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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

ArHilicious Droolers#27: KuchKum RoshanHai Roshani

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ArHilicious Droolers #27:
Kuch Kum Roshan Hai Roshani...

Gossip Girl

 Anjali really need to use brains she don't use but where she don't need to use barins  in gossip girl lingo she don't have mindSleepy 

 Laxmi after listening to Khushi's bak bak went to the Devi Maa to ask her to resume ladies but Devi Maiyyan  were busy in thinking about for which purpose Ms. B were introduced in the showStern Smile 

  HP is planning big game against Raizada's he is planning to kidnap Laxmi(only sane thing)CryROFL 

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The Shaithan Sundari/Sundara Week ...Khushi and Arnav  played the role of Shaithan and Sundari/Sundara to the hilt...A perfect week for those viewer's who do not like  Shyam .. 

Hurt by Arnav's biting words, Khushi decides never to come  in front of Arnav again .. Khushi decides to give tuition to the kids as  a way of avoiding Arnav ...Evening arrives and Arnav  realizes that he has not seen Khushi the whole day , misses her  and begins to search for her ...He comes across Khushi in a Guest bedroom with few kids..Startled, he withdraws quietly , questions his  Nani , who reveals that along with  Dabba service, Khushi will also  be taking tuition , which enrages Arnav but he keeps quiet...

Unable to keep himself away from Khushi, Arnav on the pretext of watering the plats, goes and stands by the room where Khushi is  giving tuition ...Khushi is narrating the tale of Beauty and the Beast ...wherein Khushi realizes that the prince and the Beast are one and the same individuals  and she relates this dual persona to Arnav !!

The whole family retire for the night , Khushi comes to their room , followed by Lakshmi ..Khushi stops Lakshmi  , tells her that she cannot come inside  as Laad Gavarnor is asleep, Confides to Lakshmi that she  is  undertaking two jobs to keep herself out of Arnav's  sight, Arnav who is pretending to sleep feels bad on hearing this  but does not let on that he is overhearing the conversation.

In the other side of the story, Maami is all excited about  the arrival  of her relative Bubbly, She hurries into Akash's room, imparts this news excitedly ..Akash too is ecstatic  which makes Payal curious ..

Anjali who had been noticing the distance between Arnav- Khushi decides to take a hand and  tries to advise Arnav who refuses to pay heed to her counsel..Deciding that Khushi is the person who  will understand  the situation better ..Anjali counsels Khushi on building relationships, she informs Khushi that Arnav does not know how to express love and is scared of love...Khushi is surprised and  wickedly delighted when she hears this , She immediately decides to test this out and becomes the epitome SP bahu Gopi ...Arnav who is at the recieving end  of this unlimited and suffocating love  is flabbergasted and soon begins to get irritated ...Things reach to a head when Khushi in her mischievous mood prevents Arnav from having any food ..Arnav ends up with low sugar and faints ...Khushi is guilt stricken ...and stays awake all night  taking care of  Arnav..

Anjali comes to know about  Khushi's nursing and is very pleased ...Anjali seeks out Arnav and conveys her pleasure that Arnav had finally chosen a apt person as his partner. Anjali informs Arnav that Khushi was up all night taking care of him and even now is preparing Tea just for him...Arnav walks away quietly ..

Khushi comes  with a tray laden with  Chai and Biscuit.. Arnav  mocks her and replies that  he was  taking the mickey out of her for all her teasing and that he never was ill..Khushi is stunned and is unable to believ that Arnav went to this extent  to extract revenge.. Anjali who has been overhearing  this conversation is not fooled by Arnav's assertion.. confronts him privately  says that his attempts at lessening the guilt of Khushi although laudable would hurt  her anyways ..Anjali tries to guide him  in his relationship with Khushi..

Khushi has recovered from the shock  of Arnav's confession and decides that she will proceed with Gopi Bahu act to further irritate Arnav..

We had too many stupid "swami" scenes unfortunately so there wasn't a lot to choose from but I was still confused between a couple of scenes this week, the teeka one and the one where Khushi takes care of Arnav. But the latter wins solely because of it's genuineness.I love how despite everything these two still can't stop caring about each other. It fits the tagline of the show "Mohabbat door jaane na de, Nafrat paas aane na de"Heart
Apart from this, it isn't an ArHi scene but it is about them, I love how Arnav lies to Khushi about his fainting spell just so that she doesn't feel guiltyEmbarrassed

Well, this entire week we really didn't see much of Shyam Jha. Well..some were very happy about it and some were waiting for him to come back. Why? U ask! Well, those who wanted to him back are desperately waiting for the MU to be cleared up. So, people thought that if Shyam comes then now there will be a dhamaka and very soon MU will be all cleared...LOL

Finally, he decides to make an entranceLOL...but for what..he is back to stealing those bank papers he passes by Arnav's room sees him open the cupboard...and Arnav goes to the restroom for a shower I guess...and this is the funniest part..CV's are not taking any interest in clearing up the MU, but they make sure that Shyam knows exactly how long (10 mins) it takes for Arnav to take a shower and come out LOL. Shyam says "Arnav ke wallet se chaabi nikaalne keliye sirf 10 minute hai hamare paas"

Why? CV's...why cant you just put Shyam to good use...u finally made him appear for 2 minutes and still..he is hunting for the bank papers..JOOTA!Angry Well, Isn't this the best Joota Scene of the week.

Have a great weekend folks..


Date: 9th April 2012

Day: Monday

Episode: 226

Scene: The great hungry Shaitan!

The bachcha party decides to punish the naughtiest of the lot Harpreet and seeks the help of great "Shaitan" for the deed to be done! As a precaution they hide away Shaitan's 'power tank' - his plants and face him 'bravely'. Nikhil, the owner of the broken pencil, strikes a deal with Shaitanji that he'd have to eat Harpreet to get his plants back. For better result, Nikhil offers him salt,pepper and green chilly as well. Though irritated at first, Arnav plays along later seeing that the children had even made papers ready for the deal as well. He later uses the opportunity to contact with his 'Beauty' through letters.

Dialogue of the Scene: Arnav: Oye sun! Bohut bhook lagi hain. Harpreet ka wait kyon kare, tujh se hi kam chala lete hain!

Performer of the Scene: Arnav Singh Raizada, for those brilliant smirks and smile.

Message from me: Have a Happy week ahead!

I don't think it's a hard guess. When Anjali comes and tells Arnav that she knew he lied to Khushi about fainting because he cannot see the ones he love hurt. How she sends him into the flashback when he had taken the blame for breaking the photoframe which actually she had broken. It was an intense and heart-touching sibling moment. The best scene of the week for me <33

Hi Fellow Arhi droolers
I think till IPL gets over v can place all the episodes directly under this section 

And then major one was Miss.B ka the wait n Swami n Khushi drama

I hope next week gets better with tolerable fillers

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 April 2012 at 11:28am | IP Logged

ok so this week was tragic. some epi were interesting while some was nt!! so coming to my topic who will be d BC this week! lets check individually.  
Miss.B: is it bubbly for being so annoying nd makin me bored.
Akash: for being a silly kid.
Payal: for being a extra kid.
Mami: for insulting everyone unnecessarily.
Mama: for keeping quietLOL
Shyam: for nt being on d show for a week nd nt troubling us!!
Nani: oh i liked nani she was giving strong replies to nani.
nd finally arnav for hiding his love nd being irritating.
ok ok i'll come back. so this r nt d best character. they r none other thn...
oh u cant believe hw much hppy im cz after a long tym anji is on d BC list!! she's d best sister anyone can get. only she can understand arnav! infact she is playing a big role to make arhi united. she tells khushi to be loving to him nd shows arnav hw much he cares 4 khushi but does it show to her!! i love u anjali. ur d best.
coming to sundari. khushi acted to be a best wife but finally she prooved it. inorder to make arnav hppy she decided to stay away frm him nd take tuitions for d kids! she didnt sleep d whole night nd took gud care for arnav!! a sweet wife right!! 
this two were d best one this week. hoping to see more next week! so till thn see u soon. take care.

The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys us with his presence on screen.  This week it's none other than Khushi. For the very first time!! 

Firstly, I did not go well with the fact that she started bothering Arnav with the too much love formula.  I was actually expecting a different reaction from her when Anjali told her about this habit of his. She could have acted maturely but going to such extremes to irritate someone is just idiotic. Agreed that he is responsible for all that is happening in her life, but if she did decide to marry him, she should go through the contract with dignity.

Secondly, it was alarming to see her come to Arnav's office with the food just to embarrass him infront of his colleagues. In reality, such behaviour won't even take place but since the CVs  sometimes tend to go overboard with Khushi being a bubbly girl, it was a useless scene. 
Well, that's it for this week. Will see you guys next week hopefully. Adios!

Hello hi everyone and welcome to the funniest character section. This week has been another average week in the history of ipkknd. There were some good and some filler episods but overall it was a okay sorta week.
So here i am once again with the funniest charcater award. Who will get it who will get it *audience bites nails..* nah jokes m gonna cut the crap out cause the audience already knows who's getting it...jeez guys is there any element of surprise left on this forum lol jokes...Shyam's plans still surprise me...not because they are unexpected but because they are quite dumb and out of no where.
Anyways enough said let me hand the award over to Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Riazada (God took me forever just to type that up)...
So dear Khushi ji *creepy shyam smile* u have done a fabolous job this week...i would admit that not all the things u did were funny and that some of them irritated me..but oh well who cares its better than Mannu here u is ur invisible award enjoy.

Hello Guys, 

This Weeks DOTW is Anji's as it was really nice. And Arnav as usual was so damn here's the dialogue. 

*Thik toh rahoge..Jab tumhare biwi ne raat bhar jaagkar tumhara khayaal rakha hai*

Thats all from my side Guys! Enjoy! See u wonderful people next week


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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 April 2012 at 11:29am | IP Logged

ASR paas aane na de.. swami door jaane na de..  LOL 

lovely shot Heart

I had a good mind to give this one to our very own Gopi Bahu but someone has beaten her and she played a very big role in thatWink

^^Too bad he didn't wear it for too longTongue

I want to join ASR office like nowStern Smile I mean its the unique office where the presentation code is canvas even he left home with formal black shoes but all thanks to his super-cool office he was presenting in the CanvasWink.

Okay whatever he wear he has planned to kill me with his HOTness and freak that RED shirt, I am going Red after thinking abt that

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by ragzz

Here is ur Gift

Made By: Aanya.  

Here is ur Gift

By Ishu  

Here is ur Gift

Made By - -aiswarya- 

Here is ur Gift

Made by  .SublimeSaRun. {puja}

Here is ur Gift

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Pride and Beauty

This is Me - Arnav

As my life shattered around all i can see your shadows

As my smile becomes fake my heart halves into two

Voices in my head screams , makes me brittle,

It spins , it twists , it shudders , it confuses me

It gains, it steals , it loses , its uncontrollable 

My heart feel safe when you wrap me around you,

When you stare into my eyes , its a feeling i can't ignore

I wish i could explain my sentiments of your overwhelmed touch

I wish words could truly open up my heart and i serve my love for you.

I'm wrecked , shattered , dark and buried inside

Darkness surrounds over me like midnight haunts,

I feel empty , lost and  breathless in depths of silence

It feels like a constant thunder raining over me since years,

Nobody is for me , to get the umbrella and make me warm

Stuck as i'm deeply into it, i cannot take the pain anymore,

Can you see it ? Can you feel it ? Can you make me yours ?

Have you ever tried to make me crystal with love ?

I'm full of fear , full of sorrows , numb and broken,

I put on fake smiles so that i can save you

I tell you lies so that you try to burnish my vibes,

Words that i spoke to you tears my soul

A cloudly broken image is not who i wanted to be,

I have lost myself in the bitter gloomy avenues of life

I have lost the sight of my own heart,

I silently whimpers at night and feigns to be right

I wish for happiness instead it gives me loneliness,

My spirit screams , dies , quivers as part of body smashes,

I'm veiled in the dark paths of suffocated lands,

As i have come a long way to gulp the drops of fear and pain

Why does it hurt so much ? When none understand me ?

Am i the only one who takes pride in little things ?

When there sun rises then why the darkness for me ?

When roses bathed in rain drops then why i cringe ?

Always look for contentment then why angst invites me ?

When everything i believe to be right why life betrays me ?

Every breathe i take, is another fire burning up inside 

I stand here alone solitude and in discomfort of mist,

Clouds of grief doesn't seem to be clearing

And the haze of my heart doesn't seem to be decreasing,

I'm merely a lonely soul who is standing in the rains,

Waiting for my love who will swathe someday in my arms,

For the eternity and never let me go ever and ever.

Runner Up

ashes and stars by nmyra 

Here is ur Gift


what disturbed arnav singh raizada by averio 
Here is ur gift

Runner UP

hate that i love you by -_-harsh42 

Here is ur gift


all over again by

Here is ur Gift

Here is your Gift

Here is ur Gift

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 April 2012 at 11:34am | IP Logged

Now where do I start? This week (believe it or not) seemed utter rubbish to me. Pinch Khushi deciding to change her behavior (good to some extent but really needed?) There are more important things to be cleared. Miss B's entrance (again necessary because...?) Only sense-full part was in Friday's episode with Anjali and ASR's conversation and the way he lied so that Khushi doesn't feel bad. Yea, we did get ArHi scenes. Enough to compensate? I'm doubting... Show can be much better. Agree? Thus, the rating is 3 outta five. Star Star Star One for the beg. of week when Khushi decided to completely stay away from Arnav Shocked, 2nd for Khushi caring about ASR more than herself Embarrassed and 3rd for the last ASR-Anjali scene. See you all next week, hopefully with more interesting episodes!


Well 3 questions I need to ask to you guys.

1. Did u changed your writters??
2. Or you really think that public can enjoy every crap??
3. Or IPL fever has made u to drag this shit and convert something beautiful into a dare to watch showStern Smile

I knw I am sounding rude but whenever we watch the show we feel like headache. This is something which a true fan is saying. 

CVs, till when are you planning to rely on SaRun's popularity to run your show? How far can good actors take a show with a shabby script and shoddy storyline? No matter how pretty the tree is, if it's roots are weak, it'll never survive. Please wake up. It's not even a request anymore. I cannot see my favourite show getting ruined like this specially since it had so much potentialOuch

Don't test the patiennce as once you will loose your loyal audience than I really wonder whther you will be able to pick up.

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 April 2012 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Hello, DroolersHug

I'm so sorry for the delayed posting this week. We also fail at times but better late than never. This week wasn't too good on the story front of the show but we hope you still enjoy the NL just as much.

Do leave your feedbacks to help us improveHeart

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