Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG FF-VIVAH-Thread 3

ritzy09 IF-Rockerz

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VIVAH - Thread 1

VIVAH - Thread 2



Character Sketch - Page 1

Story So Far - Page 1


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ritzy09 IF-Rockerz

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Character Sketch –


Maan Singh Khurana


28 year old MD of Khurana Constructions settled in Delhi. His life is all about work and work. Only other thing which matters to him is his family but he stopped showing his emotions long time back. He hates to be vulnerable in front of anyone and gives a damn about what world thinks of him. Only person who can melt his heart is his 7 year old nephew, Vicky.



Geet Maan Singh Khurana


26 year old beautiful, happening, multi faceted girl with lot of talents. Her biggest asset is her bindaas attitude towards life. Her smile can bring sunshine to the darkest corners. An engineering masters graduate, she chose career in Arts. She is fiercely independent but traditional at the same time. Loves her family to bits and so do they.







Maan's family

Savitri Khurana – Daadi – Retired from business. A sophisticated lady who has seen a lot in her life




Dev Khurana – Brother – He is MD of Khurana Steels and manufactures parts for other firms




Meera Khurana – Dev's wife – A sweet and caring women with best interest of her family at heart




Vicky Khurana - 7 year old Dev/Meera's son



Geet's family

Mohinder Handa – Father – A doting husband and father. CEO of Handa Industries. Dev is his one of the supplier.




Rano Handa – Mother – A loving wife and mother. MD of Handa Industries at insistence of her husband who believes she is "Ghar ki Lakshmi".




Rahul Handa –Brother – Director at Handa Industries and the actual man in-charge now. Loves Geet beyond sanity.




Other Characters –

Poonam – Maan's late ex-fianc


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ritzy09 IF-Rockerz

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Story So Far



Geet is a well educated modern girl who lives her life to full. She is loved by her family and loves biking. She is an engineer but is an artist by profession.


Maan is a business man who has been living a lonely workaholic life after death of his fianc Poonam. He was very attached to her and she dies on the day of the wedding in a fire accident.


Daadima meets Geet at a function in a temple. She likes her for her zest and sweet nature. Geet also becomes very friendly especially to Vicky.


Daadima tries to make Maan understand that life is very difficult to live when one is alone. She asks him to think about his lifestyle and move on.


Maan decides to go for marriage. Though he realizes it will be difficult for him to love some truly but he thinks of giving a full chance to marriage. He decided to be practical and agrees for an arrange marriage.


Though Geet favors love marriage she agrees to meet Maan out of respect for daadima. At the meeting Maan is open about her past relationship with Poonam but also tells her that he is ready to move on. Geet is deeply affected by him. Her heart feels connected to his pain and hope she sees in his eyes while he admires her first professional painting "Hope"


Geet agrees to marriage. Though they do not have much interaction before marriage but they talk few times.


On the day of marriage Maan remembers Poonam a lot. Inadvertently towards the end of ceremonies he remembers his promises to Poonam just before she died. He is shattered and feels suffocated. He realizes he has actually not moved on and can not cheat a nice girl like Geet.


He tells her on their first night about his love for Poonam. Geet gets furious as his talk about loving another girl. She is ready to start her relationship with friendship but Maan's words break all her expectations leaving her broken.


Next Day Maan apologizes and requests her to give him some time to accept their relationship. At the same time he tells her that it is her decision and he will respect if she wants to walk away from this relationship.


Geet shares her problem with her mother who guides her. Geet with the help of her mother's words and her babaji decides to have faith and stay in relationship and win Maan's love.


Geet builds a very strong bond with Vicky and other family members.


She also tries to be part of Maan's life. Based on her experiences she gets involved in small things like taking out his clothes and making a point to spend some time with Maan everyday over coffee and dinner.


Maan gifts her a studio and ensures that her first painting "Hope" is installed in their room.


Geet finds out about Poonam's photograph but she focuses on getting her space in Maan's heart and not fight with Poonam's space.


Hence their life starts. They spend a fun filled and emotional Holi where Geet makes Maan smile and Maan takes care of her.


Maan is still in his emotional turmoil and he still talks to Poonam's photograph but slowly Geet has started becoming part of his life.


Now going forward….

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Congrats for new thread...

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JeevanaP IF-Stunnerz

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waiting for next part ...

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ritzy09 IF-Rockerz

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Hi Friends,


Thank you for liking the last update and writing your comments. As promised, here is the next part.


VERY IMPORTANT: Please add ritzypm as buddy to gets PMs for this FF




Chapter 18


She asked her rudely - "Hello kaun ho tum….yahaan kya kar rahi ho"

[Hello, who are you…what are you doing here?]


Geet muttered under her breath – "Hey Babaji….Yeh aise chote chote kapdon mein kaam kaise karti hai"

[Hey Babaji…how does she work in such short clothes?]


Sasha who did not recognize Geet as she had only seen her at wedding in heavy lehnga and jewelry asked irritatingly - "What…kuch kaha tumne"

[What…did you say something?]


Geet kept her hand on her ears – "Baap re…why are you shouting so much"


Geet watched girl's face go all red – "How dare you. I know girls like you. Either you must be a reporter or from some charity or maybe just mad about MK. But he is not available to waste time on stupid girls like you…security….security"


Guard – "Yes Sasha Mam"


Geet saw the guard coming and smirked. Before Guard could say who she was she interrupted – "I have permission from MD of Khurana Constructions. I am an engineer and here to see broken lift"


Guard gawked but Geet silenced him with her eyes.


Sasha gave her a look over – "You are an engineer. Well it's not MK's fault. Due to this stupid strike he has to take help of people like you. By the way I hope you know that this is a multi million project and lift is an expensive equipment. Qualifications toh hai na tumhaare paas"


Geet just smiled – "Well ab tumhare MD ne bheja hai toh qualifications check kar ke hi bheja hoga ya woh bhi stupid category mein aate hain"


Sasha gave her a thundering expression but Geet just shrugged – "Lift!!!"


Sasha asked a passing by worker to take Geet to the lift.


Geet ran her hand over the lift motor in fascination. She laid below the lift, inspecting the cables, bearing and different parts. She realized that the chain around the motor has been sheared off because of wear and tear and some bad inspection.


She got her mobile and called the store manager of Handa Industries – "Mr. Shukla, this is Geet here. Do we have chain model xxxyy and ……."


After 30 minutes, Mr. Shukla came down personally and delivered the required parts.


Geet went down under and started changing the chain. By now few workers started surrounding her and the lift. They had never seen a female engineer before and it was a rare sight to see a woman fixing heavy machine and involved in direct construction.


Meanwhile Maan was busy directing the workers on the top story with Adi supporting them morally. It was hard and slow work without the lift and Adi had accompanied Maan knowing that probably even whole night will be not enough finish the work.


Suddenly Maan saw a group of workers huddled together and talking excitedly on the ground floor. He went down with Adi to see what the ruckus was about. He was astounded to see a pair of feminine looking legs sticking out of the lift.


Maan roared – "What the hell is going on here?"


Sasha almost tripped as she ran to him – "MK….this is the engineer you asked for to fix the lift"


Maan was very angry now – "what engineer Sasha…I have not asked for anyone and you know that there is a strike going on right!!! How can you be so careless and you know how expensive this machine is. How can you let anyone touch it…"


As Maan was finishing his sentence, Geet came out wiping her greasy hands with a rag cloth. "Ho gaya….it is fixed…if ok, let's do a test run"


Maan's eyes popped out seeing Geet there. "Tum….tum yahan kya kar rahi ho"


Geet just answered nonchalantly – "Aapki lift thik kar rahi hoon"


Maan- "Maine tumhein yahan aane se mana kiya tha na"


Geet just answered unperturbedly – "ji Nahi…apne mere sawaal ka koi jawaab nahi diya tha. And moreover Daadima…MD of KC….gave me the permission. So here I am. And just to remind you, I am a qualified engineer and I do not belong to any union. So if you are interested in getting this work finished should we do a test run…hmmm"


Only Sasha and Adi were close enough to hear their exchange of words and they almost lost their balance hearing a girl answering back MK like this.


Geet just walked past Maan and shook hands with Adi – "Hi….Geet Khurana….we met at our wedding"


It was then both Sasha and Adi realized who she was. Sasha was very embarrassed and was shaking in her shoes.


Adi – "Hello Mam"


Geet just ignored Sasha and gave a sweet smile to Adi – "Please Adi sir….I am much junior than you so please call me Geet. Can we do a test run for the lift please?"


Adi nodded and looked at Maan Sir. Maan agreed and the test run started.


Maan just stood still dazed with his wife's talents and overheard her describing the problem to Adi.


Adi – "Tumne toh kamal kar diya Geet"


Geet – "Arre ismein kamala wali koi baat nahi hai Adi sir…koi rocket science thodayi na hai…chain had broken so I just replaced that."


Maan frowned hearing that and Adi asked the question buzzing in his mind – "But how did you get a new chain at 11:00 in the night"


Geet smiled and explained how she got one from Handa Industry stores.


Maan was very impressed with her ability to get things done along with her attitude and modesty.


Maan –"Umm…Geet it is quite late. With lift working, work should wrap up in an hour or so. Foreman will send me a text with the report. We can go home now"


Maan and Geet left together. In the car Maan thanked her for helping him out.


"Geet, I am sorry for my behavior earlier and thanks for helping me out"


Geet replied – "Mr. Khurana….aap phir galat soch rahe hain. No need for sorry because I know you were just tensed. Remember I have a first hand experience of a father and a brother who become pricklier than a cactus when things go wrong in the factory. Also, no need for thanks….sirf aapki company thodai hai. As your wife, it belongs to me too and moreover Khurana's ka reputation includes my reputation too. So I did it for my reputation. Remember I told you pehle bhi "your reputation is now my concern too""


Maan smiled at her cheeky answer knowing fully well that it was her modesty and her love which made her say things like this to ensure he doesn't feel uncomfortable.


Geet also smiled and closed her eyes in contentment knowing fully well that he cared and understood her love clearly.


Precap – Swimming

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Loved it...
continue soon...

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Congrats for new thread.
nice update

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