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Road To Love & Beyond pt 8 pg147,note in pg161 (Page 147)

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Hi all dearies
how r u all
 thanks to all of u for beautiful comments
loved them all
thanks for loving the previous update
I'm glad that u loved maaneet scene , conversation
well geet lost but as maan find her but shouts on her cause maan finds loosing her like losing his own life, he is slowly slowly feeling something for her
but geet is vulnerable and delicate she thinks something else.
but as usual maan manao her
about geet 's insecurity
I left it to u all to decide y geet behaved about maan's leaving for work like that
but if u want my view then it's cause of geet's childhood and the past life she spend in her parental house , she found her life, heaven in maan's place, with maan, she is discovering the life new way, freely flying in the sky,and dependent on maan also , her life is revolving around maan, her kuwar sa  and maan also pamper his sona same way
slowly slowly geet will mature on this way and understand maan's duty more
after all she is kuwar sa's brave sona.
I"m really happy to read all comment and want to read more, want to read ur view and would love to know more
pls keep commenting and pressed liked button in future also

thanks to all of u who likes the previous part

Thanks to all of u who likes the pics where maaneet went for their honeymoon



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new thread or on this one only??
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Glitter Text

Duriyan hain Jaruri :-



Next Part:-

Maan is looking at geet from the mirror but her expression is calm and sober  ,he called her sona, come here once .

Geet come near to her kuwar sa and said ha kuwar sa.

Maan:- r  u fine sona.

Aa Aa Na Na Na
Seemaaye Bulaaye Tujhe Chal Raahi
Seemaaye Bulaaye Tujhe Chal Raahi
Seemaaye Pukaare Sipaahi
Seemaaye Bulaaye Tujhe Chal Raahi
Seemaaye Pukaare Sipaahi
Seemaaye Bulaaye Tujhe Chal Raahi
Seemaaye Pukaare Sipaahi

Geet smiles and said I'm fine kuwar sa, I just reacted as I was insecure , and don't know y , don't want to stay away from but I know ur duty come always first and I will support u .

Maan held her chin by his thumb when maan asked geet r u sure about it? I mean, u don't have  to .

But geet cut him and said no kuwar sa m not, trust me , m fine and I know u will come back and take me with u,

Maan looked at her then said sona, I'll and pull her in his arms for the last before leaving from there.,

Geet also hide herself in her kuwar sa's arms and try to hide her tears but can't , maan gently wipe them and said sona, don't cry pls.

Suno Jaane Vaale
Suno Jaane Vaale Laut Ke Aanaa
Suno Jaane Vaale Laut Ke Aanaa
Koi Raah Dekhe Bhool Na Jaanaa
Tum Bin Pal Pal Rahungi Main Bekal Banke Birhan
Sang Hai Tumhaare Mere Desh Ke Sipaahi Meraa Man
Meraa Man Meraa Man
Seemaaye Bulaaye Tujhe Chal Raahi Seemaaye Pukaare Sipaahi
Seemaaye Bulaaye Tujhe Chal Raahi Seemaaye Pukaare Sipaahi
Suno Jaane Vaale

Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Aa Aa

Re Ga Re Ga Ma Ga Re Ga Re Ga Ma
Ni Sa Ni Sa Re Ga Re Ga Ma Sa Sa Sa Sa Ni Sa

Geet nodded her head and said take care of urself and take food properly and don't neglect urself .

Maan smiles at her and cupped her face gently then said I'll sona, I'll follow all of ur order Mrs Khurana and u will also, u will not cry ,

Geet looked at him with moist eyes when maan said nope sona, u will not,I know it's tough but for me u will not , promised me geet,pls sona.

Geet just hugged him tight and said come back soon kuwar sa,pls , take care of ur self.

After standing in each other arms , they break off and looked at each other when geet said kuwar sa I'll not cry ,promised .

Maan smiles and cupped her face and kissed her forehead where geet felt little jalt and maan said take care and left from there.

Geet's eyes almost moist but she determined to stop her tears as she promised her kuwar sa.

In Hall room,Masa taking arti of Maan then give the thali to Geet and said bahu rani takes arti of ur kuwar sa and give ur best wishes to him, as ur dadi sa and me already took it.

Geet nodded and takes arti of her kuwar sa's and said Come back soon with victory , we will wait for u and her eyes speaks m also kuwar sa, ur sona will also wait for u.

Maan smiles and nodded but his eyes also again speak I'll sona , ur kuwar sa will return soon.

After one day , geet is looking at maan's pic and sitting near the window and thinking about their honeymoon their beautiful time . she caressed the pic and said kuwar sa , see m not crying , come back soon , m missing u .

Tum Aur Main Jo Sang Na Honge To Holi Mein Bhi Rang Na Honge
Tum Aur Main Jo Sang Na Honge To Holi Mein Bhi Rang Na Honge
Barf Se Thandi Koyale Se Kaali Tum Bin Hogi Har Deevaali
Ho Seekheinge Baadal Aansoo Bahaanaa
Aag Lagaane Ko Jaan Jalaane Ko Hogaa Saavan
Saavan Ki Is Agni Kaa Hogaa Indhan
Meraa Man Meraa Man
Seemaaye Bulaaye Tujhe Chal Raahi Seemaaye Pukaare Sipaahi
Seemaaye Bulaaye Tujhe Chal Raahi Seemaaye Pukaare Sipaahi
Suno Jaane Vaale
Aa Aa Na Na Na
Dhin Tana Ta Na Na Dhin Tana Ta Dhin Ta
Dhin Tana Ta Na Na Dhin Tana Ta Dhin Ta

She placed the frame near the side table when phone ring on their room.

She don't know y but her mind said it's her kuwar sa's call and she picked it and said Kuwar sa.

From the other end maan said just  sona,

Both smiles and felt huge relief to listen each other after one day and it's like after ages they r listening each other.

Once they didn't want to marry, even their initial meeting or encounter r so bad but now all changed but y?

Maan:- sona r u angry on me .

Geet nodded no as if maan is seeing and smiles and said m not kuwar sa ?how r u?

Maan:- m ok sona, how r u?

Geet:-m also ok kuwar sa.

Both again  stop there don't know what to say ?when both speak together missing u .

Both again stop then both smiles and maan said sona ,

Geet know what he want to know but he is hesitating for some reason and said I'm fine kuwar sa but missing u, but don't worry , m not crying as I promised u . suhasini will come tomorrow, masa and dadi sas went to temple, they r also missing u.

Maan smiles at her innocent talk, how sweety and easily she said she is missing him but he still couldn't formed this on a word or sentence .he smiles and said I'll be back soon and take care as cut the call as don't know what to say, as if they never talk like that before,

Maan's monologue:-

Once upon a time I was running , from this marriage or any kind of relationship where our initial meetings also not so pleasant then what happen, y m drowning in her , is it cause of her innocence or her beauty.I don't know what is wrong with me or right with me but I can't see her in pain , her tears giving me pain, her smiles giving me peace, y , y I want to see her all time happy , y I want to see her smiling , y I want to take her in my arms , y , what is this all , it's just attraction or what , m feeling for her but what is this feelings, y m missing her more now, y, we just married couple of weeks and it's like we used to each other, we can't stay away from each other long.

His monologue break by a call from head quarters and he just glanced at geet's smiling happy face, he just traced his index finger and halt near to her lips then left the room.


Here in Khurana Palace,Maaneet's room

Geet is looking at the shirt which her kuwar sa  wore in their honeymoon after she brought it ,how happy he is looking and more how handsome her kuwar is.

She shied then caressed the shirt lovingly and said mere kuwar sa (my Kuwar sa) without knowing what she told just smiling and turn to see her kuwar sa is smiling at her , she runs to touch him when he disappeared and geet pouted cutely and said this is the third time u r doing this to me kuwar sa , y u r doing this , u r bad, always teased me , then said pls come back kuwar sa , ur sona is missing u but I promised u na kuwar sa ,I'll not cry and see m not crying .u just come back after getting all success .

Ghar Ke Ye Kamre Aangan Dvaare Raah Takeinge Ye Bhi To Saare
Ghar Ke Ye Kamre Aangan Dvaare Raah Takeinge Ye Bhi To Saare
Khaali Rahegi Kursi Tumhaari Pyaasi Rahegi Phoolon Ki Kyaari
Ho Tarsegaa Tumko Saaraa Gharaanaa
Baanhon Ko Pasaare Suno Tumhi Ko Pukaare Is Ghar Kaa Aangan
Jaao Tum Chaahe Kahin Saath Hai Meri Dhadkan
Meraa Man Meraa Man

After two day:-

Khurana Palace, Maaneet's room:-

Dadi sa  come to maaneet's room and said bahu rani.

Where geet is reading a book and said are dadi sa , aap, yes , dadi, u should call me.

Dadi sa:- it's ok beta,no problem, actually I came here to inform u that Suhasini's  friend's elder brother's marriage tomorrow so we want u also go with her, give her accompany .

Geet is looking at her with wide eyes and said dadi sa mein , I mean ,I will go with suhasini .but I don't know any one what If I done something wrong dadi sa.

Dadi sa  smiles then patted her cheek lovingly and said bahu rani very soon u have to attend many function with maan and some may be without maan then , be confidant bahu rani, don't worry, suhasini will be there , don't worry and very soon u have to attend many functions here and there .

Geet nodded and murmur but without kuwar sa.

Dadi sa chuckled but left it as she   didn't heard. And said so I guess u ready bahu rani.

Geet nodded her head when dadi sa said trust me , there is nothing fear and have trust on ur self dear when geet just nodded yes

After dadi sa left from there geet is looking at maan's pic and said kuwar shall I go with suhasini , yes na, I should be confidant and there is nothing to worry, but if u with me then .


Next day breakfast table geet is helping the servant to serve break fast when in her absent mind she serve  the food to maan's side and said kuwar sa today ur fav food  and stop there and suddenly realized her kuwar sa is not there.

She bit her lips to control her tear and cry and said to one of the maid aap jaise and inform , dadi sa and masa that break fast is ready( u go and inform , dadi sa and masa that break fast is ready)

Later suhasini come to maan's study when geet is arranging couple of books  .

Suahsini :- bhabi sa u r just like bhai sa .

Geet smiles sadly when suhasini said  missing bhai sa ha.

Geet smiles and said kuwar sa is with me suhas , but yes IF he is now here then. Then smiles and said accha tell me ur preparation for ur friend's brother's marriage is ready.

Suhasini nodded.

Geet smiles then one of the servant said bahu rani sa, may I come in ?

Geet:-yes , Nakul kaka.

Nakul entered the study room and said bahu rani there is call for u from Kuwar sa.

Geet's eyes delighted  and said , in main line ?

Nakul also happy to see their bahu rani smiling from her heart again and said yes but he said to wait as he will call u in ur room.

Geet :- thank u Nakul kaka and said to suhasini , I'll talk to u later suhas , and runs from there almost .

Later when maan called geet and asked sona where r u that time, I called and but geet cut him instantly and said sorry kuwar sa I was re arraigning ur study room then got busy with suhasini.

Maan felt a sense of relief don't know y he feared about her too much , without him what she is doing and what she will do, many time maan said to himself , let her little free, enjoy herself but she is like kid and there is some over protectiveness towards her .

Maan shurrged his thought and said it's ok, dadi sa said u r feeling scared sona.

Geet:-oh kuwar sa little ,little.

Maan:- sona, don't be and  see, u will enjoy there, they r very nice people.

Geet smiles and said ok then said how is ur work.

Maan:- all is going on and I'll not call coming two days as I have to go some remote area.

Geet feel something in her heart then slowly said take care of urself.

Maan:-I'll sona , and u also and don't be fear , trust urself more ha.



After four days, at night , maaneet's room:-

Geet is lying on the bed and reading magazine and but her mind clouded with some unsaid emotions, feelings for her kuwar sa, she want to find out those feelings but couldn't.she thinks about her life how change and how her life turn 360 degree and whe she thought her life will destroy but she came to hevean where she met an angel, yes her angel, her kuwar sa, little no angry young man but he has the golden heart,she still remember their first  meeting when kuwar sa scolded her, rudely talk with her ,

even after their marriage but he changed now, but how and y, is he piting me no no, never chi chi, what m thinking about him, he cares for me, it's care, the way he fulfill my every dream or wish, they he want to full my wish and dream, it's caring or something more, don't know what is it but I'm really missing him, once I thought ill about marriage, relationship but all change, she is finding the new meaning of marriage , relationship. She is discovering the life in new way and thanks to all her kuwar sa.but with kuwar sa all r blunt, blank, when he will return .no no it' s not right to think like this about him, his work , his work, duty is imp. Y m like this, no no ,I should become his strength , not weekness .but m feeling restless from last two days, y, is it cause kuwar sa is far away from me  or is it cause of something, no no he is fine hain na, ha ha he is fine.

She smiles and wishes good night to her kuwar sa

 Seemaaye Bulaaye Tujhe Chal Raahi Seemaaye Pukaare Sipaahi
Seemaaye Bulaaye Tujhe Chal Raahi Seemaaye Pukaare Sipaahi
Suno Jaane Vaale Laut Ke Aanaa Koi Raah Dekhe Bhool Na Jaanaa
Tum Bin Pal Pal Rahungi Main Bekal Banke Birhan
Sang Hai Tumhaare Mere Desh Ke Sipaahi Meraa Man
Meraa Man Meraa Man

Here in some where very far from his sona, maan is tossing in the camp side bed.his back is hurting due to pain as last two days hectic .He was too busy with his team to destroy all enemy and their sources. He even got hurt on his shoulder and forehead.

He want to call his sona once but he know it'll not right, he shouldn't loose his focus and as with his work he got immersed there.

He will be go with his team day after tomorrow another place and this time don't know how many days will? But will take u soon from there and make u smiles and happy again.I know sona , u r trying to be happy and cheerful but u r from inside really sad ,missing me, sona baas few days more.


Here next day, geet is waiting for her kuwar sa's call but it's not came as maan is busy in his work .Full day she waits and wait and looking at the cordless and every time it's ring she hoped for her kuwar sa and every time she got disappointed, suhas noticed it and said to masa, all r worried for her . when masa asked what happen bahu rani , Geet with soft voice said masa how is he? I'm worried for him.I don't feel good. Bahut daar lag raha hain masa, unke liye, sab sahi hoga na.

Masa feel the pain but she has to give little girl love, care warmth and  make the little girl  strong also . She hugged her and said shhh bahu rani, ur kuwar sa is perfectly fine .

But geet innocently asked then y my heart is beating fast masa.y he didn't call us.

Masa:- bahu rani, some times' it's happen, he got stuck in heavey work pressure ,beta, he will call, trust me .

Geet nodded slowly but her mind was not here.

Masa try to make her relax she said accha , wait ,I'll show u something , wait , later masa show geet old albums and little maan there and said iye lijiye aapka kuwar sa ko, ( take it beta, ur kuwar sa)

Geet shied little then looked at those pics and carrssed them .

Masa told her different story regarding different pics of little maan.

Masa:- accha bahu rani, asked about this pics to ur kuwar sa and see his reaction.

Geet smiles and nodded in yes.

Masa smiles and little bit happy to divert geet's mind.

Masa:- it's really tough for any one and sply geet , she is so young and I guess in this their relationship deepen more and now geet's world revolved around maan, her kuwar sa.

One week still no call, here geet is going restless, she keep telling something is wrong but no result.

Dadi sa tried and finally got to know that maan and his 4 team members r missing or didn't return from the last week, they r trying to locate them and search them.

Dadi sa sat on the bed with thud when masa runs and holds her and said what happen masa?

Dadi sa:- beta, oh maan.

Masa also feeling some unknown fear and said what happen to my maan, he is fine na.

Dadi sa:- don't know and they told he is missing from last one week.


Here, main puja room, Geet is making rangoli and thinking about her kuwar sa.when suddenly she noticed her kuwar sa is smiling at her and said sona , this is not the good design try again , sona use that color na, sona no no not like that.

Suddenly geet almost verge to break down but control herself as her promised to her kwuar sa. She will not cry, she will not become his weakness , she will be come his strength .

She moved to make some more design when suhasini came there and said bhabi sa

Geet :- kya hua suhas , y u r panting, take a breath then tell me.

Suhas sit beseides geet and hold her shoulder and said bhabi sa I heard, masa and dadi sa r discussing about bhai sa and but geet cut her and said suhas it's not good thing that u r listening their .

Suhas with mosit eyes said I know bhabi but.

Geet got alermed and said are kya hua suhas, shhh don't cry , accha tell me how is the rangoli ,u know ur bhai sa teach me this, how it's , I just wished today he is here and tell me how it's?

Suhas looks at her bhabi sa then hugged her and  slowly said bhabi sa, they didn't find bhai sa, from last one week and and they feared about his but geet shouts STOP  IT SUHAS. Ur bhai sa is fine, my kuwar sa is fine . kuch nehi hua unhe( nothing happen with him )oh thik hain(he is fine)I know, my heart know, my trust know, my Krishna know that, suhas , stop crying , he is fine, I know and don't ever think like this, I know he promised me, he will be back .

Geet cupped suhas's face and said stop crying suhas and listen to me, u know na ur bhai sa, trust him na, then stop crying, and remember, he will be back, he will be back to us .

Suhas hugged her tight and said I know bhabi sa but y they told like that.

Geet hugged her back and said cause they don't know the real thing , and my heart knows, my krishan knows , he is fine wherever he is , and soon he will come back, trust me.

Dadi sa know being Army man , anything can happen any day, but still one side her heart want to see her grandson, her maan now.

Masa is carrasing maan's pic and thinking about maan and want to hear a good news.

Geet came and said what to both of u? Kuwar sa will scold me, masa ,dadi sa , come na, eat something, I'm saying u na, he is fine, kuwar sa is fine, don't u trust ur kuwar sa, he said na, he will be back, he promised me.

Masa and dadi sa r looking at the little girl who has the confidance that her suhag is fine, her kuwar sa will be back, from where she got this confidance.

Later geet called meera and asked how is she ?

They also got confused to see her calm behavior or is it like she lost her sense in shock?

Geet:- I know meera di , all of u r thinking that I'm in some shock but meera di, it's not,I have full confidence on my kuwar sa and he promised me that he will be back so he will be .

Every one is fearing to loose maan when only geet is standing confidant that her kuwar sa will be back.

Seemaaye Bulaaye Tujhe Chal Raahi Seemaaye Pukaare Sipaahi
Seemaaye Bulaaye Tujhe Chal Raahi Seemaaye Pukaare Sipaahi
Seemaaye Bulaaye Tujhe Chal Raahi Seemaaye Pukaare Sipaahi
Seemaaye Bulaaye Tujhe Chal Raahi Seemaaye Pukaare Sipaahi

Geet is carrasing maan's pic and said kuwar sa come back soon, u promised ur sona na , pls come back .

She lost in maan's pic when the loud ring of their phone broke her trance , he take the receiver in her hand and said hello,

From other end no sound but soon geet exclaimed in joy ,Kuwar sa.

This time from other end , he smiles and said Sona.



 Piya is coming


here is the next part

hope u all like it

pls read and do comments

pls pressed the liked button

pls see the note also

& give me lots of comments and likes

and pls complete this thread

don't worry about this distance or duryian this is needed for their understanding or know each other more and miss each other more and pls give me ur support

Sorry for any mistake



Previous Part:-

Lost & Insecurity :-Page 132

Next Part:-
Piya Is Back:- Page13

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept

P.S .:- any one want pm for this FF then send me buddy req or post a comment here

P.S.:-Pls read the lyrics along with the UD it'll goes with the theme of this part
don't worry about this duryian it's need for their relationship and trust me
next part will be dhamaka with new thread

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Hi all
how r u all

Road To Love & Beyond pt 8 pg147 dt 18.06

Duriyan Hain Jaruri :-Page147
pls read and do comments
pls pressed the liked button
all of ur  comments and likes pls pls it's inspired me to write more well

P.S.:- here maan is angry young man but not bad, he is not bad from his heart,
wait and see how man's past will reveal
trust me u will loved this maaneet more
like our geet who is not cry baby a fighter and maaneet will together make u fall for them

Now about maan well in the concept and prologue I told how is maan from there judge Major Maan Singh Khurana.

Don't worry geet is not cry baby , she is fighter , brave girl again read the prologue & concept about GEET.

Story will unfold more and many more action, drama, romance, passion, twist and turns, here maaneet r not simple character but they have many complex in their character , they r normal human, they have anger , they have pain in their life, they have dream in their life , they react also like us , instant reaction, some times they r frustrated when they try to react badly,  some time realized , some times not, like this more will come  , the journey of MAANEET in new way ,till then keep reading Road To Love N Beyond 

P.S:-Feel free to criticize me or express ur views I would love to read ur views
pls pls read and do comments and pls pressed the liked button

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Day Dreaming

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@SS this thread
NEW thread mein kuch naya hoga Tongue

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hope koi shock nahi ho...Stern Smile..LOL

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@SS mein tujhe Shock dene wali lagti hoon NEHIII
iye mine kya sun lya Tongue

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