Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee



Road To Love & Beyond pt 8 pg147,note in pg161 (Page 95)

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Next Part:-

New Start or New Life

Later , dadi sa said go beta fresh up then come here I will told Shamraj to bring dinner here  , geet nodded get up to left for her room when she heard something and she  turned & shocked beyond imagination.

Geet heard there is some shagun from her mayka.she didn't feel any happiness , she looked blankly .

Geet griped her belonging tightly and feared something then when she remembers maan's word, how to face the problem, don't fear he will be with her in every way, she said masa hum jaye.(masa can I go inside)

Masa nodded and said go and take rest and inform maan about evening function.

Geet nodded and take a leave from there.

She went to her room, inside she is fearing still she is trying hard to control her fear .

Geet:-but y they r here,oh no today is our reception , but ,I have to tell this all kuwar sa now .she called one of the maid and asked her where is kuwar sa , she informed her that kuwar jee is in his exercise room.

Geet walking in the corridor and think y he is there now, isn't is the wrong time for exercise.

She looked at the big room full darkness cover, she switched on the light when maan said Nakul, shut down the lights, and out from here now.I don't need anything now and out.

Geet murmur :-uff now again he is angry, then said little loud kuwar sa  .

Maan who is sitting in the middle of the room and thinking about those incidents and geet's painful cry and confession. he is feeling more guilty now as if all happen cause of him , if he reached there on time. Maan turns his head and noticed there is geet standing there looking like angel , a pure angel, suddenly he snapped his thought and said in angry tone what r u doing here huh?

Geet came close to him and said I have to inform u something so I came  here,I never had intention to disturb u ,but suddenly she noticed few drops on the floor and then she looked at maan and found his hands r bleeding .

Geet :- what is this kuwar sa, aapke hath se toh khoon behe raha hain ( ur hand is bleeding kuwar sa) let me apply something on ur wound.

When maan said don't I don't need anything geet,btw u  r telling that u came to tell something ,

Geet :-yes but that was not so imp than ur wounds now come with me.

Maan:- geet, look when geet said kuwar sa  either u r coming with me or m going to tell masa now.

Maan sighed & said kk, let's go

Geet dressed his wounds when maan asked what happen geet, tum kuch kehene wale the(u want to say something)

Geet nodded and said oh kuwar sa  first thanks for helping me and sorry for my behavior and oh actually there in down stair some one came from my mayka for some shagun.

Maan closed his fist when geet said thanks kuwar sa .

Maan closed his eyes in anger then hold her hand and said don't thanks me geet, and not sorry also , I'm sorry geet, I was late if I reached on time then and trust me geet it's just when geet said I know u reached late ,

Maan looked at her in shocked when geet placed first aid kid on the cabinet and said congratulation kuwar sa to ur mission success

Maan's lips curved into small smiles when geet said masa ne kaha, (masa told me ), I really don't much about ur work but heard little bit from bhai sa.

Maan who looked surprised again when geet said my bhai sa  , brij bhai sa, he is my brother, very supportive, caring and loves me lots .

Geet turned and found him shocked when she said oh u r thinking that how could any one from my family like this so nice and m praising about him but maan said in his mind, geet u r like an angel, innocent so pure and think every one good, nice ,even I will not be surprised if u praised ur that family also.

Geet:- kuwar sa , he is not like others , he is really good and nice human being but he is too busy in his work so couldn't attend our wedding but if he is there then ,

Maan:-then geet.

Geet is in trance and said then he might be try to stop this wedding and hearing this maan felt some unknown sensation and said so u r regretting our wedding ha and get up from the bed angrily.

Geet turned and said kuwar sa I never regret for anything in my life, cause I know what ever happen , happen for best and there is some reason for everything , like our marriage , yes I don't want to marry any one cause I scared about any relationship after whatever happen then she wipes the tears from her eyes but then said but I'm really found my happiness or I'm learning new things or new way to be happy

Maan smiles little then went to his cupboard and but u r regretting me as ur husband na and left from there with out hearing anything.

Geet:- inhe kya ho gaya achanak.what happen to him suddenly ?

Maan came out after getting ready, and wearing white satin shirt along with black blazer and trouser ,he is looking hot, he came near the mirror and comb his hair and then apply gel and said geet,get ready we don't have much time .

Geet:-I want to say u something,

Maan:- we will talk later now come fast.and after u got ready just informed me

Maan left the room to give her some privacy.

Geet sighed and said inhe kya ho gaya phir se( what happen to him again)?

Geet called one of the servant and said tell ur kuwar sa , m ready.

She nodded and left from there.

Later maan entered the room and mesmerized to see the innocent yet gorgeous beauty in front of him,

Maan murmur angel

When geet first shied and her cheeks turns pinkish color, she lowered her gaze when maan came forward in trance and placed his finger on her chin and held her face upper then looked at her hazel eyes and lost there for a moments, his hands automatically went to Geet's eyes but then he snapped away and said we r getting late, come fast.

Geet murmur kuwar sa will make me crazy .

Maaneet came down stairs when dadi sa take their najar and said now no evil eyes will cast on my kuwar and bahu rani.

Masa came and kissed their forehead and blessed them.

Masa said bahu rani u r looking like angel, just came for my kuwar.

Geet shied after hearing this when maan again lost in geet, he try to move from there when masa said bahu rani this r things came from ur mayka.

Geet nodded blankly like there is no feeling , maan turned & looked at geet & quickly came there & said  oh we r getting late so if moved towards the main hall now.

All nodded, later dadi sa and masa introduced geet mainly with all guest, in whole time maan didn't leave geet's side, soon maan said looked at that side they r my collogue ,they eager to meet u, and the mission I went one days ago they r with me.

Geet smiles at him then said they r brave like u, then said softly kuwar sa will u tell me about ur mission when maan squeezed his eye brows and asked means?

Geet:-oh ,I mean I want to know what happened there if u don't mind then if u share with me,

Maan heard one of his collogue said ahem ahem major, yaar we r also here na, let us introduce with babhi too.u can talk with her later or stare at her whole life later.

All break in to loud laugh and geet feel embarrassed , she lowered her heads when maan said enough ha.

All again laughed then maan make them introduced with geet, geet, he is Major Yash malhotra, He is Colonel  Rajendra Chopra , my senior , and he is Captain Arjun Gupta.

His fianc nisha Sen, she is Captain  meera Chopra , fianc of Major yash .there is my buddy , Major Aditya Singh

Geet smiles at every one then greeted them happily.

Then some one came with extra short dress & and said mk this is very bad , u didn't introduced me with ur wife.

Maan turned and found who is that ,geet noticed a girl is standing there with off shoulder dress and knee length skirt .

Geet think what kind of dress this is?chi then looked at maan who has angry face.

Geet just hold his hand and said kuwar sa .

Maan just melted after hearing the musical soothing voice of her, from her kuwar sa also sounding like music, then he smiles a bit when meera said this is one of the surprise that Major Khurana is smiling .Geet is really angel and doing magic.

All smiles then again their paradise broke by that girl again.

Maan reluctantly said Captain Sameera Saxena ,this is my wife Geet, Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana and pull geet by holding her shoulder close.

Sameera smirk and said hi geet, how r u? I mean kaise ho?

Geet  smiles and said hi Captain Saxena , I'm fine , how r u, pls enjoy the party and excuse us for a moment then said to maan kuwar sa.

Maan nodded happily, well few moments ago he also surprised by geet's confident ans then he know  it's geet , who is giving her surprise every day.

They excused themselves from there went to another side but maan found there is no one when geet said oh actually I felt u were not feeling good in front of her so.

Maan smiles to see the understanding of her.

When a certain announcement there that sameera went and said congratulation mr and mrs khurana, so when we r here ENJOYING ur reception , ahh marriage reception '

Here aditya :- what the hell is going on, can't any one stop this drama.

Nisha :- who gave invitation this B****** here?

Sameera continue to tell , so we should congratulate them and request them for a couple dance what say.

Dadi sa came and said Captain Saxena when Sameera with extra sweet soft voice,u did it na then said now face the consequences of it.then said dadi sa will u not tell them come and dance here and it's so normal gesture now a days.or I guess ur bahu rani will not able to dance I mean not capa when Maan said Captain Saxena. But again geet hold his hands as there and indicates him that there is guest and maan said well where my so friend cum relative cum collogue request me and my wife for a couple dance we will definitely then whisper , geet I'm when geet said kuwar sa and maan just looked at her then nodded.

Spot light on maaneet & maan slowly placed his hand on geet's waist ,geet feel her whole body jolted , she closed her eyes and placed one hand on maan's shoulder and another hand hold maan's hand.

Maan whisper if u feel uncomfortable then tell me

Geet again smiles and said I'm fine when maan thinks after so much happening with u, ur family never love u, cursed u beat u still u r smiling, ur marriage happened against ur wish still ur smiling,ur husband scold u, rudely talked u, failed to protect u still u r smiling y geet and how geet?

Geet:-kuwar sa and maan came back from his trance & looking at geet when geet also looking at him both moved with the rhythm of the music .

Maan pull her closed and just twirl her little,


Hulchul hui' zara shor hua'
dil chor hua' teri orr hua'
Hulchul hui' zara shor hua'
dil chor hua' teri orr hua'

He pull her closed again and now geet's back pasted with maan's chest and maan's both arms rested on geet's stomach where geet tucked it in nervousness .

Maan feels silky skin beneath his hands, it's like something heavenly feeling. Geet placed her hand on maan's hand.

Aisi chale jab hawa'
Ishq hua hi hua '
Aisi chale jab hawa'
Ishq hua hi hua '

Maan twirl her again then bend her little and his slightly brushed on her back.

Geet feel tremor running through out her body.

Hulchul hui' zara shor hua'
dil chor hua' teri orr hua'
Hulchul hui' zara shor hua'
dil chor hua' teri orr hua'

Maan lift her little and gracefully twirl her on that position then again bring her back in the floor and push her then pull her softly

Aisi chale jab hawa'
Ishq hua hi hua '
Aisi chale jab hawa'
Ishq hua hi hua '

Maan hand's brushed with geet's full arms and geet just closed her eyes to feel the heavenly touch

Ishq hua 'haaye'.
Isha hua' haaye'.

Palko se, hothon tak, jo raah nikalti hai..
Guzre na, wahan se, yeh teri galti hai'
Palko se hothon tak jo raha nikalti hai'.
rehte hain ab hum wahan'
ishq hua hi hua'
Aisi chale jab hawa'
Ishq hua hi hua'

Maan twirl her from the opposite side and make her come in his arm's cage

Hulchul hui' zara shor hua'.
dil chor hua' teri aur hua'.

 Geet's face glowing shyly,both don't know and or too much in their engrossed in their world that they forget everything

Ishq hua'
Kadmon ko, sambhaalein, nazaron ka kya karein'
Nazron ko, sambhaalein, to dil ka kya karein'
Kadmon ko, sambhaalein, nazaron ka kya karein'
Dil ko sambhaale zubaan'
Ishq hua hi hua'
Aisi chale jab hawa'
Ishq hua hi hua'

Maan scoop her in his strong arms like she is feather and twirl a round along with her when geet just hold his neck tightly.

Maan placed her in the floor & again twirl her little and half way hugged her and dipped her then again lifts her by holding her waist

Hulchul hui' zara shor hua'
dil chor hua' teri orr hua'
Hulchul hui' hulchul hui'
zara shor hua'
dil chor hua'dil chor hua'
teri orr hua'

Ishq hua'
Ishq hua'.

Slowly slowly he bring her down and placed her on the floor,both looked at each other and getting lost in each other eyes.

Whole hall clapping and acknowledge  the couple who r still in trance.

Sameera murmur something when meera said chill lady , u want to take revenge, u want to humiliate bhabi and see the result. Good going.

Maaneet heard the sound of talk and came out from the trance and slowly maan removed his hand from her waist and moved little .

When masa and dadi sa came and kissed geet's forehead and said bless u bahurani.

Geet feels extremely shy it's first time she danced with any boy , no he is not any boy he is her kuwar sa she shyly smiles when meera and nisha came and hugged her from both side and said bhabi u r too good, so gracefully u danced with ur kuwar sa and geet shied more.

Her eyes looking at maan who is on the bar and taking drinks and she frowned to see it when sameera came and said babe u have compromised with about this habit and u have to know him more, u might be danced well babes when meera try to cut her but sameera said oh chill babes don't start this all , I'm just warning her, marring mk and then when geet smiles and said excuse me and went from there.

Meera shook her head when sameera just shrugged her shoulder .

Maan is trying to take another drink when geet hold his hand and politely said baas kijiye kuwar sa and come with me when maan pushed her hand said go away from me geet.

Geet looked at him then said kuwar sa not for me but for ur family and masa and dadi sa.

Maan :- don't blackmail me geet,leave me alone .

Geet trying to say something when sameera said well well mrs khurana u r disturbing MK .

Maan looked at sameera when geet said with extra smiling face, well Captain, he is my husband and I know what to do or not and it'll be grt if u excuse us now.

Sameera:-dare u when maan replied geet , let's go from here and captain sameera it's last warning , don't try to raised ur voice here and to my wife and mind it and don't try to  interfere between us.

Maan take geet's hand and left from here.

Maan:-oh , geet, actually I,I when geet said kuwar sa ,ur dinner.I hope all is ur fav, pls have a look and she placed the plate on his hand and try to left when maan said geet,I'm sorry ,

Geet turned and said for what kuwar sa, come and sit here ,

Maaneet sit and geet take one spoon rice with little curry and bring it in front of him when maan smiles and take it little then said have ur dinner also.

Geet: - I'll.

Maan smiles then said wait and called one of the waiter and said bring dinner for ma'm.

Geet:-kuwar sa , I'll when maan said shhh, and then called another waiter to bring his friends here.

Maan:- hope u don't have any problem , they r nice ,

Geet:-I know and smiles at him.

Later all joined them , they enjoyed, chatted and soon geet become their friend .

Maan is so happy to see them smiling and sply geet.

Suddenly meera asked hey bhabi what happen with ur lips, it's there cut or bite by and give teasing smile to maan.

Both maan shocked to hear it, geet's eyes beamed with tears when maan hold geet's hand & assuring her and said Captain Chopra, but geet just moved from here after excuse her.

Meera shocked to see this when maan said captain chopra, Geet is shy girl and she don't prefer this type of talk and excuse me .we will join later.

Here one of the corridor geet is standing and crying there when some one hold her shoulder and geet just hugged him and said kuwar sa.

At first maan shocked then hugged her and said shhh, geet , she didn't mind it, shhh geet,

Geet:-kuwar sa y they r like that, they didn't love me for once ,

Maan scoop her in his arms and look at geet who is looking vulnerable and take her to their room.

After placing her in the bed, maan give her glass of water and said geet have it.

Then maan said geet I don't know who to say, cause I'm weak in words but one thing I can only say, don't think about them, they r not worth , geet, I know they r ur family but no one mean no human can do that.

Geet looked down and said kuwar sa I know ,I can understand but I want masa ,I want my dadi sa I want my baba sa ,I want a friend , I want some one with whom I can share everything ,no one is there for me, bhai sa is there but he also go away from me.

Maan feel immense pain in his heart, feeling hurt and in pain to see her like this ,he sit infront of her and said geet and cupped her face little and said I'm here na , ur friend, ur husband, ur kuwar sa share with me anything geet, don't feel hesitate .

Geet looked at him then gaping at him like he came from other planet and said aap, then wipes her tears and said kuwar sa , I know u r saying this to keeping my mind off from all this, but u don't have to , wait for me , let me fresh up then will go to hall when maan said u I mean we don't have to when geet hold washroom door and said kuwar sa this is curtsey .

Later at the end of the party, meera came and said I'm sorry bhabi I don't mean to hurt u when geet said it's ok's just I remember something else and don't feel I mean when meera said I know u r shy , it's ok bhabi.


Later at night,

Geet is sleeping peacefully when maan is waking alone and looking at geet intently and thinking about her word, then said no geet I'll be ur friend but y m saying this to her, she said right , I don't need to but it's pricking my heart .y , what if I'm sympathizing her only, no it's wrong I should, when his thought break by geet who said what happen kuwar sa , y u r so tensed?

Maan just blankly looking at her when geet hold his hand and said with a smile  , kuwar sa , don't worry , m really fine , u r with me, whole family r giving me love , then , kuwar sa u r making me guilty now, it's too late now go to sleep when maan just geet u r angel and I'm not angel, I'm not even,I just the way behaved with u , it's I'm when geet covered his mouth and said u r angel, kuwar sa u don't even know how good u r, and kuwar sa, if u really consider me as ur friend then be a friend .share ur problem, happiness, with me also. Friendship depends from both end , hain na.


Geet wished him good night again left him to think .

Next day after noon,

Geet came to know that all maan's friends want a picnic but maan is not agree with the idea .

Geet smiles at them when yash said kya bhabi , pls make him say yes na.

Geet:-I'll try but I can't make him say yes butI don't want to say yes without his will. Have ur lunch,yash.

Nisha :- bhabi has the authority only she can manage with Maan sir.

Meera agreed with her.

Here maan is reading something when geet knocked the door and said may I come in?

Maan unknowingly smiles and said yes then when geet entered the room asked where r u , m waiting for so long and u r not here.

Geet looked little surprised then said oh I was doing some work.

Then maan said geet, I want to asked u something.

Geet nodded and said u don't have to asked me kuwar sa.

Maan smiles then said first all means, meera, yash, aditya nisha, every one wants a picnic with us , but as I want to know ur opinion geet, will u feel comfortable or , see there will be no captain Saxena.

Geet :-Maan if u want to go and if dadi sa and masa will give us permission then I don't have any problem .

Maan :-but geet what's ur wish, I want if u go  or agree with it then from ur own will.

Geet:-kuwar sa I'm telling this from  my own will.

Maan held her hand and said thanks geet then said to himself I just want u do whatever u want from ur mind, by ur own will , and no bandhan for u,

Geet is doing some work when masa came and said bahu rani, when geet get up and said ha masa.

Masa come and sit besides her and said I'm here for some reason bahu rani, u called me masa and I want to tell u something as wife of maan u have to know about them.

Geet nodded quietly then masa take sit besides her and said u know who is sameera?

Geet nodded no when masa sighed and said she is very evil, don't let her win again, don't let her destroy ur kuwar sa again?

Geet looked complete shocked then composed herself & asked masa, kya  kuwar sa loves her.

Masa surprised now to hear it then said asked ur kuwar sa it'll be better then if he  tell u his part story but I can only assure u there is love for ur kuwar sa for that woman, she is no one for ur kuwar sa.there is no love, there is something else and I can say she once try her level best to destroy maan. But bahurani not only as maan's masa , as ur masa I can only advice u one thing trust ur kuwar sa, he might be showing every one he is angry , hate everything but he is not like this. And cupped geet's face and said don't forget he is ur suhag, I'm not giving u any pressure but only saying to give him chance, try to understand him more.I know u can do it and whatever problem u feel, just come here ur masa is always waiting for u .

Masa get up from the bed when geet said masa and just hugged her waist and try to control her tears when masa said geet, ro lo geet,ro lo, if u feel light then cry geet, cry.

Here,maan came after some time and noticed geet's crying there after hugging his masa.

He runs and almost shouts in tension what happen now, y geet is crying?

Masa and geet both r looking at maan then masa wipes geet's gently and said nothing , it's just mother 'daughter talk and kissed geet's forehead. Then said bahurani take care and then patted maan's cheek lovingly.

Maan looked puzzled then asked what happen geet, is everything fine?

Geet smiles and said don't worry oh masa just telling me about something about our family and I was just little emotional.

Maan smiles then said I guess u will not tell me hmmm, ok when geet try to protest maan said it's ok  geet btw I'm going for some work , do u want to come with me?

Geet smiles broadly then ok,I'll but before that let me asked masa and dadi sa, aap iha rukiye mein aati hoon abhi ( u wait for me here, m just coming )and runs from there .

For the first time , maan noticed a bubbly geet, a real 18yrs old girl, or woman .

He sighed to see geet who just crossed 18 and become mature .


At night :-

Geet is doing something when maan said geet, I informed them about our picnic plan and tomorrow early morning we will move , tell Nakul kaka to pack everything , he will help u and yes geet sit here I need to know something.

Geet come and sit besides him when maan said first thanks geet, that day save me from getting drunk as I can't handle alcohol. By any chance I take it then he smiles faintly then geet said and another think u can't control ur gussa, anger,kuwar sa anger is not good for any one.if anything disturb u , irritate ur try to avoid  but if gets angry then it'll harm u more.

Maan looked at geet intently & said but that mean u have to bear all nonsense from others.

Geet:-no kuwar sa never .u can show ur anger who r worth for it, like ur tears, u said it to me.y gets angry on some wanted  unimportant thing who don't have any value or significance in our life.

Maan:-hmmm then said I will think but geet I want to know about ur education.

Geet :- I passed my 12th with 80% marks then took admission on college for my graduation in botany .

Maan impressed and looked amused to hear all, he smiles then said but college how I mean ur when geet said bhai sa helped me.

Maan:-good , so do u want to continue ur's ur 1st yr and just couple of month pass so it'll good and there will be no problem for u.

Geet nodded when maan said geet in coming week I will go back to DELHI as my holiday is near to complete , can I take u with me, if u wish.

Geet smiles more broadly and said surely.I'll then said thanks kuwar sa when maan bend little and said u r most welcome geet give her million dollar smiles.

Geet feels her soul is in peace , her heart is beating fast after seeing the gorgeous smiles from her hubby , her kuwar sa.

She closed her eyes and covers her face in between her palms.

Maan smiles to see it.


Picnic & Masti & Game  and EmbarrassedShocked

Previous Part:-

New beginning & Facing reality -Page 71

Next Part:- Discovering Each Other :-Page106

 Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept


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Hi all
how r u updated my FF Road To Love & Beyond pt 4 pg95 dt22.05
New Start or New Life:-Page 95
pls read and do comments
pls pressed the liked button
posted long part so need more comments and likes pls pls it's inspired me to write more well

P.S.:- here maan is angry young man but not bad, he is not bad from his heart,
wait and see how man's past will reveal
trust me u will loved this maaneet more
like our geet who is not cry baby a fighter and maaneet will together make u fall for them

Now about maan well in the concept and prologue I told how is maan from there judge Major Maan Singh Khurana.

Don't worry geet is not cry baby , she is fighter , brave girl again read the prologue & concept about GEET.

Story will unfold more and many more action, drama, romance, passion, twist and turns, here maaneet r not simple character but they have many complex in their character , they r normal human, they have anger , they have pain in their life, they have dream in their life , they react also like us , instant reaction, some times they r frustrated when they try to react badly,  some time realized , some times not, like this more will come  , the journey of MAANEET in new way ,till then keep reading Road To Love N Beyond 

P.S:-Feel free to criticize me or express ur views I would love to read ur views
pls pls read and do comments and pls pressed the liked button

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love the way she handled sameera

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awesome part 
geet is becoming confident 

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lovely update...
so geeet is becoming confident and maan also somewhere started caring for her
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Nice update

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awsem update geet confidence it

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   my maaneet scenes were so cute... waiting for pinic im praying to god not to spoil te pinic by te entry of sameera... past eagerly waiting for past

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Author: maaneetkimeet   Replies: 156   Views: 6111

maaneetkimeet 156 6111 19 June 2011 at 12:31am by Ishan.
Price for love, Value of love

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Author: Silentsoul   Replies: 83   Views: 7334

Silentsoul 83 7334 22 April 2011 at 11:26pm by Infinitedreams
just love love love love maan

Author: xXRzmastiXx   Replies: 6   Views: 3614

xXRzmastiXx 6 3614 21 December 2010 at 9:53pm by angelmm

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