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Married For Riyasat-Update-Chap 12-part II-Pg 89 (Page 6)

ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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Note:---------------Chapter 1-pg2----Chapter 2-pg3------Chapter 3-pg5----------------

Chapter 4

The Royal Moodikhayi

Manyata found the task of  getting ready for moothikhayi as the most hectic task. Badi Maasa had given her the traditional jewellery of Maharani Mandakini and had requested  her to wear them for the ceremony. Though the maids were helping her in getting ready but she still felt a bit uneasy for her looks as Badi Maasaa seemed to be really too excited for her looks which made her a bit nervous. At last she was ready but as she watched herself in mirror she could not recognise herself as she looked like some elegant queen rather than a princess, maybe it's the Maharani Mandakini's jwellary she thought.

Unnati came to take Manyata in hall but for an instant she too was struck by Manyata's elegance. Unnati chuckled 'So our Maharani Manyata is all ready rule the hearts of people out there in the central hall'. They both exchanged their Nand -Bhabhi smile and entered the hall. All eyes were on Manyata full of appreciation and applause. Unknowingly Manyata's eyes searched for Udayveer and she saw him there with some guest looking all elegant and handsome in his traditional dhoti and sherwani, his pagadi and tilak all complimenting him as ever. Udayveer looked at Manyata and smiled ,for a moment it seemed only she and Uday were in the room, lost I each others eyes. Sigh! it was not so he had just looked at her for  a moment and then he was busy with guests, even she was got busy in receiving gifts and smiling and acknowledging people she never knew.

'Jiji you really are to enjoying all this hai na' Jainandini asked as she made her place beside Manyata.

Jainandini came all the way to Jaigad just to make Manyata and Udayveer's life a bit more hell. As poor girl could not rest in peace as she could not bear her greatest enemies reconciling with each other and moving on in their life. How could they when she herself was all stuck to same vengeance against them which grew even more with passing time. Jai had come with a full proof plan .Right now her only mission was to make Manyata feel pity and remorse for her long lost love Akash. She just wanted to rekindle the fire of hatred in her Jiji against Udayveer. Jai knew Akash was the only way to do so, he was the only weakness of Manyata jiji that could destroy her and Udayveer's marriage.

'What are you doing here Jai' Manyata queried as nobody told her that she was coming.

'Well jiji I just came to give you the message of love, how can you forget Akash your real love. He just wants to meet you once', Jai informed Manyata.

Manyata was all in tears as she thought of Akash and their  love which lost its battle against the storm of her own reality of being a real princess. Jai wiped the tears of Manyata and soothed her as she smirked to herself  for being  successful in her mission .

'Manyata Jiji I think you should meet Akash once' Jainandini explained ' this is not the end of your life Manayta Jiji, just talk to Akash ,may be he can take you out of this forced marriage mess .After all now he is rich and powerful enough to help you.'

Manyata took a deep sigh and asked Jai to leave her alone as she needed time to think over it. Jainandini decided to leave as she already had done what she came for.

'Fine Manyata Jiji I will leave just think over it ,I will ask Akash to call you back',Jai said and left the party.

At last the strenuous day  was over guests were gone all happy and satisfied. Manyata was really tired as on one hand the heavy jewellery seemed to break her body ,and on the other hand Jainandini's talk about Akash seemed to blow her mind. She was caught between love and responsibility. She felt as though jeweleries of Maharani Mandakini were the responsibilities she has been vested upon by the Jaigad Rajparivaar and Akash was the burden vested upon her by her own heart, a burden of guilt ,that her love made that Man face so much in his life.

Manyata changed into nighty and felt quit relieved now . Udayveer came into the room ,his  head seemed to reel like merry go round as attending so many guests  was too much for him. He sat on the bed clutching his head with his hand.

' Are you alright', Manyata asked she wanted to sit beside him and put her hand fondly on his head  but something in her stopped her from being affectionate to him maybe it was Jaynandini's talk.

.'Yes I am fine' Udayveer retorted as he really did not like her dry concern and then he cried for Unnati.

Unnati came running .As she saw Udayveer she knew her brother was not well. 'Dada  should I bring Seredon,I know u have such headaches when u r too much tired' Unnati said.

'Yes dear please', Udayveer said thankfully.

'Why Seredon Udayveer Beta Manyata will give you a nice jumpy'.Udayveer was surprised to hear Badi Masaa's voice.

Badi Maasa came into the room and asked Manyata to take care of her husband as from  now on Udayveer is her biggest responsibility. Uday smirked at Manyata as he knew she is not at all going to like it. Manyata obediently agreed to do so and Badi Maasa left with a content smile. Udayveer closed the door behind and smiled at Manyata. Manyata felt uncomfortable as Uday stared at her with such a ravishing intent.

'Chal aaja aisi jumpy doongi ki yaad rakhega' Manyata said trying to break the trance created by his intense eyes.

'Its okey princess u don't need to smash my head I will have my Saredon and I will be fine' said Uday as he gulped the mesdicine which Unnati had just brought.

But Manyata was not ready to give up as she had promised Badi Maasa and she felt she should fulfil it as that lady suddenly seemed all so important to her than anything else.

'So Badi Maasa ka Jadu chal hi gaya aap par princess, anyways if you are so eager I am all ready to give u a chance to do my seva', Uday abruptly put his head in Manayata's lap and closed his eyes and said 'Now start princess' with trademark smirk evident on his face.

Manyata was taken aback as she had never seen Udayveer from so near. He was too handsome no doubt, but it never has such magnetic effect on her as it had now. She slowly put her hands on his wide forehead and then slowly slid her fingers  into his hairs. His heirs were so soft and silky, she could still smell the hair cream. Manyata slowly started massaging Udayveer's head but in mind she was all lost. She was lost in the beauty and charm of that handsome face. His closed eyes long eyelashes and that dangerously sexy lips. Damn it ! she always hated that smirk which always hovered their and was gone only to be replaced by twitch which he had due to clenched jaws. But she could see none of the two right now as his face was so calm and relaxed enjoying the massage.

Manyata seemed to enjoy every bit  of that face which was laying so peacefully in her lap. How could a man change she thought ,no a Udayveer can never, Jainandini was right ,Udayveer was nothing but a manipulative fiend who had nothing but politics in his mind and heart. He contrived to get her, dragged her in the manipulative mess of politics, power and money ,destroyed her dream of simple love life, which she would have lived happily with Akash. Jainandini was right Udayveer was her culprit and only deserved hatred from her, but then why,  why can't she hate him, why her heart stoops down in front of this Man's irresistible charisma why!

Manyata had no answers for these whys in her life.She felt herself falling in deep dungeons of Udayveer's love,harder she tried to resist the more deeper she fell . Udayveer seemed to have slept, she felt an irresistible longing to kiss that perfect face laying so peacefully in her lap. She just stooped and kissed his forehead and was taken aback to see a pair of intensely black eyes looking straight into her own .

'You aaa you are still awake', Manyata stammered as she tried to push him off her lap.

Udayveer was in no mood of moving ,he actually enjoyed Manyata's emotional indecisiveness as it made her look more innocent and vulnerable to his charms.

'How can I sleep princess when I have such a beautiful wife kissing me and ''' Udayveer slowly rose up from her lap and in a moment Manayat found herself under Udayveer with his body hovering over herself.

Udayveer did not move his eyes from her face and looked straight in her eyes. Manyata could feel his warm breath right at her face. Manyata trembled as her heart and mind battled with each other making her resistance weaker and feebler . Udayveer did feel Manyata trembling beneath him and he firmly  caught hold of her trembling hands and pinned her down the bed.

'Come on princess you take all liberty to kiss me and when my chance comes u start trembling, not fair princess. I should have my fair chance '.said Udayveer his voice hoarse and his eyes demanding .

Manyata's eyes widened with surprise as she found Udayveer's lips on hers ,she was all numb as she never ever expected to be kissed by Udayveer in real, though she always had nightmares of Udayveer kissing her. Udayveer seemed to relish moistness of her lips and her warm breath, he knew Manyata was lost ,she was lost like all other girls who lost to his charm so easily,but he knew this girl was different,this girl was the princess for whom Yuvraj Udayveer Singh had  yearned so long  .He slowly took her lips in his mouth and kissed her deep  enjoying every bit of the moment, every spec of passion that overflowed between them for that moment of time which seemed to be an eternity .

Manyata seemed to be in some other world as she enjoyed Udayveer's slow sensuous yet so passionate  kiss which she always thought would be nothing but a nightmare. Suddenly she seemed to come out of some trance and pushed Udayveer with all her might, and yelled at Udayveer 'Halkat veda khasma nu khana,tu zaroor koi jadugar hai, suon ye apna kaala jadu kahin aur chala', she pushed Udayveer away from the bed.

Udayveer seemed to enjoy Manayat's anger as he knew how hard his princess was fighting herself.

'Uff princess kabhi pyar tou kabhi takrar, one thing is quite clear , life is really going to be quit namkeen with you',said   Udayveer as he  took the pillow and moved towards the sofa.

But then he moved backward and came to Manyata who was sitting on the bed her face all red with anger, he moved his finger on Manyata's face and said 'Princess I just forgot to tell you one thing, you really have a beautiful figure ,your transy nighty reveals it so well.'

Manyata gasped at such a remark and flushed as she felt her nighty was really so transparent, she seemed to curl like some frail creeping plant .Udayveer was really fascinated to see her flushed face, he just wanted to kiss her again take her in his arms and make love to her. But then he decided to wait as he felt his princess needs time ,time enough to realise her love for him.

'Sweet dream princess' , Udayveer said and finally resigned to sleep leaving Manayata at relief to sleep at last . 

Do like, and comment .Smile

Luv U All


Chapter 5 - The Blast from the Past

(Page 9 Click )



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abika IF-Rockerz

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very very nice can you pls me  

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ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by AKlover101

Loved the update!! Continue soon as I'm eagerly waiting for the MooDikhayi!!!:)

I have updated it in form of Chapter 5 .Do read and comment Big smile

ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Marie_789

PM me when you update...

You write really nice like professional writer...

Thanks Marie hope u like my other chapters tooSmile
Mahibeejay Senior Member

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Wow...amezing...can't wait for next blast!!!!

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lovely job!

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fia21 IF-Sizzlerz

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Wow. Both chapter 3 and 4 were amazing Clap
I especially loved chapter 4. It was very well written. Loved the ManVeer part. So romantic.
Precap sounds interesting. Looks like Akash is going to make an entry.
Update soon.

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ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by fia21

Wow. Both chapter 4 and 5 were amazing Clap
I especially loved chapter 5. It was very well written. Loved the ManVeer part. So romantic.
Precap sounds interesting. Looks like Akash is going to make an entry.
Update soon.

Thanks Fia its really nice to get appreciated.Smile
Yes its Akash fiasco in chapter 6.But don't worry i have lot of Manveer their too.Wink
After all i am not as dumb headed as CvsLOL

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