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Additi Gupta FC Happy B'day Angel *Page1 updated*

-Fatima- IF-Stunnerz

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 Hello Welcome to  21st  Fan Club of Additi Gupta 
 C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S    to all the fans for reaching this far Dancing 

 C e l e b r a t i n g   birthday of  Additi   Gupta  on   20th  of  April  

 Additi's name originally spelt as Aditi.
Her spelling was changed because of producer's belief in numerology & recommendation when she signed on her first show on TV.
She was born on 20th April 1988 in Bhopal, India.
She was fondly called as Luvy & later friends christened her as Audi. 
AG took 1 year break from studies after auditioning & having been selected for her 1st show Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil.
She was planning to continue studies as and when time allows her...
She loves pets. Her friends gifted her  Guigea pigs, she looked after them until she gave them away due to time constrains.
AG has passion for fine art & has done many sketches in her free time and shared with fans.

 Studying Fashion Designing at Symbiosis University...until March 2008 
 She stepped on to television as 
 Heer in Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil March 2008 - February 2010 
 Dance contestant in Zara Nach Ke Dikha April 2010 -  
 Pihu in Sanjog Se Bani Sangini August 2010 - June 2011 
 Harmony in Zindagi Kahe Smile Please December 2011 - April 2012


Kasauti Zindagi Kay (2008) - Special appearance in last episode

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu This (2008) - Cameo as Heer

Kayamath (2008) - Cameo as Heer

Godrej Khelo Jeeto Jiyo (2009) - Game show; Celeb special along with co star

'Kya Aap Panchvi Paas Se Tez Hai' Exam/Party - Took exam
Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar 'Love Theme' - Celeb guest along with co star; Performed
Star Parivaar Awards 2008 - Red Carpet, & Main Event; Performed

Rang De India (Independence Day Special) - Performed
Superstar Concert - Special Celebrity guest along with co star
Promotion of Kis Desh.. in Delhi along with co star
Diwali Rishton Ki 2008 - Performed
Li'l Star Awards 08 - As audience along with co star
Love Ne Bana Di Jodi (Valentines Day Special)- Performed
Star Plus Fan no.1 - Gone to Chandigarh along with co star to search for SP's fan no.1
Star Parivaar Awards 2009 - Red Carpet, Main Event -- performed
"Godrej Khelo Jeeto Jiyo  - Game show; Celeb special along with co star
"Diwali Rishton Ki Mithaas 2009 -  performed an act along with co star
"Indian Television Academy Awards - Nomination; Performed
"Mere Pratigya' Campaign - Support against disrespect and mistreatment met with women
Gr8 Women Achiever Award 2010 - Performed
Star CINTAA Superstars Ka Jalwa - Performed along with co star

Star Parivaar Awards 2010 - Performed
Zara Nach Ke Dikha show promotion photo shoot 2010
GR8 magazine interview & small photo shoot 2011
Valentine's Day performance with her co star February 2011
GR8 magazine lunch date with friend Kritika 2011
IF ZING magazine photo shoot 2011
February 2012 Interview & date with Fan # 1 through SBS
March 2012 Holi celebration in Life Ok channel - Performed with Karan V. Grover
March 2012 Performed in a Zee TV show "Punar Vivah"



New Talent Awards 2008 - Won the New On-screen Jodi along with co star
Star Parivaar Awards 2008 Won an award

Star Parivaar Awards 2009  Won an award

Zee Rishtey Awards 2010 nominated

ZEE Facebook status update: "Additi Gupta is most versatile actress..."
SBS complimented as "Queen of Expression " for her role as Pihu in "Sanjog Se Bani Sangini" show

Her co stars in Zindagi Kahe Smile Please adored & complimented a lot for her cute look for her character Harmonyy - a child like bubbly girl

  Additi's profile

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-Fatima- IF-Stunnerz

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 Aditi Gupta celebrates birthday with SBS team 


 SBS: 20th April 2011 - Additi Gupta's Birthday 

YT D/LCredit khushix


Additi Gupta's Birthday on SBS - 20th April 2010 

Credit: khushix


 KDM Cast celebrates Aditi's birthday - SBS 21st April

YT D/L   Credit: khushix  


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annwesha kayal






heer beauty



k-ekta fan


parth garewal

sidra fariq





.This fanclub is solely for those who appreciate and love Additi Gupta and her works.

.No negative comments against Additi or any members here. If seen, member will immediately be reported and removed (if a member) from this FC.

.Lessen chatting and spamming.

.No Bashing of members or actors.

.No abusive language.

.No discussing other shows or actors unless it has relation to Additi.

.Respect other members Point of View. If you disagree with someone then agree to disagree.

.Sarcasm and hypocrisy will not be tolerated.

.Do not get too personal over the actors personal life.

.Lastly, Welcome, Enjoy and have fun!


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-Fatima- IF-Stunnerz

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Special oneshot written on Additi's one of amazing character Hamony -writer: newt2007


Harmony stretched her hands lazily lying on the bed. Today is special because its her birthday. She smiled without opening her eyes 'what is so special?' Her parents never celebrated her birthday the way other parents too for their children. Her parents utilised every occasion to gain some business. This time that is also not possible because for the past 6 months they are sitting in Daddu's house.

As soon as she thought 'Daddu'. She opened her eyes happily. He is the one who wishes her first on her birthday. She sat on the bed with a smile. She got out of the bed and decided to take bath. Every year Daddu goes to mandir and bring prasath for her. she took her cloths and ran to bathroom. Still no one got up. She woke up as early today. Not today. Its her new habit to wake up early all because


Harmony kept a paper in front of shikhar. Shikar 'what is this?' Harmony 'you are in debt.' Shikhar shocked 'what?' he shook his head in confusion 'I never borrowed anything from anyone.' Harmony 'but you have to pay.' Shikhar 'to whom?' Harmony 'me.' shikhar 'are you joking? I met you just few days back. you just followed me with your family. and now telling me to pay money for you. see you have to pay me for letting you inside my house.' Harmony 'your house?' shikhar 'then your house' he murmured 'pagal ladki. That is why he left her on the road.' He giggled turning other side. Harmony kept her hand on his shoulder and turned him and said in stubborn voice 'this is my house.' Shikhar 'halo you are in my house okay.' Harmony 'no. you are in my house.' Both repeated 'my house' until Daddu enter the scene.

Daddu 'what this? my house my house.' He looked at Shikhar 'why are you shouting at Harmony baby.' shikhar 'baby. baby? pagal ladki.' Harmony 'what you said? She is about to pull his cheeks with her angry hands Daddu interfered 'Shikhar, don't talk like that. she is child. Don't know anything.' Shikhar 'she .. she don't know anything.' he leaned forward to daddu and in lower voice 'dadaji, she is trying to occupy this house chasing us out.' Daddu 'is it?' Shikhar became happy and gave Harmony a 'yes' look. Daddu 'Harmony baby do you want us to leave this house?' Harmony shake her head negatively. Shikhar 'she is acting dadji'. Daddu 'we'll go. don't worry. your dadaji gave this house to me. I'll give it back you.' Shikhar is shocked. Harmony with a wide smile gave 'note this point.' look to shikhar. Harmony went to daddu and hugged 'no daddu. I was telling him the same. My dadaji gave this to you.' with a angry face 'this fool didn't understand.' Shikhar gave angry look to her. Daddu smiled 'he is like that only.' He pat shikhar's shoulder with a smile 'he only paid for you studies also.' Daddu went away thinking it's a kids fight.

Shikhar 'dadaji' Daddu ignored saying 'don't fight with baby.' shikhar kept his hand on his head and sat down. Harmony went to him 'now you are in debt.' Shikhar sat straight with confidence 'so' Harmony 'so you have to pay the amount for this house. And' Shikhar 'and' Harmony 'now you have to pay back the money my dadaji gave for your studies.' Shikhar 'oh no.' he thought 'I wanted to chase her out. Now she is trying to corner me. think think shikhar don't lose in front of this pagal. Think you will find a way.' Harmony pat his shoulder 'what are you thinking?' shikhar didn't show his confusion. 'ha I'll pay I'll pay.'

Harmony happily got up. shikhar 'then who will pay for your food.' Harmony rolled her eyes in shock 'what?' Shikhar got confidence 'ha food. You and your parents eating as if you are eating for the whole year. And and water. We take bath in bucket of water. You all jumps into drum full of water.' Harmony confused 'that is' Shikhar 'I didn't finish wait. Electricity. All the time you are leaving light and fan on.' He thought for a while 'ha your dear dad reading only English news paper.' Harmony went to thoughtful mode now. shikhar is happy as he cornered Harmony. 'pay money and eat, bath and use electricity or reduce it in this amount.' He smiled teasingly.

Harmony quickly 'no no. no reducing.' Shikhar 'then are you going to do any job for this money?' Harmony thought 'o..kay o..kay. I'll do.' Shikhar 'what will you do?' Harmony 'I'll help aunty.' Shikhar 'do you know cooking.' Harmony confidently 'ha no. ha I'll..  I'll learn it.' Shikhar 'ask your mother to do some work and father to help my father in his work.' He ran away 'get up early and do the works otherwise the amount will be reduced.' Harmony shook her head like a robot.

From next day she started getting up early to help Savitri.


Harmony came out of the bathroom wearing a simple salwar. She looked herself once. She dried the cloth in its place. She went to get ready before going to kitchen. She prepares coffee for everyone. Its her duty now. She thought 'how much I have changed in past 6 months? but I don't feel bad for this. my mother didn't teach all this to me. but Savtri aunty , she taught me all these. She is little crazy lady all the time scolding but. She is so sweet.' She looked herself in the mirror. 'I'm changed in my dress pattern too.'


Harmony 'Daddu, I got a job as receptionist in a office. From t'row I'm going to office.' Daddu 'no baby. you are not going to any job.' Harmony 'daddu, please.' Shikhar is watching 'what is trying to do now? why suddenly decided to go for job.' He stepped closer to them so that he can hear their conversation better. Daddu 'going to job is difficult. We don't have car to travel.' Harmony 'I'll go by bus daddu.' Daddu 'you are not used to bus travel. So you are not going.'

Daddu saw Hiral and Hans sitting without paying any attention to Harmony's new job. Daddu 'malik, tell Harmony.' Hiral interfered 'let her go. atleast she will get a chance to roam around.' With sad voice 'I'm not getting any chance to go out of this house. Oh all  the time doing some cleaning and wiping.' She asked help from Hans 'Hans, let her go.' Hans 'ha ha. she can go.' Hans thought 'I can get some money.' Daddu confused. Harmony pleaded to Daddu. Harmony dadaji's athma 'let her go to job. She will learn what is life?' Daddu shook his head.

Savitri entered and looked at his son, in lower voice 'what is going on here?' Shikhar 'Harmony is asking permission to go for job.' Savitri 'what? then who will do all the house work.' She moved forward to stop 'arrey listen, in our house girls are not allowed to go for job.' Harmony 'aunty'. Savtri 'no no. until you return home all will be in tension. So you are going anywhere.' Harmony 'I'm not a kid to get lost.'

Daddu 'okay baby. you can go.' Harmony jumped 'thanks Daddu. Daddu gave me persmission.' Daddu 'Savitri, you help her to get ready in the morning.' Savitri shocked. She decided to counter the situation. But 'ji,' Harmony in a lower voice  to Shikhar 'control your ma. if I go to job I'll get more money. festivals are coming. We need money.' Shikhar 'I have money. I don't want yours.' Harmony 'if you didn't allow me to go for a job I'll add that amount to your debt. Because you are blocking my earning.' Shikhar thought for a while. He stopped Savitri who is now ready to argue with her FIL, in a lower voice 'ma, if she goes to job we'll get more money to celebrate festivals.' Savitri thought 'ha.' she shouted 'okay okay'. Harmony is happy.

Savitri 'but one condition.' Hiral 'who are you to give permission and put condition to my daughter?' Savitri 'as long as you are in our house, you have to obey to my words.' Daddu 'bahu' Savitri felt little fear hearing her FIL's voice but Daddu became calm when he got instruction from athma to be calm 'Hiral needs to be taught something today. you keep quiet.'

Seeing her FIL's silent Savitri continued 'stop wearing these tight dresses.' Harmony looked herself once 'what is the problem with this dress?' Savitri 'if you go wearing all kind of dresses then all the boys will be looking at you only.' Harmony 'but aunty.' Savitri 'don't talk when I'm talking.' Harmony shook his head. Savitri 'listen. First change your dress pattern to salwar. Second you have to be inside the house before 7 in the evening. If you come late then you won't get dinner.' Hiral got angry 'this is too much.' Savitri 'are you a mother of a girl? You should teach all this discipline.' Hiral 'she knows everything.you don't have to teach her anything. she needs to take her decision on her own.' Savitri shouted 'as long as you are in this house you have to obey to my rules.' Hiral looked at Daddu who is happily enjoying the scene 'see how she is controlling my daughter.'

Savitri 'I'm not controlling. I'm teaching her how to live in this world.' Harmony 'ma, aunty is right. I should learn all this.' Hiral 'she has done something to my daughter.' Harmony 'ma, please don't make this issue.' She looked at Savitri 'okay aunty. I agree to your condition.' Shikhar is looking at them confusingly.


Harmony learnt so many things. Savitri was strict but always there was some meaning in her shout. Harmony was like a free bird and didn't care about anyone. Now she learnt how to respect others. Not only Harmony, even her mother and father learnt their responsibilities. Hiral started a beauty parlour and earning some money. Hans also started working in an office as account officers. With all these thoughts and smile on her face she is about to enter the kitchen when Daddu came to her 'Happy birthday Harmony baby.' Harmony hugged him 'thanks Daddu.' Daddu gave her prasath 'long live baby. You will get all the happiness this year.' Harmony happily smiled 'thanks daddu. I love you daddu.' Daddu 'I love you too baby.' he kissed her forehead. 'where are you going now?' Harmony 'I'll make coffee for everyone.' Daddu 'okay. Today daddu make it for my Harmony baby.' Harmony 'no daddu I'll make.' Daddu strictly 'no. today I'll make for my Harmony baby.' Harmony 'okay. Accepted.' Both went to kitchen.

Savitri entered 'what are you both doing here?' she went to Harmony 'you go out. I'll make it for everyone.' Harmony 'but its my duty.' Savtri 'but not today.' Daddu and Harmony smiled. Daddu went out of the kitchen. Savitri 'ha I forgot. Happy birthday.' Harmony 'thank you aunty.' Savitri 'okay you go. I'll make all your favourites today.' Harmonay 'I'll help you aunty.' Savitri 'I want to give you surprise. If you help me then from where will you get surprise?' Harmony with a smile went out of the kitchen.

She stopped hearing loud 'Happy birthday Harmony'. Her parents, Nandu, Shikhar and Daddu are standing with a cake. Savitri joined them 'first we'll cut the cake.' Daddu 'my bahu became modern.' Savitri shyly 'I leant from Harmony baby.' Harmony is speechless. Nandu teased 'for you also she became baby.' others laughed.

Harmony cut the cake and fed to everyone. Hans and Hiral presented her beautiful dress and some jewels. Harmony hugged them and took blessings. Nandu gave him a small box. Harmony 'what is this uncle?' Nandu 'open it and see.' Harmony saw a key inside 'key?' Nandu 'I bought a scooty for you. you can go to office in that.' Harmony 'thanks uncle. But' she  became sad 'money' Nandu 'we got a maintenance contract from a big company for their cars. From that I got this.' Harmony 'but uncle' Savitri 'money is not important beta. love only matters.' Harmony became emotional. Nandu decided to manage the situation 'ha see how nicely Savitri made cake for you.' Harmony 'this cake you made for me.' Savitri 'ha. Hiral helped me.' Hiral 'I just gave her details from net. how to make cake? She made it nicely.' Harmony 'thanks aunty.' Daddu is enjoying how they all are complimenting each other.

Shikhar 'okay. Don't open your water tank now. We have enough water at home.' Everyone laughed including Harmony. She wiped her tears. Shikhar gave her a bag. Harmony 'what is this?' Savitri 'laptop. have any doubt ask my Shikhar. He will teach you everything. My shikhar is expert.' Harmony is surprised. Savitri never allowed her to walk even near his room. now same Savitri is telling her learn from Shikhar.

Daddu proudly 'Harmony baby, what do you want? Anything will be granted today.' Harmony 'your love is enough daddu.' Savitri 'ji, I want to ask something.' Daddu 'bahu, Harmony's birthday. Not yours. You ask on your birthday. I'll give. Oh no. I'll try.' Savitri 'no this is the perfect time to ask this.' Daddu 'bahu.' Savitri 'ji please.' Hans 'she wants to ask something. Let her ask.'

Savitri 'ha, I.. i.. ' Nandu 'what is this 'i' i.. say something.' Savitri looked everyone. Daddu gave expression 'fast.' Shikhar 'ma tell fast.' Savitri 'Satya.' Daddu 'Satya?' Satya 'ma, I'm here.' Savitri smiled. Hiral 'Savitri, why are you giving so much suspense.' All became restless. Satya entered with a small cage in his hand. two love birds are happily flying inside.

Daddu almost lost his patience 'bahuuu' Savitri jerked 'ha ji. I want to give these love birds to Harmony.' All became like 'uhhh'. Hiral 'phew. For this you gave so much build up.' Savitri 'no.' Hans 'but you wanted to ask something.' Harmony 'aunty do you want anything from me?' Savitri 'ha.' Harmony 'ha tell me. I'll give you anything .' Savitri smiled 'you'. Harmony confused 'me?'

Others also confused. Daddu 'bahu, Harmony is here only.' Savitri 'that is.' She looked at Hans and Hiral. She finished in a hurry  'I want Harmony for Shikhar.' Hans and Hiral freezed in shock 'what?' Nandu 'Savitri 'are you in sense?' shikhar staring at his mother with a wide open mouth. Daddu happily smiling. He is thinking 'am I dreaming?' Harmony couldn't recollect what she heard. She is blinking like a kid. Satya saw everyone 'why all are shocked?' Nandu 'but Savitri always had fight with Harmony.' Savitri shyly 'because I like her childish attitude.' Hans and Hiral happily shouted 'we are ready to give our daughter to your son.' Harmony shyly smiled. Daddu 'okay. Now one more happiness. We'll celebrate.' Everyone happily hugged each other shared their happiness.Nandu 'Savitri, how you suddenly changed.' Savitri 'Hamony beti's innocent love changed me. surely she is a baby with heart full of love for everyone.' Nandu 'is it?' Savitri proudly 'ha. shikhar will be happy with her.' Nandu 'but they always fights.' Savitri 'fighting couple always be a loving couple too.' Nandu 'oh'.

Dadaji's athma 'see finally Savitri tuned everyone to learn their responsibility.' Daddu shook his head. Atham disappeared 'my job is over.' Daddu hugged Harmony happily 'happy?' Harmony smiled 'ha daddu.' Shikhar shouted 'but no one asked me.' All are shocked and complete silence filled the room.

Shikhar looked at everyone. He walked to Harmony. 'I'm ready to marry Harmony baby.' He pulled her nose 'are you?' Harmony shyly smiled. Satya clicked the picture of entire family celebrating the happiness 



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 Additi Gupta- One in a million 'Happy Birthday'


Additi Gupta vm| Happy birthday Additi ?


Happy Birthday Additi Gupta

 || Additi Gupta Birthday VM ||Watch in HD














Maria.Creationz (old  ID: sweety.maria786)
















Maria.Creationz (Old ID: sweety.maria786)



Page Layout by AASUS

Majority of Caps used for creations taken by  -Fatima-

Sub Banners design by midnight.blue

FC Banner & dividers design by shareen.We&Art

Background muisc by -Pooji-

Birthday celebrated in different ways: 

On behalf of Additi Gupta,

Everyone who attended the party Thank you

All who made creations to decorate the thread  Thank you

Fans who gave encouragement to make the event successful Thank you


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