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ArHilicious Droolers #28: Saajan Chale Sasural...

.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 April 2012 at 6:14am | IP Logged

ArHilicious Droolers #28:
Saajan Chale Sasural...

Gossip Girl

 Laad Governor's hotness led to a power cut in the Guptas' locality.

 Jalebi Bai is going to get back at him. She's made sure he doesn't get enough water to cool himself down.

 The Raizada mansion has a new guest who is not welcome by the audience.

 Snakewa has come up with a lame plan whose success is a piece of soap nowSleepy

 Mamiji has a new member in her "Team Hate Khoon Bhari Taang"Wacko

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 April 2012 at 6:16am | IP Logged

Hi All,

Shyam notices the key in Arnav's wallet, Arnav places the wallet on the  coffee table and proceeds to have his bath..Shyam decides to make use of this opportunity ..just then Anajli  comes up bearing fruit juice for Arna, Shyam stops her , take the juice  insisting that he will hand  the juice to Arnav , he orders Anjali to take rest .. Shyam uses Juice as an excuse, enters the room  to take the keys, when Interruption comes in the form of Khushi ..Khushi assumes the worst, asks him to get out..Shyam tries to flirt with her and on the pretext of flirting spills the juice on to the wallet ..Khushi takes the  wallet outside to get it dried ...Shyam cleverly  gets the imprint of the key  and none are wiser..

Khushi again continues her antics of irritating Arnav ..An angered Arnav  brings up her class and her low status to get back at her ...Khushi is furious , decides to teach Arnav a lesson..  Khushi manipulates the women of  Raizada's  into forcing Arnav to spend few days  in Gupta House !!

A Plain reluctant Arnav agrees to this plea.. Khushi and Arnav head out to Gupta house ...The Gupta household is in uproar and  have turned  the house upside down in order to welcome their hot headed  Son In Law.. Arnav and Khushi land up at Gupta's house  and are welcomed cordially  by the Gupta's..Arnav is  finding it a bit difficult  to adjust and is uncomfortable with all the attention..Khushi is enjoying his discomfiture very much ..Both  Arnav and Gupta's are beginning to know one another and Arnav is beginning to realize the way of middle class..

Babbli manages to get the key imprinted soap from Shyam ..but Shyam cleverly manages to get the soap from Babbli ..

Babbli  is beginning to get jealous of Payal n the attention she is getting from Akash ..

Well, I didn't have to think twice for this. It still makes me smile at Khushi's gesture of bringing Arnav's plant along in case he misses his gardening. That scene really made me go "Awww!" And Arnav's expression here, I can watch it again and again 'coz it was so tender and calm. He seemed genuinely touchedEmbarrassed
Honestly, I am not a blind fan of any couple so giving me a random scene on ArHi just because I love them won't work. It is rather disappointing that with so many scenes we've gotten this week, there is only one which had enough substance to it. So obviously, it wasn't to tough to decide which scene would win this one from me.

To add to Shyam Jha's flop plansLOL...comes our little girl Babli. After embedding the key mark on a soap..Shyam hides it in the plant only for the soap to be taken by Babli.D'oh Now we all thought ..Yay! Now the soap plan of Shyam is gone with the wind..

But ..No the Cv's had something else planned...the soap reaches right back to Shyam...Now seriously did we really need the whole scene of the soap to be taken by Babli when it made no sense...if finally Shyam got the soap then Why? D'ohComplete winner as the Joota Scene of the week!LOL

Seriously, What is wrong with this picture...a dangerous man fooling an innocent little girl to succeed in his conniving plans...Please CV's dont use a small child to play ur dirty games..LOL

I am still totally confused as to why is Babli here?LOL

Have great weekend folks..


There were many funny and humorous scenes this week with Arnav going to his in-laws. From the moment he steered his car into the alleys of Laxminagar, one after one colorful incidents began to pop out to him. Among them all, my take on the funniest moment of the week is, Arnav's meeting with the neighboring 'auntyji's. The squeal of excitement among the elderly ladies about the boy being pretty, or their careless yet harmless question about his education and occupation - the situation was well brought out and totally hilarious. The cherry on top was the way the eldest of the neighbor pulled poor Pretty Boy's cheek and placed a swift kiss on his forehead. 

The scene was a very well played and well directed one for a change, and it was entertaining without being over the top or out of the place. Barun Sobti once again stole the cake with gorgeous expressions and the others, including the extras, did their job aptly.

So, if you missed the scene, tune into 18th April's episode and enjoy!

With ArHi at Guptas' residence and their siblings at the Raizada mansion, how can we expect a Rakshabandhan scene?Tongue
No, I am NOT counting Mr.A-Miss.B scenes as Rakshabandhan scenesStern Smile

Ek ho toh toh main kuch bolun. The entire goddamn WEEK was a fillerStern Smile
But still, all the Babli scenes were more than just useless. Rather, the track itself is useless. Throw the kid out of this show already!

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 February 2010
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Posted: 22 April 2012 at 6:18am | IP Logged

frm mon- fri according to me d best epi was on friday. after all this tym i was nt sleeping seeing d epiSmile thnku cv's for bringing a nice epi after a long tym.Clap ok so this week d bc goes to... [any guesses? ] i'll give u a hint he is frm Raizada family. here r a list of nominees plz select one.

Akash: for being a flirt wit Miss.B nd 4 managing two girls at d same tymLOL nd one auntyji too [Miss. Manorama]
Mama: for nt being in d house. [i think this is his way of avoiding mami's taunts]LOL
Shyam uncle: for being d best nd d soap uncle of RM. poor guy he dont have his own soap so he stole frm bubbly. nd 4 being a fake romance walla!!LOL
Arnav: for being d perfect hubby!Embarrassed
ok i'll stop my bakwaas!! the BC is none other thn... [plz dont say shyamLOL]
i was waiting for u to enter in d BC list. he trusts his wife alot. when khushi said dat u can count d money. he doesnt do dat. nd d next thing i have to emphasise abt him is his patience. arnav i'll give u a best husband award. when khushi was singing her song he tried to control his anger. he was ready to do wateva khushi told him to do.Clap he behaves nicely to everyone. after all he is a gud dhamad too! nd when khushi was nt allowing him to go bathroom he didnt even react. i mean he didnt shout at her. if it was other person thn khushi would've got a big slap.Wink 
so dats all nw. see u soon.

Hey peeps! 

The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys the hell out of us whenever he/she comes onscreen. This week's most irritating character is none other than Bubbly. Though it's too early for her to irritate someone considering that she has just landed in the show but I did have some reasons. 

The first thing which bothered me is the fact that she simply has no role in the show at all.  She is just shown in random scenes for the sake of killing some time which the CVs have to pass till they misunderstanding track is cleared.

Secondly, I found it really offensive that a kid is bossing around Payal. Agreed that she is a child and may not know all the basic manners of life but insulting the girl infront of her husband and mother in law time and again is irritating. Shouldn't she be scolded by Akash or the other elders for showing such a behaviour towards Payal? 

Well, that is it for this week. Adios!

Hey Guys, 

Today i am seriously confused, there was no dialogue in IPKKND that deserved DOTW, all were really boring, But out of them all, i select the below as the DOTW! I just wish the CV's as soon as possible proceed with the storyline. 

*Sao Takke ki baat ki hai, tayeji. ek dum shakshaat NANDKISHORE hain, Humre Damadji*

Rest Dialogues were by Khushi, Errr, I didn't like a single one.. CV's its time that u bring a change in the track, this track is become really annoying, Khushi irritating Arnav.. Grrr.. 

Anyway, See you people next week.. Hope by then, we get a BETTER dialogue.


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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 February 2010
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Posted: 22 April 2012 at 6:19am | IP Logged

The man shows you how its done : looking hot and cute at the same time *drifts*

LOL sorry guys; this is pic of the week and as much as i love the man; its about how well the picture came out Wink

we don't forget our Rabba Ves

I'll let the picture do the talkingDay Dreaming

Hollaaa my ladies!! Great week it was'na? at least we got so much of good arhi moments..well here go the bloopers for the week..


Wait a second this is the GH living/drawing right???what the! at the PH people ,such a kanjoos ph this is! They've converted the living hall into khushi's bedroom??ugghh hadh hai bhai!

Look at this yourselves..yeh log kab sudhrenge..sigh!!

Check out all the marked spots in the living and then in Khushi's bedroom below..WinkLOL



The rooms are same of course they've just replaced the dinning table with khushi's desk and the sofa set with Khushi's bed..hmm and we thought RM is the only mystified house ever!!


Well this has to be the worst ever body double these people ever brought in for any actor!! Worse than even akash's..ROFlmaooo look at the jhinga kinda BDLOL Ughh and Arnav ke muscles kahaan iske kahan! Uff




Well that's all folks..these were the most disturbing bloopers for me ..hehe..

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 April 2012 at 6:22am | IP Logged

We've got two winners for this section this week.

Made By: Cute_Ash


by Ragz.

Here is ur Gift

Made By - lonelyshadow 

Here is ur Gift

So many amazing creations. We again had to pick two hereDay Dreaming

Made By: Jaan.

by Savy (ArShiGurtiKaSh)

Here is ur Gift

Made By - luminous.  

Here is ur Gift

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posts: 26266

Posted: 22 April 2012 at 6:23am | IP Logged

Pride and Beauty 

 " Two Crossworlds "

Everytime being so far , everytime being so near

We are like the tide you the moon and I the sea

The sweet, bitter tango of our story

Spilling onto the land in ecstasy 

Of two hearts together, yet different minds 

Holding on i won't let go,

Chained to you in mind and soul

I see your face everywhere

I close my eyes and your still there,

The anger and rage

The hatred and pain

The grief and loss we have felt

The happiness which we never shows,

The silent tears we hold in

The rough ways our words unravel

The way your hands feel against my body

The ways you look into my eyes

If you have nothing to hide

Come to me and hold me in your arms forever ,

This crazy girl that he truly loves 

Is the reason why he stay and

Fight for our love even if she's crazy

Because you are crazy enough to make my life twirl

Still to be together and no one shall ever 

All i want to say is i love you,

But the words halt at the tip of my tongue,

When i look into your eyes,

I see my whole world in front of me

All i want to do is smile.

When i feel your heartbeat

All i want to do is hear it, 

But mine seems to overtake,

A complete smile, incredible thoughts

No fights, no fuss , no tears

Just lay there, peacefully in your arms,

From dawn to dawn,

Watching the sundown & stars in your eyes,

 Our crossroads of love bound us together for eternal

As the fog burns away near to us,

The cliff of our minds head down to another promenade,

I see your eyes and feel your stare,

But I know that your mind is paused in midair

You know not your heart tears you in two

You cannot admit the feelings in you,

I know I am right the time will come

Will it be too late will my heart be numb?

I love you you know it burns me inside

A yearning place that i must hide

It will have to end you'll see all your lies

Will you finally see me?

Will you open your eyes?

I see your heart it cannot be covered

Love is discovered ; yet to blend in one avenue.

Runner Up

Arnavji can I have a baby please? by princessunara

Here is ur Gift


12 flavours by
Here is ur gift

Runner UP

Highway To Hell by madmaxine

Here is ur gift


About Last Night by Inked

Here is ur Gift

Here is your Gift

Here is ur Gift

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 April 2012 at 6:25am | IP Logged

So um where do I begin this time? It's all still annoying! Seems like fillers only to me. Like ArHi are going nowhere. Misunderstanding is still there, the 'swami' track drags on. Yea Arnav's in sasuraal now, hoping to see something there. But with Shyam? He still is annoying, no one is realizing anything!! And don't even get me started on that Ms. B!!! She wasn't needed in the first place and now that she is here, she is doing nothing but irritating everyone. There is no reason to give this week more than 3 stars. Star Star Star The effort counts. That's all I'll say!! Next week, hoping this picks up the pace!! Even I'm tired of giving 3s this whole month!!

Well again story moved no where as usual I don't know whether I should repeat my kind words again or not. Anyhow you people know what I want to say JUST MOVE STORY and the new promo has really raised my hopes please don't make it to go into gutters.

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 April 2012 at 6:33am | IP Logged
Hey, everyoneHug
Honestly, it's been a BAD week on the show's front if I'm asked my opinion. Bad episodes mean we don't get quality content to put in the NLOuch
But the team has still managed to come up with stuff (hats off to you guys for that!) so I hope you all enjoy reading!Big smile

Important Announcement:

We would like to welcome aboard our new team member, -Barun-, who will be handling the Most Active Member section from the next NL.
Welcome, dear. We hope you have a great time working for the NLHug

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