Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG SS: MY LADY BODYGUARD - CHAPTER 12 - Updated PG 54 - 15-JUL-2014

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HeartMy Lady BodyguardHeart

A Typical love Story Of

Maan Singh Khurana Heart  Geet Handa 

~Hello IF Readers~

This is my Second SS on MAANEET! 

Hope you will enjoy the read. 


Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil
Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye
Ik ladka ik ladki ki yeh kahani hai nayi
Do lafzon mein yeh bayan na ho paaye


P.S : If You want PM, Please add me to your buddy List.
~All my works On Maaneet compiled in the below Link~


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NOTE : All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The scientific and medical terms used in this Fiction are not true in sense. Any impressive- and scientific-sounding, but ultimately nonsensical utterance.

Scientist Maan Singh Khurana,

Age 36, RELATIONSHIP STATUS: COMPLICATED, Born and Brought up in Delhi, Chandini Chowk. Young-Dynamite well knownPhysicist, Specialized in HOPLOLOGY(Study Of Weapons) and believed to be the PRIDE of INDIA. Presently Working on  INTERNATIONAL PROJECT named by DIAMOND ELECTRA, DELHI. He was attacked by some militants THRICE in a Week. Currently he is under watch 24x7 because he is VVVIPOF INDIA..Rest all Same as Serial...I mean Body-Shody-Gussa-Killer look etc etc etc...


Commando Geet Handa,  

Age 28, RELATIONSHIP STATUS : COMPLICATED, Born and Brought up in Punjab, Bathinda. She is known as SilverHawk of the Department, Very  Intelligent & Sharp. Expert is MARSHAL Arts, Kick Boxing ...Uffs!! Etc etc.(P.S to MSK : Bachkey rehanare baba...) ...Currently she is on MSK'S LADY BODYGUARD MISSION IMPOSSIBLE... One thing Common Between MSK and GH is GUSSA...Together They are LIKE JUNGLI BILLA & BILLI...


   ...~here the Fun Begins~...

Other Characters Will be introduced later

 ~Please Like & Comment~

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dpurvaswtpoofatiya52110humazubanMAANSI.2011NiharikaNeha777EpicGHSPforeverNivedithachand...sharanya...aliceyue27cuteeagle65SweetestParinajmaDGmansi.tripathiCrystalSayasalmankhanrulzmaansi007kamiyaangelarafsweetysaranSushmacholkenats0101lenageorge-Rossete-randhir_ki_doll...RIDDHIMA...priya_ya1408snehapriyasporthy_smile28kiran_ratirupzloveuRaDMG25ambbihashruti_luvs_msk--Saavi--maaniqraHansaNsweet scorpiocaller123monikasethAsh1991mandy15maanmeet1zaara22126n6s6k6i6r6a6n6-Gemini-punam2712impoojavermakabslocksDesigirls12sanghita0000dolly10tamanna1391_BlackPearl_mysteriousmilli.hayaat.Infinity.spvdDonnaa

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~Chapter 1~

"Enough Officer!! I'm not gonna buy it'You get that clear in your mind, I Don't want anyone to monitor me 24/7'..FOR GOD SAKE!! I'm Not any 'umm'err'Kind of Puppy Dog of Millinore"'.said Maan Singh Khurana who was laying on bed in a hospital where his right shoulder his bandaged now was injured  in attack . The bullet has just brushed his skin...

"But Sir!! It's an Strict Order from high Command, to appoint a BODYGAURD for u .I can't do nothing much about  regarding this sir'. you are 3rdTime Lucky to miss  that bullet from dangerous militant attacks'..Please sir! You have to agree for having  Personal Bodyguard for the period'." Said ACP Bharath Shinde''wiping his sweat from  forehead '.

" Listen Officer, I'm very much capable to keep myself safe and attentive' please I don't need any of your SO CALLED BODYGAURD To protect me'..I can look after myself very well'." Said Maan singh Khurana Arrogantly ''

Poor ACP Bharath Shinde ..used his Last trump card.. " Sir it's a personal request and order from Professor. Shrivastav, your Guru..."'.

When MSK heard his guru's name''he is now sure that'.he can't deny and cursed  his fate for making Professor.Shirvasta as his guru'..whom he adores a lot'.. he felt defeated'..and left a sigh breath'..without second thought'. he agreed for the BODYGUARD FUNDA'..

"OKAY!!! can send whatever-Whoever the Bodyguard is ' my Home''!!! No wait''to my LAB'.By the way whats his NAME ????"'.

Now ACP's Turn to get petrified'..knowing Maan's history ..he hesitated to tell'but what will be his reaction if he get to know that the BODYGUARD is not HIM , It's HER'..GOD SAVE ME!!!...

"Sir! Her Name is'.Commando. GEE'."'.*Bagvan ne ACP ki Sunli and tabbi'MSK ka cell Bajna shuruhogaya*'.

"Ek Minute! "'Said MSK'." Hello Bujje.!!! *MSK calls His Guru Professor.Shrivastav as Bujje'*'.Haa Haa humne haan kehdiya hain '."'Passed a deadly look to ACP'.After few minutes'..he cut the call and asked ACP'.


"Ha what's his name'..Oh! ha'.Commondo. JEET'.hain na???...*biting nails '..oye! hey kya hogaya ''.issney tho GEET ko JEET banadiya'.."


"ye ye yes sir! '.she! '.shiii!! ' He will meet you tomorrow morning sharp at 10 o clock. '.Ok sir! I will take a leave now'..take care sir'."'.ACP " main tho aaj bal bal bachgaya''bagavan hi jaane jab hey uss bodyguard se miliga tho kya hoga'."


@Delhi Railway Station


"Cooli !!! Cooli!!!..."'.dozen of coolies came there to pick up the luggage

Cooli .1."sahab!!!!...maine pehale aaya tha'.."

Cooli 2 " Sahab! Main pehale aaya tha'.and started to pick  up the luggage'..

Cooli 3 "'.sahab main dus-bees kam lunga sahab'..mujhe uttaney dijehena'." And everyone started to fight'.main main main main'..and there comes an DEVIL DISGUISE  DEVIL IN  ANGEL'.wore white anarkali ', dovey sapphire color eyes, with thick long brown hair..

 "ENOUGH!!!" '.Mamajee!!! aapko ittna bhi saaman uttana nahi hota'..*Sigh*'.uff!! patanahi kya soch key Darjee ne aapko mere saath Delhi chodaaney keliye Bejdiya hain ..Brij bayyya ka Leg fracture hogaya''warna '.saara Bathinda' yaha '.iss dehli ke station main  deara lagaya hota''.

Mamajee " Oye!! GEET Puttar! Main kya na'.puri ki puri pahad utasakta hun per kya hian na'.abi mujhe bahut bhook lagi hain '.isiliye'..

Chodiye mamajee'.main AKELI KHAFI hun in sabi saaman ko main akeli utasakthi hun'..

GEET 'Took both the suit cases and started to walk towards EXIT'.leaving shocked mamajee and coolies behind''.

Mamajee said to all the Coolies who are hell disappointed ..."Kya hain na!!! hamari Khaandhan hi aisa hain...oye !!  hum khaandani Pehalwan hian...aur hamari GEET puttar bhi thodina ek pehalwan se kam hain...thodi dekhne main Dobli hain per...ek haat pada na ...ADMI UTTA NAHI UDD JAATHA HAIN..."...


Mamaje "Oye ki hain puttar!!! aayaaa..."


Day DreamingPlease Like & CommentDay Dreaming

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simply brilliant

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~Chapter 2~

 @Commissioner's  Office

DCP '"'.So, Miss. Handa I hope your journey to delhi was good'.'..Take your seat'."'.

Miss. Handa " Thank you sir!!! "*Handling over a file to her*'.If I'm not wrong you have done full research on Professor. MSK before you land here'."'..*gave a straight look to Miss.Handa*'.

"Hmmm'.Well .Professor. MSK is very well know n scientist, sounds  very interesting and Freaking Guy!!! Why not he is a womanizer '.*Ahem Ahem*'Sorry sir!!! '.According to my knowledge he should be strictly  under Zero security(it's a type of security only given to VVVIP)'.and I guess something fishy about Professor. MSK's Lab assistance Mr. Aditya  also .he have been missing from past 2 weeks'. Why Professor. didn't  pledge  any complaint against his missing''."'


DCP " Hmmm'.Impressive Miss. Handa''Good'Observation'..well'..

Professor. MSK must be having very strong reason behind for not taking any action against his assistance Mr. Aditya.Coz as I heard Mr.Aditya is not only his assistance, he is a blood brother of MSK'too'.so now its your duty to protect Professor till then DIAMOND ELECTRA Project won't get finished.." According to our latest intelligence report there is another attack planned to assassinate MSK this time'.and further you know what to do'. '."ANY QUERIES???".


Miss. Handa "'Yes sir!!! ..err..emm..WHY ME??? "'..


DCP " Miss.Handa you may not know that you are the besets of Best and you don't like to hear your praising'..From your Past records there is no black marks in your profile'..Plus We Can't take any risk with Professor. MSK's  life''.HE IS A treasure to our country and also a INTERNATIONAL FIGURE . If anything happens to him I should answer to higher authorities' '.I Trust you ''more than anyone'"'


DCP "you will be provided with all the facilities and Killing license too'.so be careful before trigger your horse'.remember you are not allowed to reveal your identity to anyone except me, ACP. Bharath Shinde and Professor. MSK'"'."we have already informed him about your coming'..*hesitated * except that you are a LADY '*GEET raised her eyebrows' A LADY ???*'.


Miss. Handa " LADY???...Whats so surprise in that sir'..Why can't  lady be s Bodyguard''.I hope Professor.MSK is not  GAY???...*RR is like : OMG!!!!  GEET just called MSK a GAY'.Wait Geet till you meet that sexy Devil'.* *GEET snapped at RR : So What??? I'm no less than Sexy ANGEL'.*..


DCP "'Miss.Handa Mind your words'.Don't talk like this infornt of MSK'.he is a very short tempered and ruthless man'.Be careful before you get yourself into ny troubles. Try to not to be in bad side of Professor. MSK.


Miss. Handa "Gave a forceful smile''.Yes Sir!!! I'll buy that"'


"Oh! I forgot to ask, '"'

DCP "'I know what u want to ask'..from tomorrow onwards you will be staying with Professor. MSK' his house'.I mean OUTHOUSE''..coz you should be with him like 24/7 '.to watch him'..I wish you all the best'."'..and ha'.Its my personal suggestion  for you ''you are just like my daughter '.HAVE CONTROL OVER YOUR ANGER GEET''"..

Miss.Handa "'.Oh! you caught me sir''smiled widely showing her 32 teeth'''"'


DCP "'YES!!! I am'.and the guy whom you beat blue and black  at railway station '.he has lost his whole tooth set still trying to digest the truth that he can't smile ever in his life time''.i don't want to hear any complaints here after'.and I appreciate you if follow it'.."


Miss. Handa "Ok Sir!!! " got up and giving one last  salute to DCP*' time  I'll keep in mind or  I'll not let anyone to'.


DCP ..shook his head .." I know u will not take any chances '.


Next Day  Early Morning'@Professor. Msk Villa, 8.20 Am '

"Hey!! Rock!! Common buddy'.catch it'."'Maan thrown a ball at pool '."Go go Go Go!!!...Rock'Catch it'"'..

(ROCK is MSK's Pet DOGGY name'. indeed my doggy name too'LOL)'.

Panting Maan sat on pool side relaxing chair wiping his sweat from  his chest . And then suddenly a pair of hands snaked  his back from behind traveling on his bare chest, which made maan to gasp, Immediately maan dragged that person to his front to punch  but stopped in mid seeing a smirking  girl who was showing her Red  painted Lips to him'

MSK "'YOU!!! How dare you ??? Who left you inside , Maan was seething flaring his nostrils '..and at topmost pitch '.." SECURITY.!!!!"'.


Day DreamingPlease Like & CommentDay Dreaming

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