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Natasha_shaikh IF-Sizzlerz

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Salaam Namastey & Hello to all my lovely IF Friends.Big smile

Thanks alot for liking our 1st NL ApproveHug so now we present to you the 2nd Edition of Our DABH Chronicles.Big smile Hope you will have a nice time & Do leave in Your Comments, Suggestions & Feedbacks and Hope we continue this every week Embarrassed

Weekly Summary
credit natasha

                                                           9th April 2012

Sooraj predicts his life if Sandhya leaves him. Santosh explains to Chaturi about Ganghor puja. Chaturi wants to have a husband like Sooraj. Sooraj speaks to Sandhya sarcastically when Sandhya asks him about the ritual. The ladies of Rathi family perform Ganghor puja.

                                                              10th April 2012

Santosh is sceptical about Sandhya's family fulfilling the Ganghor puja ritual. Sooraj drops Sandhya at the post office to pick up the things Ankur had sent from America for the puja. Dhilip believes Meenakshi's lies and thanks her for warning him about Chhavi. Sandhya sees the damaged laddu package and asks Sooraj to make it right. However, he mocks her and criticizes Ankur's packaging. Meenakshi is envious when Santosh's friends view the things Ankur had sent and praise Sandhya.

11th April 2012

Meenakshi's ploy backfires when Mohit converts the US dollars into rupees and reveals to everyone that Ankur had purchased a very expensive saree for Santosh. Sooraj criticizes Ankur in front of Sandhya for leaving the price tag on the saree and poorly packaging the laddoo. Sandhya is shocked by Sooraj's accusations. Santosh is humiliated in front of her friends by his confrontation. Sandhya lies to Ankur and Ankita that their package was well received by her in-laws. 

12th April 2012
Meenakshi pretends to sympathize with Sandhya after Sooraj criticizes her family in front of guests. Sandhya tells her not to interfere in her affairs. She packs lunch for Sooraj but he tells Chaturi to bring the lunch bag to his shop. Santosh berates her for planning to confront Sooraj about the humiliation on Ganghor puja. Bhabhasa is worried about Sooraj's changed behaviour. Sooraj sleeps in his shop to avoid Sandhya. She goes to the shop to talk to him. 

13th April 2012
Sandhya tries to find out the reason for Sooraj's anger but in vain. Sooraj tells her that she is not a dutiful wife. Sandhya is hurt by his angry words. She asks him to leave the room while changing her dress but he refuses to leave. Santosh tells Sooraj that Maasa has found a wedding proposal for Chhavi. Sandhya talks about letting Chhavi complete her bachelor's degree before marriage but Santosh and Sooraj disregard her concern for education.


Scene of the Week

As per me the best scene was the sudden change of suraj's behaviour towards sandhya...firstly he insulted sandhya in front of all...n then came the bouncer when sandhya came to room after bath n ask suraj to leave n he was just not caring abt it n sandhya began to change with her back toward suraj n suraj came to her n put her fallen pallu of saaree...thr was shock in sandhya's eyes n suraj just wanted to prove her sumthing. 

Dialogue of the Week


April 9 - Bhabasa

"Ye lugaiyon bi badi ajeeb prani hothi hai. Tyuhaar ki dhin tho pathi parameshwar aur bakhi dhin tho aise taana mara rahi hai, pati seedha parameshwar ki paas bhaag jave hai. Aashish  dhethavun thane. Teri zubaan meeti ho jave.Teri andhar tho aag bari padi hai na us par pani gir jave. Tu sherni se memni ban jave."

"Ek baar aasmaan mein Suraj na hove na, ya apna roop badal ne ve, tho dharthi sais na soja ve. Samandar mein tufaan aajatha ve. Sab taraf pralai aajave. Ek dhin Suraj ne apna roop badal ne mein. Hamara Suraj hamesha shaanth hai Santosh. Par aaj mara Suraj ka roop badala hua dekhe manne. Uske andhar, aaj aisa tufaan dekha ye, jaisa pehle kabhi nahi dekha Santosh."

Bhabasa is the only one who had understood both Suraj and Bhabho completely. He could correctly read Suraj and Bhabho's mind. The first dialogue mentioned here is what he spoke regarding Bhabho. I want his wish to be granted by God so that Bhabho might get some sense regarding Sandy's truth.  The second one is which he said to Bhabho after he had seen Suraj scolding Sandhya in front of everyone. He could feel that his son is hurt by some matter and predicting some storm in their home in near future.


April 12 - Sandhya

"Agar vaakri mein itne bura lagra hotha na, ya phir aap kisi ghar ki beti hone ka matlab samaj thi hun, tho dus logon ki beech mein us saadi ka dhaam nahi dikhathi. Mujhse kehadhi aur khud chupa dhi. Aur ye math samajna mujhe kuch diktha nahi hai, tum kya kar rahi ho aur kya nahi. Mein chup hun, kyun mein ek parivaar ka matlab samaj thi hun."

In Thursday's episode Meena was taunting Sandhya while they were packing food. Sandhya gave this fitting reply to her such that she shut her mouth and couldn't taunt Sandhya anymore.

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Natasha_shaikh IF-Sizzlerz

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OMG Moment Of The Week

She didn't send her entry Ouch

Best Picture Of The Week


The best picture of the week...I have pulled out a few that show Suraj watching himself through his dream...he saw what he would do if/when Sandhya left him and has started the current track...

and also when he comes back from his nightmare we see almost an angry look on his face when he looks at Sandhya...that look is also a great moment this week because Suraj finally realizes the power that Sandhya has had over whatever the real reason is behind his changed behavior (be if for Bhabho, Sandhya, or himself) we cannot deny that Suraj has realized that his attachment for Sandhya is only going to hurt him in the long run.  

Most Romantic Moment Of The Week


One more suraj is in anger whole week thr was not such romantic moment but when sandhya was drying clothes n suraj came in front of her n gave a smile, sandhya thinks he's f9 now n she to smiles a l'il was a gud moment between the two.

Funniest Scene Of The Week


The funniest scene has to be when Dhiasa criticizes Sandhya's stuff & Bhabhsaa juss blow her comments.ROFLThe scene goes like this Dhiasa comments the sarees looks beautiful from outside but who knows once u put it on...& all the design & stuff will fall off..! The Bhabhsaa jumps in & says Check carefully Dhiasa...the design might be only for outside & check inside too...American rat might have  gnaw the saree...ROFLROFL then everybody kinds laugh at her..& then she feels embrassed..! then she tries to find sumthing else...then she says oh that Laddo is very small..!! Then Bhabsaa comments that "ab isse to bada kharbuja(watermelon) hi hoga" ROFLROFL then everybody laughs at her..!

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Natasha_shaikh IF-Sizzlerz

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Prediction Of The Week


Hey Everyone! 

What a week huh? IPL has kicked off and in full swing, all the drama's are spicing up and Suraj is turning from Seeda saada to Taana King ROFL Joh bhi ho, he is just in his actions and it is about time that Sandhya has a taste of her own medicines. Till now she could take out her bitterness and Suraj would not say a word but ab toh voh bhi because of misunderstanding is dishing some kaari kohti baatien. 

Chalo lets take a leap to my predictions and see what the crystal ball is saying about this coming week. 

Well firstly, I sense that before things get better they will get worse and as we have seen in the new SBS segment - the hanson ka joda are going to burn their hands but I think this isn't all. Lagta hai Suraj will torment Sandhya for a little longer more. 

I am sensing that the rishta track of Chhavi will take centre stage with the groom being possibly Dilip who will come to know of Chhavi's truth and Meenakshi's plan :l 

Not much more than a taunting Suraj is forseen but dekte hai what the CV's can muster up for us.

Prediction: Don't be to hopeful for misunderstanding to be cleared just yet! 

Chalo, my books are calling me now so I must continue until next week. Take care <3 


Biggest Disappointment of the week

Credit: navyaalex8
This week's disappointment for me is the despoiling of one of my most cherished memories of this show: The hanging out the clothes sequence...

Even though it rains almost 24x7 where I live, I was considering stopping the usage of my dryer in memoriam of the cute clothes-hanging moments... Toh kya hoga if my clothes wouldn't dry by next month... At least cute scenes ka sahara to hoga...Lekin nahin Ouch... Surajji had to go and ruin my "diyaAa aur bateEe" guturgu moment with cruel and cutting comments...Bad boy Suraj!Angry LOL

Haan, haan, all the rest of you may be wondering in shock and amazement that Suraj's sudden evil personality change and poor Sandhya being tortured again isnt the major disappointment of this week... I tell you, that is NOTHING compared to the memory of great Surya scenes Tongue LOL...SIgning off with another pakao, sorries Tongue, disappointment coming up for you all next week, Nisha Smile


This week saw some major changes, rather disparity in Suraj's character. His attitude towards Sandhya has made a total 180 (at least to her face). 
The biggest disappointment this week was the conversation between Diya aur Baati in front of all where Suraj disrespects Sandhya by making snide comments at her all initiated by Meena's over dramatic remarks about a saree sent for Bhabo.
All in all a very sad week but Friday gave us hope as we saw Suraj's eyes glued to her as she walked back into the house after her failed attempts of trying to have a conversation with him about the tension between them.
This is just one person's opinion. What do you think was the worst of the week? 

*The End... We'll be Back Soon with another Issue of DABH Chronicles. Do Hit the LIKE Button if u Liked the NL. & Do Leave in Your Suggestions, Criticism & Feedbacks. All are Heartily Welcome !!Big smile

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..Anusha.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Top Notch Newsletter. Sandhyaji will be very impressed.
You even managed to find a romantic moment last week? I missed it completely. 

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b2011 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 April 2012 at 2:52am | IP Logged
Awsome newletter.  Appreciate everyone's effort.
Liked best picture of the week pictures.
Agree with:
Prediction: Don't be to hopeful for misunderstanding to be cleared just yet! 

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monika_2691 Goldie

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I am very sorry for not posting my topic...have not watched the show for a week now ...and I dont think I will be able to watch it regularly ...atleast for please someone else should take up Omg moment of the week... Sorry again

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Thanks for the NL really awesome Smile keep it up Thumbs Up  apprecaite everyone's effot. Clap

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.Sidra IF-Sizzlerz

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Fabb job on all the parts of the newsletter!!!

Keep rocking DABH-ians!

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