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RAYA New FF:ISHQ PART-24 On PAge -142 * 25-08-2014 (Page 65)

luvsakshi IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 February 2012
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Posted: 30 June 2012 at 1:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SanRaj.RaYa

awesome update di...
but inna sara suspense...plz update soon

Thank you dear ...will try to update soon

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luvsakshi IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 February 2012
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Posted: 30 June 2012 at 1:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by yogeshj

Interesting story...though i am not the one who love to read stories but i really liked this one of yours...till i read your last update will take some time to read all those parts ..but will surely read them...for now thanks for the update

Hiii yogesh ji ,thank you soo much for reading and commenting and im very glad that you loved this story ,hope you like future updates tooo ,thank you and keep reading it and leave your valuable comments ..

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snehasya Goldie

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Posted: 30 June 2012 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sss283

thanku thanku thanku sooo much made my day...Tongue
i was in a trance when i was reading it...and still am...
its amazing...

completely agree to you even i wasnt able to get out of it your writtng skills are so great one easily gets involve...keep updating...

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luvsakshi IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 February 2012
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Posted: 30 June 2012 at 10:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by snehalparab

Originally posted by sss283

thanku thanku thanku sooo much made my day...Tongue
i was in a trance when i was reading it...and still am...
its amazing...

completely agree to you even i wasnt able to get out of it your writtng skills are so great one easily gets involve...keep updating...

Awww thank you subu and sneha ..your apreciation means alot to me ..Thank you very much ,keep reading and give your valuble comments ...

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kaparikh1 Goldie

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Posted: 01 July 2012 at 6:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by luvsakshi

Originally posted by kaparikh1

Again thanks for updating... that was sooo cute... Plzz update sooon...also please update your Sirf meri ho...SmileSmileplzz...SmileSmile

Krutika dear ,thank you so much but sirf meri ho will take some time dear ,as she is thinking to end one ff soon so she can write other ffs easily
Oooh...!!! No worries will wait for the update...Smile

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luvsakshi IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 February 2012
Posts: 18567

Posted: 01 July 2012 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
Subu this is for you dear , sorry i told i will update yesterday but updating a lil late ,hope you like it ..thank you   

she remebred that night he proposed her , ram .. ramm say it again ..
he said it and she elated to hear that .. you were sitting helplessly on  your knees and pleading me not to go hai na ??

it was one of our beutiful memory ,he jolten back with this ,,,hugged her instantly he feared what she will ask the next ..but she falls unconsious with all the stress ..

He scooped her up in his arms,arranged her in the bed,she clasped his shirt tightly ,so he could nt move from her ,tears flowing from his eyes ..
I'm sorry priya im the reason for your situation ..if i wont let you go on that day this wont happen,i love you ,i will try to tell you whole truths to you but not now ..
his lips touched her hair ,she nestled more closer to him..
He called to the doctor , he checked priya ,dont worry ram it's just because of stress ..
doctor wo ..priya past ke bare mai kuch pooch raha hai ??
doctor : ram i alredy told you ,if she comes to know herself its better way  but he saw suspicious look on ram , yah the strees results on her health for sure ,as you told she remebred one of your most imp meeting mightbe possible chances are there to  get her memory soon,so have to take care of everything don't be in hurry , i know how anxious she is to know about her past because when last time she came for check up she asked me why don't you tell to ram to tell me my past ..
at one point i thought of agree for her proposal because she was crying copiously ..
ram:why you didn't tell me doctor ,when it happen when she asked ...
doc: that day when she asked about her father ..
ram:ok doctor ...
he left from there , he is thinking whatever happend it should not harm her with that he left to kids room..
who were anxiously waiting for him ...
papa mamma theek hai na ...
ha bachhao mamma theek hai she is sleeping so don't disturb her ..come i will tell a fairy tale to you ..they dozed off to sleep while listening the story ...
rishab came with rashi ...who was fast asleep on his shoulder ..
ram: do you know rishab what you did today...taking rashi in his arms
rishab: bhai im sorry but oneday she comes to know , i dont have any intentions to tell bhabhi that rashi is my daughter , i just wanna know her answer how she will accept the truth ,and bhai she will accept it when she comes to know the truth ...
ram: what the hell you are talking rishab , do you even know how it affects when she comes to know the truth ..
i already lost everyone and i dont want to loose my priya , do you get that ..
rishab: bhai you are not understanding my point , in my anger i almost spilled it out ,he repeated believe me  bhai i dont have any intenstions to tell bhabhi  ,rashi is my daughter and i will take care of her ...NO bhai NO ,i know how you loves her ,maybe me and ashi also couldn't provide her,his words placid by his voice ,he cupped his face with hands sobbing hardly , i love ashi bhai , i love her alot ,why god takes her away from me ...
and you people are telling me to move on my life .. i will bhai ..i will surely ..ram hugged him with his another hand ,the other hand holding rashi firmly ..
do you heard bhabhi said if it happens her in her life ,she too wil move on in her life for you and for this family ,do you heard that when she will come to knw she will accept it bhai ..dont worry ...and im going to meet that girl tmrw ,this time i will talk i wont disspoint you and bhabhi ...

rishab slept with kids ,ram moved to his room with rashi ...he about place her in the cradle she clutched his collar tightly,sucking one of her thumb ,nuzzled more closer to his chest ,he walked to thier bed with her ,he leans back to head rest ,rashi was sleeping on his chest ,gently he patting her back to soothen him up ...

ram" ram " a dull voice echoed in his ears , when he saw the other side of bed ,she lifted her head placed it in ram's lap ,he started stroking her hairs ...
It's hurting ram ...hmm he is massaging her head with his hand ...r u  feeling better now ..
yah ram ,she opened her eyes to look at him ...
kya ????
priya : kuch nahi , i love you ...
ram: i love you tooo ,she raised a bit took rashi from him , rashi clutched his collar tightly ..aapki beti bhi aap ki jaise very possecive ,she rolled her big doe eyes ..
released rashi's tiny arms from ram's collar ,kissed her forhead ,miss you dear ,gave another trail of kisses on her face while walking near to the cradle ..she made her down on the cradle covered her with a baby blanket ,gently pulled her thumb from her mouth , rashi stirred a bit ,slowly turned to otherside to sleep ,she caressed the baby cheeks ,gave a kiss on her hand ...bahuth pyarri hai na ram ..kithna cute lag raha hai sone ke vakth,she turned around to see him ,right away she bumped on to him ..
his piercing looks at her going weak in her knees , ram she muffled out his name ,she hasn't seen any lust in his eyes just pure love ,affection in his eyes ..
he hugged her tight as her bones were crushing under his embrace ,i love you ...
i love you too ram , i love you too ...she freed herself from him , as she know he worried about her and the morning incident made his thoughts hell ,she wants to bring back her ram ...she took him to the bed ,her head restd on his chest ,kissing on his chest upon his kurtha ...
im sorry ram , sshh he placed his finger on her mouth ,she instantly hugged him ...she has to do something to bring back to his original mode ..
he held her chin to look at him ,planted a feathery kiss on her forhead ...still his thoughts were somewhere..
I' hungry ram ,she made a baby face caressing his large belly with her hand ..
he laughud out loud with her antic ...
you are impossible priya , ohh she loved to see his smile always ,he orderd their food ,yes he too was hungry ,he hasn't ate anything from mrg onwards..
she fed him while he too feeds her ,they cherished the dinner ...after long tired day.he looked so worried ,his face showing the tension menting in his brain ..
his elbows restd on railing that was in balcony , lost in thoughts ,she followd him  engulfing fresh wind ,she slid her arms around his waist ..
ram ...


i love you ...

he entwined her hands with his , i too love you ..more than myself ...

than tell me why you are soo sad ...

im not ...

i know you are ...


she raised her hands upto his chest hugging him more tight ...Dont worry ram , he turned up to her side ...

for what ????he raised an eyebrow..

whatever happens also my love for you is unconditional ..

you can't say that ,

im not saying it , i know it she snaps out ..

time chooses priya ..everything depends on the time ...

no ram , it depends on  understanding each other  ...she opend his first button of his kurtha,sliding down for next

priya ...time choose everything ,i very well knw it , she unbuttond his kurtha...

we will see ram ..her fingers curling his chest hair , sending current thrw his body ..

no need to wait to see.. i know iit
priya ...

she steadies on her tippy feet ,reaching his lips .those are millimeters away from her ,she brushed her lips with him murmuring a quick i love you ...
her intimate touch made him lost at her beauty ,he snakes around her waist to pull her more closer ..she closed the gap between thier lips,the kiss turned into a passionate one ,she parted her lips , to make easy way to his tongue glide in to her ,he slipped in , savouring her evry corner tasting her sweetness , they brke when they need of air ,stealing her lips again ,in a swift mode he lifted her up not leaving her lips shedding their clothes away to the bed...her inners were sticking her ,He sat on top of her his leg resting on either side,trying hard to remove her cloths off,her hard tits already gave him the creep,hmm she know how much he wanted this in his mouth , she pulled him to near,he ardontly took it,she  felt miscibious,she could have helped but she didn't... Evantually he felt the bare flesh that exposed, he instantly left her lips,kissin her navel ,nibbling her milky skin ,his assault made red marks on her ,slowly he turned hi lips upwards licking her hard buds,he caressed her bare back, still couldn't get enough of his curve ,he ripped the bra that fell down ..She couldn't even let out a slight moan as there passion and love took place.There heartbeat raised, no matter what and how, there love always is passionate.She could barely breath, barely utter a word, as the over load pleasure took her breath way...
RAMM... She moaned... Her heart beat increased with time, she felt  complete. The feeling of connection is always royal to her.her eyes kept closing and opening. Her pupil dilated with each stroke, and she screamed with his each contraction,their feral haste lovemaking ended late night in the night ,he drifted off too sleep ..
she looked at his sleep, smiling herself ...kissed his cheek ,I LOVE YOU ...she rested her head on his chest drifted off to sleep...

P.S: from the writer ...hi guys thank you very much spending your valuble time to read my ff and for your valuble comments .it means alot to me ,those were encouraging me to write more ,thank you every one from bottom of my heart ,yah i just wanna say that i just got this thought of FF randomly ,what to do after writing every part than only i came to know that this ff is having ithna sare twists , i think you people irritated by seeing this twists ,but i just want to tell you there are 2 or 3 secrets ,i wont let you down guys ,plz plz keep reading it , i know you will love while the story moving on ...plz plz bare this twists ,and tell me if you don't like any more twists i will stop it ..
plz plz plz post your valuble comments .. i loved to read your comments and those are boosters for writer ..

Do leave your valuble comments and don't forget to hit "LIKE"button ...if anybody wants pm for the updates of this FF,plz add me to your buddy list

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taashu11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 July 2012 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
yuppy finally after so many updates i got the chance to comment first

awesome awesome update and please let priya on her words and dont let their relationship affected by their past...

and its really ok we always love your twist in the story...

you are a fab writer... and you never irritate us...

Edited by tasshuu - 01 July 2012 at 1:21pm

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00Princess00 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 July 2012 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
at last an update!!
Hey n dat twists in stry r awesome nt at all boring!
These twists n raaz r makng dis ff different!
Plz update nxt 1 sooon

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