Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee



Road To Love & Beyond pt 8 pg147,note in pg161 (Page 106)

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Hi all dearies
how r u all
 sorry for not replying this time held with some work
but read each and every comments and loved all awesome, beautiful comments
it's inspired me lots to write more well
glad that u all loved Confident Geet, maaneet dance scene and  maan's changing behavior, trust me u will fall more for maaneet in coming parts, about what is the relation between sameera and maan, well soon that will reveal .I'm glad that u all loved masa and masa and geet scene and conversation.
 thanks to all who pressed liked button


pls always giving me love and ur support


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Glitter Text

Next Part:-

Discovering each other

She closed her eyes and covers her face in between her palms.

Maan smiles to see it.

In the Car:-

Next day geet is sleeping and her head now rested on maan's shoulder .

Yash is smiling to see it when maan said with deadly voice yash , concentrate on ur driving .

Where meera and aditya try to suppress their giggle and nisha try to control her smiles when maan looks irritated and said all of u don't have any work kya?what is so funny here?

All burst out in a loud laugh when geet suddenly wake up and with her droopy eyes , when maan said nothing geet, and patted her for more sleep then glare at others.

Nisha whisper y m feeling maan bhaiya is falling for bhabi more.see once at him how he is looking at bhabi.

Meera:-shhh, not now again .

Later they reached the place and geet is delighted to see the place which is full cover with greenery.

Geet:- this is so beautiful kuwar sa, it's looks so nice, far away from city .

Maan smiles when meera and nisha said absolutely bhabi sa.

Geet smiles and looking at the nature and try to inhale the beauty of the nature when maan said geet , come here once.

Meera giggled when nisha said yes bhabi go , bro is calling u, it's like , he is feeling bore without , don't want to stay  alone .

Yash :- where he is alone but I guess he don't want us with bhabi is his world .

When geet feel extremely shy and suddenly maan came and said Yash I told u make there a temporary tent then u here gossiping with ladies,

Aditya:- dude he is like that, yash  come here .

Maan :- geet, and then indicate her to come with him when meera and nisha noticed it but choose to ignore it but they r happy to see it.

Maan:-oh geet, I called u actually ur bhai sa called in my phone, he want to talk with u, so.

Geet take it but her face is not happy and maan feel confused about it.

Geet :-hello bhai sa.

Brij :- hello gudia , kaise hain ( hello gudia , how r u ?)

Geet with teary voice:-I'm fine bhai sa, how r u?

Brij:- how I'll be gudia when my little gudia is not happy, when I failed to protect her , when I failed to stop her wedding at this tender age,I'm sorry gudia , pls forgive ur bhai sa.

Geet :- no bhai sa u r not at all fault, it's not in ur hand and it's my destiny ( when maan looks at her little far , as he is standing little far to give geet little privacy and time to talk with her bhai sa) and I'm more than lucky to have Kuwar sa as my husband. For a change our family took best decision for me once and I'm lucky for this decision.

Brij:- means, when geet said bhai sa he is best husband  I could get then smiles and said u might be thinking that ur little gudia is really stupid but no bhai sa I can assure u , he is really gem, come here once na to meet him.

Brij smiles and said if u say it then it must be true ,I'll gudia I'll , chalo now bye and take care of ur self.

Geet:- miss u bhai sa and u also take care.

After the call geet give it to maan and said thanks with plain face when maan said what happen? Geet turns and looked at him and said r u feeling pity of my condition , where my parental family thinks, m baggage for them or u  r when maan cut GEET, what r u saying geet? When geet cut him and said kuwar sa then  y u r not urself, y u r still feeling guilty over something , u didn't do anything wrong , it's just had to happen and it's happen then , kuwar sa if u still behaves like that then I'm going back from here and take step ahead when maan hold her wrist and jerked her towards him ,

Maan who don't know y he feel like restless after hearing just those words and just looked at her and said u r not going any where and I'm not at my self it's ur illusion , I was tensed , I mean thinking about something so lost in there , nothing more.

When geet smiles and said u can't lie then y trying , leave me I guess they r coming here , when maan pull her and  pasted her with one of the big tree and said I'm not feeling pity, I admire ur courage and confidence on urself .I was and am upsate over those things cause I never imagined those things will happen. It's just disturbing me, geet then sameera.

Geet looked at him and said u r not from here na.

Maan smiles & said yes m not from here cause from childhood I was lived in hostel so , I was not aware of this things and more my family thinks then stop there and geet said it's ok kuwar sa and don't worry I'm not going from here, let's go , other wise ,they will search us now .

Maan smiles & said how do u know me so well geet, we r just married for few days.

Geet:- I don't know but ur face showing me ur all emotions, ur face r transparent kuwar sa like little innocent kid.

Maan looked at her surprised & said u r one wonder geet, it's really surprising and u r giving me one by one surprise .

Geet shied little and lowered her head when maan held her chin and keep smiling geet and stay like this don't change and let this world change u .

Geet now looked at him shocked when maan said let's go  .

Both going towards where every one r waiting for them .

Geet noticed there is three make temp tent and few mats for sitting out side and few make shift table and chair r there and foods also there.

Adi :- so love birds r here now ,

Meera and nisha giggled when maan again giving them angry glare ,

Yash :- bhabi say ur pati jee to stop glaring at us, we r saying true and he is becoming angry young man.

When maan try to control his smiles and geet shied and turn her face another side.

Maaneet sit  one side and other also taking their places.

Meera:- lets have little break fast as I guess boys will for some game .

Maan:- yes

They have grilled sandwich with orange juice and boys took coffee with it.

Later boys went to play when maan said  geet, will be back soon.

Geet smiles and nodded and said enjoy ur self.

Nisha and meera noticed it , they feel really happy for maaneet

Meera:- so bhabi tell how r u feeling, I mean to marry an angry young man.

Geet smiles then said m feeling lucky have him in my life .

Nisha :- ha and we r also happy to have a friend like u bhabi .

Meera;- now tell me , r u excited about ur honey moon ?
Geet looked at her in shocked when nisha said hey don't be , actually I guess maan bhaia want to give u surprise  na .

Geet feel shy then after few mins pause geet said meera, how is army life ? is it too tough and hectic?

Meera sighed and said don't asked too much but when we r in duty we engaged with it but some times I feel upsate with our family sply wife of army men , for some times it's so lonely,actually it's not like 10-5 or 10-7 duty it's like some times they can called u for any emergency. Yes mainly now 8-8 generally but it's depends on work pressure.

Geet:-how do u manage with ur family life?

Meera:- I managed don't know but it's happen and sply when ur family is supportive .

Nisha:-yes sply need ur husband understand u and wife also.

Geet nodded in yes then meera said bhabi if u don't mind can I ask u something.

Geet:-yes sure meera u can.

Meera:- bhabi how old r u?pls don't mind cause I'm feeling u r  too young.

Geet nodded yes then whisper I'm 18yrs old  and after hearing this both meera and nisha gasped and said bhabi u r kid.

Geet faintly smiles when meera try to say something but see maan is coming there , they stopped where geet get up from her placed and said u r here so soon,is there any problem kuwar sa.

Maan nodded no and said I came to take water bottle for us, so what is being discussed , u don't feel bore na geet.

Geet nodded no then maan said want to join us in game when geet's eyes got wide in shocked and maan laughed and geet again shocked to see him laughing freely and she just want to capture this moment always .

Here,meera and nisha also equally surprised to see maan laughing like this .

Maan:-ok u don't have to play but u can see us playing and then cheer for me if u want.

Geet :-ok but meera said maan bhaiya is not fare , u can have ur wife full time but now give her with us few times , we have lots of things to chat.

Maan:-ok then take ur bhabi with u and turn and Maan poured the water in his head and jerked his head where those drops of water falls on geet's face.

Geet closed her eyes when maan turned and once noticed the beautiful and serene face in front of him, he just want to see his whole life, want to capture this moment forever in his heart but he just turns and try to control this unknown feelings.

Where geet stood there lost.

Both nisha and meera noticed it they came and placed their hands on geet's shoulder and said bhabi .

Geet came from her trace and said oh yes ,

Meera and nisha :- let's go that that side bhabi and tell me about ur life and if u want we will help  u about maan bhaiya .

Geet smiles then said thanks meera and nisha  and about my life, well my life is now starting from the beginning and in new  way with my mentor .

Meera and nisha looked at her when geet said with my husband then then but I really want to know about  my husband more and wink at them.

They shocked and said we thought u r shy when geet said who told u , it's just .

Nisha ok bhabi then let u come once there we will make a team against them , means this boys .

Geet:-yes sure nisha.btw let's play something, it's not feeling like picnic , see they r enjoying there and we r feeling bore here only chatting.

Meera and nisha agreed quickly .

They engaged them in antakshri first then ludo,and shouts, laughed loudly where boys r busy in their game but this sudden nosie make them halt and they turned to see girl r laughing , enjoying, there.

Yash and aditya shook their head and murmur something where maan lost in geet and her laugh,for the first time after their marriage she is smiling like this, he smiles and wished she is liked that always.

Later boys joined them with lunch where , maan keep looking geet and make her blush , geet murmur don't know what happen with kuwar sa , y he is looking at me like that.

Meera and nisha :- we want to play with u all then looked at geet for their support .

Maan noticed it and said but geet don't know how to play?

Geet smiles at them and assure them by their eyes and said toh aap sikha dijiye hume? (then u teach me how to play it?)

Maan gasped and shocked then said r u sure geet?

Geet nodded yes when maan said ok let's eat lunch then take little break and I'll teach u.

In that small break

Nisha said they can play antakshari but boy refused to play it when nisha and meera said boy r scared and they r thinking about their lost

When boys said no but meera said it's yes , and geet bhabi also thinking like this

Maan promptly said what , then to geet, when geet turn her face to hide her giggle .

Maan:- we will play , we don't fear about anything and anything means anything.

Meera clapped and said yehhh then boys vs girls

Maan:-nope , we agree to play it now team will be couple team .

Nisha murmur bhaiya didn't want to stay away from bhabi but geet heard it and her face turning red .

Every one taking seat besides their spouse , when geet asked maan suniye

Maan:-hmmm ,

Geet:- oh actually, Arun bhaiya and rajendra bhaiya r not here when maan said they went to meet their distance relatives so ,but they told me that they will make another picnic when we will reached our place.

Geet smiles and thanks maan when he said y thanks , geet said cause u all r feeling me good for the first time m enjoying when maan said then let it be habit cause with me ,I mean with us ,u will enjoy more.

Geet looked at maan and lost herself there when some one coughed and said ahem ahem love birds we r here also. both maaneet turned another side to hide their embarrassed .

They start their game and it's like maaneet's r wining side cause geet, maan is amazed to see this side of geet.

Maan whisper u  have beautiful voice geet who is turning full red and murmur thanks just.

Later the take break little and adi said need some rest and let me inform arun his meera is dominant how would he handle her .

Meera slapped his hand and said bro.

All  laughed to see it

Where some times , maan is busy to teaching geet who is trying hard to learn when geet said this placed is owned by u na.

Maan :- nope but yes this place neatly done by us , as once this place is owned by us then we donate it to Government and here mainly student came for picnic and then masa and dadi sa inspect the place and think to making it's interesting so basketball court introduced here.

Geet smiles broadly & said that's grt kuwar sa.

Maan smiles and said yup, it's .but u also good learner , good student so quickly minimum basic of basketball u learnt.

Geet smiles in return and said when teacher is so good then student can learn easily anything.

Maan again laughed & said hmmm, let's go back.

When they heard nisha ,meera and adi and yash said let's play once , let us see how good teacher is, when his student is praising him so much ,all giggled when maaneet feel shied .

Later they eat snacks and engaged themselves table tennis there after setting small table tennis board there.

They enjoyed there more then they think to take a break

Later at the evening, they settle themselves in near by mat and watching sunset earnestly .

Meera whisper let's go that side where u will find many trees with different flowers, it's another type of nursery.

Geet :-yes but let me ask kuwar sa once .

Nisha:- bhabi we will go together means boys will also go with us geet try to protest when maan said what happen geet?

Geet:-oh kuwar sa they want me to accompany them there but I really don't know anything  about this place so if u .

Maan understand her unsaid words and said let's go there guys.

Geet smikes when meera sighed hay, when we request for this , maan bhaia giving us numerous excuse but when bhabi just told half , he quickly agreed , hay what a beautiful but stop in mid when she received a glare from maan.

Maaneet, adi, meera, yash , nisha went there and trying to absorb the beautiful scene in front of them , every where flowers different kind of flowers, butter fly roaming slowly slowly as sun is setting .

Geet is thrilled to see it , she caressed some flowers , maan smiles and gradually losing himself on her, he is discovering her everyday, every moment.

Geet smiles and laughed loudly suddenly when meera and nisha said something to her.

Maan again surprised to see it and he got more surprised to see geet also joking with them in return. Then he understand , she is just 18yrs old, a young girl, not even women, how could he marry her in this tender age.

Maan shook his head and said I done , I should have no , it's not right and left from there hurriedly when adi noticed it, he told yash to carry on and as he and maan will join them later.

Maan came out from there and standing near the tent side as try to absorb the situation , he is 30+ and married a young girl just 18+ she is, oh no what he had done, he should enquire ,he should stop this, even he done more things to hurt her, scolding her, rudely talking with her,, he angrily pushed his hair behind and think all incidents how they met then suddenly their marriage then their encounter on their SR then her pag pehere in her maternal house.

Maan closed his eyes in pain adi placed his hand on his shoulder and said what happen maan?

Maan:-I have done, adi , it's my mistake, I committed a big mistake , I shouldn't do it ,I shouldn't ,

Adi :-maan, kya hua, kyuon aise baat kar rehi hain tu(Adi, what happen, y u r saying this type of things again and again)

Maan turned and said adi, she is just 18yrs old, just a mere girl who is going towards her young hood, and I snatched it before it's blossom fully.

Adi looked at him then said I know she is just only 18yrs old , meera told me but along with that meera told me it's geet who told she is lucky to have u in her life as u freed her from a cage and make her fly in sky.

Maan stunned to hear it & looked at him when adi said yes maan, she is happy with u, don't u see the happiness with u, how she shied, how she smiles, how she happy with u,I don't know really what happen in her mayka but I can only say maan she is really happy with u, try to understand her, don't take any decision our of any assumption that will kill her.don't forget she is ur duty now, she is ur responsibility.

Adi stopped and try to turn and said don't let ur past shadow over come ur presents and future, tell her truth and don't think this age matter cause in real relation or love, AGE IS NO BAR, emotions r matter, if she is happy with u then make ur relationship strong.maan think .

Adi left from there and maan is engrossed in thinking and they felt to see it's dark now.

Later maan came and noticed every one tensed and then he found geet is not there , he almost roared where is geet?

Nisha and meera look sad and said don't know

Maan:- what do u mean by don't know I left her here with u all , as ur responsibility, don't u know she know nothing about this place .she is alone, oh no .

Yash :- but she is with us actually I got a call so I came to attend it and then don't know what happen both meera and nisha r  looking sad and tensed .

Maan groaned in frustration and said where she is now? I'm going to find her now.

Adi:-I'll go with u to find her.

Maan:- no adi, u stay with them .

Adi:-but maan,

Maan cut him I can , my phone is with me if I need help I will call any of u and I guess she is not far from here.

Then maan runs in side the forest .

Adi , yash, nisha, meera sighed and they just prayed to GOD that geet will be fine and maan find her now.

Nisha:-pls God , save her.

Here in the forest, geet is looking at those tree and flower and talking with them intently , like they can hear u and giggled with them.

Here maan is panicked to not found her then suddenly some musical voice caught his attentions and there she is looking beautiful in moon light and talking with trees ,flowers.

But suddenly the fear to loose her over come his thinking and he came and hold her elbow roughly and pulled her towards him and said what the ***, what do u think of urself, without telling any one just came here, don't u know it's risky to stay or come here alone, GEETTT, m asking u something , answer me .

Geet at first shocked then stunned then sad and upsate to hear all and just said I'.I'm sorry.I just came to see this flowers , as they r when maan cut her and said y u came here I least interest about it now let's go.

Maan hold her hand and almost pull her with him.Here geet is looking at him in pain , as y his behavior suddenly changed just cause he is tensed for her or .geet:-I don't know y it's paining me more, it's cause of something else

They came their picnic area and all noticed them , meera and nisha runs and hugged her tight where yash and adi felt sense of relief.

Maan noticed geet is sad still and when she looked at him then pouted and turn her face another side.

Maan noticed it but he is too angry don't know y and just left the place.

At night dinner time, geet asked meera, where is kuwar sa?

Meera:- don't know bhabi he is here few times ago , don't know , wait let me asked yash. Hey yash, do u see maan bhaiya.

Yash who is munching something and said yes went to collect logs for night.

Geet:-yash bhaiya can u tell me where he is exactly or help me to go there then murmur I don't make him sad more for me.

Yash nodded and take her with him then said here is ur kuwar sa, and come back fast , m dying for delicious dinner, waise u girls r filling ur stomach with gossip but what will we and sply I do.

When geet laughed at him just.

Hearing geet's laughed , maan turned and noticed her there ,her beautiful smiles along with pure and beautiful face, it's something different.she is wearing a light pink and green mix salwar and looking so cute like little doll. Then the reality hard again she is just 18yrs old and he turned and concentrate to cut those log .

Geet come close to him and said suniye ,kuwar sa, when maan looked at her once then throw his shirt angrily and busy to cut those logs.

Geet sighed and take the shirt from the ground and murmur y he is still angry now, I said sorry na then now.

Maan cutting those logs furiously when geet hold his hand shoulder and said I'm sorry but y u r punishing urself kuwar sa.I just lost in nature it's happen with me before also , but pls don't hurt ur self. When maan stop in that place and try to absorb her word and gulped his anger .

Geet nudging him again and asked kuwar sa , say na something.

Maan:- geet, go away from here, before I say something then both of us will regret .

Geet:-I'll not and what u will say ha.till u will talk with me properly and m not going from here, never, ever.

And folding her hand in front of her chest and holding his shirt close to him standing there cutely.

Maan looked at her then continue his work but not too much , he sighed and throw the axe and said fine , now .

Geet looked at him then come close to him and wiped his sweats from her face and said wear it first.

Maan at first startled  to touch her by like then said geet I can wear it by myself when geet give it to him and said I know , u can but some times u behave like little kid, then said I'm sorry kuwar sa, pls .

Maan turned and said geet, I'm not angry on u , ha I'm upsate as I felt terrible that time . I..I.. nothing geet, let's go when geet said bhai sa said any relationship depends on few things like trust, understanding, respect, care, love and friendship and I want those things in our relationship.kuwar sa, can we be friends.

Maan looked at her and think is she 18yrs but her maturity speaks like anything . he smiles and said from where u learn to talk  like this, so mature ha.

Geet shied and lowered her head in embarrassment when maan gently held her chin and asked r u happy with this marriage and me? I'm not so gentle person,u already know about my anger .

When geet slowly looked at him and said y u r asking this now?

Maan:- first tell me , ans my question then .

Geet confidently said I'm happy with this marriage and with u.

Maan:- y ? when we r so different?

Geet:-oh but their little conversation cut by meera and adi they shouts are love birds come fast here, dinner is going cold now.

Maan:- let's go there.

After their dinner , geet is chatting with nisha about some thing and giggling often.

Maan's trance broke by a loud ring of his phone, he picked it up and soon his face color changed and he shouts DARE u CALL AGAIN, JUST GET LOST FROM MY LIFE & cut the call in anger.

All r shocked and looking at him. He almost went from there when geet get up also when adi said let him go bhabi, let him stay alone few moments, he will come back.

Later at night time ,

Geet is lying on her sleeping bag and thinking about all incident then looked at maan who is also lying on his sleeping back , and pretend to sleep.

She murmur something when maan said what happen now?I guess it's pass midnight and what r u doing now except sleeping.

Geet pouted and said so what r u doing then also? Sleeping and dreaming about me then bite her tongue and pull the blanket over her head and murmur a good night .

Maan chuckled and said I heard the line geet?

Geet feel heat in her sleeping bag more then heard a chuckled and she closed her eyes tightly.

Where Maan laughed again and said btw this time pakka wala good night

Geet :- kuwar sa

At early morning, maan wake up to find geet is doing her yoga. He smiles at her and get up from his bed to take jog out side when he heard , where r u going?

Maan :- oh  going for jog , then turns and asked wanna join me?

Geet nodded then get up and joined him in jogging .

Maan:- kya hua geet, wanna asked something?

Geet :-ha oh , actually , I .I, don't know .

Maan stop his jogging and asked what geet?

Geet :-oh yesterday suddenly u asked me about our marriage and then m happy or not?

Maan take a deep breath and said oh , actually geet, I' geet, but they cut again by the phone ring of maan's

Maan irritated looking at the phone and cut it and said geet, pls don't misunderstand me ,

Geet nervously smiles then said u can say anything kuwar sa ,

Maan smiles in return and both take seat near the tree and maan said geet, do u know geet anything about my profession , as how much work pressure is there.

Geet:-little bit meera and nisha told me but as I know listening something and watching something practically will be better but y u r asking this ?

Maan:- geet we will spend our time together from now so may be many time I will not give u the time u needed due to my duty but I will try my best, I know there will be ur study , still, as wife u might be feel bore so. And more geet I'm much more elder than u,

Geet :- what do u want to say kuwar sa?

Maan held her wrist and said geet ,actually I 'm still confused about something , like our marriage , when geet gasped and turned her face but maan this time bend down on his knees and cupped her face and said geet, I'm not regretting to marry , once I thought that I will not marry any one means any one but not now any more.

Geet:-don't pity me.

Maan:-no geet, I'm not ,I'll never. Even I see a woman like u first time after my dadi sa and masa. But I'm telling about something else, I mean , we have too much age difference geet, u r just 18 yr a little girl when geet snapped him and said m not .

Maan chuckled immediately and said ok little women .

When geet just twisted her lips and maan smiles to see this cute antics from her, he thinks sometimes she is so mature and some times she is little kid /girl nope little women .when geet said what do u mean by our age?

Maan:- geet we have so much age difference, I mean when geet cut him and said toh.

Maan now said little firmly let me complete geet who flinched little then nodded when maan said geet, u have full life infront of u ,many dreams where may be many things will not match with me. I'm not like other men, romantic types, I'm not doing will do anything like that, might be in future u will feel bore with me, geet , I damn it I can't make u understand . geet.

When geet get up and said I really don't understand what r u trying to say but I can ans ur few confusion first I don't have any regrets on our marriage , sec yes once I also don't want to marry any one but I'm really happy to marry u ,to have in my life. about age difference I really don't know for me age never matter , third don't assume thing before anything kuwar sa fourth I didn't meet any boy or men except my family member don't know much about them .sixth I'll be bore or not who r u to decide it kuwar sa, let me decide something and if u r feeling bore to have  me in ur life then and turn to leave from there when maan held her wrist and jerked her almost roughly.

Geet collided with maan's broad chest when maan said firmly Once u told me to open ur mind and tell me anything u want , don't hide urself and m doing that,I will not leave u, once I told u.anyway,let's go and be ready we will be leaving after 45mins .we hire this place just for 2days .now be ready.

On the way geet is sitting near to meera and whisper , meera I need a medical shop , can u tell him to stop the car once, pls.

Meera :- bhabi , u don't need ask me or say pls, ofcourse will stop, wait hey adi, just stop the car near the medical shop.

Adi and yash :- y , what happen to u?

Meera try to say when geet hold her hand and plead her through her eyes and meera said acidity .

Adi:- I told u moti don't eat too much but u will be u. anyway, here in 5mins u will get, btw  don't u have any acidity tablets on ur bag when nisha said may be I have when meera said no u don't I checked it and guys I told u to stop , not to investigate about it.

Maan chuckled but noticed geet's face was tensed .

Maan looked at her and keep thinking is she still tensed about incident , geet I'm really sorry but what to do, I'm feeling more guilty don't know what is happening with me.I never want to leave u, don't know y, I want to live with u but ur age, ur dream,I think I need to give the time this relationship is needed.

Later meera and geet went a medical shop and later geet went to near by washroom.

After washing her face, geet noticed herself clearly on the mirror  and feeling relax  , she wiped her face then gently then come out and find out maan is standing there worriedly.

Maan:- r u fine? What happen to u, is the acidity problem is urs

Geet don't know how to lie when meera said no maan bhaiya , oh actually I was feeling not well so and she also feeling tired and want to wash her face so.

Maan:-hmm, let's go.

1days later,Maan's study room:-

                                 Geet knocked the door and said may I come in?

Maan:-yes come in.

Geet:-here is ur coffee kuwar sa.

Maan:-hmmm, geet we will be leaving tomorrow early morning I hope all packing is done.

Geet nodded yes when she is scanning one of the book with some novels.

Maan smiles and said take them if u want.

Geet:-my last two r still to be finished , let me finish them I'll .

Maan take a sip from his coffee and said how r u feeling now?

Geet narrowed her eyes when maan said don't be, and don't try to hide I know that day u were not well but reason is still hide from me.

Geet gasped and shied and turn around when maan said take care of ur self geet and eat healthy and don't be wonder ur face is transparent and I know u and I can read ur face when geet said then y u asked me about our marriage and bring up the age difference issue. Now maan is looking bewildered but said oh .

Geet:-it's ok. Come soon as u also need good sleep.

Later maan came and slide besides her and find her sleeping peacefully. He sighed and cover with sheet properly then said good night geet and tucked hair behind her ear gently .Geet, don't mis understand me I never want to leave u , don't know y , I'm really . but I feared about my past, I feared about our age difference , difference of nature ,but as if u felt happy and content with me then I'll make sure u will gain ur all happiness .for me ur happiness is main, no geet, I'm not feeling pity, I'm proud of u to see ur courage ur  want to be happy nature , confident and never die attitude. Always stay like this.


Honeymoon Embarrassed

Previous Part:-

New Start or New Life:-Page 95

Next Part

First Step Together :-Page 117


 Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept

P.S .:- any one want pm for this FF then send me buddy req or post a comment here

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 2:21am | IP Logged
Hi all
how r u all

Updated my FF Road To Love & Beyond pt 5 pg106 dt 28.05

Discovering Each Other :-Page106
pls read and do comments
pls pressed the liked button
posted long part so need more comments and likes pls pls it's inspired me to write more well

P.S.:- here maan is angry young man but not bad, he is not bad from his heart,
wait and see how man's past will reveal
trust me u will loved this maaneet more
like our geet who is not cry baby a fighter and maaneet will together make u fall for them

Now about maan well in the concept and prologue I told how is maan from there judge Major Maan Singh Khurana.

Don't worry geet is not cry baby , she is fighter , brave girl again read the prologue & concept about GEET.

Story will unfold more and many more action, drama, romance, passion, twist and turns, here maaneet r not simple character but they have many complex in their character , they r normal human, they have anger , they have pain in their life, they have dream in their life , they react also like us , instant reaction, some times they r frustrated when they try to react badly,  some time realized , some times not, like this more will come  , the journey of MAANEET in new way ,till then keep reading Road To Love N Beyond 

P.S:-Feel free to criticize me or express ur views I would love to read ur views
pls pls read and do comments and pls pressed the liked button

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 3:04am | IP Logged
update maneet at picnic everyone pulling leg of maneet geet is 18 meera shoked geet in forest maan scared and angry on geet to lost in nature maan is so caring toward geet love it and age difference answer of geet love that

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t_areeb IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 3:20am | IP Logged
good to see maan caring for her

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mandymore IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 3:49am | IP Logged
Beautiful prt...nw maan too. Want to give their marriage a chnce...
lovely time in picnic...glad geet spoke her heart out on frnt of him...
waitng for more

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PaintedSky IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 4:05am | IP Logged
Lovely, its a long part indeed.

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Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 4:08am | IP Logged

   lovely update...the understanding between  couples  my maaneet so nice...lovely pinic..rakhiji i loved  tis update..waiting for hm

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