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OS: Ghar Chale?

Omoraboti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 April 2012 at 11:28pm | IP Logged
I had to write this. I have had so many ideas in the last few days and before I started writing them down, the story always had moved forward. So here goes my second OS.

Context: Khushi & Arnav have finished their eventful stay at the Gupta's. Nothing happened to clear out the misunderstanding (though I would love that to happen) but Arnav has learnt a lot more about the real Khushi. Also he has learnt to certain extent to respect the matter of heart over the matter of brains. He has experienced a family bonding completely unknown to him and is thoroughly touched.


It was 9 pm when Arnav & Khushi had finished their dinner at the Gupta's. All their bags were packed. The whole family along with the newlyweds was chatting over how wonderful the last few days were. Everyone was honest to their feelings. The last few days really had been great for all of them. Garima asked Arnav & Khushi to start for RM since it was getting late. Arnav went to load their luggage to the car while Khushi went to her room.


Arnav came back to the house to bid everyone goodbye. He went to Khushi's room and saw her sitting in her bed in a very relaxed mood.


Arnav: What are you doing Khushi?

Khushi: What do you think I am doing?

Arnav: You are just loitering around. I have loaded the luggage. I think we should start now. It's getting late.

Khushi: (innocently) Start for where?

Arnav: (shocked) What ..?

Khushi: (innocently again) Yes .. tell me start for where?

Arnav: (impatiently) Don't start your dramas again Khushi. Its late. We should start immediately for home now.

Khushi: (calmly) This is home.

Arnav: (shocked) What are you trying to say?

Khushi: (calmly again) I am saying that this is home. So where should I go?


Arnav could not believe what Khushi is saying. After the last few days, not even in his distant imagination did it occur that Khushi would not want to go home. He could not understand the feeling that was jolting up inside him.. was it anger or hurt or irritation.. he could not decipher.


Arnav: (concernedly) What are you trying to do Khushi?

Khushi: Nothing. I am saying that there is no reason for me to leave my home.

Arnav: Are you trying to pull another drama? Don't test my patience Khushi. I am not up for this anymore.. at least not right now.

Arnav: (impatiently) Don't make me do anything Khushi that I will .. I mean.. you will repent.

Khushi: There is only one thing you can do.. threaten to do something to Jiji. But guess what.. I have had enough of this threat. I am not up for your threat anymore.

Arnav: (coldly) Khushi, this is not the time for this discussion.

Khushi: I know. I am sure you don't want my family to know everything. I am sure you won't do anything that will create even the slightest amount of doubt in their mind.

Arnav: (confidently) You know I have my ways Khushi ..

Khushi: Haan, haan .. I know you are Arnav Singh Raizada and you are very "Shaatir". But I am also Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada and I will give you a better choice. I will leave with you right now.. no drama, no nothing. You will just have to say me something.

Arnav: (taken aback wondering what she might be wanting to know) I am not telling you anything Khushi Kumari Gupta. You will go with me right away.

Khushi: You know me Arnavji. I am crazy. I am here in my home and I can just say aloud anything.. something my family member may heed. I am sure you don't want that?


Arnav could feel how Khushi was trying to manipulate the advantage of her being at home. He glared at her but that did nothing to Khushi.


Khushi: (smilingly) Don't worry. I am not asking for much. You don't even have to give me any reasons .. (pauses).. Just tell me to go home with you because you will miss me if I am not there. (puppy eyed)


Arnav again had a feeling that was beyond his anticipation. He was shocked.. surprised.. and he could feel his heart going tender.. missing a beat. What was she asking for? This girl really confused him.. Was she just creating a scene or did she really want to hear that from him? These were the times when the mind of the mighty Arnav Singh Raizada did not help him much.


Arnav controlled himself and decided to keep his ASR personal intact.


Arnav: Are you crazy? Only in your dreams I am going to say that.

Khushi: I just told you I am crazy. And you have already told me that in my dreams .. (gives a fake lovey-dovey smile). I just want to hear it from you in real now. You can take me anywhere you want thereafter.

Arnav: Keep dreaming Khushi .. because I am not going to say that and.. you are coming with me right away. End of Discussion.

Khushi: What end? No end. Either you say it or I stay.

Arnav: Khushi.. (grinds his teeth) I will tell you just once.. stop your nonsense drama and move.

Khushi: Fine. If this is what you want .. I, for once, was looking for a peaceful solution but I forgot you are the warlord. You cannot do anything peacefully. Fine then.. I think I need to give a few hints to my parents ..

Arnav: (grinding his teeth) You wont dare.

Khushi: You want to see?? (pauses) Then just tell me.. naa? What's wrong with going for a peaceful solution? (rolling eyes)


Arnav was trying to calm down. Khushi was right in a sense since fighting now may spill the beans to his in-laws which he surely had no intention of doing. But how can he say that? He could feel the change of his heart over the last couple of days.. but that did not mean he would say such things to Khushi. But then again.. he could  always pretend that he did that just because Khushi asked her to do so to go home. And he did believe in peaceful ways of doing things, when possible, in his business also.


"Think about the opportunity costs Arnav.. just think."


Arnav turned .. His hands fisted tightly. He needed to decide if its war or.. .. he could see Garima & Buaji waiting in the living room. He sighed .. and turned around. Khushi looked at him questioningly.. anticipating what the mighty Arnav Singh Raizada has decided to do. Arnav walked near Khushi confidently and gave him a loathing look. He composed himself and Khushi could see a soft & tender look slowly forming in his face. Arnav stared straight into Khushi's eyes.


Arnav: Khushi.. please chalo. I cannot stay without you. (pauses as Khushi keeps staring at her without even blinking) My every day starts with you and.. my nights finish with you too. When you are not around.. it feels like my breathing will stop. I miss you so much when you are not around .. please come home with me.


[Copy Cat Arnav!! please replace the above lines with the dialogues Anjali gave him in Hindi .. my Hindi is weak, so I am using the translation but Hindi dialogues will add the actual feel .. especially, the "saanse rookh jayengi" part]


Khushi keept staring at him.. she had gotten more than she had asked for. All she wanted was to make Arnav feel uneasy and say he missed her. She was just looking for some fun but what Arnav had just said was more than that. She did not want to ponder a bit over whether what Arnav had said was for real or had he just done it to take her home peacefully. All that mattered to her right now was her heartbeat. She could hear her heart beat going louder than ever and she felt she could hear his heart beat too. She did not want to think anything.. as of now she was going to live in this moment - as if it were real. She did not even try to control the teardrop streaming down from her eyes.


Arnav, bewildered, looked as a teardrop left Khushi's eye. He could feel the emotions jolting up in his throat. His eyes were burning and he had a tough time being in control.. showing no emotion. Why was she crying? Wasn't she just trying to manipulate him? Or did she really want to hear that? Arnav's brain again got all jumbled up and he decided to send it for a very small vacation. As of now, he was going to live in this moment.. as if it were real.


Arnav wiped the teardrop from her cheeks and askde softly.


"Ghar Chale..Khushi Singh Raizada?"


Khushi nodded, almost invisibly. Arnav picked her up in his arms and started walking towards the door.


Garima & Buaji silently watched them leaving. They did not say a word because they did not want to spoil the magic they were witnessing in front of them. Both, in soft tears, prayed to Devi Maiya so that Arnav-Khushi's love only went stronger everyday and stayed forever like that.



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shaaranya IF-Rockerz

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devsum IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 April 2012 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
so sweet and cute. He spoke from the heart...

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neverbefore Goldie

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Posted: 17 April 2012 at 11:45pm | IP Logged
So cute and romantic (at the end!).  Loved it.

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lara3110 IF-Rockerz

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Wow!!! That was heart wrenching.
Thumbs Up

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Really sweet.. :)

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MsDramaQueen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 April 2012 at 11:58pm | IP Logged
awesome, cute and romantic!! gr8 job! love your way of writing!
keep writing :D

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Omoraboti IF-Sizzlerz

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thanks guys ... just a random though after last night's episode :)

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