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Monday 23rd April 2012  

Salpetta Saroja's cousin (forgot her name - the female who is paid to kill Beach by SS) comes to Beach's room in disguise as an ayah ,animated gifs Jobs 6,takes out a syringe, fills up some yellow colour medicine (adhaan poisonO) looks around (no one else in the room??) begins injecting in the saline bottle.  CM & Garden come in time, CM discussing something with Garden very seriously.  Saroja's cousin pulls out the syringe drops it in the dustbin.  CM questions her and she says that saline bottle looked empty, hence. CM points to her that the saline bottle has just been replaced.  Garden shouts at her to do only her work (neenga konjam late-aa vandhu irundhaa avanga vElaiyai avanga sevvanE mudichiruppaanga)  Pearl with Rathna in hand, Visa and Pearl's father come rushing.  CM asks where they all disappeared.  Visa asks the ayah why she lied saying Pearl's father fell down and is injured seriously.  Ayah mumbles back that someone told her and hence she told.  Leaves the room.  Beach opens his eyes without any hurry.  CM tells Beach that they are going to see the party, Beach wishes her to get the contract signed.  Garden is a little pessimistic, Beach the opposite.  Why worry when CM is there (CM irukkardhudhaan engaLukku worriyE  kadhai Hanumaar vaal maadhiri needukittE pOgudhuE)  Pearl wants CM to get some toy for Rathna on her way back.  Definitely replies CM, Pearl reminds her to get one for Bharu too.  CM's face falls.  Pearl immediately brings Rathna to CM to wish her all the best.  CM takes leave. CM trips on the stool, Visa asks her to wait, gives her water - pOgumpOdhu thadukkudhE animated gifs alarm 2   Beach asks her to sit for sometime.  She does.

CM & Bell in a cab.  CM gets a call from Garden, she asks him to come to the airport straight.  She is on her way to see Bharathi.  Bell is with her.  Garden asks her to be careful and be on time at the airport.  She promises to.  The car stops at Art's house.  Art is very glad to see CM.  Goes out to welcome, asks how she is.  Asks Bell about Poetry.  Is Beach back home?  CM and Bell answer all the questions.  CM is going out of town wants to see Bharu.  Vadai is busy with the hotel lease thingy, today he has taken Bharathi too.  Art invites them in to wait for Vadai & Bharu.  Is time for their return.  CM opts to wait outside.  Asks about Bharathi, is she doing well, eating , sleeping.  Art is glad to talk about Bharathi too.  She is very sweet sticks to her father.  Some times never even bothers about Art.  CM smiles.  Again Art invites, CM refuses, Art goes in to get some buttermilk for them while CM sits on the thiNNai.  ( Oh how I love these houses)  An auto with Vadai comes.  Vadai spots Bell & CM from afar.  Asks the auto to turn , waits in the next street.  Art meanwhile serves buttermilk, and they wait for Vadai.  

Bell says it is time, CM wants to wait for another 5 minutes.  Bell says she has been saying this for long, decides to call Vadai who does not pick up the call knowing it is Bell.  Bharu cries.  Vadai pacifies.  Bell feels Vadai is delaying knowing that they are waiting for him.  CM is confident that he would never do such things.  CM leaves reminding Art to take care of Bharathy.  Asks Bell to call Vadai again while in the car.  Vadai holds the phone in the hand without answering.  CM's car stops at a turn for another car turning in.  CM turns to the right to see Vadai & Bharathy in the auto.  Bharathy is crying.  Vadai spots CM and hold Bharathy tight turning her away from CM's sight.  The unaware Bell asks if he needs to try again because Vadai is not answering the call.  CM does not want him to.  The cab moves and she keeps remembering the crying Bharathy.  

Amudha in the kitchen.  NRL asks her to finish cooking, she is going to the goldsmith to paththavechchufy her broken chain.  NRL bumps onto Roja who is returning from her village.  (RP neenga oorukku pOnadha sollavE illai) NRL appreciates a pendant that Roja is wearing, asks about it.  Roja says it is pure gold, her mother bought  a couple of days ago.  And mumbles that only NRL family will use covering jewels.  NRL wants the truth out, so Roja tells her that Vasu was fighting with Amudha one day asking if she replace pure gold jewellery with covering ones.  NRL begins smoking through her ears.  NRL drags Roja, goes back to the house, calls out for Amudha.  Amudha is asked about the fake jewels, she as usual, mennu muzhungi says annan operation story.  NRL begins like Manorama of appu raja - ayyo, ayyo, ayyayo...  NRL begins cursing the whole family of Amudha.  Amudha asks for forgiveness, will replace it with the orginal jewels.  Roja too is shouted at for not informing before leaving for her village.  NRL thinks about something, decides for herself and gets up.

Vadai sitting on the thiNNai worried.  Seththappu asks why Vadai is worried.  (adhu andha brainkku badhil hole is getting bigger by the daynu) NRL reaches there and talks without head or tail.  Seththappu says maybe she has come to collect something.  NRL says it is rightfully theirs, and outs the operation - money - jewellery -story.  Vadai is shocked.



Updates by Shree


Starts with NRL accusing vadai...u took my DIL amudha's jewels for ur operation ...vadai and sethaps shcoked...(sethaps...saagalaya innum...)...Sethaps says my son maanam rosham ullavan...he will give money to others...but will not bet money from others...we arranger money for his operation...what kadhai u r vittufying??...NRL confused...Vadai tells sethaps to visaruchufy...he says something is wrong with amudha...Sethaps stops him saying dont interfere...Maybe vasu eduthuttu poiruppan...NRL angry...

NRL asks sorry...ofcourse kadupadhaan solludhu...shouts i'll see that amudha today...She leaves angrily...Vadai tries to stop her  but sethpas tells him to be quiet...

NRL reaches home and calls amudha and vasu...NRL tells abt jewels and vadai...Amudha shcoked...Vasu scolds hims mom...nee edhukku anga pona??...NRL inturns scolds vasu...says u muttal...this amudha is lying...Vadai kitta jewels kudukala...vasu asks amudha ...Amudha silent and the starts crying...

NRL pottu udachufying all unmais and asks abt the jewels...MAudha continues her crying...Vasu asks amudha...yen poi sonna amudha??...Amudha asks him some time...says she will return back all the jewels...Vasu  says i dont  want that jewels amudha..i want the truth...AMudha silent...vasu shouts...STop crying di...amudha shcoked...

Amudha says dont ask abt that jewles ...again i'll lie...Vasu super angry and says ippodhaan enakku un mela doubt varudhu...u r hiding something from me...amudha says i can tells the truth now...Vasu goe son shouting...and forces her to tell the thruth ...amma and son maathi maathi shouting...(sss habba thalai valikudhu...again and again theyy r repeating the same dialogues)...

Amudha says i cant tell the truth now...Vasu says un ndadathai also unmai illai...i dont want to see ur face...Vasu leaves and NRL also thittittu leaves..>Amudha crying...

Kavitha tells NRL to bring amudha...NRL goes and kavitha calls bell...NRL pushes amudha and bells comes to rescue...Kavi stops him...Kavi says she wants the truth abt amudha 's jewels...Bell and amudha says onnum theriyadhu...

Kavi morachufying bell and goes and takes the baby...He places the baby on the floor and tells bell to do sathiyam by thandufying their baby...Bell says no...Kavi says today i want know what is ur relationship with kavitha...amudha and bell angry...Kavi says ok no need talk abt ur relationship...just do this promise...

Bell says ok i'll do this promise...amudha  shcoked...Bell comes near the baby...all the 3 ladies super tensed...Amudha stops bell and says dont play with baby's life...Bell says he will not thandufy the baby...he goes in...MAudha warns NRL not to talk abt this matter again...orelses she will kill herself...NRL says i'll thorathufy this amudha from my son's life...NRL leaves ...

Sorry for the  mistakes...


Updates by Selva

Wednesday April 25,2012
Sorry I couldn't watch the full episode yesterday due to power cut. So I am updating what i have seen.
I missed the whole first part.
In second part Vasu with CM, crying and telling he cant live with Amutha anymore as she is cheating him and explains the jewels matter. CM shocked to hear this. Vasu asks her to separate both of them as Amutha is doing some wrong things with the help of Bell and she is hiding everything. CM tells still she is having hope on Amutha and asks one more chance so that she can talk with Amutha and clear everything.
Vadai and Art in Amutha's home. Visa accuses Amutha regarding Jewels matter. She tells still Amutha is having relationship with Bell even after getting divorce. Amutha denies that. Visa asks Vadai to take Amutha with him so that she can look after good girl for Vasu and get him married again. Vadai and Art scolds Amutha and asks her to tell the truth.
Bell gets call from Inspector and he threatens him to give the balance money.
Sorry again as I couldn't watch the episode properly due to power cut. If anybody has watched feel free to update.


Updates by Nithya

Thursday Apr 26th Updates

Episode 666 

Credits to


Vadai confronts Bell at the latter's home and beats Bell for swindling Amudha's jewels and spoiling her life.. Kavi fights with Vadai and bad mouths Amudha.. Vadai says give the jewels back illata police will come here and put your hubby behind bars.. Kavi hands over the house documents to Vadai, nondhufies her vidhi and runs away crying.. Vadai throws the papers.. At Vasu's home, CM questions Amudha.. Amudha refuses to reply.. Visa does a labo dibo.. Vasu upset.. Amudha says let him leave me if he does not want to live with me.. Vasu shocked.. CM beats Amudha..  Vadai jumps in and questions who are you to beat my sister.. You are trying to revenge for separating Bharathi from you.. CM says I don't have such cheap intentions.. CM and Vadai start arguing.. Visa stops them and says first solve our problem.. I don't care about the lost jewels.. But I want a firm solution for my son's life.. CM questions.. Vadai says our family problem.. You get out.. CM and Vadai continue arguing.. Vasu stops them and says she has betrayed me.. Please separate us.. Bell, Amudha and you guys are all one family .. I am a stranger.. So let me be so in future too.. take Amudha with you.. please spare me and vacate this peace.. Visa hugs him and joins the oppari session.. Visa bad mouths Vadai and Amudha.. Vadai walks out with Art.. Visa scolds CM too and curses all of them..  A crying Amudha falls at CM's feet and asks her to leave..     


Inspector comes to Bells gate, threatens him as usual and calls him out.. Bells runs out.. CM spots bell running out and questions him.. Kavi abuses CM.. CM gives it back to her.. Inspector gets to know that Kavi is Mrs.Bell and is angry that  Bell & Amudha lied to him that they are hubby wifey. CM warns Bell to tell the truth and Save Amudha's life.. She apologizes to Vasu and is confident that Amudha has not cheated him. She walks away saying Vasu I will agree to whatever decision you take.. On her way out, CM notices Inspector driving on his bike..


At Vadai's home Chithappa is angry that he was not involved.. At the other end CM is glad that her dad didn't come to that nasty place.. Garden is upset that Vadai beat Bell.. Vadai says he was right in beating the guy who cheated his sister.. Art feels Vadai should have been patient.. Chithappa badmouths Bell.. CM updates that she beat Amudha.. AV says you were right.. She shouldn't have cheated her MIL and replaced the original jewels with fake one..  She cannot be forgiven for lying that she gave the jewels for Vadai's treatment.. Both families wonder why the duo are hiding the truth.. Chithappa says this is a planned act by CM for separating Bharathi from her..




Updates by

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Thanks Eclat, ennathaan nadakethu intha serial le? orru mannum puriyalai.
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I think, Amudha will die, there will be no way to escape for her after tuesday's episode

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Originally posted by svr230

I think, Amudha will die, there will be no way to escape for her after tuesday's episode

eclat IF-Rockerz

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@svr230 & chit5 - We usually do not discuss the serial until the updates are up. Usually it is termed as spoilers in IF vocabulary.  Thanks for understanding and thanks for showing enthusiasm in discussing about this otherwise drab serial.  You can join us in updating the serials, you are most welcome.  Smile 

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sorry for the delay...
Tuesday update posted...

CM director kku babies aa partha eppadi irukkum nu theriyala...
babies aa vache velaiyadraru...

The way amudha and bell's story proceeding...marubadiyum 2 perum onna sendhuduvanga polarukku...

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Thanks eclat, Shree and Selva..
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Thanks Sree and Selva. Why can't Bell & Amutha tell the truth??? Angry

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