back and stand at this door the same way that Jessica is standing now!"

Armaan opens the door of Jassi's cabin and gives it a long, loving look. "I am waiting for that moment.. that day!" He turns around to Mallika and says fiercely, "And until then – until then, this door WILL remain closed!" He shuts it with a final click. Veeru, Naaz, Ruby all look at each other, surprised by the strength of Armaan's confession…

As for Jassi, she has been listening to Armaan's every word, very very carefully, her face a mixture of surprise and disbelief!



Jassi is thinking: Billu saying, "This is MY home! My first, and my last home! I'm the one who needs the money, and I shall be the one to arrange for it!"

A number of faces flash before her eyes, her Papaji's, Bebe's, Amrit's, Nandu's…

She vows, with tears in her eyes, "I shall help you get back all your lost izzat, sammaan and maryada, Papaji!"

Note: Sorry for the lack of formatting and funny comments, my Net connection is real bad, it's already very late and like devil drivers, My smileys are missing! Boo hoooooo!!!!!!!!!

bystander IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 April 2005 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
thanks for the wonderful update!
loveneha_r Goldie

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Posted: 25 April 2005 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
awesome  update QB!!!Clap
so Mallika finally met her match!! look forward to more cat fights!! thats gonna be fun!
and armaaan...locking jassi's rooom! JESSICA U FOOL..see how much he loves Jassi just tell him the truth at least!Confused
dying to see this episode!
ummm Senior Member

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Posted: 25 April 2005 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
Thanks a ton buddy!!!!!! Wonderful update!
lotsaattitude Goldie

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Posted: 25 April 2005 at 1:53pm | IP Logged

Big smile

thanx a lottt for de update queenbeee!!!!!!

Paheli Senior Member

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Posted: 25 April 2005 at 1:59pm | IP Logged

G8 update, QB!! Thanks so much.

I am enjoying to see Mallika getting dose of her own medicine:-) pay-back time!!!

rose85 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 April 2005 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
thnx a lot for the updates...as usual it is juss brilliant...Big smile i m loving how jassi is treating malika now..hehheheheh LOL
Teddy Senior Member

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Posted: 25 April 2005 at 2:03pm | IP Logged

Wonderful Update!!!!!!!Clap

Thanks !!!!!!!!!

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