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ArHilicious Droolers #29: Biwi No.1!

.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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ArHilicious Droolers #29:
Biwi No.1!

Gossip Girl

Jalebi Bai is hell bent on teaching Laad governor a lesson by troubling him like a 5 year old plays pranks on their strict teacherErmm

Babli aka Miss. B is suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder and the person she is obsessing over is none other than her older cousin brotherDead

Manorma Mami has opened a detective agency to prove that her daughter-in-law is actually some bhoot-preth-aatmaSilly

Khoon Bhari Taang better watch out as she now has two enemies in Shantivan to deal with.

Laad governor has proven that he is a true businessmanApprove

Madhumati seems to be enjoying her damadji's visitBig smile

Song of the week: PurpleFairy
Poem of the week: Cute.Sadaf
Summary of the week: tanthya
Funny scene of the week: the_rain
Picture of the Week: DaShIng_GiRl
Filler of the Week: PurpleFairy
Rating of the Week: ..first.rain..
Videomix of the week: Deepali88
Achari Scene of the Week: PurpleFairy
Best Character of the Week: shobrakapooor
Most Irritating Character of the Week: ShiningStar18
Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
Video avi of the week, Icon of the week: Miss-Pakiie-KMH
Best FF of the Week, Best OS of the Week: -Chinnu-
Message to CVs: PurpleFairy
Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the week: minuu
Most Active Thread of the week: minuu
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Costume of the Week: PurpleFairy
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Joota scene of the week: shybabe

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Winning Siggies: -Fatz-

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Arnav is stuck  in the bathroom with Soap suds covering his body and no water to  cleanse himself ..Arnav yells for Khushi , demanding water ..In answer Khushi takes him to the Public tap and  gets Arnav to take bath ..When the Soap clears  his eyes, Arnav realizes that he has been tricked and made to take bath publicly..Arnav gets angry on Khushi but Khushi is unrepentant .. A disgruntled Arnav heads  back into the house ..

At breakfast time, fearing that he would be getting  more of the bland food , Arnav orders  from a five star hotel , The delivery boy hands over the package to the Gupta's who dip into their piggy bank and pay off ..Arnav comes after some time sees that the hotel has delivered and tries to pay  the Gupta's which is politely but firmly declined by Gupta's..Arnav feels guilty  about his action..The Gupta's begin to serve him , The Guptas are pleasantly surprised and touched when they discover that Arnav has ordered for everyone keeping their tastes his mind ..

Mohan, the driver interrupts Arnav while he is completing his breakfast , Takes Arnav outside and informs Arnav that all the parts of his jeep has been stolen , Arnav is furious , jumps to the conclusion that Khushi is behind it and orders her to return all the spare parts, Khushi protests her innocence  to no avail. 

The stand off continues  until Arnav is  Arnav is enlightened by the police , Arnav feels guilty  for erroneously accusing Khushi of theft ... While  on Mobile, Arnav learns about the financial constraints of Gupta's, realizes that his reckless ordering from the 5 star hotel has emptied the purse of Gupta's.. His Guilt increasing, Arnav takes immediate steps to remedy this folly ..Arnav himself buys the provisions for the Gupta's ..when the Gupta's demur, Arnav firmly stakes his claim as the Son In Law of the house.. Khushi again tries to take this opportunity  and urges Arnav to call  Garima Amma ..Arnav finally loses his temper  and shouts on Khushi , Poin blankly refuses to call Garima  as  'Amma'.. So saying he stalks away into his room.. Khushi is roundly ticked off by both Buaji and Amma for  harassing Arnav and not giving him any moments of peace ..

A sensitive Khushi tries to make  amends and apologizes to Arnav , but as it happens with this two, both end up blurting out  more than the other can bear ..Arnav's outburst saddens Khushi even more and also increases his guilt ..

Arnav gets  Golgappes /Pani Puri  as a way of apology ...The Gupta's relish the Golgappes and Arnav enjoys the sight of them enjoying  the Golgappes..he also  seeks the forgiveness of Garima and  Buaji adn expresses his helplessness in calling her Amma, Garima understands his pain, soothes his  pained heart ...Khushi who had  gone for  a walk with her Bauji walks in, sees the table laden with Golgappes and falls on it only to be shocked when she realizes that Arnav  has got the golgappes , Khushi immediately twigs on to the fact that this was  Arnav's way of  saying Sorry ..  Naively Khushi, in the privacy of their room  says she forgives him for  his harsh words , Hackles raising Arnav promptly disabuses her of the notion that he was seeking her forgiveness but admits that he did ask for sorry from Garima and was handed a  apology too..

In the night , next door Neighbor named Nandini comes in,  reminisces about the problem faced by  the middle class  in marrying off the young girls ..Khushi with typical  generosity  offers the Gupta's house  to be used for  putting up the guest, Garima hesitates   as she thinks Arnav may not be comfortable with the arrangement , Arnav who would have come there misunderstands the situation , thinks that they are worried  about his comforts , hastily assures the Gupta ladies that he is cool. The Gupta women then give their consent..

The next morning dawn and  Arnav is shocked by the noise and all the  chaos, he discovers that he has been tricked by Khushi  but does not say a word.. Arnav is reluctantly dragged into the marriage festivities ...Whilst the Marriage festivities are going on , The  Stubborn Goatwa's Arnav and Khushi indulge in one upmanship  , which Khushi loses , Arnav further riles Khushi by saying that he is Arnav Singh Raizada and that he can do anything , Determined to teach him a lesson , Khushi gets all the Mohalla ladies to  get their faulty gadgets and get it repaired  by Arnav ..Arnav agrees after putting down the condition that they will return to Shanthi van  , if he is done  repairing ...

Buaji and Garima who were trying to cook  Arnav's fav dish are disturbed by the commotion emanating  from the Hall,  Buaji goes to investigate , drives all the neighbors  understands that this is all the handiwork of Khushi..Buaji admonishes Khushi ...

The girls are all congregated in a room and they are adorning the bride , when one of the girl asks about Khushi's wedding ..Khushi fibs about the way her dream wedding happened , which is heard by Arnav ...Both Khushi and Arnav look at one another, each reliving the eventful day , their eyes mirroring their anguish.

The otherwise ridiculous week ended on a good note for me. The last scene of the week reminded me just why exactly I love this show so much and why I have been so disappointed lately. The intensity, the pain, the passion, the very ESSENCE of ArHi was visible. As both Arnav and Khushi recall their wedding day, how they'd had a wedding no one would ever dream of.
Khushi describes her wedding attire like it was the most ideal one but conveniently left out the circumstances under which she was married. Arnav mirrors her emotions. He might have wanted to get back at her but his eyes showed that he isn't exactly as happy as he should've been. The show might be just back on track. Let's hope (:

This entire week..Manorama Mami's scenes have won the award in this categoryLOL. Lately the track is making no sense and maamiji's scenes are working as a comedy filler. The joota scene of the week was when Mami gets up in the middle of the night on hearing a noiseLOL

and when she goes to the living room...she spots a lady in white sari holding a candle. It seriously reminded me of the movie "Bees Saal Baad." The lady was none other than payal and she freaks out seeing her..actually i freaked out too LOL 

and wakes up with a nightmare...and has face pack smeared on herself...and that freaks out Mamaji too..LOL

What was the point of this scene..?? D'ohPlease dear CV's..stop giving us these unwanted scenes and focus on the main track please...Big smile

Have a great weekend folks.


This week, the scene that made me grin like crazy, is quite a simple one. It's another morning in Gupta House and Arnav is working in their room while Khushi is sitting like an old lady wrapped up in colorful blanket. Buaji comes with tea for both of them and greets them. Arnav for once looks in a very good mood as he greets her back cheerfully stating that he'd a very comfortable night. 

However, as they couldn't remain happy at the same time, Khushi complains about the cold due to AC with quivering voice. Upon being questioned why she was reacting so much since Shantivan is also air-conditioned she replies that as Shantivan is huge the effect of AC is not so threatening like in her small room at GH. 

Arnav pinches in a one-liner imitating Khushi's shivering voice very well making Buaji mad with mirth and Khushi go red with embarrassment. His little teasing about her red nose and Khushi's clattering cup of tea seals up the scene pretty well. 

Babli's albums and related scenes please. Yes, ALL of them were so pointless! From her asking everyone to pose, to cropping Payal out to Manorma wondering just where the hell has Payal disappeared from the photo to thinking that her daughter-in-law might be some bhoot-preth-aatma, it was such a WASTE of time!Stern Smile
Honestly, I was glad to see Shyam this week. He is irritating, his tracks are dragging but at least the story MOVES even if at a snail's speed instead of being at a standstill with the same things being repeated day in and day outSleepy

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 April 2012 at 1:15pm | IP Logged

hello everyone. hope ur in controlWink i know its always difficult 4 us to stay in control bcz we r seeing d hottie everyday. so im sure all of u know tom nd jerryLOL tom's wicked plan to trap jerry nd jerry's sweet plan to trouble tom.  but sometyms tom nd jerry becomes frnds rather thn being enemies for long. after all its boring to fight always. i know u all must be thinking y am i talking abt this nw. in IPKKND too we have a tom nd jerry. its a treat to watch them this whole week. so after a long tym presenting d BC is none other thn...

Arnav being tom nd khushi being jerry was a gud treat to watch. tom was getting hot day by day. he knows jerry's likes nd dislikes nd cared alot for her. he apologised buaji for his wrong doings nd paid d ration. hw sweet of u arnav. he loves his wife. he doesnt like her to take any risk. he felt guilty on wat he did to her. [fake marriage]  
nd back to jerry, khushi felt bad when arnav told abt his mom. she apologised him. she is trying to change him. she still loves him.
that's all for this week. see u soon

Hey peeps!

The most irritating character is one who annoys the hell out of us whenever he/she comes  onscreen. Well, this week it was Khushi. Firstly, I do not like the fact that she is hell bent on irritating him since he has come to live at her house. Shouldn't he be treated with respect? Although Garima and Buaji have left no stone unturned in taking care of him but Khushi hasn't really done good with him.

Secondly, why did she keep on persuading him to call Garima 'amma'?  As Garima pointed out, shouldn't he call her by the name he is comfortable with. As far as we know, Arnav doesn't force her to  address his family members with specific names do shouldn't he have the same liberty? 

Another thing which quite irritated was the fact that she allowed the guests to stay at her place despite knowing Arnav is with her. Being an adult, she should act with maturity and handle situations maturely. The whole week and the last, we saw her being childish. 

Well, that's that. See you next week! 

Take care, bye.

Hello hi everyone and welcome to the funniest character section. It's been a good week and i dunno it just kinda feels like the old ipkknd is returning slowly. So anyways this week's funny character award goes to none other then our Buaji...

*Buaji yells from the crowd* Tussi bada mazakya hoo...
*Me* but i'm not joking buaji u are the funny one this week

I just love the bua Arnav bonding...there was a time when Bua's character irritated me..but hey that was because of Shamu but i love her now...she's so funny and kind...she's naive at times but oh well who cares she loves our sanka devi and her laad governer and that is a good enough reason for me to like her.

So without any further delay i would like to hand over the award to bua ji and hope to see some more from her in the near future.

This is it for now sunshines..i'll see u guys next week..have fun bye bye


Hey Guys,
I am back with this weeks Dialogue, very difficult.. not because there were so many nice dialogues, but because there were no nice dialogues. The track is rotting, not liking such a track, Bubbly and rubbish, Khushi and her rubbish.. Anyway, here the DOTW goes, i chose that workman ka dialogue, when ASR makes the generator to work.. 

*Kya baat hai bamadji, Tume Sabit kardiya, Tumhari surat may nahi, baaf mein bhi dum hai*

Done with this weeks, God! I wish i don't need to type such dialogues for the next DOTW, Hope the track changes soon. 

Anyways, see u wonderful people next week 


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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 April 2012 at 1:16pm | IP Logged

decent week :) and quite a few ArHi moments... 

dekhthi hai jiss tarah se teri nazarein mein khud ko chupao kahan?? Blushing la la well you get the drift Wink

IPK shows you how many ways to fall in love; err literally!!!! LOL

Our pwetty pwetty Khushi :D


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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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By ragiii 

Here is ur Gift

Made By - Aishh.

Here is ur Gift


By Nidhi (..SheWolf..)

Here is ur Gift

Made By - Kinma 

Here is ur Gift

VM made BY   UltimateBarun

Here is ur Gift

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 April 2012 at 1:21pm | IP Logged

Pride and Beauty

 || Swirling Moondust of Love  ||

Diving too deep for her eyes,

She reads his abstract lies,

And all those seasons both cried

Brightened with the tinge of deep blue skies

His whole heartbeats for her

And the name he whispers of her

Throughout it their soul woke up

The moment their eyes fell upon one another 

It aches to feel the scars 

every day and night

It hurts her to know that she loves him,

And unexpectedly got nothing in return

She was lucky to have her prince charming

But, those butterflies he gave her, are lost

They lived full of optimism for a while, 

But lately it's faded away along with a soar angst,

They hoped we would be together,

Although the more they think about it, it's feels so unrealistic

Inside of two hearts there has been so much hurt 

 And fear they shares drowns in their bodies

The walls are built ; thick and wide, 

They saw through it but can't found what is deep inside

She constantly tried and failed in his

 empty eyes 


Completely closed herself off all the pain and memories

Like as if he has forgot the chain of tearful emotions

Just what happened to us how did two so happy and free

Become closed off and unloved ?  

His eyes where of darkness reflects from his soul

His heart had been shattered left broken and cold 

His heart has grown cold, slowly turned to soft stone,

The locked heart that never opens ,

Locked against pain and love, sulks in twirls,

Is the heart of stone. Forever frozen in time. 

Never knowing what true love feels like ? 

Time freezes , emotions forlorn , walls of heart desiccates 

Pain comes from lies, deception, and lost love one's

No one understand pain, but how can you repair it

When there isn't a soul around to help you heal, 

Time standstills , seeks for the avenue of love

Forever and ever to stay in the cage of happiness. 

Runner Up

Kiss Me by Supriya.Ippknd

Here is ur Gift


Jalebi by AngelTeen
Here is ur gift

Runner UP

A Heart For Rent by Aveiro

Here is ur gift


Mystic Skies by HeadOverHeels

Here is ur Gift

Here is your Gift

Here is ur Gift

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 April 2012 at 1:23pm | IP Logged

Where so I start this time? Stern Smile Again, no attention paid to the MU's. They are bringing in some past factors but I guess that's not enough? Moreover, this babli character is here because...? I still do not get it. At first, I would have guessed that she would make Manorama see that Payal isn't bad. But now...?! Back to our ArHi, loads of cute, romantic scenes mixed with tadka. Again, why are the CVs only showing them? It's like they're using them for TRPs only. Why not use them for the good cause of the show and start clearing up a few MU's! This week, I'll give a 3.5. Smile It would be only 3 but I'm trying to be nice... LOL Also tired of giving back to back 3's Dead See you all next month, again hoping with a few things being shows that all of us want to see!

Adios, Khushi Hug

CVs, I just have four things to say to you.
One, Barun is NOT  a showpiece so please stop treating him like one. We know he is hot but that doesn't mean you will use and abuse his body to gain TRPs. How about actually working on your script a bit? That will be a more appropriate way to garner your desired number on the TRP charts.
Two, Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada is your female LEAD. Please give her due respect for that. She is not a comic relief character like Manorma Mami or a villain like Shyam or an immature kid like Babli. She is supposed to be a deep, intense sincere character who is vivacious and lives life to the fullest but is not an annoying clown. At least respect Sanaya's talent if not anything else.
Three, why is Babli in this show again?Wacko
Last but not the least, can we PLEASE end the misunderstanding track now?Stern Smile

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 April 2012 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
Hello, DroolersHug
Soo...we're on the 29th edition of our NewsletterClap
I've actually come to a point where I have lost count of the newsletters. I have to check the previous one to know which number I am suppose to put nowROFL.ROFL
I can never get tired of saying that all this has been possible only and only because of the Newsletter team and it's readers. You guys ROCKHeart

Also, I would like to welcome our new team member, Viz (-Barun-) who has joined us this week. I hope you have a good time working with us for the NewsletterBig smile

Hope you guys enjoy this week's edition as wellEmbarrassed

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