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Natasha_shaikh IF-Sizzlerz

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Salaam Namastey & Hello to all my lovely IF Friends.Big smile

Thanks alot for liking our 1st NL ApproveHug so now we present to you the 2nd Edition of Our PV Chronicles.Big smile Hope you will have a nice time & Do leave in Your Comments, Suggestions & Feedbacks and Hope we continue this every week Embarrassed

Weekly Summary

 16th April 2012

Yash is unable to sleep all through the night.

Next morning, Aarti believes that Ansh is sleeping besides her and is about to caresses him. She was about to kiss Yash when pushes her away. Aarti wakes up startled when she realizes that Yash was sleeping besides her.

Aarti gets worried about Ansh as she believes that Ansh must have missed her through the night. She rushes to meet Ansh but is unable to find Payal and Palak's room where Vidhi had put him to bed.

While looking for Ansh, Gayatri sees Aarti and enquires. Gayatri tries to pacify Aarti and tells her not to worry about Ansh. She assures that their family members would take care of Ansh. Gayatri asks Aarti to get ready for the tulsi puja instead.

Palak gets furious when she sees Ansh sleeping on her bed.

Paridi gets impressed when Pratik offers her a cup of bed tea. He, however, feels that Gayatri must get impressed by Paridi.

Before the tulsi puja, one of the guests praises Gayatri's daughters-in-law. The guest, however, advises Gayatri to make her daughters-in-law dance to her tunes.

Aarti manages to find Payal and Palak's room. She panics when she fails to find Ansh in the room.

Meanwhile, Payal and Palak quarrel with Ansh over the issue that he had pushed them off the bed and slept alone on it. While fighting, the trio messes up the living room. Gayatri gets furious when she sees the children quarreling and asks the reason. Payal and Palak complain to Gayatri about Ansh. Gayatri further gets furious when the guests make fun of her.

Surajpratap intervenes and asks Vidhi to take care of the children.

Shobha is concerned about Aarti and Ansh. She expresses her concern to Satyendra and decides to call up Aarti. Satyendra stops Shobha and states that Aarti must be busy with the post wedding rituals.

Gayatri gets furious at Aarti for not following her instructions. She orders Aarti to get ready immediately. She also asks Aarti to be concerned about the happiness of the family she was married into.

   17th April 2012

Ansh asks Aarti is if she was angry at him as he had an argument with Payal and Palak. Aarti states that she was not angry but was worried about Shobha and Satyendra.

Ansh wants to use the washroom and runs into Aarti's room. Aarti tries to stop him but fails. At that time Yash is using the washroom. Ansh calls out Yash and asks him to come out. Yash gets furious and asks Ansh to use another washroom. Aarti gets worried on realizing that Yash was inside the washroom. Aarti is about to take Ansh to another washroom but at that time Yash opens the door.

Surajpratap asks Gayatri to make Aarti understand her responsibilities towards the family. Gayatri states that she had already explained Aarti about it but she was too engrossed in her son and did not care much about the family. Surajpratap tells Gayatri that Aarti must soon accept Yash and his daughters.

Gayatri gets furious when she sees Aarti preparing puris for Ansh. She holds it inauspicious as the new bride had to first prepare some sweet dish. Meanwhile, Paridi and Vidhi arrive. Paridi is confused why was it inauspicious to prepare puri. She believes that Gayatri was a wicked mother-in-law.

After Gayatri leaves, Ansh questions Aarti why Gayatri shouted at her every time. Paridi too questions Vidhi about Gayatri's rude behavior. Vidhi pacifies Paridi and Aarti. She assures to teach Aarti and Paridi the customs of the Scindia family.

Yash gets furious when he sees his room messed up.

18th April 2012

The Scindias and some guests assemble at the breakfast table. Gayatri asks Aarti and Paridi to serve kheer to Yash, Prateik and the rest of the family.

Before Aarti could serve Yash, Gayatri tells her that Yash likes perfection in his work and so she must see to it that she does not drop even one drop of kheer out of the bowl. Aarti carefully pours kheer in the bowl. After eating the kheer, Surajpratap givesnek (gift) to Aarti and Paridi.

Gayatri gets irritated when Ansh makes noise with the cutlery which is kept on the table. Pankaj smartly changes the topic by praising the kheer prepared by Aarti and Paridi.

Ansh continues to make noise on the table as he did not want to eat the food served to him. In order to calm Ansh, Pankaj offers him a glass of water. Ansh pushes the glass away. The glass falls down and breaks.

Yash shouts at Ansh for misbehaving at the dinner table. Ansh gets upset and leaves angirly. Aarti apologizes to the family on behalf of Ansh.

Pratik believes Yash should not have shouted at Ansh in front of the family. He also tries to make Yash understand that Ansh was just a child and it may be difficult for him to adjust in the new house.

Upset with Yash, Ansh decides to leave the house and return to the Dubey residence. Ansh complains to Aarti that he does not want to stay any longer in the house as everyone scolded him there. He adds that he was upset as Yash scolded him.

Aarti lures Ansh by promising to prepare chocolate cake for him. Ansh agrees to wait back on the condition that Aarti shouts at Yash for scolding Ansh. Aarti tricks Ansh by telling him that she would shout at Yash. Ansh tells Aarti to show him how she would shout at Yash.

Aarti pretends to be angry and states that Yash should not have scolded Ansh in front of the family. Aarti is not aware that Yash had come inside the room and was witnessing the scene. Ansh begins to clap and whistle as Aarti practices how she would shout at Yash.

Aarti is left embarrassed when she realizes that Yash was in the room.

19th April 2012

Aarti tricks Ansh by telling him that she would shout at Yash later. Ansh tells Aarti to show him how she would shout at Yash. Aarti pretends to be angry and states that Yash should not have scolded Ansh in front of the family. Aarti is not aware that Yash had come inside the room and was witnessing the scene. Ansh begins to clap and whistle as Aarti practices how she would shout at Yash.

Aarti is left embarrassed when she realizes that Yash was in the room. She clams down and informs Yash that Ansh was upset as he shouted at him in front of the family. Yash does not say anything and leaves. Ansh remains stubborn and asks Aarti to make Yash say sorry to him.

In the kitchen when Gayatri calls out to Aarti as Arpita, Aarti fails to respond. When Aarti realizes it, Gayatri tells her to get used to the name. Meanwhile, the servant arrives and asks Vidhi whether Payal and Palak's lunch boxes were ready as they were getting late for school.

Yash tries to get his daughters ready for school. When Yash tries to comb Payal's hair, she screams in pain. Aarti hears Payal screaming and comes to her room. Aarti offers to get Payal and Palak ready.

Gayatri's sister who had come to Scindia family decides to wait back in the house for few more days, while other guests leave.

After the guests leave, Aarti tells Vidhi that someone needs to drop Ansh to school. Vidhi tells her to send Ansh along with Payal and Palak. Vidhi adds that she would tell the driver to drop Ansh to his school. Meanwhile Gayatri overhears their conversation. She tells Aarti that Ansh and Payal's school were at two different corners of the city. She adds that the driver would first leave Payal and Palak to the school and then would drop Ansh. When Aarti requests Gayatri to let Ansh go to the school first as he was getting late, Gayatri asks her to let Ansh take a holiday.

20th April 2012

Dejected at not being able to go to school, Ansh says that his new father was not a nice man and that he did not love him. Aarti explains to Ansh that it was not Yash's fault and that he was not aware that there would be no car left to drop off Ansh. 

Just then, Aarti sees a servant Ram Dulare getting off his Scooty. Aarti asks the servant if he could lend his Scooty to her for some time so that she could drop Ansh to school. Aarti speeds off on the Scooty with Ansh.  

Gayatri notices Aarti when she comes back home. Gayatri fumes with anger seeing Aarti on a Scooty meant for servants. She confronts Aarti and rages at her for not following the etiquette of being the daughter-in-law of the Scindia family. She warns her never to repeat the mistake again. 

Shobha calls up Aarti to enquire about her well-being. Aarti says that she was doing well and that she would do her best to hide the ugly truth from the family even if it meant feeling guilty about it all her life. Shobha breaks down crying hearing this. 

When Yash returns from work in the evening, he brings a gift with him. At first, Aarti mistakes that Yash had brought the gift for her and is about to refuse it when Yash says that the gift was for Ansh. Aarti is relieved and pleased to hear him. 

Ansh gets excited to see the gift. However, his happiness is short-lived as he gets disappointed on opening it. The gift comprises of a soft-ball and clay in girl's print. Ansh gets angry at Yash seeing the gift and refuses to accept it saying that it was meant for Palak and Payal who were girls. 

Aarti tries to make Ansh understand that the gift was for him. However, he runs away saying that he did not like his new father at all. Aarti is left embarrassed in front of Yash.

Yash had shouted at Ansh for misbehaving at the dinner table. Ansh got upset and decided to return to the Dubey residence. When Aarti stopped Ansh, he agreed to wait back on the condition that Aarti must shout at Yash.

Scene of the Week

This week there are two AarYa moments which makes it to the best Scenes of the Week EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
We had two awkward moments for both Yash and Aarti in two episodes of this week ...One was Aarti getting caught off-guard by Yash when she was doing an act of blasting him in front of Ansh and second was Yash getting caught off-guard by Aarti when he was checking out Aarti secretly while Aarti was combing Palak's hair WinkLOLTongue 
It was sort of a loop closure in their relationship in a funny manner LOLEmbarrassed ...First Aarti was caught by Yash off-guard when she was putting up that act of blasting Yash and he suddenly comes in which sort of puts Aarti in a bit of awkward situation but she manages it well and continues with her fake blasting followed by her eye-gestures requesting him not to scold Ansh in front of all  which is well understood by Yash and he silently appreciates Aarti's way of handling the whole matter WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed 
Same way next time Yash was caught by Aarti  off-guard when he was checking her out from outside the room and when Aarti catches Yash red-handed ,he could not manage the situation and runs into a pillar out of awkwardness LOLLOL...He was not sure what to do and tried to escape which resulted him running into a pillar LOLEmbarrassed
Moral of the story is Aarti can manage to come out of such awkward situations with her smart presense of mind ,fun and humour but Yash cant and thats why he ends up running into a pillar WinkLOLLOL...In short Yash needs to learn certain tricks from his wifey Aarti here on how to manage such awkward situations in his life TongueLOL...

Dialogue of the Week
Best Dialogue Female: Aarti and Aarti! 

This week I felt there was a tie between two dialogues of Aarti's, both showing how wonderful she was in her maternal role and the commitment she has made to be the mother of Ansh as well as Payal and Palak. 

"Agar aage se humare Ansh ko aise daante na to dekhiyega mein kya karungi aapka!" 

This dialogue was extremely special because of one word, "humare," where Aarti shows her commitment to making Yash a part of Ansh's life. Although she may have been caught off guard by some of the things expected of her as a bahu, she is perfectly aware of what she expects as a mother and she doesn't just want a father for Ansh in name but in the truest sense of the role. Here we see her, just with her words, establishing a sense of ownership and relationship between her two men. 

"Aaj to maine in dono ko samhal liya lekin jald se jald, mujhe inke dil mein pane liye jagah banani hi hogi. Hey Bhagwan, mujhe shakti de ki mein Ansh ke saath saath Yashji ke in bachon ko bhi samhal sakun." 

This dialogue was a wonderful testament to Aarti's investment in this marriage and her new, expanded responsibilities of motherhood. What I loved most was her distinction between "samhalna" (or taking care) and " dil mein jagah banana" (or making a place for herself in their hearts). Gayatri only expects the former for her but her own instinct won't allow her to aim for anything other than heartfelt love and affection from Payal and Palak. What is great is that this is what Yash also wants for his daughters, but is not able to articulate properly.

Best Dialogue Male: Pankaj

"Mumma nahin hain to kya hua? Aapke tauji to aapke saath hain. Aao main tumhe apne haaton se khilata hoon."

The Scindia parivaar so far has not been a bed of roses for Aarti and Ansh. Though people are happy to help when asked, nobody has really taken the initiative to make sure that Aarti and Ansh, especially Ansh are comfortable on their first day. One of the few exceptions to this was Pankaj who handed Ansh's moody self at breakfast admirably, and with so much affection. This dialogue showed that he had accepted Ansh as his nephew which is more than what can be said for his parents. He is truly a wonderful example of a parent for both Aarti and Yash and I hope we get to see more of him with the kids, and that he gets credit for how kind he is (*hinthint Vidhi!).

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OMG Moment Of The Week



I loved the scene...Poor my Ansh he was really hurt by his father's scoldings...I never thought Yash would scold my cutie Ansh...
But Ansh is actually a strong boy...as...if i was in his place and my father scolds me in front of everyone i would start crying...but Ansh proved he is not a cry baby...
Maybe he is a bit adamant like his father...
Here Yash also had a very good part...as he took the responsibility...or he thought he had all the rights to scold Ansh as he is his son...and this is the first time Yash has shown his side as a Father of Ansh to Ansh and us viewers...LOVED IT...
The father-son relationship has started with a strong base and without any doubt or confusion in mind that we belong to each other n have all the rights...
So we can look forward for a lot of such cute YaNsh scenes...it is a delight to watch... 

Best Picture Of The Week


Funniest Scene Of The Week


For this week (April 16-April 20) I narrowed it down to three scenes. The first one has to the first morning of the newly wed Arya. Yash on the bed and Aarti saying mera raja and caressing Yash's hair and then getting up to give him a kiss. The look on Yash's face was priceless!   The second scene that was the funniest was... the gift scene from Friday's episode. Yash walking slowly to give Aarti a gift for Ansh and Aarti misunderstanding him as always. The funniest part of the whole scene was when Aarti is about to hit herself for misunderstanding Yash again ... well right when her hand goes up, Yash sees and the reaction of Aarti was hilarious! To play it off smoothly she starts fixing her sari. Last but not least, the scene from Friday's episode where Yash is cleaning the smudge that Aarti's bindi left on the mirror was very funny and cute. He's not satisfied when he rubs the smudge off with his hand that he has to grab a tissue. Love the way Yash cares about cleanse. Love how each week there's a cute/funny scene between Arya.  Hope y'all enjoyed this week's scenes ... until next time see y'all :) 


Preet :) 

Best Dressed Of The Week


This week the best dressed character  is undoubtedly Yash aka Gurmeet once again displaying his perfect physique in a black vest and track pants in the scene where he comes home after work-out and finds everything scattered in his room LOLEmbarrassed ...He not only managed to look quite smart and handsome in the scene but he also managed to steal the heart of all the girls with his overall screen presense in this scene Embarrassed

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Prediction Of The Week


Ansh will learn Karate from Yash and bond with him. Aarti will also bond more with Payal and Palak and may even win the complete love of Palak, who holds less resentment for her than Payal. Pankaj will begin to feel annoyed with Vidhi's behavior towards him and try to talk to her, but she will brush him off as usual. Paridhi and Pratik will have a misunderstanding and Paridhi will realize that marriage to Pratik's family will not be a joy ride all the time. Yash and Aarti will start to become friends because of the mutual affection they share for each other's children

Biggest Disappointment of the week

Credit: -enchanted-

We had a lot of disappointments this week,didnt we? From Ansh going all bratty,to Aarti going all (over)pampering,and even Yash losing his patience for a moment. But all these characters more or less redeemed themselves till the end of week. One character who didn't, was Gayatri. While her concerns were justified to an extent in the start of the week, it has become clear now that she is biased against Ansh. She doesnt want Ansh to get the same treatment as Palak and Payal. So her double standards land her the (dis)honour of "Biggest Disappointment of the week."

*The End... We'll be Back Soon with another Issue of PV Chronicles. Do Hit the LIKE Button if u Liked the NL. & Do Leave in Your Suggestions, Criticism & Feedbacks. All are Heartily Welcome !!Big smile

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Thanks very much :).
Brilliant it was!
Loved whole week summary.
U guys put so much effort !!! Hats off to alll!!!

Pics and scenes were lovely.
Thanks again for this wonderful chronicle issue.
redeye2012 Goldie

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@Natasha : Thank you for putting this together. Look forward to them every week..

Great idea!!!Clap

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great update carry on with the same evry week...
jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Wowww awesomee Newsletter edition StarStarStarStarStar
Last week was quite eventful for the kids and so perfect selection of funny scenes and dialogues and also the disappointing moments EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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-Deepzz- Moderator

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Awesome NL Natasha ... Star

Loved the recap of best moments of the week  Clap

May I suggest : 

1. Scene Stealer or Best performance of the week 
2. Most Unexpected / Hatke   reaction by a character in the week 

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