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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
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New Maaneet OS FOREVER YOURS (first and last part)

piya- IF-Stunnerz

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It's me Piya again Smile but this time I am here with an OS on our beloved couple Maaneet and not with a FF. This is the first and last part of the OS. I hope each one of u will enjoy reading it



It was yet another morning and the sunbeams were desperately waiting for one small glimpse of the most beautiful and innocent angel of this world


It was a daily routine for the rays of the sun to begin its morning by kissing her soft wet skin making her all the more desirable and elegant


The majestic sun's wait ended as soon as she opened the knob of the washroom's door and placed her delicate flower like petals on the floor


Oh this sight was so mesmerizing…she was an epitome of beauty who had forced the sun to become shameless


She had wrapped herself with a towel allowing her wet long beautiful tresses to kiss her bare shoulder… the sun left out a sigh as it was cursing its mere existence as it wished to be as lucky as those water droplets that were dripping from her hair and were kissing her beautiful form without any resistance


She opened her wardrobe to select her dress... the sun increased the intensity of its rays towards the yellow saree and tried telling her to choose his favourite color as it knew the entire definition of this color would change if she decorated herself with it


But alas she opted for the magenta pink color saree


How could the sun forget that it was his favourite color…yes the man whom she loved above sanity …she was so engrossed in the depth of his love that she always ignored the sun's presence and did not appreciate the sun's love proposal even once…


Oh he was so lucky to have her as his wife…Yes she was Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana the darling wife and most priceless possession of Maan Singh Khurana


She placed the saree on the bed and started walking towards the window


The sun's expectation begin to rise…has she finally realized that I love her? Will she accept my love?


As the distance between Geet and the window went on reducing the sun felt the taste of its own heat due to her proximity


The sun was just about to embrace her in its folds when all its desires were shattered apart as Geet went ahead and gracefully allowed the curtains to fall on the window and made the sun realize that no one can take the place that her heart holds for the love of her life, her husband the one and only Maan Singh Khurana


The sun was dejected with her denial it had no option but to go away from her


Geet allowed the towel to fall down. She took the blouse and covered her womanly assets with it…a beautiful smile made way to her face as she recollected the day she had worn this saree for the last time …Maan had himself glorified her beauty by decorating her in this saree with his own hands


It was such a blissful moment and a heavenly experience for her. Maan had taken his own sweet time to cover her up in this beautiful piece. He was enjoying every moment of that pleasurable phase by gifting Geet a sweet dose of his loving torture either by kissing, sucking, licking or biting her


Geet moaned his name as she relived that beautiful memory


It was only then that she realized that Maan was not there in their room


Geet: Pagli kahiki Maan iss waqt yaha nahi hai wo ghar shaam ko lautenge chal jaldi se taiyaar ho jaa [U r definitely crazy Geet Maan is not here with u right now he will be coming back in the late evening common get ready soon]


She dressed herself in that saree and applied sindoor on her maang all the while looking at Maan's photograph


She was missing him dearly and her heart was not ready to wait till the evening but everything was not in her hands she had to play the waiting game


She was busy admiring her husband's photograph when all of a sudden she remembered that letter which Maan had written for her


She got up from her chair and opened a drawer where she had kept that letter safely


She kissed that letter and placed it close to her heart…with this small act of hers she could sense Maan's fragrance in her soul it felt as if she was in the loving arms of her husband …this was the extent to which she loved him…every small or big thing associated with him made her feel his presence in and around her


She took the letter and made herself comfortable on a chair


Before opening the envelope she uttered few words "I love u Maan" she closed her eyes and her heart could hear the voice of Maan who replied with equal love "I love u too Geet"


She smiled on hearing the reply and opened her eyes and went ahead to read the letter


Maan's letter


Maan: Aaj ka din mujhe humesha yaad rahega kyunki aaj maine wo kiya hai jo aaj se pehle maine kabhi nahi kiya…aaj maine pehli baar mandir ki chaukat par kadam rakha hai [I will remember this day always as today I have done something unusual I have stepped in the premises of the temple for the first time in my life]


Maan: Hairan hogayi ye baat sunkar k tumhara Dhust Danav aaj mandir mein kya kar raha hai? Hairan toh main bhi hoon aur sach kahu toh behet pareshan bhi [I am sure it won't be able for u to digest this fact that ur Dhust Danav is standing in a temple. To be frank enough I am also shocked and a bit worried too]


Maan: Meri pareshani ki wajah jaanna chahthi ho? [Do u want to know the reason of my worry?]


Maan: Aaj mujhe darr lag raha hai Geet kyunki maine socha tha k aaj main tumse apne dil ki baat share karunga tumhe ye bataunga k main tumse kitna pyar karta hoon par naajane kyun main himmat nahi jhuta paa raha aur apni dil ki kashmash ko bayan karne k liye mere paas koi saathi nahi tha issliye main mandir chala aaya uss rab se ye puchne k kya main wakai mein tumse mohabbat karta hoon ya mujhe humari dosti ko lekar galatfaimi ho gayi hai…ye janna mere liye zaruri tha kyunki main tumhe kabhi bhi jaane anjaane chot pauchane k baare mein soch hi nahi saktha [Today I am scared Geet as I had decided that I would share with u the feelings of my heart by confessing my love in front of u but for unknown reasons I could not gather the courage to tell u this truth. There was no one with whom I could share the dilemma of my heart and I decided to visit the temple and to question the Almighty whether I really love u or is it a mere infatuation from my side…as I never wanted to be the reason for your pain]


Maan: Rab k saamne maine jab apne haath jode toh mujhe tumhare phoolo se bhi komal haatho ka saath mila aisa laga maano k tumne mere haatho par apne haatho ki mauhar laga di ho aur mujhse ye kehne ki koshish kar rahi ho k aap jahah honge Geet aapka haath thame humesha aapke saath chalegi zindagi k har modh par aapka saaya bankar aapke kadam se kadam milayegi [When I stood in front of the Almighty with folded hands ur soft flower like hands accompanied me it seemed that u had placed the mark of your hands on my hand and u were trying to tell me that Geet would continue holding your hand wherever u go she would remain with u in every path of ur life and will walk with u throughout by matching  each other's footsteps]


Maan: Jab koi insaan apni aakhein bannd karta hai toh uski aakhon k saamne andhera cha jaatha hai par Geet jab maine apni aakhein bannd kitoh mujhe apni aakhon k saamne tumhari dilkashi saadgi ki roshni bhikri hui mili yun laga jaise k tum mujhse vaada kar rahi thi k hum dono saath hai toh jeewan k har andhere pal ko apni mohabbat k diye ki roshni se ujaagar kar denge [Whenever a person closes his eyes all he can see is darkness but Geet when I closed my eyes I could see the captivating serene light of your simplicity and beauty welcoming me I felt as if u were promising me that as long as both of us r together the clouds of darkness won't be able to stay in our life for a long duration of time as we would light our paths with the lamp of our love]


Maan: Tumhari iss baat ki gehrayi ko samajne ki koshish main kar hi raha tha k mujhe apne dil se ek meethi si dhun sunne ko mili wo surili aawaz tumhari thi Geet uss waqt mujhe ye ehsaas hua k tum mere dil mein lahu bankar beh rahi thi dil k har ek kone mein mujhe bus tumhari parhayi nazar aa rahi thi [I was trying to understand the depth of your words when all of a sudden I could hear a musical voice from my heart it was your voice Geet it…I realized that u were flowing like blood in my heart and every corner of my heart was decorated with your shadow and your traces]


Maan: Jaise hi mujhe iss baat ka ehsaas hua mere rom rom se tumhari maasumiyat ki khushboo mehkne lagi aur maine ye jaana k mere har saas ki ek lauthi mallika tum hi ho [As soon as I realized this the fragrance of your innocence started getting reflected from every pore of my body and I understood that there is only one queen who rules and controls every breath that I take and it is you]


Maan: Rab k saamne khada tha toh socha kyun na koi dua maang lu jaise hi maine dua maangne k liye apne hoth hilaye mere hotho se ek bus tumhari salamathi aur tumhari khushi ki tamanna jhalakne lagi tab mujhe ye ehsaas hua k maine apni zindagi kab ka tumhare naam likh di hai…tumhi meri sabse paak dua ho aur tumhi mera sabse bada kalma [I was standing in front of the Almighty hence I thought of asking him to fulfill some of my wishes… when I moved my lips to voice my desires all I could demand was to see u fit and fine and forever happy. I realized that I had dedicated my life to you long before…It is true that u r my most divine prayer as well as my most holy word]


Maan: Jaise hi maine aakhein kholi uss rab ka deedar karne k liye mujhe waha tumhari muhurat nazar aayi hasti hui muskurathi hui aur apni aakhon se mere liye beintehaah pyar jhalkhathi hui haan ab maine jaana k main aaj tak mandir kyun nahi aaya …[As I opened my eyes to get a glimpse of the Almighty I could see your smiling statue in front of me…u were showering me with an ocean of unconditional love …yes today I realized why till date I did not visit the temple]


Maan: Kyun aata main mandir jab tum mere imaan ki dastaan ho…tumhi ho jise iss dil ne puri shidat se puja hai aur tum hi ho jise iss dil ne Khuda ka darja diya hai …haan Geet ye sach hai main tumse bepana mohabbat karta hoon par… [There was no need for me to visit the temple as u are the story of my faith …u r the one whom this heart has worshipped with full intensity and u r the only one who has been given the status of God by my heart…yes Geet this is the truth I love u more than my life…but]


Maan: Par aaj tumhe ye sach batane k bajaye main tumse d…[ But today instead of confessing the truth I am g…]


Before Geet could continue reading the letter she heard the sounds of innocent anklets running towards her…that small doll was Maaneet's darling 2 year old daughter Meher


Meher: Mumma…Meher Maan Singh Khurana apni shahi neend se jag chuki hai aur unhe kaafi bhook lag rahi hai…humara shahi nasshta kaha hai? [Mumma…Meher Maan Singh Khurana has got up from her royal sleep and she is feeling hungry. Where is my royal breakfast?]


Geet placed her beautiful angel on her lap and kissed her rosy cheeks lovingly


Meher: Mumma ye gili kissi mat dijiye hume aise kisses sirf humare Dadda de sakthe hai [Mom don't give me these wet kisses only Dad has the right to kiss me like this]


Geet: Achhaji agar humne aapki baat nahi maani toh aap kya karoge? [What if I don't listen to u?]


Meher: Hum humare Dadda se aapki complain karenge aur phir humare Dadda aapko saza denge unki shehzadi ko pareshan karne k liye [I will complain to my Dad and then he will punish u for troubling his princess]


This was true Maan treated Meher like a royal princess as she was the second most important woman in his life after Geet


Geet: Hum bhi toh dekhe aapke Dadda hume kya saza dethe hai [Let me also see what punishment your dad bestows on me]


Meher: Wahi humeshawali punishment kissi ki saza ek dusri kissi Dadda aapko bhi ek kissi denge aur aapne meri baato ko seriously nahi liyana toh abhi isi waqt aapko saza milegi [The usual punishment…the penalty of a kiss is another kiss. Dad will also kiss u and since u have not taken my words seriously u r going to be punished right now]


Meher took Maan's photograph and held it in front of her eyes


Meher: Dadda Mumma ne aapki princess ko sataya chaliye ab unhe kissi dekar punish kijiye [Dad Mom was troubling me common give her a kiss and punish her right now]


She took the photograph towards Geet's cheek and pouted her lips and uttered muahh from it


Meher: Ho gayi kissi puri [Yes Dad kissed u]


This innocent act of Meher brought tears in Geet's eyes but she had promised him that she will never cry


Meher: kya hua mumma aap ro rahe ho? [What's the matter mom why r u crying?]


Geet kissed the forehead of her sweet daughter and took her to the dining table to give her the breakfast


The whole day Geet was busy playing with Meher and listening to her cute talks


It was late evening and Maan was just going to arrive


Geet was reciting a story in front of Meher and was trying to drift her off to sleep


Geet: Bete ab so jaayiye raat kafi ho chuki hai [Darling it's time to sleep its quite late now]


Meher: Ek sharth par hum so jaayenge aapko humare ek sawal ka jawab dena hoga [I will sleep but on one condition u need to answer my question first]


Geet: Bilkul Maan pe gayi ek number ki ziddi hai [She is as stubborn as his father]


Geet: Puchiye aap kya puchna chahti hai? [Go ahead what do u want to ask?]


Meher: Aapne aur Dadda ne mera naam Meher kyun rakha? [Why did u and Dad name me as Meher?]


Geet: Maan kehthe hai k humara rishta k dua ki tarah hai aur humare iss rishte ko aur bhi mazboot banane k liye khuda ne apni rehmat k roop mein tumhe humari zindagi mein bheja … Humari mohabbat par khuda ki Meher yaani blessing ho tum [According to Maan our relationship is like a holy prayer and God bestowed his blessing to make our divine bond all the more strong by gifting u in our life…U r the true form of Meher meaning blessing of God on our love]


Meher: Main jaanti thi my Dadda is the best ab hum so sakthe hai aur aap bhi jaakar Dadda se mil lijiye wo bus aate hi honge [I knew my Dad is the bestest now I can sleep peacefully you can also go and meet Dad he might reach here any time]


Geet placed a loving kiss on her daughter's forehead


Geet: Good night jaan [Good night love]


Meher: Good night Daada ki jaan [Goodnight my Dad's love]


Geet entered her bedroom and changed into the favourite night suit of Maan


She went and stood besides the window and started reading the last part of Maan's letter which was left unread due to Meher's interruption


Maan's letter continued...


Maan: Par Geet jab tum ye khat padogi tab main tumhare panaho se kafi dur rahunga…jaanti ho main aaj tumhe propose karne wala tha par usse pehle mujhe apne reports mil gaye aur meri duniya basne se pehle hi ujad gayi [But Geet when u will be reading this letter I would have gone far away from your folds…I was going to propose u today but before that I got my reports and my entire world collapsed]


Maan: Geet tumhare Maan ko cancer hai aur wo bhi aakhiri stage ka aur issliye main tumse dur jaa raha hoon aur ye khat meri maut k baad tum tak koi na koi zarur paucha dega kyunki main chahtha hoon k mere marne k baad hi sahi tumhe ye jaanlu k tumhari ahemiyat mere zindagi mein kya  thi [Geet your Maan has cancer and it has reached its final stage. I am writing this letter as I want u to know the true place that u possessed in my life I will make sure that this letter reaches u through someone after my death]


Geet kissed the letter and placed it on the table and remembered the day of time which had changed her entire life


Maan would have successfully walked out of her life but destiny had planned something else for them


Geet had noticed Maan's car in front of the hospital where she had come to meet her best friend


She followed Maan to give him a surprise but she was shattered to pieces when she overheard the discussion of Maan with the Doctor


After understanding that he is the guest of life only for one or at the most one and a half year he wrote a letter in front of the doctor and requested him to give it to the girl whom he loves beyond sanity his Geet after his death


Geet was silently listening about Maan's feelings that he harbored for her in his heart when he was sharing it with the doctor


She knew what her decision should be … she loved Maan to such an extent that she was ready to lead her entire life as his widow rather than being recognized as someone else's bride


She snatched the letter from the doctor and confronted Maan and convinced him that their love should be their strength that would keep them bonded forever and not their weakness which would force them to walk on different paths


The devotion of Geet's love was so strong that Maan had to surrender in front of her love


They got married the very next day and lived a happy and blissful life


Their happiness reached a new level when Geet gave birth to their angelic daughter Meher


Maaneet lead a lifetime in a period of one and a half years


Yes it has been 6 months since Maan's death but he still maintains his promise


6 months back when Maan was on his death bed he had promised her one thing


Maan: Geet ye mat samajna k main tumse dur jaa raha hoon aaj main tumse apni zindagi ka aakhri vaada karta hoon har raat tum khidki k paas khadi rehkar mera intezaar karna …main tumse har raat milne aayunga…chaand k paas jo sabse chamkeela taara hoga wahi tumhara Maan hoga puchogi nahi k chand k paas hi kyun? Wo iss liye kyunki uss chaand k paas rehkar main usse ye ehsaas dila paau k meri Geet ki khoobsurathi k saamne uss chaand ki khoobsurti pehle bhi phiki thi aur ab bhi pheeki rahegi [Geet pls don't think that I am going away from u today I am uttering a last promise of my life in front of u…every night when u come and stand in front of our window I will come to meet u without failure. The brightest star that would be standing right next to the moon would be your Maan. Won't u ask why exactly besides the moon? It's very simple Geet so that I can make the moon realize that it would never be able to challenge the beauty of my Geet in its entire lifetime]


That day Geet had also promised Maan that she would continue leading her life without any change


She would continue to dress elegantly, continue applying the sindoor and wearing the mangalsutra as he would still reside with her in her soul and he will never like to see any kind of depression or tension on the face of his love…his Geet


Her thoughts were broken when she felt his fragrance in the atmosphere…yes he had arrived


She looked up at the sky and once again her Maan the brightest star was standing beside the moon and was declaring to the universe that his lady love was the most beautiful creation of this nature


Geet lifted her face and uttered I love u Maan


The sparkling light of the brightest star made way to her lips and responded back by uttering those divine words "I love u too Geet"


She closed her eyes in happiness as she allowed Maan to kiss her lips by capturing them in the folds of his majestic light






Love- Piya


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-AvniNeil- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 April 2012 at 11:00am | IP Logged
awww tht was such a lovely os Smile
it was sweet yet emotional Cry

a job very well done Piya Clap
meher was shooo sweet LOL

Maan Geet r just adorable Day Dreaming

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angelic_cute IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 April 2012 at 11:01am | IP Logged
awesome n emotional update 

loved it 

thanks for pm 

continue with these os 

loved it to the core but some romantic os i would prefer

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khwaishfan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 April 2012 at 11:02am | IP Logged
Hi thanks 4 da pm n intense emotional n beautiful OS! Superbly written!

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nahtani88 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 April 2012 at 11:06am | IP Logged
Mind Blowing And Beautiful OS
Thank You So Much For The PM

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meettu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 April 2012 at 11:07am | IP Logged
awsome OS...loved it...i cried...soo emotional last part...widow forever...enjoyed her life for one nd half year...

too touchy yaar...

write more...

bt maaneet saath mein ho...


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--Fairy-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 April 2012 at 11:08am | IP Logged
Its too emotional OS
Loved it
Thanks for PM

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mishtiritu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 April 2012 at 11:09am | IP Logged
Piya... It was really Awessummm...!!!

I had Tears in my eyes... :)

Just loved each and every word of OS...!!!

I was just into the Os...!!!

It was really superb and mindblowing...!!!

I loved Meher and Geet's Convo...!!!!

It was sooo cute...!!!

ANd the Letter was just wow...!!!

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