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-Agar Tum Mil Jao- last part pg 72- 6/5 (Page 36)

-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 15

Its been few days Dev was still not allowed to be at work…with Rj back…it was him handling most of the office work in Dev's absence…Pallavi helped him with the details of work as she was Dev's PA…

Rj was not still talking to him….he just talked whenever it was utmost necessary…somewhere an invisible wall was build b/w two of best friends…Rj never brought up the topic again…neither Pallavi again explained herself to Rj….what she shud explain to Rj…when she cant explain it to herself why she had fallen in love with a man like Dev Khanna…who is married, elder to him ,they can never be together, no where she is capable for him…as Rj said he is an unachievable dream…she knows it herself that they are no match together…they are no way made for each other…but still she fell in love with him…why? She still cant answer the question herself…but somewhere she feels connected to him…she cant exactly pinpoint the main reason why & when she had fallen in love with Dev…but she knows she feels happy when he smiles which he does rarely…she doesn't know why her heart skips a beat when he smiles at her or just even looks at her… why it pains when she sees him hurt...her heart aches when she sees him disturbed…it feels perfect when she is with him…he gives a sense of completeness to her…

She is lost in her thots when she felt a hand moving in front of her…

Sid—Hi There!! back to earth!!LOLLOL

Pallavi(surprised to see Sid there…she stood up abruptly)—huh!! Sid sir aap?? Yahan I mean…

Sid (smiled)—seems file kuch boring hai…isliye u were day dreaming abt something….nahi…

Pallavi(sheepishly nodded in No)—nahi aisa nahi hai…its just main…who…

Sid(smiled)—its ok…itna nervous hone ki zarut nahi…main toh ek file lene aaya tha…& Rj se kuch discuss karna tha… who hai andar..

Pallavi—haan who hai ...

Sid—baat toh tumse bhi karni thi…

At that moment Rj came out of the cabin & saw Sid there…& they got busy with discussing work…


Around evening Sid was leaving when Pallavi stopped him…

Pallavi—Sid Sir…who…

Sid (turned back)—oh Pallavi…Hi!! Kya hua want a lift to khanna house…come on I will drop u…main wohi ja raha hoon…

Pallavi(refused)—nahi…aaj nahi…mujhe kuch kaam hai…I will go later… (after she had confessed to Rj…she avoided going to khanna house…composing herself…she handed a file to Sid) ermm subah Mr.Khanna ka phone aaya tha he asked for this file…Rj already nikal chuka hai cudn't give it to him…(as Sid took the file…Pallavi remembered another file) yeh ek aur file hai Sid Sir…but its not related to our office yeh kisi Mathur industries ki hai…par hum toh aisi kisi company se deal nahi karte….

Sid's face lost colour as Pallavi mentioned abt Mathur industries…Sid almost quickly took the file from her.

Sid—ermm who yeh bahut purani file hai (fumbled)…shayad galti se aagayi hogi…don't worry main dekh lunga…

Pallavi nodded & left for her apartment


When Sid arrived…like usual massi hogging him making him some dish she had made…& from his expressions Sid cud guess, Dev  is looking for an opportunity to run…LOLLOLLOL

Sid—Dats not fair massi…mujhe toh kabhi itne pyaar se nahi khilaya …saara pyaar Dev ke liye LOLLOL (pretended to sulk)

Dev (ready to leave)—dats nice idea Massi…ab Sid aa gaya hai aap Sid ko khilaiye…dekhiye office mein kitna kaam karke aaya hai …bookh lagi hogi usse…

Massi—uske liye main la dungi…pehle tu apna yeh khatam kar…

Dev (fed up)—Massi…I cant have more…yeh…jo mang raha hai aap usse nahi de rahi…mujhe jabardasti khilaye ja rahi hai…

Sid (taking the bowl)—don't worry Massi aapke ladle ko main khila dunga…aap meri fav masala chai la dijiye…

Dev (joined in)—aur mere liye coffee…plzzz…anything to get rid of massi force feeding him LOLLOL

Massi(smiled)—theek hai…(to Sid) aur tu Dev ki baaton mat aana …pura khana hai isse…phir dawai bhi leni hai…(Sid Nodded as massi left)

As soon as massi left…like routine they discussed abt office… after a while Sid gave him the file …

Sid—tune shayad Pallavi se mangwai thi…

Dev (taking it…smiled a little thinking she also came)—haan…matlab Pallavi bhi tere saath aayi hai…3-4 din hogaye usse aaye…(added after pause) massi was missing her

Sid—nahi…who nahi aayi (Sid cud see Dev feeling bad)…she said she will come later…aaj usse kuch kaam tha…anyways (giving him other file) Dev yeh file bhi Pallavi ko mili thi…

Dev(startled)—what ?? ShockedShocked  usne padhi toh thi nahi….

Sid--'I don't think so…par aage se careful rehna…I am sure u don't want any1 to know…wats in the file...SmileSmile agar kisi ko bhi pata chala specially the press, media …tab tumhari mehnat par paani phir jaayega…. (Dev just nodded…just to lighten) chal ab kaam band kar & finish this off warna massi mujhe kha jayengi…LOLLOL (Dev made a face…but Sid forced him to have it all)


Next morning as Pallavi reached office she was surprised to see lights on in Dev's office…she was shocked as Rj never came so early… She peeked inside to see  Dev there already into his files & work…ShockedEmbarrassed

Pallavi knew he was not allowed to come to work yet…Even though it had almost been a month passed since his illness… still Massi didn't wanted him to join so soon…but knowing Dev, Pallavi just shook her headLOLLOL …she knew its impossible to keep a workaholic away from work LOLLOL …even when he was at home he had been secretly working…

He was advised more than a month rest…but its just a month only…he shud have not joined so soon…its just A month had passed since his breakdown… A month had passed since she had realised she loves him…EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Pallavi turned around and walked to her cabin…she sat there lost in thots …she didn't knew why but she didn't had the strength to face Dev yet Tongue … with her restless mind and her disobedient heart…EmbarrassedEmbarrassed  Maybe she was being a coward…but she cant face him yet…

Loving someone you are not even allowed to think about turned out more difficult than she had initially thought…Ouch she didn't knew how will she be able to survive in such a way…Being his PA she wudn't be able to run away everytime like this…ConfusedOuch

Pallavi (to herself)—shayad mujhe Rj ki baat maan leni chaiye…uska offer accept kar lena chaiye…Mr.Khanna ke pass rehkar, unse door rehna bahut mushkil hoga…ConfusedConfused

Her mind told her to accept Rj's offer…may be then she will be able to control her treacherous heart EmbarrassedTongue …She left for Rj's cabin on third floor…but not before sending in Dev's usual morning coffee through peon…as she reached Rj's cabin she came to know Rj had a meeting early morning so he wont be coming before lunch…still she stayed there only…talking with Rj's PA, catching up with some of her collegues she had befriended in all these months of working here…Pallavi was interrupted in her chatting session by Mr.Verma informing her "Dev is looking for her…he has called u"…Tongue

Pallavi nodded…she checked the watch it had been almost 3 hours since she had arrived here…

Pallavi (thot to herself) –unhe kaise pata main yaha hoon

She reached Dev's cabin …took a deep breath to calm her nerves she cud already feel her heart beating erratically EmbarrassedEmbarrassed …composing herself she knocked the door… as she got the permission…she entered…Dev did not look up at her acknowledging her presence… kept himself busy with his laptop...& rubbing his temples…with continously working so much since morning he already started having headache Ouch

Dev—ermm…did u make my schedule for today…nahi banaya toh bana dena abhi   & send it to me…aur…haan… could you please cancel my appointment with the doctor?... I think I missed so much in past few weeks will not be able to make up with the doctor…main baad mein Suhaas se baat kar lunga…

Pallavi—ok sir Smile …(she turned to go when she remembered) ermm Mr.khanna…(Dev finally looked at her & as a reflex pallavi looked down) who…from last 2-3 days koi Ms.Mathur hai unka kai baar phone aaya hai …she wants to make an appointment with you…Do you have a preference for a day… I mean when I make the schedule toh shall i make her first …

Dev(interrupted in a strict voice)—next time she calls, just tell her I am not interested in meeting her AngryAngry …mere paas barbaad karne ke liye waqt nahi hai AngryAngry  (seeing pallavi apprehensive) keh dena maine mana kiya not to call again…is that clearAngryAngry (pallavi nodded she was surprised to see his temper rising...she had seen this Dev after a long time)

Pallavi was abt to leave when she picked up the glass of water from coffee table & the painkillers kept beside it... she took them & placed them where Dev was working… without  saying anything….she left…

Throughout the day Dev had a busy day as many things had been held up due to his absence…Pallavi didn't got to face him again…but she got  almost a dozen calls from Ms.Mathur…Pallavi had hard time dealing with her…AngryAngry she was not ready to listen to anything Pallavi has to say…


Same routine followed for next 3-4 days…in the morning Pallavi used to give Dev his schedule…& rest he managed he called her only when he needed something… Ms. Mathur continued to be pain for Pallavi… she tried to handle the angry miss… but it took a lot of energy to finally make the caller stop screaming and swearing….

Already Pallavi was loosing her patience… finally without listening to the lady she smacked the phone down…AngryAngry  and almost started crying….CryCry she had too much problems to tackle…already she is in a emotional mess….Rj is not talking to her…when she went to talk to him…but he is not ready to listen ….first he wants to hear…that she doesn't love Dev…& will not think abt him… Pallavi cried to herself… CryCryCry everything was going in the wrong direction….Her heart, Her life, her friendship, her state of mind….she cant take it more…CryCry

Pallavi(scolded herself)—galti kiski hai pallavi…AngryAngry  its only u to be blamed…AngryAngry  Kya zaroorat thi pyaar karne ki… Woh bhi unse, jiske baare me soochna hi galat hai…AngryAngry  its wrong….yeh sab pyaar karne se pehle sochna chaiye tha…ab bhukto!!AngryAngryAngry

Suddenly her intercom buzzed…for once she was tempted to throw it away…AngryAngry but it was Dev's call…she had to hear it…Dev called her in to get some details…

Pallavi wiped her tears…drank little water… composed herself walked up to his office…as she entered …Dev asked for last meeting details…since she had attended with Sid in his absence…


Dev continued speaking but Pallavi felt his voice is coming from some far distant place…She tried to concentrate what Dev was saying…noting down points…but it was hard to concentrate she was thinking about other things to….

Pallavi (heard nagging voice in her head) --Inse pyaar kiya hai tumne Pallavi… AngryAngry Yeh to tumhe dekh bhi nahin rahe hai & he is right in his place… afterall he is matured enough to realize his mistake…waqt rehte khud ko sambhal liya,  but tum AngryAngry …u are being stupid fool Pallavi…AngryAngryAngry tumse bade hai…he is married…tumse alag hai…tum aur Mr.khanna match nowhere…AngryAngry .he is different & elder than u… bigger than u on every level… AngryAngry Status mein…. Age mein….

Sab tumhe samjha rahe hai...but you stupid little girl AngryAngry samajhne ko taiyaar nahi ho…AngryAngry u fell in love with him …unke ek baar dekhne ka intezaar kar rahi ho…stupid girl…AngryAngry

Big drops trickled down and made stains on her notepad CryCry …& she almost sobbed forgetting Dev might hear her crying…she tried wiping tears…

At that very moment Dev looked up…& his heart sank…. He had been checking in some files when he heard an inaudible sob… Never, ever did he want to witness this again… The girl  No woman… for whom he could do anything… for whom he would even lay down his own life if it made her happy… had tears in her eyes CryCry ….she is crying…CryCry

For this one moment he doesn't  care about 'maintaining distances' and annoying voices in his head that said he was all wrong for her and his feelings were disgusting…. This time he did what he wanted to do

On he impulse…he came over where she was standing…rushed up to her and pulled her in an embrace… He could hear her cry more clearly now…CryCry  He tightened his embrace and tried to comfort her, until she stopped crying.

It was the first time after that incident… that he looked in her beautiful eyes that drowned him every time. He wiped her tears with his thumbs…made her sit…giving her water to drink…

Pallavi (as she sipped)-- I'm sorry Mr.Khanna (paused..composed herself)…  I'm fine now…. (He desperately wanted to ask her what made her cry….  but before he could ask she regained her professionalism she stood up ) anything else, Mr. Khanna…aapne jo details kahe hai main abhi bhijwa deti hoon….

Seeing Dev nod his head…she almost left the place abruptly…


After she left Dev kept wondering what was happening to him…ConfusedConfused .The Dev Khanna … who made dozens of people cry in this office..LOLLOL  .the ruthless hardcore person Dev is, who is known for making people tremble with fear Ouch …. had comforted someone…Shocked

His whole life had turned upside down…. He had admitted long ago he was falling in love with her, EmbarrassedEmbarrassed  he had tried to conceal it, deny it… but everytime he sees her… one look at her… EmbarrassedEmbarrassed & he cud feel his resolve breaking

& like always he cursed his heart and his fate for making her fall in love with her  Ouch and at the same time deciding for him that he could only admire he from far…SmileSmile .  His feelings for her were something beyond words… he loves her with whole his heart he loved her…no matter what other people consider it as wrong…but to him...its the biggest truth for him…He loves her…& nothing gonna change this…SmileSmile

Even with the problems he had in his own life… her tears made him forget that…. He would even fight with God, if He ever made her cry again…. but like he always had to do with his feelings  he buried it… deep inside him…  sometimes with his own harsh words and his cold exterior…  and sometimes with alcohol….

Dev was lost in his thots when he heard the knock…it was Pallavi

Pallavi—ermm Mr.Khanna… aapki meeting hai with Gupta's in an hour…shall I call in the driver SmileSmile …wud u like to leave now… ya lunch karke jayenge… aapki dawai ka bhi time ho raha hai…

At the mention of medicine … both of them felt a twinge of pain at that question…. It reminded both of them of something that could not be… it had been the incident which changed both of their lives…EmbarrassedTongue but neither of them knew each others true feelings…LOL

Dev (thot to himself)--Why muse over something that hurts you…(to Pallavi) ermmm who… I was wondering…meeting mein u can come with me… I mean….I have not been around for so many days ….aur last meeting tumne aur Sid ne attend ki toh it wud be helpful…(he tried to explain) Sid  yaha

Though Dev had apologised long back but still somewhere in his heart he felt awkward many times

Pallavi (interrupted)—I will come Mr.Khanna …When do you want to leave?'

Dev—ermm we can leave after lunch…


Meeting ended around 5pm…as they were coming out …

Dev—ermm…who…Massi tumhe ghar bula rahi thi…toh…if u want tum saath chal sakti ho main wohi ja raha hoon  SmileSmile …she said she wants to share something SmileSmile  

Pallavi nodded in agreement… As they were walking toward the car they heard a female voice which made them turn around.

Maya—Finally Mr.Dev Khanna…I get to meet the busiest man on the planetAngryAngry (Dev was shocked to see Maya there was a understatement) agar main tumhe nahi janti toh I wud have thot u are deliberately avoiding me…AngryAngry

Pallavi tried placing the woman…she had seen her somewhere….she seemed familiar…the voice also she had heard it…

Maya(putting her hand against his cheek)—so... how are u doing now Darling…(sarcastically)...hope ab tabiyat theek hai tumhari ... since u are back to work & don't tell me you are really avoiding your "wife"….(she stressed on wife)

It was then Pallavi recoginsed her… she lowered her eyes…now she fully recognized the voice she was the same lady who had shouted on her…& had irritated her to no end…even made her cry a day back…

Standing here …she felt as an intruder b/w husband & wife…she is brought of her thots hearing Dev speak

Dev(almost smacking Maya's hand & in a cold voice)—Yaha kya kar rahi ho ?AngryAngryAngry

Maya(smiled … with her fingernail traced his jaw )—Are u not happy to see me darling…( stared at Pallavi for a while, added taunting him) Looks like you are really busy….Isliye mujhe khudh hi aana para….& bad manners Dev!!…introduction nahi karwaoge (pointing at Pallavi) no problems I will do the honors…(to pallavi) Hi!! Maya Mathur… oops I am sorry Mrs. Maya Dev Khanna , still his wife unfortunately…


Hope part was OK...

keep Smiling SmileBig smile

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ronojoy_ria IF-Sizzlerz

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the up is really good
so after hearing pallvi's confession rj is avioding her and this is hurting pallavi to the core as rj was her only best friend with whom she used to share all her feelings, problems and sorrow
pallavi is trying to compose herself and cn certrate on her work but she cant she is also avoiding dev and this is troubling dev as he is missing her
anyways as now dev is abck in the office pallvi is again having a hard time to face him asher love is overlapping her consious mind
but yaar the hell this maya is doing there and how can she claim herself to be ,rs dev khanna she never performed any duty of his wife and now she is taunting pallavi as well as hurting dev
plz cont soon and pm me

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luvraj4ever IF-Rockerz

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loved the update...
rj is avoiding pallavi??oh poor girl..she must be feeling so alone...
she can't confess her feelings to the one she loves and on the other hand no one is there to support her...
dev is also fighting with his feelings...hope they both confess their love soon...
maya is being such a trouble to both dev and pallavi..i wonder why dev married her in the first place...
hope dev and pallavi unites soon
cont ASAP

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suhana.dixit IF-Dazzler

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Hi Puri

Update was gud.ClapClap
Dev is back in action and he is working really hard.but this time Pallavi is making sure that he taked his medicines on time.
Poor Pallavi!! Rj is not talking to her as he feels that she has done the wrong thing.OuchOuchCry
She breaks up infront of Dev when things were beyond control and he just cudn't see her crying.
He comforted her ..Big smile 
Maya is a real bitch..How can she speak to her husband like this???AngryAngry

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Windsof.Heaven IF-Dazzler

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Awesome UDClap

Hope Dev and Pallavi soon confess their loveBig smile

spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 5:55am | IP Logged
part 15
but poor Pallavi...
it sure is painful...
what the hell is that woman doing here?
hope Dev this time gives it back to her that she will never ever try to hurt him and give him divorce...
cont soon dear...
golu_1677 IF-Dazzler

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Another superb part...

Detailed comments later...

Edited by golu_1677 - 18 August 2012 at 2:04pm
dazzling_glory IF-Rockerz

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Update was very interesting
Pallavi is happy to see Dev back in office, but feels hurt when he avoids her. Dev is trying his best to control his feelings. He is shocked to see her cry.
Why is maya back in Dev's life...he should just leave her.
please continue soon

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