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Road To Love & Beyond pt 8 pg147,note in pg161 (Page 71)

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Originally posted by bhanu_rekhag

interesting promo

Thanks dear

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Originally posted by love4all

ok dear will wait for u

yup just will update within 45mins

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Originally posted by neethuMG


will update within 45mins
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hi all
how r u all
 Replied all and thanks for awesome, brilliant comments
loved them
 thanks to all of u who pressed like button and give awesome comments
love u all

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Next Part:-

New beginning & Facing reality


He cursed geet, now she is sleeping peacefully after taking my sleep arhh this woman I know they only want to make us crazy.

Maan get up to and noticed geet is ready and said good morning kuwar sa.

Maan ignored him and went from there but before he entered the washroom , he heard that isn't it courtesy to greeted ur wife or when she greeted u sply.

Maan :-look geet, I marry u only cause of my family that doesn't mean u will dance on my head, cause of u I didn't get my sleep yesterday night now stop this.

Geet murmur Dusht Danav he is also like them same , rude arrogant, huh, no one is there hear me.

Geet make some sweets for whole family after that every one praised about her cooking.

Dadi sa:-Maan how is it

Maan who never bother for any food good or bad , never said or complaint about anything but here he said it's nice .

Every one in the family looking at maan like he came from different planet . when maan said now what.

Dadi sa :-nothing son, actually we thinking once upon a time some one never paid any attention then suddenly.

Maan feel embarrassed but said so , it's not big , deal, don't  make fuse over it dadi sa.

                           Dadi sa just nodded hmm, ok but try to hide her smile.

Maan:- dadi sa pls

                                  Dadi sa :-ok beta, let's complete the breakfast.

Suddenly Masa asked bahu rani ,when geet looking at her mother in law and said jee.

Masa:- where r those traditional Jewelry

Geet looked down and bit her lips when masa said bahu rani I'm asking u something .

Geet:-oh masa, oh .

Maan :-I forgot to make her wear those.

Masa & Dadi sa r looking at maaneet  then dadi sa said it's most imp rituals in our family and both of u forget.

Geet think I told him but no he has his own reason Dusht Danav.

Maan glare her then think I told her to wear those jewelry but no she is so stubborn , grr, Where  I trapped .Dadisa both of u listen to me first, just go to ur room and wear those other wise I'll make maan u will make her wear her in front of me.

Geet felt embarrassed & nodded & left from there where maan keep cursing this rituals .

Maaneet's Room:-

Geet keep pacing here & there when Maan pulled her and said with gritted his teeth what the , can't u tell there something or wear those?

Geet:- it's not my fault, it's ritual which u don't want to complete, it's not my fault.don't blame me for everything.

Maan glared her then said I saved u in the ,Geet retorted back so, it's ur duty and m ur wife,

Maan murmur chatter box, IF u say some thing then see the reply already ready for u , always ready to reply .

Maan make her stand in front of Dressing table then said wait here , then he bring out those jewelry & said come here and give me ur hand first then maan placed the kangan on her delicate wrist. Maan pressed her wrist gently with his thumb when geet just closed her eyes suddenly as she is feeling tickling sensation.Maan snapped his hand suddenly then make her seat on the stool then sat in front of her & hold her ankle when geet shirked kuwar sa ,what r u doing ?

Maan looked at her then said what, what r u thinking m singing now kya?stay quiet here.

Geet hold his hand then said pls kuwar sa don't

Maan:- what's ur problem geet, I just can't understand u ,one time u said u will not wear this until I make u then next time u r behaving like now stop this all and sit here.

Geet:-but u can't touch me maan raised his head instantly when geet bit her lips & said oh I mean u r my husband so u can't touch my feet.

Maan looked at her shocked then said r u crazy , stop this all nonsense.

Geet:-but masa told me that.

Maan:-look I don't have full day to hear ur crap now stop this all and let me finish this.

Geet: but ,she stopped in mid way when maan glared at her.Maan placed her feet on his knee then slide her saree little then put the anklet on her ankle and tie it there .

Maan smiles and mesmerized by her soft, milky white skin ,when he is putting it he want to

Caress the place ,and he did it, he taking his sweet time and putting it tying it on her both feet.

Maan slowly brought down her legs in the floor & said it's beautiful .

Geet shied , pink color creep on her cheeks.

Maan make her stand & said give me the waist chain geet,

Geet gave him the waist chain when maan said Geet , I know there ur parents, guardian told u that Pati Bhagwan hota hain but in real it's not, Geet, we r human , we have lots of error , we can't be GOD , GOD is only one perfect , no one else & y wife will called Husband GOD and treat them like that when it's women who should treated like GOD .

Maan looked geet and noticed she is gaping at him with wide eyes & her mouth is full open when maan said Geet close ur mouth.

                                    Geet :-but Wife should respect her husband .

Maan:-for what reason geet?

Geet:-oh oh,

Maan:-think about it later now pull ur pallu above ur he stopped oh actually I have to put it there so if u , I mean , geet hesitated and look & here there then asked is it necessary when maan said I don't know , but whatever and pull her pallu to see a beautiful side in front of him,  pinkish white scene in front of her.

Geet closed her yes in shyness

Maan feel whole world is spinning now , he snapped & shouts can't u wear this by urself, and give her that.

Geet look confused then slowly wear it but at the time of tie she is failing to do it so she said  suniye.

Maan who is looking out side just said hmmm.

Geet with hesitation said ,I can't tie it.

Maan without looking at her just said what ?

Geet:-oh this waist chain.

Maan turns to see and noticed geet also turn back said I know I shouldn't ask u but , she make a baby face.

Maan smiles at her when geet said don't mock me.

Maan:- well mrs khurana , I'm amused that  being a woman ,u don't know how to wear this .

Geet with moist eyes just said I don't know cause I never allowed to wear this , only some of functions or if I go out side the palace .

Maan surprised to hear it and said oh oh, it's ok and let me help u.

Maan again bend and tie the hook there properly but his breath got stuck again to the beautiful skin of his wife.

Maan's hand lingered there more than needed , he want to take it away but can't don't know what he is feeling ? He just closed the hook and said done and turn away after taking deep breath .

Where geet just released  her breath & murmur a thanks .

Later at evening, geet is feeling happy to be here, as here people r so different from her parental house,her chain of thought break due to maan's word.

Maan:- geet , r u ready?

Geet nodded meekly when maan asked what happen?

Geet nodded no.

Both , maaneet took blessings from Masa, Dadisa when masa said tomorrow ur kuwarsa will bring u back.

Geet nodded and with that maaneet left from there  .

On the way :-

Maan:- geet, I want to tell u something , see , I don't know how to tell u but see Geet, we  married due our family but whatever happen is happen ,

Geet cut him & said will u throw me when maan said  let me complete geet,

Geet nodded when maan said , geet, see I don't any thing much about ur family  when geet murmur that was not my family but maan heard it and chuckled .

After some pause maan:- geet ,don't take any torture on us, until u protest no one will listen to u, there is no value of tears in this days.I hope u will understand what I'm trying to say. Anyway, take care and I'll take u back tomorrow evening.

Geet:-pls don't go.

They reached Singhania Mansion; geet hold his hand tightly in some unknown feelings again.

Maan noticed it, don't worry.

They greeted and welcomed by Geet's masa ,Baba sa, dadi sa.

They entered the hall and take a seat after little chit chat , maan said they r tired need some rest.

They agreed but , geet's masa take her with them before geet could say anything.

Maan take a leave after evening snacks.

After two days,Singhania Mansion:-

Maan came suddenly, he felt suddenly guilty for not came yesterday.

He asked for every one & geet when suddenly in a hurry geet's chachi came and said oh u kuwar sa , what pleasant surprise, wait ,I'll do aarti .

Maan nodded but his eyes r searching for geet .

Chachi told a maid to inform every one .

Maan noticed every one there silent.

After that, maan:- where is geet?

Chachi:-oh, she is coming. Come and told another servant help to went to his room.

Maan entered their room but his mind keep wondering about geet, he know he is at fault he came one day later but he stuck in some work.He will exlaint hen think y m thinking too much about geet, it's not good, I shouldn't , anyway she don't think or care , like she is not interested either m coming or not, see still she is no where to seen .


But he  just heard a whimper Kuwar sa.

He turn & noticed her, his wife geet limping. He runs towards her and said geet what happen?

Geet:-kuwar sa and hugged him & said pls save me, I'll not stay here.and sobbing.

Maan take her in his arms when geet hide herself in his arms.

Maan placed her in the bed &  noticed her forehead has little bruise , lips r bleeding and then noticed legs r bleeding .

He shocked & asked geet how it's happen ?

Geet:-kuwar sa kuwar sa,

Maan:- geet , how, how it's happen, what happen geet, who did it?

Geet suddenly hugged him and cried out loud & keep saying pls take me away from here ,pls.

Maan is full shocked what is happening here, he came just one day later and within this time his wife in this condition

Geet keep whimpering and keep murmuring to take her from there.

Finally Maan said geet,look at me? Shhh,I will hear everything but shhh , let me clean u first.pls geet.

Maan try to get up when geet hold his hand & said pls don't leave me again they will kill me.

Maan :-till me with u no one will  touch u , I promised geet .

Maan slowly bring hot water and dipped it in cotton cleaned those wounds when geet flinched in pain and moaned little ahhh.

Maan:-shhh, geet, after her forehead and lips then went to her lips to her legs,

He has some slight hesitation but then he moved her saree little and cleans her wound,

His blood boils to see her like this and puzzled also what happen to her ?

Maan give her  painkiller then apply ointment there and said geet, try to sleep geet.

Geet :-Kuwar sa, pls take me here from everyone. I don't want to stay here.

Maan cupped her one cheek & said I'll geet ,I'll but u need rest, take little sleep and but there is loud knock in the door  when maaneet surprised and geet startled and said pls don't open the door .

Maan hold her hand & said trust me geet, nothing will happen,let me see it.

Before ,geet could protest more .

Maan get up and went to open the door when geet again hold his wrist & nodded no.

Maan held her wrist & said wait geet, I'm here , don't worry.

He opened the door& found geet's masa, dadi sad and babu sa r standing there with some male and female guards.



Dadi sa:- oh , Geet, is here na so we came to take her , as she came here without being ready for u, so , I know she is stupid and don't know this rituals and just came here like that, we tried hard to make her obedient but she is most stupid child in our place. Don't worry we will teach her.

Maan closed his fist try to control his anger, he know something happen but what it's but he speak like that, torture her hit her , and she is not stupid , rituals which ritual , in which customs or rituals told u to hit ur child like that,I'm taking my wife right now. excused us now.

He just closed the door and looked geet who is still in shocking face looking at the door.

Maan :- geet, now come and change ur dress, wear some light,I guess u have.we will move from here now.

Geet is trying to stand properly but fail when maan hold her and make her stand little and said oh dress.

Geet:-I can .

Later both get ready and came out from their room, maan is helping geet to walk .

They met with geet's family in the hall and when geet's baba sa said we r sorry kuwar sa , we  ashamed of her behavior ,I know u try to hide the fact but still we r happy that u still want to take her back like, I know she must be done something wrong so u couldn't came yesterday and we just ashamed of her, we ashamed .

When maan said with serious voice I had enough of ur accusation for my wife but not any more, y I didn't came yesterday it has some other reason what I'll not tell here but one thing I want to tell u I'm really stunned & some how ashamed to have to u all in my in laws, don't want to talk with any one now ,we r leaving.

Before any one can say anything maan moved from there but geet can't walk fast as she is still limping.

Maan looked at her and ordered his driver ready the car and just scooped geet in his strong arms.

All family members r just gasped in horror then never saw this kind of gesture.

Where geet feel embarrassed when maan said stop looking at them & now we r going to meet doctor first then to home.

Geet looked at him with wide eyes & try to understand what exactly this man is , some times too hard and rough , some times, opposite.

Night , Royal Star Hotel,Maaneet's room:-

Maan:-yes masa, we will be back by tomorrow after noon , yes surely, she is fine now, yes don't worry, I complete my work, no don't worry, yes,doctor told me that she needs rest for few days sply her leg, no all is fine, ok good night, say good night to dadi sa also bye, see u tomorrow then .yes I'll take care of her and yes .

Maan's self thought:-this rain is worst thing in nature gosh, we stuck here now, I should wait for tomorrow or till reached home then check her up to doctor but her wounds also.damn ,what is happening.

Maan glanced at his wife's sleeping form then slide besides her.

He closed his eyes and tries to gain some sleep for few hours but his mind is clouded with the thought what happen there, that this wounds?

In mid night , his sleep break due to geet's whimpering, pls , forgive me, don't hit me, pls 'pls don't tie me, I'm sorry masa.I done nothing wrong, pls dadi sa.Kuwar sa ,pls save me.pls.they will kill me

Maan hold her hand then said geet, geet, wake up ,what happen, geet slowly open her yes but then drift off too deep sleep.Maan I guess she is dreaming about that incident, I will ask her tomorrow about it.he cover her fully by blanket

Maan looked more confused and keep wondering what happen there and those lines

pls , forgive me, don't hit me, pls 'pls don't tie me, I'm sorry masa.I done nothing wrong, pls dadi sa.Kuwar sa ,pls save me.pls.

full night maan stay awake as sleep is far away from him, don't know y he can't sleep after all this.

Next day after break fast , maan :- geet,

Geet looked at him and maan said how r u feeling now?

Geet:- much better.

Maan:-hmmm, Geet, if , actually I want to ask when geet cut him & said u want to know what happen there?

Maan nodded when geet said it's cause of, it's cause of ur didn't came that day , they thought u send me there forever, u throw me out from ur life forever. They accused me for not saved my marriage and cursed me , what do u want to know Major Maan Singh Khurana.

Maan looked shocked & said geet,when geet said moist eyes, u told me u will come but u didn't and then smiles painfully, I'm stupid to trust u and wait for u that day , I forget I'm nothing to u , this marriage means nothing to u.Can I ask ed u something y came now  ,suddenly changed ur mind.

Maan:- look geet, I know I'm at fault that I didn't came but I stuck in something imp other wise if I promised something then will fulfill it always and now come to ur last questions y I came , cause u r my wife and it's my duty but what if I delay by one day they hit u  like that , this is insane. Inhuman reaction

Geet smiles sadly & said when there is custom, rituals, society then there is nothing inhuman to them and this is reality to us Major Khurana.

Khurana Palace:-

Maaneet entered the home when Masa take aarti of them and give them blessing after they touch her feet.same with dadi sa also.

Dadi sa:- u both might be tired after long journey , go and take rest.

Maaneet nodded barely.

Maan:-oh masa then said to her masa, send someone to our room as geet will need help I mean when .

Masa looked at him then smiles positively .

Next day ,Maaneet's room:-

Geet is getting ready for her muhdikahi when Masa entered and said bahu rani.

Geet get up & said ha masa.

Masa make her sit there and said bahu rani this is for u , today u have to wear this mang tikka .and this spl Duppatta will cover ur face.

Geet nodded and said thik hain masa.

Masa smiles and placed kajal tikka back of her ear and kissed her forehead & blessed her forever happy and blessed married life.

After masa left , geet break down in cry and said y my masa also not like that y , my masa helped dadi sa to tie me up in the store room for one day.y my masa said I'm cursed for her and for maan's life. y they told me that kuwar sa didn't came cause of me as m cursed on his life, y always they blamed me, y masa y u never loved me, y masa , y baba sa u never cared for me, y u said I should die on first placed after my birth,y dadi sa u said u wanted a boy but as cursed I came there,, y is there my fault, y u blamed dadi sa for everything, u blame me  for some puja's Lamp light off with my ill fate.u all told me that I brought my ill fate for my kuwar sa.u all told me to give them heir other wise u will not show ur face to any one , y it's always fault to us, y it's our fault to bron as girl.y my family said to me I was at their burden and they r happy they take me away their burden away from their life.y she cover face with her palm and cried bitterly as she remembered that day when they tied her in the store room


Here geet is unaware of the fact a pair of angry and pained eyes looking at her , his grip on door gradually increased.

He thinks how can some people think like that, how can some people stoop so low.chi,he noticed geet wiped her tears and start to enter washroom when he hide behind a door and give her some space as she needs it.

Later Muhdikhayi Rasam went well , every one give Geet, present and blessing and wish her good and blessed marriage life with maan.

Here on another side of the palace some one fighting with himself fighting with his thinking , fighting with the those words, fighting with those cry, those   pained eyes, painful tears and those cruel custom and thinking

he is kicking forcefully on the ice slab. punching in sand bag, practicing his tai chi in anger

he is continuously doing his kick boxing here, like he want to punish every one, his helpless, his frstration, his irritation all r coming out and then he shouts AHHH , if I went that day then they didn't hurt her like this y, I reached late y, AHHH

She smiles gently,

Later , dadi sa said go beta fresh up then come here I will told Shamraj to bring dinner here  , geet nodded get up to left for her room when she heard something and she  turned & shocked beyond imagination.



Saving honor but who saved whose honorEmbarrassed

Reception or Embarrassed

Previous part :-New Life & New place -Page36

Next Part:-New Start or New Life:-Page 95


 Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept

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Hi all
how r u all
updated my FF

Road To Love & Beyond MG FF

next part

New beginning & Facing reality -Page 71

Pls read and do comments
pls pressed the liked button
in my previous teaser I asked u one questions Which is bigger than another one
Love, Humanity and Some customs or rituals
and maximum told that Humanity is biggest than anything and agree with u
then come love
then some customs and rituals
but Y I asked this questions for that read this part and next part also then u will get ur ans
after read today's part tell me
thanks and lots of hugs for giving me ur love & support, pls keep loving me & my FF and keep showering ur love
read each and every comments and loved them
and hugs and thanks to all of them who likes my previous update
pls keep loving this FF
hope this part is long and u will like this part also
pls read this note

Note:- About geet's family there is many family who still think girls r only burden for them, they consider girls r only mere furniture and I just bring it here but that doesn't mean every girls parents or family r like this , that will be also come later .

Now about maan well in the concept and prologue I told how is maan from there judge Major Maan Singh Khurana.

Don't worry geet is not cry baby , she is fighter , brave girl again read the prologue & concept about GEET.

Story will unfold more and many more action, drama, romance, passion, twist and turns, here maaneet r not simple character but they have many complex in their character , they r normal human, they have anger , they have pain in their life, they have dream in their life , they react also like us , instant reaction, some times they r frustrated when they try to react badly,  some time realized , some times not, like this more will come  , the journey of MAANEET in new way ,till then keep reading Road To Love N Beyond 



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Hi all
how r u all
updated my FF

Road To Love & Beyond MG FF pt 3 pg71 dt14.05

New beginning & Facing reality -Page 71

Pls read and do comments
pls pressed the liked button
 pls read the note below

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awesme update loved it 

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