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Athene Viewbie

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Posted: 26 April 2012 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
Kaalo Movie Review By Taran Adarsh . Was just wondering the other day, why do [most] Hindi films that tackle the horror genre don't really succeed in their endeavour of scaring the viewer? I mean, real stories concerning supernatural forces continue to make the rounds to this date and make us break into a cold sweat, especially when you listen to them in rapt attention at nights. So why don't these stories succeed in their motive of scaring us in the dark confines of a cineplex? Stories about ghosts, spirits, haunted mansions and paranormal activities aren't alien for us Indians, right?

Like the Ramsays, director Wilson Louis, known for spooky films [HO SAKTA HAI, MALLIKA, now KAALO], might soon have his name entering the record books. From the current lot of film-makers, here's one film-maker choosing subjects of the horror thriller variety; perhaps he doesn't wish to change tracks. Perhaps, his sole aim is to scare the living daylights of the viewers and also take them on a mysterious journey, which he does quite convincingly with this one.

Also, Wilson takes up the challenge to make a 'day horror film', which may have been extremely difficult to make in view of the fact that you can't conceal details of the visual effects in daylight. Moreover, to scare the audience in broad daylight, without a single shot of an eerie night, is a rarity. Another important aspect of KAALO is that it's a creature-based movie, not a ghost-based horror.

KAALO has its share of pitfalls, but the film holds your attention for most parts. It may not be the best in the genre, but makes for interesting viewing for sure.

Kaalo was a witch who lived in Kulbhata during the 18th century. She was killed and buried by angry villagers for sacrificing young girls to satisfy her greed for immortality, but her fear lived on. Years later, villagers spoke of Kaalo's sightings yet again. They claimed she was even more angry and dangerous and she was back to finish what she left incomplete. Kulbhata was vacated overnight by scared villagers.

All roads leading to Kulbhata were sealed by horrifying tales of Kaalo killing anyone who dared to enter Kulbhata. Until a bus carrying a few passengers on its way to Kuldevi had to pass through Kulbhata. One of the passengers on the bus was a twelve-year-old girl named Shona [Swini Khara], who is traveling alone to spend her vacation at her grandmother's house in the neighboring village.

During the course of the journey, Shona and co-passenger Sameer [Aditya Shrivastav] strike a rapport. Sameer is traveling with a bag loaded with gun powder to blast a small hillock, which would give way to a water canal for his drought-hit village. Badly disfigured and thirsty for blood, Kaalo could smell the girl from miles away... and heads straight for the bus. When the passengers realize they were staring into death, everything changes. They realize Shona is their reason for dying. Everyone wants her out of the bus, except Sameer.

The first thing that catches your eye is the way the camera moves in this film [cinematography: Pushpank Gawde]. That, very frankly, impressed me the most at the outset. The second thing I'd like to make a mention of is the visual effects, which makes this film stand out from the various films of its ilk. But the problem with KAALO is that a few sequences are stretched unnecessarily and that slackens the pace of the film. Besides, the conclusion to the story is not convincing at all. The creature has supernatural powers, yet combats Aditya Shrivastav like a mortal. That's one cinematic liberty you can't digest. Also, though KAALO belongs to the horror variety, it isn't chilling, terrifying or bloodcurdling, nor do you bite your nails in nervousness while watching the creature.

Director Wilson Louis goes a step forward when you compare it with HO SAKTA HAI and two steps forward when you recall MALLIKA. His handling of the subject and also the means and ways the creature eliminates one by one is the hallmark of the film. The camerawork, like I pointed out at the very outset, is top notch.

Speaking of performances, Aditya Shrivastav does well. Swini Khara doesn't get ample scope. Amongst the passengers in the bus, Abhijeet Satam, Aditya Lakhia and Raj Arjun register the maximum impact. Prashant Kumar is alright. Paintal and Sheela Sharma are perfect. Hemant Pandey is adequate.

On the whole, KAALO is an interesting watch for fans of this genre. It has decent merits, but few shortcomings too along the way. If the horror genre excites you then try this one. However, the one factor that goes against the film is that it has been released without much awareness. One genuinely wishes that sincere attempts like these were released with a little more hype and fanfare or else all the sincerity goes completely unnoticed with an unsung release.

Athene Viewbie

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Posted: 26 April 2012 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
Posted by Visrom di in CID forum.

'Kaalo', a daylight horror film, is set in the desert of Rajasthan where a bus carrying 13 passengers comes across a deadly creature in the form of 'Kaalo'. While film maker Wilson Louis would have thought that making a film on a single setting would be result in a quick shoot, he hadn't really anticipated a freak accident that actually threatened the filming to progress smoothly.

Informs Wilson, "During the filming of one of the key action sequences in 'Kaalo', a major bus accident took place. One of our main actors, Aditya Shrivastava, landed up with a dislocated shoulder. Paintalji and Tripta, the heroine of the film, were also injured. As many as eight actors were admitted in the local hospital of Jaiselmer."

This incident did bring the shoot to a momentary halt. However, since the schedule of 'Kaalo' was pretty tight and budget was also a constraint, the team didn't want to waste much time and got up on it's feet pretty quickly to resume shooting.

"Hats off to all of them", says Wilson in a glad tone, "In spite of their condition, they continued with the shoot. In fact we have also retained this action scene as-is in the film. I get goose bumps every time I watch it."

'Kaalo' releases all over this Friday.

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Posted: 26 April 2012 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
Athene Viewbie

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Posted: 26 April 2012 at 2:07pm | IP Logged


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Athene Viewbie

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Posted: 26 April 2012 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shagnika

I am so sorry for this late response... was so busy the entie day with personal issues that didnt get a moment to log in in peace...Ouch..

ANyways here goes my entire experience about the movie since the time i came to know about till the very end. No facts about movie has been disclosed. I mean so scenes disclosed yet... So read it in peace. And yeah, sorry for such a long thingConfused


It was almost an year's wait after which I finally could get myself a ticket for Kaalo. A film that was special for me since the time I read about it having Aditya Srivastav as the main protagonist. In the official website of the film, released long time back, it clearly mentioned that his character Sameer would leave no stone unturned to save the kid Shona from the desert witch KAALO. For a fan like me, such movies are always awaited whole heartedly. Isn't it obvious?Big smile I left no opportunity of enquiring about the movie since the time I heard about it. Be it speaking to the producer via social networking sites or be it asking the man himself(Aditya sir) when I managed to get a glimpse of him on 16th June. But no one could give me the answer. The film was stuck and so was my heart broken to see my favourite actor's movie stuck as always.Ouch

But the month of November made a lot of difference. I came to know about Kaalo being premiered at the South African Horror fest and to add to that it receiving the prestigious awards of BEST FILM and BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY at the fest was like a "jumping with joy" moment for me. Followed by this, the announcement of the movie's release on 27th November was too good a news for me. Dancing

Soon, my happiness was short lived, as the date again got postponedAngry'.but finally it was announced that 17th December was the CONFIRMED DATE. I prayed to God, that it didn't postpone any further. Thanks a lot for listening to that prayer of mine, God! The fear of the movie being shown in any cinema hall near my house was the next big thing in my life., but luck favored me here as well and I was so relieved to see it in the list of the movie hall which I always visit.Dancing Companion was never a problem as being a fan of horror flicks, my Mom was there for this one too.

Finally, 19th December came for which my tickets were booked'and the afternoon that I was waiting so eagerly for.

Now coming to the MOVIE REVIEW :

First of all I would like to say that I am personally a lover of horror films. I never miss any good or bad horror film in the theatre and surprisingly however bad it be I enjoy watching them. The basic problem with horror movies in India is that they don't give a clear view of the main character i.e. the ghost or creature or whatever. I mean to say, the audience should be aware of what exactly are the creatures capable of doing and how. Same problem does Kaalo face here. We see her too powerful in the first half. But in the second half she becomes less supernatural.

Anyways, apart from the above given negative point, I would say the director made 2 silly mistakes. One is the way Hasmukh the photographer dies and the other is towards the climax when Shona and Sameer makes a similar mistake. That's pretty illogical !!! And the witch's first appearance too was not so original. Dragged at parts but people like me enjoyed such parts because of the "feel" element. The character of Guddu, played by Abhijeet Satam had a mystery all around him and that was beautifully captured.

I would say that the award for BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY was well deserved. Pushpank Gawade does a very unique job with the camera. The empty deserts of Rajasthan were never so pretty , at the same time never so scary !!! Really credible job!

The background music was good too. It was simple and at parts it reminded me of the Raat Honeko hai title track. I was glad that the movie had one simple song in one sequence and it didn't seem to be forcefully placed as in many other such movies. Editing was apt IMO. May be a little dragged during the first victim of Kaalo.

A very good aspect of the movie was the human aspect of it. i.e the emotional bondings and all. How human behaviors vary with situation and how every good or bad person has both the sides of it. Friendship, selfishness, love, cheat, everything very nicely shown in the movie and that was the main attraction for me. Special mention of how Shona and her "Akdoo Uncle" come closer to each other till the very last scene.

The cast of the movie is a plus point for sure. Almost everyone performed well. Swini specially deserves a clap for her expressions as we hardly see her getting any dialogue throughout the movie. Because of the short length and the presence of many characters, Swini got less opportunities but surely did a good job with whatever bit she did. Everyone else, including Abhijeet Satam played there bits very nicely and differently. The characterizations were very neatly done too.

The ways of deaths for each and every character was different. Most of them were well directed. But at times a little dragged and old concepts were used. The character Kaalo and her make up was very monotonous and so similar to many other such supernatural characters in the past. The first half underground Kaalo was similar to an English flick TREMORS.

Now coming to the SHOWSTEALER for me. It can be none other than the man himself'StarADITYA SRIVASTAV.Star His entry scene, followed by every scene where camera captured him, my eyes could see nobody around. It sticked to just one man and that's him.Kya adaa hain yaar is aadmi ki'Uff!!! Marjawaan types'..His voice'.haaayeee''Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

As Bhavana said, we could feel the presence of Abhijeet at some point of time.Blushing The determination power is the common element between Abhijeet and Sameer. None of them are ready to accept failure till the very end. Star

Be it the sweet smiles for Shona, or the fiery looking eyes in some scenes'he makes everyone believe in a moment that yeah Kaalo is that powerful!!! The get up of Kaalo was so YUCKY that it hardly gives the feeling of fear. It was because of this man's reaction towards that creature that makes us believe that Kaalo is someone whom we should be scared of. This man made me feel that I should leave aside the loopholes. This man made me realize how much an actor can do to raise the standard of a movie. It was all an ADITYA SRIVASTAV show for me.

I wished the director had realized this better and made enough use of this marvel! Inspite of being given less opportunities, he managed to grab the little bit of opportunities and made everyone feel his presence. If I am to say more about him I will have to go into details of the noteworthy scenes which I am not sure if I should do before many of you all watch the movie. If given permission only then can we get into such detailed scenes analysis.

I am in love with this actor all over again. I seriously don't have words to express feelings for how good an actor can he be. But if I am ever asked "what is the definition of acting?" My answer would be just two words ' ADITYA SRIVASTAV !!! This man is truly a TALENT POWERHOUSE as said by Yash Pattnaik. Although they could have utilized him much much better, I would thank the production team and the director for choosing Aditya Srivastav for the role of Sameer. My heart is so much in peace after watching him on the silver screen. I had been missing my SRK on screen this year and always miss Aditya sir ..but thankfully, I was given something as a consolation price. I am so happy now' I wish I could actually speak to him for an hour or so and let him know my reaction to the film.

I wanted to share something with you guys. All those who had read the article that I had written on my TRIP TO CID sets' I had mentioned about my conversation with Aditya sir on Kaalo. I had regretted speaking about it as what he spoke was something like "lack of stars in a movie creates problem in fetching for distributors" and so Kaalo was also facing the same problem. I hated the comment then, more than that I hated myself for asking Aditya sir about the movie and he considering him so low than a star! Since then, I had been waiting for the movie so badly to show to the world that ADITYA SRIVASTAV is nothing less than a STAR. At least for US, he is the REAL STAR'and undoubtedly, he rules our hearts. Next time when I speak to him, I hope to gain enough of courage and let him know clearly that "SIR, Look at this'the movie released and so did it manage to win our hearts. All credits to JUST YOU!!!! SO please never consider yourself anything less. You are a rockstar for us. The true STAR!!!!"

I so wish I could tell him this much'.

ClapClapClapClapClapClapA BIG round of Applause for you sirClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap'.

That's all I can give you..Thanks for making my NEW YEAR SO SPECIAL'.Embarrassed

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Posted: 26 April 2012 at 2:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by visrom

Originally posted by snehal_7s

ACP sir and Adi sir at kaalo premier...

Originally posted by snehal_7s

And one more...
In this Shivahi satam calls Adi sir "Mera bohothi pyaara pyaara dost!!!!!"

So sweet of him...

Do watch

Athene Viewbie

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Posted: 26 April 2012 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by jiya.

Big smileAditya sir at Kaalo Premiere
Aditya Srivastava
with Raj zuusi
Raj Zutshi & Aditya Srivastava
With best Friend Anoop soni
Aditya Srivastava
-SNEHAL- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 April 2012 at 11:46am | IP Logged
Hello everyone!!! 

How are you all?

Hey sri! Aaj tumpe kaalo ka bukhar chadha hai kya? Wink

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