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Puner Vivah episode of 04/19/2012... with eva..

evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 April 2012 at 11:30pm | IP Logged

I could say today that I loved today's episode as they showed Aarti's interaction with the girls...

Ansh acceptance of Aarti taking care of the Girls


Yash realizing that he still needs to settle the socre with little Ansh and pacify his soft little heart which he has hurt with his harsh words..


Gayatri still keeping her prejudice for Arti and Ansh and giving then 2nd class treatment.


Paridhi and her techniques to butter up sasuma and running away from work are ok for now but they are not right and honest...

now with the episode...


Watching how Aarti was trying to pacify Ansh and sooth his hurt... Yash turns to leave the room but than Aarti still keeps her charade on of rebuking Yash... tells in a very strong tone... that if you scold Ansh like that again you will have to answer me... Listening to her tone and voice... Yash stops and he turns fuming towards Aarti...


Aarti sees him turn and sees the anger in his eyes and steps back and sits on the bed signaling with her eyes that she is doing this to take away the hurt of Ansh..  Yash stares at her for some time and then his face softens... Aarti still pleads the cause of Ansh saying look how sad he is that you have scolded him in front of all... then she says softly yes I know that he is bit naughty... but then Ansh interrupts her saying mama please tell papa that I am a good boy... Aarti conveys his pleas to Yash saying yes you see Ansh is a good boy.. that brings soft smile on Yash face.. She then pleads him not to chide Ansh like that in front of all.. She says whatever you want to tell him please tell him lovingly and he will listen to you...


Here I like one thing that she did not take away the right of the father from Yash or did not tell him that you can tell me and I will make him understand... No she gave him full rights to scold him if he was wrong but in a manner that this child would understand and that is with the language of love and not of a force


Yash completely understood what she was trying to do and he also kept her honor by not telling her anything or telling her if she was doing something right or wrong .. He just stood there watching and listening to her and let her follow mother's instinct and mother's heart to deal with this delicate situation. and let Ansh think that she has scolded him and let him feel that her mother stood up for him and fought for him and did not leave him alone... so indirectly he also gave her the right of a wife who could chide her husband if he was wrong...   absolutely loved the  understanding Aarya shared in this situation... 

She also brought Yash up in Ansh's eyes and not let any prejudice make home in his little heart about the "step dad"

By pleading with her eyes not to say anything in front of Ansh so Ansh can feel safe that his mother is there to protect him and stand for him and she also has a power to tell the new dad that he was wrong and should not do that... so as Yash did not say anything and listen to Aarti.. Ansh would also follow the suit and would listen to Aarti as Aarti here has proved to Ansh that she can take care of his dad's wrong behavior too.. as she did with his...


I had a feeling yesterday that Yash will not say anything... cause he knows that he was at fault and he is a man enough to confess to himself that he was wrong. Aarti also felt relieved that Yash let her make her son feel better and make him smile again. 

After Yash was gone...  Aarti put her told Ansh that did you see how I scolded you papa that has given assurance to Ansh that she can always stand for him'but smart Ansh says he did not get sorry from him.  I think Yash will say that without Aarti asking him to do that and surprise Aarti with his thoughtfulness.


I must say Kritika was excellent with her facial expressions and body language loved her performace very much.


Then comes little romantic funny and typical newly wedded young couple scene...  between Paridhi and Pratik..  but knock on the door from Punkaj reminded Pratik that he needed to go for the meeting..  That made Parhidhi upset but he had to leave...  Paridhi told him to tell Punkaj bhiya that he cannot come but Pratik said he would not understand.  He left and Parhidhi pouted at him and he felt sad that he had to leave his wife alone..

The Scene with three brothers near the car was great and once again shows the bond of these three brothers.  It always makes me feel that with autocratic father like Pa Scindhia these three brothers must have been back up for each other...

The scene in the kitchen was typical dramatic scene..

The older two DIL working in the kitchen'  Paridhi walk in with upset face and they try to find out what happened.  Gayatri sees them and feels happy about working with harmony..


She comes in to say something and forgets and stands there thinking'.

Vidhi tries to jog her memory softly but she gets upset'  Aarti does not say a word but Paridhi laughs at her in her heart..


Suddenly the servant comes and reminds her about the lunch boxes of Payal and Palak and she remembers that she was about to say the same thing..


She then calls Aarti as Arpita and Aarti was busy in her work and does not pick it that she is calling her and keeps on cutting the vegetables..  this does not set well with Gayatri and she chides Aarti and tells her to get used to of the new name.  Vidhi tries to smooth the things out by saying that Aarti is not used but she will get it in a few days.


Well then she tells Aarti to go and attend to Yash daughters as they always get late for the school but she is hoping that moving forward she will take care of that and they will go school in time..  Aarti nods and leaves the kitchen..


She slowly approaches the Girls room and sees Yash trying to do his daughter's hair..  She stands there and watches this father attending his daughters the best way he could.  Payal grimace when her hair were pulled as they were tangled badly.  Yash then sprays some water and once again uses brush to comb but it get entangles more..  the mother in her could not keep quiet and she tells him that she will do it.  Yash was trying to be modest and says he will handle but she insists that the water will make it more tangled and he then listens to her and lifting his daughter from his lap puts her on the bed and let Aarti take over and he walks softly out of the room..


Aarti sits behind Payal and starts doing her hair and talks softly with her.  Yash was watching her from the doorstep and thinks in his heart that he has taken right decision by saying yes for this marriage for his daughters's sake.   And Aarti lifts her eyes to see that Yash was watching them..  Yash gets caught red handed and embarrassed he tries to walk away and collides with the pillar.  Sheepishly he looks at her and then patting the pillar as if he hurt it and walks away...  Aarti controls her smile..


Now she asks girls for their uniforms but Palak asks her why would she do that?   Is she their new Nanny?   Aarti keeps her patient and tells them no she is their new mom.   Palak is rude again saying not mummy but step mom..   Aarti tries to find the uniforms in the closet but her search was in vain.  Palak always the leader signals her sister to keep quiet and brings their uniforms and hides under the pillow.  Ansh watches all this..  Aarti could not find their uniform and ask again but they still keep quiet.  Ansh comes to his mother's aid and tells her what Palak did.  Palak tells Payal that now this step mom will scold them.  Aarti tells them that she will not do such thing but if they do not get ready the teacher will scold them.  Defeated they bring the subject of Ansh and ask him to get out.  Aarti tells Ansh to go away.  Ansh looks a bit hurt but then Aarti reminds him that he is a good boy and he nods and leaves..


So then Aarti helps girls to get ready..


The guest were about to leave and the Schindhias are gathered in the living room for good byes.  The guest invites all for the next wedding in the family and Aarti and Ansh were invited and praised..  Once again that dadima tries to put Aarti down.  Pa Schindhia also noticed that and also  she is staying back and there was little displeasure on his face as he very well must know her nature of putting the fuel in the fire...  Aarti knew that she will be in problem with this lady but she does not say a word.


When all were leaving Aarti calls Vidhi about the transportation problem for Ansh.  Vidhi always ready to help all says there is no problem as the driver can drop him to the school.  But Gayatri comes and ask where the schools are and tells as both the school are in opposite direction the driver will drop the girls first.  But as it was too late for Ansh Aarti asks if he could be dropped first but Gayatri always ready to put down Ansh and Aarti tells her that he can drop the school for one day.  She also taunts Aarti that Ansh can be taught many things at home..  Aarti definitely did not like the treatment her son gets in spite of her trying to be a good mom to Yash's daughter.   Gayatri wants to demand all from Aarti but does not want to give her anything easily..  as if whatever she gives seem to be a great favor to Aarti and she should be greatful for those...


Today I am happy with the episode as they showed Yash and Aarti's interaction on a level of understanding and support.  Also her interaction with Payal and Palak.  The three brothers and their understanding was perfect..


But today Gayatri was sooo wrong..  her prejudicial attitude was getting on my nerves and the way she did not consider the education for Ansh a priority was making me angry..


I think tomorrow if they come to drop Pratik home they will know about this or Yash will come to know about this incident when he will bring something for Ansh.  So let's see how this problem of Gayatri gets resolved about Ansh as Ansh needs to go to school like Payal and Palak...


All together lovely episode...  have a great night and a lovely day'  love to all eva




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LuvStrk-001 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 April 2012 at 11:58pm | IP Logged
Lovely analysis Eva!!!!
Indeed a lovely episode!!!!
Loved Aarti completely today as she managed to handle all 3 kids!!!!Ansh is really a cute and sincere mama's boy!!!
Now its Yash to stand and support Ansh!!!
Hope today's episode Yash comes to know abt Ansh and drop him to school!!
Lovely analysis dear!!

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 April 2012 at 4:36am | IP Logged
Thank you all...
Thanks Noorie...  Yes someone needs to look out for Ansh too.. It is only Yash who can step in take control and over rule Gayatri..
As though Vidhi is always ready to help and finds the solution but when Gayatri steps in she has no say...
and I do hope that Yash will arrive to drop Pratik or give gifts to Ansh and finds the problem before Aarti is prompt to take any action like dropping her son herself..  I would be with Aarti and cheer her up if she goes to drop him off..  but I think here the smart mouth kid needs to use his mouth and ask question to Gayatri and shuts her up.. 
But I am worried about that another jiji of Gayatri who has stayed back to put litte bit more poison in Gayatri's head..  I think Gayatri is going to put her foot down following her husband's advice but here Yash will step in..
So let's see how CVs want to show this problem of discrimination of Gayatri..

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 20 April 2012 at 4:45am | IP Logged
Eva lovely analysis ClapClapClap
Loved Aarti yesterday and her way of multitasking with all 3 kids ...StarStarStarStar
 I will hv to give all the brownie points to Aarti the way she handled Payal and Palak by proving to them that she is not a typical step-mom who will shout at them for hiding the uniform but she will use her own humour to make sure they both get ready quickly Thumbs Up ; Also loved the way she handled Ansh today by politely asking Yash not to shout at him in front of all which resulted in Ansh too cooling down and later co-operating with his mother when she asked him to get ready for school on his ownBig smile  ; Ansh showed proper co-operation and understanding towards his mom only because of the way she handled the entire matter yesterday with her humour rather than going the strict way which mayb at this stage would hv made matters worse when Ansh is trying to adjust in a new house Ermm
I remember yesterday we all had a huge debate of why Aarti used humour with Ansh in the last scene rather than teaching him proper set of discipline ..I guess today we got the Answer Big smile ..This is Aarti's style of dealing with kids and so far this strategy of hers worked on Ansh as we saw how there was a drastic change in Ansh's behaviour today Thumbs Up ...She used the same humour technique with PayPal today during school uniform hiding fiasco and there too she succeeded in breaking the myth of those girls that all step-moms only knows to shout LOL ...

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 April 2012 at 7:27am | IP Logged
Thanks Jyo..
Yes Aarti did a great job dealing with those misguided kids...
It is natural for kids to take those kind of initial disliking for the step mom as they has the full love of their mother.  Also those girls were given some dose by that buva of Yash and they instantly oppose the new comer.
I think it was easy for Ansh to adopt Yash as he was craving for the dad.  It fascinated him to have that father figure in his life but with the girls though they miss the direct ministration from their mom but I think they must be too young when their mother passed away as i think it has been three years since Arpita was gone..
So I think with three ladies and a house full of servant they have been taken care of pretty well.  More over there are two of them to give each other company and as they do not participate in to too much outdoor activites they did not miss the mom as Ansh missed his daddy in all those outdoor activites..
More over the picture of their mom is all over the place and all talk about her fondly... but Ansh was not even shown the picture of his dad at all so he does not have any connection with his dad at all...  So for him this new Dad is actually his 1st dad in person and he just loves the concept of having dad who will be the part of his life moving forward...
But Yes my hats off to Aarti to deal with these girls nicely and break the ice...  She also did not take their barb and taunts to her heart as she understands their childish behavior. 
And also love Yash the way he understood Aarti's silent plea and also understood that he needs to pacify that little boy as he has hurt him... His loving father's heart was ready to confess his fault and get reconcile with that little boy..
This also shows that as Aarti is a natural mother and will try her best to be a good mother...  Yash being indirectly chided by Aarti also will step up and come to the expectation of that little boy..
Yes the behaviior of Ansh was really bad and not as usual but that child was thrown in the midst of total strangers and new environment and was expected to behave with the new rules and regulations right away...  He did try but when Gayatri started taunting Aarti he blew it up as he has felt that Gayaatri always gets upset with him and his mother without proper reason...
Yes though Ansh was bit hurt when his mom asked him to get away but her little reminder that he is a good boy made him obey her right away too.. 
This Kid is a great actor and so is Palak...  I am really surprised at their facial expressions and the way they are acting...  Ansh and Palak have great potential when they grow up as they really can bring the right emotion on their faces and body language...  love the performance of those kids...
Though Paridhi buttered her Sasuma up and skirted out of the responsibilities... was ok for now but that is not a good habit and I hope she does not repeat it all the time as that girl will never learn otherwise... and she does need to do something other than seduce her husband and butter up sasuma...  Her making faces and thinking aloud and making fun of sasuma looks funny but that is also not good in long run as she will never develop respect for them..
Yes though whatever she thinks is right and funny but at the same time some how I feel her attitude and intensions are though not harmless but are not honest either...

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..RamKiJanaki.. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 April 2012 at 7:46am | IP Logged
Amazing analysis, Eva!
I also really liked today's episode in comparison to the other ones whis week. For once, Aarti made Yash understand that children do not always need firmness, especially when they are young. Yes, there are times when loving words are not enough to teach children, but when they are four or five they generally do not do anything terribly bad so it's forgiveable. However, I hope neither Yash nor Aarti turn into softies when the kids grow older and potentially do bad things, because then strictness should be used more than loving words.
I hope Yash and Ansh make up through Yash buying him ice cream or something. I wouldn't want Yash to outright say "I'm sorry" because that teaches children that when parents yell at them, they are doing something wrong and that sort of impression is also not good, because children learn not to take parents seriously. However, if Yash and Ansh reach a truce some other way, that would be sweet. I badly want to see some bonding scenes between Yash and the three children, because not only Ansh, he doesn't interact much with Payal or Palak either. Despite loving Arpita so much, he kind of neglects the girls in my opinion. I badly want Yash to get more lines and more scenes with the kids.

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..RamKiJanaki.. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 April 2012 at 7:50am | IP Logged
I know many people were annoyed with Payal and Palak (esp Payal) for being rude to Aarti, but honestly, I feel kind of bad for them. They too are small children, and especially in the case of Payal, I think she still vaguely remembers Arpita so to see her replaced by Aarti must be painful. Wouldn't it be painful to any of us to see one of our parents replaced? It's going to take some time to win Payal over, and I believe Aarti is the perfect person to do that because she genuinely cares for the children. She obviously does not love them as much as Ansh since Ansh is her biological child and moreover, she hasn't known PayPal for long, but after a few years I think she will come to love PayPal as her own and the girls too will warm up to her.
I have no doubt in Aarti's maternal love in winning over PayPal, but I'm kind of worried about Yash's quiet, subdued nature. Ansh badly craves a father who will play baseball with him and take him out for movies like other dads, but Yash is not that kind of man, not only towards Ansh but PayPal as well. Yes, he may take them out to the mall once in a while, but he does not seem like the type of dad who takes his kids out frequently for fun, because he's still in mourning for Arpita. I hope Ansh does not create bitter feelings for Yash and decide that his new father is not worth the trouble of adjusting to his new home...I feel kind of bad for Ansh.Cry

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 April 2012 at 8:03am | IP Logged
Thanks JR...
I think it would be better for Yash to say sorry as he has hurt that little boys heart while he was craving his attention...
Also Yash did not extend his love for him when he asked to sit with him..  I think Yash though right to get upset with Ansh behavior but indirectly he propel him to be like that by not paying him proper attention while that kid was craving for his attention...and was unfair with him as he did not warm up to Ansh while Ansh has always have taken 1st step to accept him in his life...
I think Yash needs to bring truce with Ansh by stepping up 1st then making a place in Ansh heart and then discipline him as he has not tried to break the barrier with this little boy.  Ansh needs to feel also that Yash has accepted him and he is not partial with him..
It is natural for Yash to take care of his daughters but now he is a father of Ansh too and he needs to starts taking that responsibilites like Aarti did of his daughters...  the way he feels looking at Aarti that he did not make any mistake for brining this mother for his daughters the same goes for AArti that she also needs to feel that she also did not make any mistake in marrying him..
So I feel he needs to take that 1st step as he has not taken any step to warm up to Ansh at all... 
Once he makes himself available to Ansh he will be able to make a great impact on Ansh and make him feel secure that he also has a right and he also gets attention from Yash and he will not seek that by making so much chaos...
Yes at this young age childern learn more by obeserving what their parents do than what they say...
If Yash says sorry 1st for his misbehavior then Ansh would never hesitate to follow suit and say sorry and listen to him but If Yash does not do so..  Ansh will feel that he has been treated unfairly and would not want to say sorry at all..  I think sometime it is better that elders take the 1st step as it is benificial in the long run...

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