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Posted: 16 April 2012 at 4:18pm | IP Logged

Salaam Namastey & Hello to all my lovely IF Friends.Big smile

Thanks alot for liking our 1st NL ApproveHug so now we present to you the 2nd Edition of Our PV Chronicles.Big smile Hope you will have a nice time & Do leave in Your Comments, Suggestions & Feedbacks and Hope we continue this every week Embarrassed

Weekly Summary

  9th April 2012

Gayatri gets angry when Aarti leaves her marks separately next to Arpita's imprints. Gayatri, however, does not vent her fury. 

When Gayatri asks Paridi to perform the ritual, Paridi gets concerned about her manicured nails. Gayatri, however, compels her. 

As per the ritual, Vidhi asks Aarti to knock down the kalash filled with rice at the entrance of the house. At that time Ansh feels sleepy and requests Aarti to carry him. Aarti carries Ansh and performs the ritual. When Paridi performs the ritual, she kicks the kalash too hard. 

After the rituals, Gayatri gets furious when she hears some guests gossiping about her newly wedded daughters-in-law. 

Shobha is worried about Aarti. Satyendra tries to pacify Shobha and tells her to give sometime to Aarti to adjust with the Scindia family. Satyendra is confident that Aarti would lead a happy married life with Yash. 

Yash gets surprised to see his college friend Kunal Khemu who is now a Bollywood actor. Kunal has visited Scindia Mansion with his co-star, Amrita Puri. Yash introduces the duo to his parents. The duo congratulates the couples. 

During one of the post wedding rituals, Vidhi asks Aarti and Yash to find a ring from a vessel filled with milk. An innocent Ansh expresses desire to play the game but Gayatri refuses him. At that time Palak tells Gayatri that if Ansh plays the game, she too would join him. Gayatri refuses but one of the guests convinces her to allow the children to play. 

When Ansh and Palak play the game they force their parents to help them. 

Paridi and Pratik too perform the ritual. Paridi rejoices when she finds the ring. Gayatri again gets angry when Paridi states that she would rule Pratik thought the life. 

The guests make fun of Gayatri.

   10th April 2012

Ansh and Palak play the game and force their parents to help them. In order to help Palak win, Gayatri gives her an idea. Palak tries to trick Ansh but fails. Ansh understands Palak's plan and turns the tables on her. He rejoices on finding the ring in the vessel.

Vidhi explains another ritual to the newly wedded couples. She tells them that they had to untie the thread, tied on their partner's wrist, by one hand. Aarti finds it difficult to untie the thread from Yash's wrist, as she was carrying Ansh who was fast asleep. When Vidhi offers to carry Ansh, Aarti does not allow her. Vidhi, however, convinces Aarti. The couples perform the ritual.

After the ritual, Gayatri tries to make Aarti understand her responsibilities towards Yash as a wife and also towards Payal and Palak as their mother.  

Vidhi explains the last ritual to the couples wherein the grooms had to carry their brides in their arms and take them to their bedroom.

Pratik willing performs the ritual while Gayatri coaxes Yash.

After Yash brings Aarti to his room, he decides to close the door as he wants to reveal to her his intention of getting remarried.

After Yash closes the door, Aarti again misunderstands him. Yash plans to tell Aarti that he had married her only for the sake of his daughters. Aarti too plans to tell Yash that she had remarried only for the sake of Ansh's happiness..

11th April 2012

Aarti is worried about Yash's intentions behind getting married to her. A romantic song is being played in Yash's room. While trying to find out from where the song was played, Yash finds letter which has a romantic message written on it. Yash realizes that it was Pratik's handwriting and therefore understands his plan.

Aarti gets furious when she sees a packet of condoms on a table and once again misunderstands Yash. Yash too notices the packet and fears that Aarti may misunderstand him. He gets irritated when he also finds a flimsy night gown kept for Aarti on the table. A furious Yash summons Pratik to his room.

When Pratik arrives, Yash confronts him for trying to create a romantic atmosphere in his room. Yash reveals that he had not married Aarti for his physical needs but for Pratik's happiness. Pratik had vowed that he would not marry until Yash agrees to get remarried. Yash further confesses that he would never be able to forget Arpita. Yash adds that he had also agreed to remarry as his daughters' would need a mother when they grow up. Aarti gets surprised on learning Yash's intentions.

Yash requests Aarti to take care of his daughters and asserts that he does not expect anything else from her.

Pratik apologizes to Yash for hurting his feelings. He also apologizes to Aarti.

Aarti feels guilty of doubting Yash and decides to apologize to him. 

12th April 2012

Aarti approaches Yash to apologize to him but at that time a wind chime starts ringing. She recollects the incident wherein Prashant had abandoned her. On the other hand, Yash too recollects the romantic moments spend with Arpita.

Meanwhile, Paridi and Pratik engage in romantic conversation.

Yash finds Aarti tensed and asks the reason. On learning that Aarti was worried about Ansh, Yash tries to pacify her. He informs her that Vidhi has put Ansh to bed along with Payal and Palak.

Aarti tries hard to open her bag but is unable to do so. When Yash notices Aarti struggling, he offers help. Aarti believes that Yash wants Arpita's bangles back, which was gifted to her by Aprita's mother. She is about to remove the bangles from her hand, when Yash stops her and helps her open the bag.

Surajpratap is relieved as Yash had got remarried. He believes that Yash would forget Arpita and start a new life with Aarti. He is confident that Aarti would take good care of Yash as well as of Payal and Palak. Surajpratap states that Aarti should take care of Yash's desires as well.


Scene of the Week

This week the best scene is undoubtedly the classic AarYa suhaagraat moment when both fall over each other and Aarti's mangalsutra gets stuck Embarrassed
Aarti falls over Yash ...future indication that Aarti will first fall in love with Yash Embarrassed
Yash cannot stop himself from admiring Aarti here ..just look at his eyes in this pic Embarrassed..Its an indication that even if Yash wants to remain with Arpita's memories but he wont b able to control himself from getting attracted and feeling the pull towards Aarti in future as he is already looking mesmerised here for a second WinkTongue
Once the bheegen hoth tere song starts ,.both panicks which results in Yash  rolling on top of Aarti Tongue,..This is an indication that Aarti's simplicity ,innocence of heart and natural beauty will always pull Yash towards her even if he wants to escape it Wink...see here he was trying hard to get rid of that stuck mangalsutra ,but end result is he ended up rolling on top of Aarti LOLTongue
Towards the end both cant stop feeling the attraction for each other ...and this is the picture where both does not want to escape but feel each other's touch EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..Its an indication that once Aarti starts falling for Yash and then Yash starts getting attracted towards Aarti , there will b lot more intensity and passion expected between both equally WinkTongue
Aarti's mangalsutra gets stuck to Yash's sherwani without both doing anything ...Indicates a life-long bond where even if circumstances or any third person try to separate them ,still both will stuck up to each other EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Last but not the least both r together trying to get rid of the stuck-mangalsutra which results in their hands touching and both feeling the current again same like what happened in the milk-ring game where both their hands touched at same time WinkTongue...this is an indication that both will always take joint decisions together at the same time and this will only strengthen their relationship Embarrassed
So Moral of the story from the above scene is that Aarti will fall in love with Yash first  while Yash initially might struggle to accept his feelings for Aarti even if he feels strong attraction for her but somewhere he might b also guilty of forgetting Arpita and loving Aarti but soon that confusion wil clear in his mind and his love for Aarti will take over EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...The stuck Mangalsutra will only make sure its a lifelong bond which noone can break Star
This was indeed the best AarYa scene of the Week Star

Dialogue of the Week
This week as we all know, the best parts of the episodes were the silent moments and communication. So I decided to choose crucial dialogues that sort of triggered the silent moments that we so loved. 

Best Dialogue Male: Yash

"Shaadi ka matlab yahi hota hain? Tum acche tarike se jaante ho ki main shaadi ke liye kyun raazi hua. Apni shaaririk zarooraton ke liye nahin!" 

This dialogue and the monologue that followed it took away all of Aarti's misconceptions and made her much more comfortable around Yash, to the extent that she confessed to herself that he was not like all other men, "Yashji thode alag hain". So I chose this one for the reactions it triggered and that silent understanding between the two we got as a result.

Best Dialogue Female: Paridhi 

"Ab kyun puri raat bed banate rahoge kya?"

I don't think I have to tell you why I chose this one! That little burst of laughter from Aarti and Yash's pleasant surprise on hearing and seeing it was surely one of the highlights of the week so we owe this dialogue a tribute for making it happen! 


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OMG Moment Of The Week

OMG kya Suhaag Raat hai!!!

Okay so this weeks OMG moment is not one but the whole Suhaag raat...

Yes...each and every scene in the Suhaag Raat was unexpected for us...it was a really lovely shocker...

Can't mention everything that happened in the Suhaag Raat as it would be given in the romantic column too...so let me take the two things which i really want to share as a OMG Moment...

The first one The Condoms...I have never seen a Indian show telecast condoms...Our proves itself unique as always...n even loved Yash struggling with it...

Then the second one...is the revelation of the of Yash's view regarding the Punar Vivah...and clearing of the misunderstanding...it was really emotional scene...like Aarti many people would have cried seeing that scene...even I cried...

Here I conclude saying...I can't give symbolism for the Condom or through misunderstanding scene...Big smile

Best Picture Of The Week


Funniest Scene Of The Week


For this week (April 9-April 13) the funniest scene had a tie. The first one has to the Ghar Parveish of Pardhi. When Pardhi was asked to knock the kalish down and walk first with her right foot, the way she kicked it as it was a football and then her response: sorry it's my first time, and then the look on Gayatri's face has to be a cherry on top to Prateik's and Pardhi's wedding. And finally the second scene that was the funniest was... the first night of both Pardhi & Prateik and Arya. The way Pardhi was hiding behind the bed when Arya came in and then when she finally comes out and says ... are you going to be fixing the bed all night was so hilarious. With Arya hands down the scene that got the most laughs was Yash dance to Zara Zara Touch Me on the first night of his wedding; it was hilarious, cute, and showed his chivalry towards women. Hope y'all enjoyed this week's scenes ... until next time see y'all :) 

Preet :)

Best Dressed Of The Week

Best Dressed of the Week goes to one and only Aarti aka Kratika in her Pink Saree Embarrassed...She looked simple and elegent in a simple pink saree with limited make-up and just one simple mangalsutra ...Her pink-saree look proved that simplicity still rules Embarrassed

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Prediction Of The Week


Aarti will win the affection of Palak but not Payal. Yash will drop Ansh at his school and this will cause Payal to become jealous of the attention Ansh is getting from her father. Yash and Aarti will become friends and reach a comfortable understanding of each other, and Yash's Bua will be jealous seeing this. She will stir more trouble for Aarti and instigate Gayatri against her. Paridi will find it difficult to adjust to Prateik's family and realize that marriage is not all fun and games. 

Biggest Disappointment of the week
Credit: -enchanted-

Its really hard to find a disappointment in one of the most amazing and beautiful week of Punar Vivah. But if I have to name one, it would be Vidhi. Though she is one of my fav characters, she has been taking Pankaj for granted ever since the show began. I understand that she is the eldest DIL,and practically all responsibility of the house and its members is upon her. But in fulfilling those responsibilities,she is totally overlooking her husband. Pankaj just wants a little bit of her time and attention,yet Vidhi has been unable to give it to him,or even notice his problem. So yes its a disappointment, and I hope that this couple communicates with each other really soon,and sort out their problems,before it turns into something serious.

*The End... We'll be Back Soon with another Issue of PV Chronicles. Do Hit the LIKE Button if u Liked the NL. & Do Leave in Your Suggestions, Criticism & Feedbacks. All are Heartily Welcome !!Big smile

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awesome work Natasha and All those who contributed for the NL Clap

loved all the sections. Thumbs Up

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Great job. Loved it

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Awesome NL for an even more awesome week! =D LOVED all moments chosen esp accompanying pictures =) and OMG yay u guys did best dressed =D Totally agreed on this one.. Aarti with her simple yet elegant pink saree looked graceful and like a new bride.. so lovely and soothing to the eyes <3 Although I would add Yash babu to the list for that white kurta pyjama he looks oh-so-killer in =p
Great job everyone! =D

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That was AMAZING! Loving these weekly newsletters, thank you so much for all the time and effort you guys put in these, it is greatly appreciated! Thumbs UpClap

Everything was spot on, and my favorite was the scene of the week, the beautiful analysis was further made perfect by those sizzling caps, makes me want to go back and watch the episode once again! And also completely agree on Aarti in her simple pink sari avatar to be the most stunning of the week, Kratika can pull of that simplistic beauty perfectly! Day Dreaming

Also, just putting it out there that if you ever need me to write a column or something, I would be more than happy to do it! Smile

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Mods make this topic sticky please

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