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KYPH - Update for 25th April, 2005

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Good Episode, but kind of ''thanda'' after the fireworks that exploded last week! But after today's episode, I have come to the observation that while Iqbal Khan (Angad) reeks of sex appeal and has an awesome, overpowering screen presence, and is definitely a very talented and natural born actor, while Amit Tandon (Prithvi) is good-looking in the cute way and is quite a decent actor, he is no match to the sheer magnetism of Iqbal! But at the same time, I think that Prithvi as a character is evolving to be superior than Angad as a character, in the same way that Mr. Bajaj became everyone's darling, than the bozo Anurag in KZK! I think tomorrow's episode is going to be really cute, with Angad and Kripa both bumping into each other in a Bathroom!!!

Coming to the update now, read on folks!


The Party is going on in full swing, and Kripa cannot lift her eyes of Angad, who keeps giving her strange looks, at times possessive, at times indifferent, at times intrigued, at times confused and at times mesemerized. While Kripa is so clearly still in love with Angad, she keeps turning her head and glancing at Angad, while dancing with Prithvi, who is bessoteddly looking at only Kripa and no one else. Mishti meanwhile shows no such special inclination towards Angad and just seems to enjoy the Party. As the music slows, Mishti very mischievously tells Angad if he can smell something burning, Angad who's concentration is obviously not on the dance, is taken unawares and he is like, ''Duh?'' Mishti tells him that every girl present in the party is probably dying of jealousy and might be cursing Mishti, that she is dancing with the dashing and handsome superstar Angad. Angad smiles casually and in a flirtish manner tells Mishti that there is one girl present in the party who does not think that Angad is handsome, Mishti is surprised and asks him who is it, for which Angad smiles and tells her that it is you. Mishti laughs on this and they enjoy their dance. Then suddenly, Mishti keeps looking at Prithvi and Kripa (who has thankfully stopped staring at Angad and is looking at Prithvi for a change) who seem to be enjoying their dance, and comments to Angad on them. Angad's cool expression changes and he gets the sulky look on his face while staring at Kripa. Mishti tells him that she suspects Prithvi to have fallen for Kripa, even though Prithvi hasn't admitted anything to her. Angad's face falls even further, as Mishti asks him that he obviously must be knowing Kripa, she is being launched with him, Angad keeps staring at Kripa and Prithvi and does not reply. As they keep dancing, Kripa and Angad bump into each other, and Prithvi notices how their expression gets frigid and feels something is definitely missing.

Damini Bose comes on stage and declares that she has to make a special announcement and she wants her children, Mishti and Prithvi to come on stage for that. The couples stop dancing and while Prithvi goes to the stage, in a rather dramatic manner, Mishti lets go off herself from Angad and turns to hold Kripa's hand and to the shock and surprise of both Angad and Kripa, gives Kripa's hand in Angad's and tells him to take care of her, while Prithvi is away. Angad is stunned and keeps looking at Kripa, who is equally stunned, and the Camera focuses on Angad holding Kripa's hands and both of them keep looking at each other, dazzled and confused. Tania enters and looks at Angad with a lovelorn expression on her face, and gives an envious look at Kripa, who is completely unaware of anything around, meanwhile Anita comes near Tania and tells her that if she does not let Angad know of her feelings for him today, then she will lose him forever. As Tania goes near Angad, he lets go of Kripa's hand and both of them go in the opposite directions. Tania goes to Angad, who is at the Bar with Mannan and tells him that she wants to speak to him.

While both Kripa and Angad are away, Damini announces that from now onwards, her event management company will be taken over by Prithvi and Mishti and that Angad Khanna's next world tour will be handled by both of them. Everyone cheers for the Bose Siblings and Naina is seen to be particularly happy! Mishti and Prithvi hug Damini affectionately and we yet again get to see how happy the Bose Family is as opposed to the Khanna's.


Angad looks cool enough and tells her that ok, they both go to a secluded corner where Tania asks him why does he keep avoiding her these days. Angad looks very cool and relaxed and tells her kindly that he thinks of her as a good friend and nothing else, but he is noticing that she is getting the wrong signals about their friendship, Tania starts crying and tells him that what they shared was more than just a casual friendship and that she has deep feelings for him. Angad tells her that even when they did share a physical relationship, he had always made it clear to her that in spite of that, he will still consider her as a friend and nothing else. Angad tells Tania that when he himself does not believe in love, how can he think of sharing his life with her. Tania breaks down completely, while Angad looks cool and unrepentant, but at the same time, he is not completely insensitive towards Tania, but is very clear on his stand. Angad tells her that she has to get over this stupidity and just treat him as her friend and nothing else, and that he cannot offer anything more than that to her. Angad walks away, while Kripa, who has overseen the entire conversation is shown to be shell-shocked and her eyes well up with tears (Who on earth told her to follow Angad like Mary's Little Lamb everywhere?)


Naina, who has also overseen the entire episode (Another Peeping Tom!) is seen to look victorious at Angad's response to Tania and when he has vanished, she goes to Tania and insults her in the most vile manner possible and tells her that if Angad every loves anyone, it will someone of his own status and if he ever marries someone, it will again be someone of his own status. Naina says that just because Angad spent a few nights with some girls does not mean he will end up spending his entire life with them, he is a star, for him such girls and just like tissue paper, use and  throw. Naina tells Tania that how dare she even dream of Angad in this way, and that she is no longer needed in the show. Naina walks away, while a shattered Tania is shown to run off the party weeping, and Kripa, who has not heard Naina's conversation with Tania follows Tania outside.


Kripa and Tania meet outside, where Tania tells her that everyone is allowed to love the Angad the Star, but if someone dares to love the person in him, this is what becomes of  her. As a even more heart-broken Kripa listens, Tania tells her that Angad is a heartless person, who values no relations, no emotions and no feelings and for him everything is inferior to his self. Tania tells him that today Angad is probably feeling benevolent towards Kripa, but tomorrow when he gets bored of her, he will dump her like a waste paper and walk on to another girl, shattering Kripa's life into pieces the way he has broken Tania's heart. Tania tells Kripa that if she has any amount of sense in her and if she cares a little bit of herself, then she should never make the mistake of falling in love with Angad, because nothing except heartache will come out of that. As Tania leaves Kripa, she is staggered and emotionally wrangled and stands there like a statue.

Prithvi comes from behind and asks her what is wrong with her, Kripa says that she is not feeling too well and that she would like to go home. Prithvi (love this chap!) tells her that he will get Harshini and drop them both, Kripa says that let her enjoy the party, Mishti will drop her, but she wants to leave now.


Prithvi offers to take her home and both of them drive down. While driving, Kripa is lost and sad, and Prithvi asks her softly what is up with her and Angad. Kripa is taken aback and avoids the question, Prithvi tells her that its ok if she does not want to talk about her relation with Angad, he won't pry into their personal matter (isn't he a doll?) Kripa smiles and says that nothing like that, its just that she ended up signing a contract with Angad in a fit of fury and now she has to complete it, after that she will leave for Nainital. Prithvi is surprised and asks her why does she want to leave so soon, for which Kripa says  that there is too much hypocrisy and meanness in Mumbai and that people are always the opposite of what they seem, and  that she thinks, she will never be able to fit in with such a culture. Prithvi tells her that while all this is true, what is also true is that Mumbai is the only place where even the farthest dreams come true and that Kripa should not be bogged down because of one or two people. Kripa tells him that she is not bogged down and the reason for her staying back is just one person, for whom she is willing to give Mumbai another chance. Prithvi's face lights up (loved him for this) and he asks her very hopefully who that special person is. Kripa very innocently replies that its Dadi (Devyani Khanna) and when she asked Kripa to stay put, she could not let her down. Prithvi immediately realizes what he was thinking and what Kripa said, and kind of looks a little let-down but again cheers up and builds Kripa's morale. Prithvi thinks to himself that he is amazed that such a beautiful and delicate girl can be so strong and willful.


Meanwhile, Angad is shown to drive back home, when Mishti is standing waiting for her Car. Angad pulls his Car back and asks her what is she doing here, for which Mishti replies to him coquettishly that she is waiting for a decent boy to offer her a lift home, because her Car has gone to drop Harshini home and has still not come back. Angad (God, I loved the way he said this line, he made this simple line sound so sexy!) smiles causally and tells her that though he is not decent, he is a boy and he can offer her a lift home if she is willing. Mishti (who is obviously smitten by him like most girls) happily jumps into his Car and both of them enjoy the ride back. (I liked the way Angad is pally with her, in a very casual and laid back manner) where both of them playfully flirt with each other, Mishti asks him to put on some Music, and when he begins to play one of his songs, she tells him that she did not know that she had to put up with his song, to get a lift in his Car. Angad laughs and tells that its ok, he will switch on the radio if she likes, but Mishti tells him, its ok, she will listen to his song, there is not much choice. Both of them playfully banter with each other, obviously enjoying their mutual company! Angad pulls the Car infront of the Bose House and gets down to open Mishti's door (Not just devilishly handsome, but so courteous, no wonder girls are all flip-flop over him) and bids good-bye to her. Misthi who looks smitten with him, walks slowly to gate, hoping that Angad will kiss her or atleast say something romantic, but he just calls her name, and as she turns back hopefully, he says that he is sorry to have forced her to listen to his songs. As Misthi laughs and looks at Angad wistfully, he drives away.


As Prithvi drops Kripa to the door, he tells her that he is really glad that she came to the Party tonight, for which Kripa smiles affectionately and thanks him for making the evening special for her. Both of them shake hands, and while Prithvi keeps holding her hand, Angad comes from behind and looks at both Kripa and Prithvi from distance and thinks to himself, ''Accha toh baat yahan tak pahunch gayi hai.'' Angad is clearly jealous and as Kripa laughs on something that Prithvi has just said, clutches his fists in anger and gives a dirty stare at Prithvi. Kripa very hesitatingly offers to make Coffee for Prithvi and would he like to come in, but Prithvi being the gentleman he is, refuses and bids her good-bye and while going, Kripa turns and tells him that he is a very nice human being. Prithvi blushes like crazy and walks out, while Kripa goes inside and closes the door. Angad is standing in front of Prithvi throwing daggers at him, while Prithvi also doesn't look too pleased to see him. Angad very sarcastically tells him that while he was busy offering his services to strangers, his sister was stranded in the party and that he had dropped her home. Prithvi very coolly replies back that he is thankful to Angad for the same but Mishti has a Car and she could have well managed to reach home herself, even if Angad had not offered her a lift, but Kripa did not have a Car and hence he dropped her home. Angad, who looks clearly hostile now, tells Prithvi, in a voice reeking of jealousy, that while Kripa might not have a Car with her, she sure found a chauffeur for her. Prithvi now looks angry, but controls his temper and tells Angad brusquely that Kripa is a very nice and decent girl, for which Angad has a, oh sure, aren't they all? look, and Prithvi continues that even though Angad and he are not friends (its pretty clear that they will never be friends, now that Angad knows about Prithvi's feelings for Kripa and his own growing attachment to her) he knows Angad from childhood and that is why he is telling Angad to just let Kripa be alone and not bother her. (God, I felt like kissing Prithvi for this, he is such an amazing guy!) Angad is like, oh yeah, you are threatening me, and just gives a very cold look at Prithvi, who is completely unpetrubed and gives the same glare back to Angad and walks off, leaving Angad fuming and mad with anger and resentment!


Definitely a good episode, but as I said before, nothing in comparison to what was aired last week! Prithvi is good, and I mean good! Thanks God, he is not one of those typical, support system type characters who keep wallowing for their lady love and do nothing about it, Prithvi is strong and positive and evokes great respect and admiration as a character! Amit is surely doing a lovely job of it, his expression and dialogue delivery is improving very fast! But there is just no two ways about the fact that Angad truly rules when it comes to sheer star power. Its impossible to concentrate anywhere but on Angad, when he is onscreen, he devours everything around him! Iqbal is fantastic with his dialogues, his voice modulations, his expressions and of course, the way he reflects Angad's attitude on screen is just  beyond any description! Kripa is good, but fades in front of Angad and now Prithvi, infact she seems better as an actress when paired with Prithvi, but loses sheen when Angad is around! The story seems to be moving well, Mishti might not be in love with Angad, but is definitely smitten by him, and complications are bound to arise later on, in this respect, if Angad gives her some wrong signals about his feelings! And, episode by episode, I am of the opinion, that Angad's character is getting fatally attracted to Kripa's, else there was no reason for Angad to feel so insanely jealous at seeing Prithvi and Kripa together! Loved Angad's sarcasm laced dialogues in this scene, but so did I love, Prithvi's cool retort to him! Can't get enough of both these chaps, Kripa sure is a lucky dame! As for me, well if Angad makes me go real weak in my knees, then Prithvi goes me all mush-mush in my heartWink

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Thanks For The Updates

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thanks for the update
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Thanks for the update
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thanks u so much for update.


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thanx for the great update Chilly!Tongue
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thanks for the update

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thanks..for the updates with ur special comments..

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