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Road To Love & Beyond pt 8 pg147,note in pg161 (Page 117)

impoojaverma IF-Sizzlerz

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sorry sorry for late comment

was on holidays wid family

awsome update

d way maan is thinking is somehow right

due to his past(SAMEERA) nd age difference he thinks dat geet can't be happy wid him

but as time passes by they will come close to eachother...

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Awesome update

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abina03 Goldie

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beautiful part
loved it

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Hi all dearies
how r u all
 sorry for not replying this time held with some work and by Saturday ,I'll be free and from then will reply regularly

I'm glad that u all loved picnic scene, maaneet scene and their conversation.
about who called maan to destroy the peace will half reveal in this part
about age difference well maan is insecure, he is fearing his past will kill the present and future and more over some times few men thinks like that when their spouse is so young .but geet is there to reduce it and I'm glad that u loved adi's word about it.
I'm glad that u all loved maaneet's leg pulling by all .
now but on an other hand they r making easy for maaneet .
in this picnic maaneet is coming again come close little more,
For geet it is like that slowly slowly flying in the sky and for maan try to understand her, himself and their relation more ,
Many emotions r going on between them
about geet's age she is really young for every one it's shocking and she is well matured than her age due to her circumstances but she is like other when she get those thing and freedom and little more pampering she will be like others in her age and that will be coming in coming parts
Maan try to understand her and like maan ,geet also try to understand him,
and soon maan will understand in love age is no bar
but now
like maan said he will give this marriage one chance and he will .

but read each and every comments and loved all awesome, beautiful comments
it's inspired me lots to write more well

I would love to read more ur views for this FF and updates

 thanks to all who pressed liked button


pls always giving me love and ur support


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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Glitter Text



First Step Together:-

Next Part:-

Maaneet r taking blessing from elders and leaving the palace for their honey moon.

On the way maan said do u know any thing about our honeymoon place?  Where we r going?

She nodded no when maan smiles and Ramthombore .maan smiles when geet in return says grt, I heard a lot of about this but never got chance to come here

Maan surprised and said matlab , geet smiles in return and said matlab I never vist out side my palace , some times went to few relatives home but that was rare also   

Maan now sighed and think how difficult her life there, he smiles then said don't worry geet with me u will get all happiness ,

Maan smiles then said u know geet, my training period's one of the place is forest

Geet:- really,  then said it's must be thrilling na,with tiger, lion when maan burst out in loud laugh when geet looked at him innocently and said what happen?

Maan some how control his laugh and said geet, u r such cute doll,geet no there is not tiger ,lion or any kind of animal ,it's reserve forest almost where we have to take our training.Geet tum bhi na.

Geet :-oh and turn her face then said I don't know anything about outer world too much and frowned when maan said hey I'm joking ,

Geet;-It's ok but she continue to look our side  when maan held her hand and said geet when geet turn with tear in her eyes and said I never go out side my palace except few places of our relatives but that also limited within their big mansion , is it my fault if I left ignorant about this place then.

Maan cupped her face and said u r not geet, u r not at fault, it's their ,ok it's my also I shouldn't laugh but trust me I never intent do hurt u , it's like I feel u r such cutie kid that's y.

Geet with her hazel eyes looking at him and said really u didn't feel that I'm stupid enough , when maan said hey , how could u think I'm thinking like that I was just laughing at ur cuteness ,dear ,I never think u like that, u most mature girl but soon geet again frowned and maan yes woman I have ever seen .

Geet blushed when maan tuck a hair behind her ear and said keep smiling geet,and never think u r less , , chalo we will reached at the place within 15mins.

Later they reached and driver helped them with the luggage they checked in the reception and they gave a honeymoon suit there.

Receptionist smiles at maan and said hope u enjoy here sir & Ma'm.

Maan smiles and take geet's hand in his hand and went  towards the lift .Once they reached the room, geet is mesmerized to see the beauty of the room , it's one side has big window and out side there is a greenery looking so beautiful.

Geet :- kuwar sa it's so beautiful then went towards the window and said wish I can go there once.

From behind  maan whisper , if u wanna go there then I can make arrangement tomorrow.

Geet excitingly asked sacchi kuwar sa.

Maan:-muchi and pinch her nose cutely when geet make face like cute baby.

Later , maan said geet, go and fresh up then we will go to market if u want any shopping for urself.

Geet:- but kuwar sa I ,when maan said geet forget ur past try to enjoy urself like every other woman at ur age.

Geet just nodded when maan said geet, I'm calling at home to inform them about us, wanna talk with them .

Geet:-ha .

Maaneet called back at home and informed them about their arrival .Later maaneet take a shower and take little rest.

  At later after noon, maan get up and order for coffee for himself and a tea for Geet then call geet.

Maan with his coffee mug asked geet, geet so do u plan something for shopping ,

Geet:-no, but want to buy something but I don't have money .

Maan smiles at her innocent confession and said so, what u r with ur kuwar sa na and when ur kuwar sa with u don't worry about this , now get ready .

out side now.geet?

Maan hired a car and said to driver I'll drive

Geet is feeling thrill to come out side like free bird and said kuwar sa thankuuu.

Maan smiles to see her excitement and both went to big mall near to main city.

Both enter their and maan said now tell for whom u wanna purchase first then we will go to that section ?

Geet:- hmmm oh kuwar sa with shy face and little lowered head she said I want to go to purchase for u first.

Maan at first stunned and surprised and said ok , let's go and hold her hand and both went to male section for maan.

Geet looked at the show in awe and she is finding every good things r best for her hubby, she chuckled then choose couple of T-Shirt but then noticed the price so she placed them back when maan said liked them ?

Geet nodded cutely yes when maan said  ok then buy them I told u na I have money , u don't have to worry for it now .

Geet:-But kuwar sa

Maan:- what , oh I guess u r thinking that I'll be look horrible in those T-Shirt na and make sad face ,

Geet quickly said no no kuwar sa u will be look good with anything thing u wear.

Maan chuckled then with plain face said hmmm only good.

Geet fiddling her duppatta and said no not only good

When maan said now not good also when geet said Dusht Danav , how much he will tease me and  maan heard it and at first he shocked to hear Dusht Danav then  chuckled to see his cute little wify then geet said no I mean to say u will be look han hand.. hand handsome ,handsome, best in anything u wear and turn another side,

Maan just laughed and said ok when my wify praising me so much then I'll wear those , wait for me here till then if u want to choose but don't go out side ok.

Geet nodded yes but still looking another side.

Maan smiles and went to changing room to try them.

One by one maan wear them and show them to geet and she is just super happy ,

Later geet choose couple more casual shirt and two jeans for maan ,she just smiles and said u will look best with them and when maan again teased her oh oh then m not looking best now  when geet pouted and murmur dusht danav when maan said what ? say again when geet smiles and said nothing  , then said I want to buy something for masa and dadi sa , chaliye and hold his hand and take him from there like she has the right on him forever , they went to  women section  and geet said kuwar sa there is some saree , I would see them .

Maan take her there and help her to choose then maan said now take something for u.

Geet:- but me how .

Maan make her stand in front of  the desk and asked salesgirl to bring some  saree .

Maan:- geet, what kind of saree u prefer , with heavy work or light work .

Geet smiles and said this type , a simple with silk and in border little bit embroidery work , 

Maan impressed, it might be very simple but very elegant , it's look beautiful when Geet murmur different colors , few mixture of colors, so beautiful they r , then geet said kuwar sa let's go but maan said wait geet,choose few for meera, nisha also .

When geet said are I forget to buy for adi bhaiya yash bhaiya and every one when maan said don't worry we will , they will loved something else.

Geet nodded and went there to choose few more dress for meera and nisha but then think to choose  something else for them , like something different, she went to salwar suit section and choose two sleeveless salwar for them .

When maan return and said ho gaya, geet nodded and make him see those .

Later they buy perfume for meera and nisha, wrist watch for Aditya and yash and one book for Rajendra and  a nice Casual shirt for Arjun.

Later maaneet went for dinner.

Maan said geet stay here m coming and yes order something for us.

Maan went somewhere and then come back  and said so now tell me how was the shopping

Geet:- thankuuu, I'm so happy today , u know I never went for shopping but for the first time I went and choose things as per my choice thanku thnku.

Maan smiles and said u know geet when u said thanks and sorry to some one that means that person is not so close to ur heart, it's like so formal geet, we r husband wife,  when geet looked at him intently trying to absorb his every word when maan said ok first tell me will be my friend .

Geet:- I'm ur wife na,

Maan:-yup I know but geet our is arrange marriage and we both don't want this marriage for different reason , anyway let's forget it but  I really want to know u more, as a friend , if we and u know I think every relationship should start from friendship then it'll be more easy, u can  easily tell a thing to me as ur friend than ur husband  , Maan noticed geet try to say something when he holds her hand and said geet as I said I want to give this relation a new start, new chance where both should know each other as friends, as husband wife in both way , will u give me the chance geet.

Geet nodded yes when maan her hand and said that's grt, dinner is coming let's eat .

Later at night  when geet about to sleep on the bed when maan is doing something in the cupboard and geet said  do u need anything , tell me, I'll help u.

Maan  quickly closed the cupboard and said it's ok, I'm done , let's sleep, it's to late we will go little out side tomorrow .

Geet nodded  and slept there .

In the morning , maan get up as usual early ,cause of his habit and he get up and find geet is sleeping cutely, he looking at him and lost in her pure and innocent beauty.

He bend down and said I don't know how I'm so lucky to have u as my wife, u r so little but ur maturity , understanding , fighting spirit, positivity amazed me. But I need to bring out ur bubbly ness and make u enjoy ur self more, like others enjoy in this age .

He tucked her more in soft blanket  and went  from there for some exercise .

Later after their break fast maan said geet have shower and change ur dress .

Geet murmur don't know y that time he stopped me from the shower , from yesterday he is doing some thing, don't know what ,

Later geet come out and found a light biscuit color with red & blue full sleeve  kurti  along with multi color duppatta and geet wonder when this dress come , cause it's not her there then she noticed a note with white rose,

This beautiful dress for my cute , little opps, adorable wify  and wear it, cause it's my first ever gift for my wife, I want to see u , how beautiful u looks, m waiting on living room , come soon.

Ur kuwar sa

Geet shied and  said thanku then take the dress and went to wear it.

She entered the living room when maan looked at her and stunned to see her simplicity

With this.

He smiles and said u r looking so cute geet but geet frowned and murmur only beautiful,

Maan:- and

Geet with hope looking at maan when he said let's go we will go few places today, u know I want to came here but didn't have the time so, what happen geet, do u want something when geet said nothing .

Maan smirks and said good going .

Both enter the  big park, it's surrounding with tress,  a big lake there is .

                   Maan hold her hand and said this is Ramthombore national Park                  

They hired a jeep to see tiger safari there  after few  from thee little bit they seen a  Tiger is standing there. Geet in fear clutched maan's arm tightly and said Kuwar sa when maan slide his arm securely on her waist and said shhh ,I'm here na .

Geet looked at maan when maan said see the beauty in front of u geet.

Geet slowly looked at the tiger and looked at it in awe .

Later they went from there to another small park where maan said so mrs khurana ,

Geet turned and said don't talk with me. u never say u will make me see a tiger a living tiger .

Maan :- so now when u came to tiger safari u will see a living tiger na , I can't arrange  mummy tiger there,

Geet is frowning little and said u loved to tease me.

Maan:-I never geet, I'm just saying u mean clearing some facts, anyway tell me how do u like the tiger?

Geet excitingly said I loved it , he is so like beautiful, I never imagine in my life I will able to see a tiger so close. But it's so, good.

Maan smiles then suddenly giving her lopsided smiles & said so do u wanna see it again when geet pause for a moment and then said no I didn't .

Then she noticed he is giving her smirk like teasing smile and geet said  u r  teasing me Dusht Danav when maan said what , say again and try to advance towards her when she again said DUSHT DANAV , u r Devil and runs from there  and giggling .

Maan smiles to see it and accha m dusht danav, devil ha runs behind her when geet is running from one tree to another tree , and laughing lots.

Her laughter is echoing in the whole park like beautiful music .

Later then went from there to old fort and maan said geet this old fort , come with me and I will show u something.

At evening they all most returned and looking dead tired and exhausted but there is glow in their face.

Later they take small break, as maan said they will go some evening work in near the market for exploring local market .

Get looks more excited if she can then she will go now .

At 7.20p.m. local market :-

Geet is looking at some beautiful bag with beautiful design and called kuwar sa see this,

Maan:- hmmm nice one but for whom,if it's for u then don't let me see this , yes this one, geet see, then geet noticed another beautiful bag with beautiful design , and she more happy her kuwar sa choose it for her .

They look few more things there and geet buy few things .

Maan happy to see her like this, then his phone ring when maan picked it up and said yes masa , yes we r fine yes geet is here , ha then we came for  little shopping , yes ok. Then maan gave the phone to geet and said masa is there.

Geet and masa r happily chatting few mins but geet failed to see few local men r looking at her .

Suddenly maan noticed it and hold geet's hand take her with him from there roughly.

At first geet got confuse then said kuwar sa let me talk with masa, she is saying something when maan said give me the phone and said masa we will call u few mins later after reaching the hotel and hold geet and went from there.

At hotel room, maan :- have this and called her.

When geet murmur Dusht Danav and take the phone .

At night ,Maan is thinking about his reaction when geet said where we will go tomorrow?

Maan turns towards her & noticed the kid like excitement on her face, he smiles and try to forget that incident those lusty look for geet , he shudder for a moment then say , hmmm there is a surprise will make u see but u will loved it.

Geet make a cute pouting face and said ok u don't have to tell me, huh.

When maan hold her hand and said geet, this is surprise for u , if I say u then it'll spoil the fun , ok tell me last two days u enjoyed or not.

Geet:-I enjoyed lots , it's first time in my life I'm experiencing this all ,I'm so happy and th no ok, don't have to say, but can u take me to this market again as I noticed few things there want to buy for masa and dadi sa.


Geet is going to her side on the bed when maan said will u not asked who called me that day in picnic for y I was getting tensed when geet said I don't want to remember or mention anything will hurt u again and I can understand and can guess who was that and for me she is not existence in our life kuwar sa, then slowly said kuwar sa u said we r friend so can u share ur problem with me , if u want and can I say something .

Maan nodded, when geet said don't' give her so much importance in ur life.she is no one.

Maan looked at her in awe then think but she was , she was trying to be the one and make me hate myself more.

Suddenly maan felt geet's soft hand on him and said kuwar sa u want to see me happy but how will I when u r not , and when maan hold her hand and said geet ,I'm happy, I'm happy with u, exploring an another side of my life,but geet, I need time and I'll tell u also but need time.

Geet:- u can have as much time as u want , now go to sleep and before leaving for our new destination let me buy those things from the market and don't forget ha.

Maan:- good night  and I'll not forget Major Maan Singh Khurana if promise anything he will fulfill it also  there is slight arrogance in his word but geet loved to hear it also.

But along with that geet remember maan's word those painful eyes and those word there is something big in his past and that sameera was related , even masa also warned her, said , well I'll wait for that day when kuwar sa will say it .

She looks at maan's sleeping face and think to keep happy always cause she noticed a change in him from the she met him and now and she is happy if she can bring the change and happiness in him.


Lost OuchShocked

Previous Part:-Discovering Each Other :-Page106

Next Part:-

Lost & Insecurity :-Page 132

here is the next part

hope u all like it

pls read and do comments

pls pressed the liked button

pls see the note above and below also

& give me lots of comments and likes



Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept


P.S .:- any one want pm for this FF then send me buddy req or post a comment here

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Hi all
how r u all

Road To Love & Beyond pt 6 pg117 dt 04.06

First Step Together :-Page 117
pls read and do comments
pls pressed the liked button
posted long part so need more comments and likes pls pls it's inspired me to write more well

P.S.:- here maan is angry young man but not bad, he is not bad from his heart,
wait and see how man's past will reveal
trust me u will loved this maaneet more
like our geet who is not cry baby a fighter and maaneet will together make u fall for them

Now about maan well in the concept and prologue I told how is maan from there judge Major Maan Singh Khurana.

Don't worry geet is not cry baby , she is fighter , brave girl again read the prologue & concept about GEET.

Story will unfold more and many more action, drama, romance, passion, twist and turns, here maaneet r not simple character but they have many complex in their character , they r normal human, they have anger , they have pain in their life, they have dream in their life , they react also like us , instant reaction, some times they r frustrated when they try to react badly,  some time realized , some times not, like this more will come  , the journey of MAANEET in new way ,till then keep reading Road To Love N Beyond 

P.S:-Feel free to criticize me or express ur views I would love to read ur views
pls pls read and do comments and pls pressed the liked button

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Within 30mins will post the ud

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