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Aish.Artz#10//C. PG 73 :)

aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2010
Posts: 17849

Posted: 25 April 2012 at 8:56pm | IP Logged

guess who made this banner in 5 minutes 30 seconds FLAT using every single texture she has in her folder Cool me. idk whether that's something to be proud of. you tell me.

 can you guys believe this is the freaking 10th time i have to think of what to write on the front page? i can. b/c it's the hardest thing in the world for me to think. so yeah. let's skip.

Big smile

if i had all the time in the world, i'd sit here taking every individual name i am thankful to. but i don't have all the time in the world, and neither do i want to forget anyone Embarrassed 

but but but before we move anywhere else;

yams, pooja, rags 
i really don't know what to say to you three. you are just that special. not only have you guys been with me since foreverrr but you are with me through everything. maybe if it weren't for you..then i wouldn't be where i am. if it weren't for you..then my days would be impossible. every time i feel irritated, angry, confused, lost, or even happy, high (drunkStern Smile) i know that there's 3 people somewhere on the other side of the world who care about me more than anything. three ridiculously amazing people. who also leave no stone unturned to praise every inch of my work. i love you so much Heart

say hello to my lovely inspirations once again:

pooja [-Pooja-]
jenny [jenny1000]
ashu [notfadedaway]
dangelz [Dangelz]
ravs [-Ravjot-]
fary di [-Mausam-]
sid [yulZ]
mehwish [~*Mehwish*~]
marium [Pianofied.]
jhanvi [desigrl05]
sahar [Oblivion.]
kajal [..-Kaju-..]
alisha [xAlishax]
shikha [starry.phoenix]

when you make something, i wish i could make something just as well. difference is, it doesn't happen. nvrmnd. i love you guys.

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i'm just sticking links in here in case people want them :D

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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2010
Posts: 17849

Posted: 25 April 2012 at 8:57pm | IP Logged


*coz i'm kinda in the mood for it idk why
*maybe because i'm being nagged for one.. :S
*i won't promise i'll PM though

*hit like if you want to be added..(but it really depends on my mood :/)

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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2010
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Posted: 25 April 2012 at 8:58pm | IP Logged
update..courtesy of my beautiful folder which uncomplain'ingly cumulates masses of sigs/avis :D 

i'm sorry but what the shit was going on in this serial? like if i'm sounding like a demanding retard, then forgive me, but ALKSLAKALAL:SL they abused barun's body to no extent and ruined khushi's character to every extent. ugh. #just not good. all the hype about the 'truth' coming out better be true. i'm not even thinking about making anything on any of those scenes or anything..#creative protest
back to old scenes :D
& oh, text'less stuff is the ship for me coz when i want to capture a scene and do justice to it, then i try and let pictures speak for themselves :$ if, though, anyone wants a particular text on any of them..feel free to let me know Embarrassed





..and then yesterday and today's episode..which was waaay better than the other crap.
delhi'ites call them gol gappe..mumbaikars = PANI PURII..
moral of story: i want now

OTPPP. such qt's <3

eeek god bless them. they are so adorable. limits. #crying

i looove their intensity. they are my kinda couple LOL
Yams, PB..for you Embarrassed


not really sure what's going on with these two..but yeah. i figured lots of people miss them. Pooja, these are for youuu! <33333 i love you bb! 

omg the coloured ones. shoot me. what the hell. b/w with TVD is my new best friend B-)

all together:


wow like how the heck can two people look so good together?

..say hello to my laziness to blend :D

her new stylist is doing the most faaab job ever :D <3

miss flawless.

M O V I E S  A R E   M Y  L I F E L I N E  .  t h e   e n d  .

i kind of had 3000 movie caps in my folder the last time i checked, and there's more added every day, so still counting..this is the way to use them. :$ hahah. productive i know.

some of these were for foreverbollywood, some requests, some coz i was in the mood to make them Cool and yeah. idk really. i'll stop sounding excited for nooo reason.


hum aapke hain kaun
..i was supposed to make more but..yeah. this is it. 

hello hello haram whoops ishaq-zaade COME TO A THEATER NEAR ME SOON. okay?

req..but hey they're kinda cute..ish. and the movie is a laugh riot..i mean the storyline is so stoopid yet smart..idkkk, but you need brains to be stupid as well right?

teri meri kahaani
the texts are off the promo - i think i'm in love w/ their dialogue writerBlushing 
in case anyone has problems understanding "pyaar ka pehla akshar adhoora hota hai" 
wheee that's pyaar^ in my tablet writing & notice how the first letter is kind of cut off into the second letter..that's what the adhoora akshar is LOL ok hindi lesson khatam -__-

bas itna sa khwaab hai
lol at how ironic the movie title is coz i seriously wish aish wasn't on this planet D: 

i deserve lunch now. so much work. sigh.

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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2010
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Posted: 25 April 2012 at 8:59pm | IP Logged
this is for Ravs. i'll make her happy by reserving for herCool

wheee edited Big smile

Originally posted by -Ravjot-

Bet you weren't expecting me to send it to you this fast huhCool I was gonna say something else but I'm sure you know I forgot what it was since that happens to me too oftenErmm And I think my food might be burning though my mom says it's notErmm You think I can trust her?Ermm Considering how lazy I am, I think I willLOL

Anywho, this is not about food. This is about 2 things. #1 It's your 10th dukaan. ten. Double digits! Isn't it awesome? You're one step closer to # 1 1. 11 is my fav number btw so I should probably start preparing something special for that. Question is whatErmm I posted my top 10 list of fav Aish creations in your last dukaan. Of course that list has been updated since then since you've made more after thatLOL And I wanna do something different. I'll have to put on my Thinking capLOL

Oh! Yeah so that was numero un. Numero deux is about your update of course! Which is huge btw. Like...gigantic and all the synonyms for that word. One day you're gonna explain to me how you manage to do that since I struggle with making like 3LOL Of course you're not as lazy as me so that might also be a factorErmm


I s s  P y a r  K o K y a  N a a m  D o o n

Considering your rant on ipkknd, I think I wont catch up and will wait till someone tells me it's good againLOL Yeah I started watching it. Manal and Aman [Angelic_A] made me watch. Of course Manal was nice about it, compared to me when Ithreatened her to watch DDLJErmm But anywho, me lovesssBlushing The colouring on the animated stuff is awesome and omg that siggy! Even though it's textless, it's amazing. Kinda like that saying quote thingy about a picture speaking a thousand words or whatever it was. Me loves =) And the second set of animated ones tooo!

That next siggy, just below the set. yeah that one. That pretty magical looking one. Yes that. It's beautiful. Thought you should know.

Set #3: I loveee the black and white-ness and the siggy that goes with it, I love how you got b&w pics and then like a bit of colour with the bubbles and whatnot. It looks stunningBig smile

The huggg! I love the brightness of it and the colouringBig smile And the siggy! I love the soft look it hasEmbarrassed Of course, you already know how much I love stuff like thatLOL I hope. Cuz then t just means you're not reading my comments. And my mother is giving me a weird look so I'm staring right back at her and I'm hoping I'm spelling everything right cuz I'm not gonna go back and fix it.

I don't like the last fewStern Smile Not only are they mindblasting but they're making me hungryStern Smile That's not I repeat not a good thing *hmph*


E k  H a z a a r o n  M e i n  M e r i  B e h n a  H a i

I still secretly watch this show. Of course it's not a secret anymore since I just told you but whatever. Kryan <3 Love the siggy, love them. They're cute =)

Krystle-Niaaa! Me lovesss the icons Blushing The colouring is awesome And the siggy itself is adorableBig smile


P a v i t r a  R i s h t a

A lot of people love ArViErmm I like them too. Kind of. I watched a few scenes and was like Blushing and then since I had midterms and assignments and whatnot due, I forgot all about themLOL Need to catch up on that too. And my internet just got disconnected and I'm hoping it'll connect again soonErmm I don't know all the emoticon codes for I-F so you'll just see a bunch of repeats I guessLOL

Set 1: J'aime l'icons et le siggy Blushing No that is not "proper" french but it follows all the rules with the verbs and vowels and whatnot so good enough for meBig smile And omggg the text on the siggy! I lovee that song! I had it stuck in my head for like the longest timeStern Smile And right now, it's playing againLOL I lovesBig smile

Asha-Rithvik! I loveee the colouring! And omg the siggy! I don't have words to describe it! I mean, I had a word and then it went away and now I'm trying to remember it again but it's at the tip of my tongue but ajgkhdgjuagfasfd


K a r a n - K r i t i k a

THEM! No comment on their relationship but I loves them <3 Gonna have a KMH re-run session soon timesCoolSeeing as how I never finished watching KMH1 it can't really be called a re-run now can itErmmROFL But everything looks amazinggg! I lovee the siggies. They're both so prettyyy! 


D a m o n - E l e n a

C'est magnifique! <- now that's real frenchLOL But it also describes your work. Seriously, it's awesome. The colouring and both animated and non-animated stuff.


I a n - N i n a

I'm a bamon fan (though I don't watch the showROFL) buttt I do like Ian and Nina togetherEmbarrassed Seriously, the colouring is amazing as always and even that siggy where you were too lazy to blend, it still turned out really well. If I didn't read that, I'd think you just did that to have an artistic touch or something and not due to lazinessLOL


K a j o l

At first I was gonna put the Mukherjees as the heading but then technically Kajol is a Devgn so woudn't really work =/ You know how much I love Kajol <3 And that siggy does her justice. Actually, it makes her look even prettier =)


R a n i

Elle est ma actrice preferee (I think that's rightErmm With an accent a few e's here and thereROFL) Well one of emLOL That siggy is just asdfghjkl I love it. It looks...not magical but sweet? Light? Fairytale like? I dunno. I suck at adjectives =/ But hopefully you get the ideas


B o l l y w o o d

Someone had a lot of time on her handsStern Smile You know what I'm gonna do? Starting May 1st I'm gonna use one avi perday for the whole monthApprove Except you have 50. And May only has 31 days. So lets extend that all the way to JuneLOL Yes I love them that much =)

The MNIK ones are cuteEmbarrassed I will also admit that I haven't watched the movie *cough*

HAHK! Gaggu and Preeti love that movie! I kinda don't *cough* You should've been there when I was at my cousin's house. She's never watched it before and we barely made it halfway when she goes "not to be mean or anything but seriously when is something bad gonna happen?ROFLROFLROFL Then we turn it off and did God knows whatLOL But that aside, though I didn't like the movie as much, I love your avis infinity times moreBig smile And those siggies! MadhuriBlushing

Ishqzaade...never heard of itBig smile But your work is beautiful. That counts right?Big smile If you notice the comments getting shorter, it's cuz my finger's starting to hurt from typingLOL

Housefull2! You know that think Akki does, it kinda looked weird when Asin did itErmm But anywho, j'aime le coloringBig smile John Day Dreaming

Omg the Teri Meri Kahaani stuff look amazing! I'm not a fan of their pairing so I dunno if I'll watch the movie (didn't even watch the promos) but omg audfhdsfua WHY DO YOU MAKE EVERYTHING LOOK AWESOME?! And that siggy with the babies! Omg it's sooo cuteee! I wanna bacha-nap them <3 And seriously this: http://i.minus.com/iKmOL4kDh8ZYC.png is just asdfghjkl I really really really love this one. Like the colouring and blending and the textures and style and text and dkfjsfs Yeah I really love this siggyROFL By the by, I also love the mini Hindi lesson Prof. Aish. It was very deep and meaningful. No sachi. Not being sarcasticLOL

I think I watched a bit of BISKH but can't rememberErmm But I love their pairingBig smile And the colouringBig smile Awesome workCool


Yes you do deserve lunch. I deserve dinner which may/may not be cold right now, considering that the plate's been sitting beside me for a while nowErmm ToodlesBig smile Actually no. Now I have to make this look all pretty and I'll be pissed off if it doesn't get formatted properly when I send you thisStern Smile

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-Pooja- IF-Sizzlerz

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RES ! ME <3Party Twinooo! 

Ola Mihan <3 . ( now if you learned Espaol you would most probably know am greeting you)Tongue  yeah I know what you must be thinking like why the heck am I being so formal with you well my guru ji I have no answer to "parsarn" of yoursErmm 

Wah Wah ramji dukaan kya bani (Aish) didi ko badiya ho badiya sab rasam se badi hai jug mein pooja and twinoo ka beautiful sisterhood bond " . BOO mee  I suck at rhyming it Pinch ignore ignore this entireee weirddd kavita type of minee forgiveness your highness let me bow down to the queen of creativity and imaginative thinking ! Hug 


This is such a huge moment for all us and specially for me as I you make me proud ! like WOWOWO ! . 10th shop/gallery now that's crazyyy bigg and sooo good you earned success to such a huge manner and this is amazing like am in tears of joy right now xd  <3 I love you ! . may you have many many more shops your way and you creativity goes beyond perfection . Hug  

in reply to your graceful message you wrote for me , yams di , ragi I like to say only one thing that am always by your side forever <3 . you mean more then lot to me and my jaan if it weren't for you I don;t know where I would be cause you complete me being here . <3 I love you lots twino your very very very special and close to my heart and words can't put it all but you and I redefine the word sisterhood and Jeevika&Manvi because we are them Embarrassed

OOOH and with every shop my question reaches it's exceeds and am left blankless to just how and how am I possibly any sort of inspiration to you ?Stern Smile like I fail to understand a person with so much creativeness within them doesn't need no source of inspiration your work is beyond  the standards of the word perfection <3 I love you muahh Heart

Now let's get to some real action I mean update is such massive and gorgeous ! .Day Dreaming anyhow let me being with the most passionate couple of tv screen now Arnav&Khushi and I agree word for word what you said with about the show yes it lacks plenty of qualities but putting all that to side the show has given us the magical ArHi who are beyond everything Embarrassed. I love how you picked the most amazing list of scene to work on as those were the scenes which made us fall in love with them Heart out the whole badge of ArHi if I had to pick one that will be my most favorite it will have to be the first set with the broken house that was one scene which got me glued I mean literally glued to my tv screen cause so much intensity and passion , anger,sadness all in one was just so refreshing to watch and I couldn't help but have tears in my eyes and I recall this very moment on ArHi... this expresses the true definition of ArHi as whole <3 . and you done completely justice to that scene I love the coloring of the tumblr style avis and the textless sig is amazingly  profound  I adore the simple use of coloring and blending beautiful ! Day Dreaming I also loved the stuff on the Gol gappe scene marvelous coloring with the icons and the sanaya one with her expressions is simply so cute to be true the coloring is so well done ! love the entireee ArHi batch ! Heart

Kryan one is simplyy stunning like I could gaze at that all day I love that new style and the sig of the sig is damnnn hawtt! plz make more in this very style it's so fresh and amazing to glare at <3 usingg it as you see ! I love Kryan so the have to be a part of my dabb hehe Embarrassed Nia&Krystal yay ! am soo happy you made something on these pics they are amazinggg and electrifying together and like wise god bless them such perfection on-screen and off-screen the define sisterhood such in a well mannered and that's so us ha ! . Approve the coloringgg is flawless on the icons and and the text of the sig is me going ga-ga ! amazingly executed . Clap

ArVi ones are like out of this worldd am sureee yams di will be hell outta excited to seeing these ! gosh such real chemistry and perfection how can a couple be so intense and then so amazing at the same time ! hayeee gosh the coloringgg is mindblowinggg !!!!Day Dreaming I love this one the most !http://i.minus.com/j4Bal7pr8hJVR.png the coloring is soo bright and bright looks smashinggg ! and the way you did the text is commendable ! so hats off ! Clap 

P.S- plzzz whenever you can make some on RD's sbs segment he was sooo cuteee and adorable in it plzzz and now you like RD to so I wouldn't think that would be so hard to for you to work on LOL . am so happy you like him ahh finally! I love it ! Approve

Karanika ! Silly OMFG ! thank you thank you sooo much  ! <3 . let me gaze for a min ... ahhh this is exceptionally gorgeousss ! . like these moments I wish I could cherish them forever.. I really hope they sort out their differences and get back together cause we all know they define hawtness and cuteness to a such a large extent. ! I love love the icons the pics you chose are really nice I love the sig as you know am a huge fangurl of that very pic LOL the dark coloring came out so WOW like amazingly made ! the text in the middle is amazinggg and I chori it from you and goes into my dabba thank you so much twino for making Karanika this really made  my day !Hug

Delena/Nian-  HOW CAN ONE COUPLE BE SO SEXY TOGETHER ?.Stern Smile if you find out the question to this answer plz do tell me cause god has sent the two most beautiful people on earth and what can be more good is that they are together and nothing can beat that ! Embarrassed ahhh everytime I watch their epic kiss I fall in love with them everytime ! gosh perfection are they and perfection is work on them ! I loveee the avis the coloringgg came out sooo good and specially the colored ones are my favorite coloring is really nice ! Clap then I love theee iconsss I know TVD coloring is a pain but the icons came out very nice !. same for the sigs def. using it the small text and the coloring to blendinggg of the pics came out really good ! <3 I love the coloring of the long icons you made of Nian the most the light coloring with right use of brushes and textures came out very natural and gorgeouss I could gaze all day I love love love the entireee Nian/DE update your work is brilliant on them and welcome to the TVD club sistaaa LOL . Wink

Everything on the bollywood came outtt like fricken stunninggg ! specially all those icons of the collection of your folder came out really beautiful . loving the kajol rani sig the style is so appealing of the sig itself . <3 . then I love the Ishqzaade stuff alot the blurness effect on the icons came very graceful and elegant def. make icons and sigs with that exact blur effect it makes it look even moree sexxier ! Wink  the HAHK stuff is soo pretty ahh that movie was beautiful to begin with def. stealing some of the icons outta the bollywood set  ! gorgeousss!Heart

I could write and write all day on how much I adore your stuff and this update was just flawless and massive ! LOL your work is extra-ordinary and you remain the best at it twino<3 I love you lots and congratz once again for making it to 10th shop may you make one million shops and beyond that !Hug I love love youuu lotsss muahhh! Heart

P.S- I hopeee to see some awesome VirMan stuff from you next time to cause I miss your work on them since hua re hua kya hua re bol deewani ! Tongue

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.ayesha. IF-Stunnerz

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Some how I knew you will be opening shop today  ;) 

YaY 10th yaar :D

Congrats Sunshine :) 


WOW the banner looks WOW , i really have no words yaar. 

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-Pooja- IF-Sizzlerz

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Plz elaborate  and tell me What what theee heck do I use :O Stern Smile am like nummm right no w

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soundsofcedar IF-Addictz

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Author: -Ammie-   Replies: 391   Views: 21487

-Ammie- 391 21487 15 January 2013 at 8:24am by .Jane..
Nahi'z Artz |Last Update-EHMMBH,AP,KKR|pg142|[C]

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Author: -Nahi-   Replies: 1192   Views: 66078

-Nahi- 1192 66078 03 June 2012 at 2:19am by -Nahi-
-Juhi.Artz- #2 |Closed|

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Author: .Juhi.   Replies: 1208   Views: 35558

.Juhi. 1208 35558 18 March 2012 at 5:41pm by kasuuloverr
aish.a#8//C.request list PG150

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Author: aishhh.   Replies: 1223   Views: 90090

aishhh. 1223 90090 23 January 2012 at 10:03am by .VanishingDream
Aish.Artz#7//C.next shop link-pg.154

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Author: aishhh.   Replies: 1218   Views: 78186

aishhh. 1218 78186 06 November 2011 at 8:46pm by aishhh.

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