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Monday 16th April 2012    Episode -

kaaththu vaanga pOnEn
super  kadhayai ready senju vandhEn
adhai kudukkalaamnu paarththa
indha CM enga pOnaa...

Sethappu advising Vadai to get himself another wife.  Art almost boiling, Seththappu giving her the job of looking for a girl who is adakka odukkam, who will listen to the husband etc etc as qualities.  (sethappu un poNdaattiyE unakku vekkapOgudhu aappu) Seththappu goes to his room, packs his belonging in a small travel bag (the ones that we use as hand carry on flights) talks to himself saying will fly away to Singapore with Dhanam to live happily ever after.  Just make a great escape from here (act paNra ungaLukkE ippadinaa update seiyara enga nelamaiya konjam yOsinga seththaps)  Vadai comes calling for his chithappa.  Tries convincing the chithappu who just wants to go and drool.  Chithappu tells the story of his sick friend who needs his help immediately.  Chithappu would be back in a month, he is not angry with anything or anyone.  Vadai has kept the opening ceremony of the hotel etc  relying on Chithappu  (unakku andha mokkai's naamam vida big size naamam waiting Vadai)  Chiththappu promises to be back , leaves in a hurry.  He walks out of the gate - a police jeep arrives.  The inspector asks if he is Vadai's seththappu.  He accepts.  The inspector asks him to get into the jeep.  He refuses that he is the seththappu.  The inspector asks the constable to take away seththappu who makes noise.  Vadai & Art come running outside.  Seththappu blames CM for this.  Vadai asks the inspector for reason to take away seththappu.  Vadai too is wanted by AC SR.  Seththappu's mind voice tells thought aappu only for me but looks also for Vadai.  

Vadai wants to know the reason why AC SR wanted to meet them.  Something regarding the baby.  The baby is found now why such enquiries asks Vadai.  The inspector is unaware of the details, if they do no cooperate police will have to use force.  Vadai tells Art that is the lakshanam of her aNNi.  Asks Seththaps to get into the van, what if they make us count kambi asks Seththappu (avaru kavalai avarukku) Why worry when not done any crime says Vadai.  A thoughtful Art is left standing.

Vadai & Chithappu sitting in front of AC SR who finishes a call and gets back to them with questions.  She wants answers for her questions of who called, how much and where did they hand over the money and where did they keep the baby all this while?  If they do not answer then the case would be filed against them for helping abduct the baby.  Chithappa keeps his bag down.  Vadai says actually the police should have found the baby for them,  but now asking questions as if they are accused is just not right.  AC SR looks at Vadai.  Chithappu asks if needs to be there at all, the child is Vadai's, Chithappu would wait outside while AC SR conducts her enquiry on Vadai.  AC SR shuts him up and asks him to sit.   Tries telling Vadai he should have informed them because CM was under duress from  a gang who wanted her to lie in the court.  The idiot that he is Vadai says that he felt his child was more important.  AC SR shouts at him asking he was the one who wanted them to search for the other baby , he wanted police help then, but why not now?  

I just do not have words to describe the stupidity of Vadai who blames the enquiry on - yes you all guessed it right - CM. He will not give his Bharathi away.   AC SR has had enough of his blabber - she or the police department is not interested on who is going to have the baby - it is their personal matter.  And another thing - CM never gave a complaint - stop blaming her everytime for everything.  Chithappa & Vadai look at each other.  AC SR wants any news on the gang who abducted the baby.  They are on the look out for the other twin.  There are other parents who have lost their children the same way.  AC SR wants to catch the child abducting gang.  She gives a file with possible offenders for Vadai to identify. Vadai sees the photos, Chithappa looking from the corner of his eye.  AC SR watching them both.  Vadai is unable to give any info.  You might be called anytime for any info, and if you plan to travel please do inform.  You can go now she says.  They go out. Chithappa forgets his bag.   Inspector Vinod comes in.  AC SR discusses something with him in mute.  

While Chithappa and Vadai walk, Inspector Vinod calls them.  Chithappa asks Vadai to go in, but AC SR has called for Chiththappu.  Chithappu wants Vadai to accompany him, no not him only you says the inspector who takes Chithappu along.  He says that he did not do anything wrong, why call him?  She takes the bag and leaves it on the table, is this yours she asks.  He wonders what to tell if she asks about the Rs. 5 hundred thousand in the bag?  He accepts it is his bag after AC SR calls out again.  He is asked to vamoos with the bag, he makes a great escape.

CM's house, AV comes out of the room calls for his darling daughter. Finds her with Bharu's dresses in hand.  CM wants to give those dresses for Bharu is used to changing clothes 5-6 times a day, would cry for new clothes.  Art will take care, not to worry consoles AV.  Garden & Bell come calling for CM.  AV welcomes them.   They are happy that Bharu is found, want to see her.  After dilly dallying they are told that she is with Vadai.  Bell & Garden want to bring back Bharu - are stopped by CM.  Where were they for the last 3 days.  What did they do to find the baby.  They have come after the baby is found, and shout in anger.  Garden asks what is the big matter just throw the money and should have brought her back.  CM asks if Bharu is a commodity to be bought with money? She is my baby who is with her father now.  Why sky earth jumping she asks Garden.

Garden and Bell still want to go and get the baby from Vadai.  AV rightly stops them.  CM suffered these days without the baby.  Like the movie police they come in the last .  Their family has lost just because they do not open the mouth at the right time.  They talk when they should not.  CM explains her stance.  Goes to make tea but gets a call.  The facial expressions of CM is varied and happy asking is it for real?  The male bastion looks on.   She finally disconnects and says that Beach is conscious.  He is alright, no worries the doctors have said.  All are happy.  Garden & Bell leave first asking AV to come with CM.  AV and CM profusely thanking God.  And so am I, inimEl aduththa monday episode paarththaa pOdhum.. thanks so much my God.

At VV Hospital  Beach & Pearl loveO loveaa lookings at each other with Pearl's parents, Rathna, Bell & Garden as audience.  CM & AV too join in to look at the love lookings gang.  Pearl welcomes CM,  who tears up and begins her senti talk.  Pearl consoles her.  The nurse comes in and drives the jing bang out.  Pearl asks CM about Bharu when seated outside.  Visa comes and praises CM that she punished their jenma edhiri.  CM has won she says, AV booms that they have not won but lost to Vadai.  CM remembers Vadai snatching Bharu from her.



Updates by Shree


Visa praising praising goes on praising CM...CM silent...AV interferes and says naan win pannala vadai kitta thothupoittom....(CPL going on aa??...sollavae illai  rads mam...cheergirls venumaa...vaarom naanga ...aana kayila aruva,broomstick ,veppilai idhaan kondu varuvom...)....Vadai took away baby bharathi with him...bell supports his dad and says naan poren nnu sonnen to bring back bharathi...but akka refused...

Visa shcoked...pearl asks why chellamma why??...Paasa malar chellamma says one day bharathi will come back to me...annan is fine now...thats enough for me...Baby comes near chellamma and CM hols the baby and pearl,AV and visa feeling session starts...Dead

Sethappu's new wife's house...her old purushan and mama also present...Sethaps comes there with money...says namma deal 3 laks...but i'll give u 4 laks...vaangittu odiyae poiru...maama super happy...

Sethaps comes near dhanam and says now forget this old purushan...we will start our new life...AngryDead

Sethaps room...dhanam surprised to see money...sethaps says ellam unakkudhaan...he says visa ready...tomorrow we r going to singapore...sethaps tells dhanam to ggive sleeping pills potta milk to old husband...

Dhanam comesto his room and tells him abt the sleeping pills milk...rendu sendhu planning to aappu vachufy sethaps...old comes to new maaps room and acts ...(o god...when will this bakwas end...mudiyala)...he lies down and says naan ingadhaan going to sleep...thoongara maadhiri acting...old sprays mayakkam marundhu and escapes...

next day..s.ethaps lying down...gets up...empty house...ellarum gone..s.ethaps super shcoked...BG music playing...kutram purindhavan vahkaiyil nimmadhi enbadhu yedhu????searches money gone and also my dhanam...ella old songs um line katti playing...

CM's house...krreaikaramma comes and CM comes out...and asks for bharathi...CM sad...AV comes and avarum sad...KK gives a toy and tells CM to give it to bharathi...CM says bharathi is with her dad...KK says ok ok puriyudhu...kavalai padatha...After some advice mazhai kk leaves...AV consoles CM saying ur baby will be back sook...CM smiles...

Back to sethaps blade...Sethaps nadutheru la searching dhanam and money...Karuppu comes there an calls mama mama...sethasps like a setha ponam...karuppu calls vadai and informs...

solai and his wife valli...valli says she wants to go to picninc...solai says annan serious...CM sad...ippo why picninc??...some ganesan comes and solai welcomes him...solai tells ganesan ur brick quality sariyillai...adhaan sent back...ganesan convincing...anna ippo hospital la...use this siyuation and adjust...valli hearsthis...ganesan says commission tharen...solai says i will not do drogam to annan...ganesan leaves...

valli comes to solai and tells him to accept ganesan's offer...solai still singing no dragam dialogue...valli page page aa dialogue pesing...solai yosiching...valli elaves and solai calls ganesan and says ganesa cometo my office...valli smiles...



Updates by Selva

Wednesday April 18,2012
Today's episode starts with Chittappa coming home like Sethappa. Art, Wood and Vadai made him to sleep and take rest. Wood gets a  call from Dhanam's old husband to get the money for his coconut business. Wood starts to leave. Art also ready to accompany him to visit their kids in hostel. They informs Vadai about their outdoor works. Bharu sleeping. Art asks Vadai to take Bharu with her as Vadai has to take care Sethappu also and it will be burden for him to look after Sethappu and Bharu. But Vadai scolds  Art and tells he knows Art will take Bharu to CM and it will not happen as Bharu has only dad and her mom is dead. Art gets emotional and sings CM puranam. She tells Vadai is thinking that CM is strenghthless by leaving Bharu to him but its not and its CM's perunthanmai and cries. Vadai no mood to listen. Art and Wood leaves.
The scene shifts to Hospital. CM,AV, MA & Co round katti nalam visariching Beach. Beach asks CM,where is Bharu? CM tells she is in home. But MA blabers Bharu is with Vadai and asks CM to tell the truth to Beach. AV telling the flashback. MA praises, CM sacrificed Bharu for Beach.CM is silent and cries. Beach thanks CM and assures that he will unite Vadai and Bharu with CM.CM asks him to take care of his health first and tells she have confidence that she will get her Bharu back and some more senti scenes.
Next scene in Police Station. Sneha kambi counting. Lawyer comes with mental Thavasi in wheel chair. Sneha gets emotional on seeing her mental dad. Lawyer updates Beach recovered from coma. Sneha shocked. She tells Beach will surely kill her as she planned to shoot CM that day. She tells Beach wont leave her as he has so much paasam on CM. Then she tells she will finish off Beach before he come and kill her. Lawyer asks her to keep quite for sometime as she will not get bail. but Sneha tells she doesnt bother about her life but to take revenge on AV family. She tells him that she will finish off Beach by staying in jail itself as it will not make anyone doubt on her. Then she cries on seeing her dad and asked lawyer to take care of him well. Lawyer leaves with Thavasi.
Screen Freezes on Sneha behind bars...


Updates by  Srima

Thursday 19.04.2012

Beach asks mamanar ' you too mama , hid the Bharu matter from me ? Mama gulping , adhu vandhu mapaillai , wanted to tell you after you recover fully . Beach is not ready to wait long , gets up from hospital bed to go & see one hand Snake & thavasi ' OMG this is just  a dream , Sneha's dream  in the jail .She wakes up profusely sweating , looks up & down , corner to corner ,drinks water , throws the tumbler , vows to send AV family  koondoda  Kailasam .[ Eppadi ???  ' wait & watch]

This segment , am totally at a loss . Am coming across these characters for the first time.

A mother & her son arrive at their house in an auto. The son has a bandaged leg &  walks with the help of a walker. Apparently they are coming from the hospital. Mom goes inside to make coffee. Son sitting & looking at the ceiling ' red , yellow , blue , green flashes , takes out his cell phone & sees the same flashes in that , for a split second I think I saw Maniarasu in that photo [ enna connection ?]. The man tells in his mind voice ' I will not let you both live peacefully. His mom gets him the coffee & tells him to take good rest. The man says he has an important job in hand ' since has incurred huge hospital expenditure would meet his friend & try to get some monetary help.Mom wants to know who that Maharajan is . Son evades the question & in mind voice says ' enakke enakku kidaitha ATM machine . [ The bugger seems to be a gold digger ' apparently knows some secret. Hence forth he will be referred  here as GD].

Sneha garden sweeping in the jail. Befriends one  Bully  Bhavani ' a Salpeta Saroja clone . This BB is a contract killer  - PaNathukkaga paavam seivadhe en thozhil endru sollum Baratha penmani. Jail Kali is her favourite food -  10 yearsa  kambi counting - murder charge- term ends   the next day. Now a pure professional at Snake's disposal ' willing to go to any length for a fee. The deal closed for 10 lakhs. Snake's name should be kept out of this . BB promises to do a clean job .[Endru thaNiyum indha Kolavery dhagam? ]

Vasu & Amudha come to the hospital to meet CM. The GD sees them & follows them. Camera travels thru the hospital corridor following GD in search of  Vasu & Amudha.  Vasu meets CM & gets some signature in the cheques & leaves. Nurse calls CM inside. Meanwhile Visa needles Amudha  on Barathi matter. Amudha gets angry & leaves crying. CM tries to stop . Nurse hurries CM to get the injections. CM also leaves. Amudha meets Mani Arasu on the way out . As they were talking the GD spots  them & shouts ' Deiii.  Screen freezes on shocked Mani / Amudha on one side & CM casually walking on the other side.

Habba ' next week Nithya will be back. UPdatenu have scribbled something. ThavarugaLukku varundhugiren.


Updates by

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Thanks eclat. As the saying goes - Kaikku ponalum karmam vidadhu , Chitaps coming to Singapore to torture you. AC SR enquiry was very superficial. But then mystery has to be solved by the one & the only Omni. BTW SR's brother's case ennachu - have not been following the serial for quite some time. Just peeped in here as I stepped in for Nithya.

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eclat IF-Rockerz

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@Srima - andha aaLukku inga one way ticket kuduththaa avaru PS and MM la supera villain vElai paarththukittu irukkaar!!  I have no idea as to what happened to that case.  ippodhaikku adhu udappula... lol

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Thanks Eclat for the update.
chits5 Groupbie

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Thanks for the update eclat. Why can't this Chitaps get caught. I agree Vadai is really stupid. I hope he realizes atleast after Chitaps response in the police station. Why cant Black or  Art follow Chitaps one day to see where he goes and find out about his wife. Alternatively, Chitaps should break his leg then he won't be able to move around and then may be will get caught. I am just letting out my frustration with this Radan serial.Unhappy

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shamnath Newbie

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Check out yesterday's episode. Chitapa is Setha appa. Case closed Wink
honeydaisy IF-Dazzler

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thanks for updates... why cant vadai use his pea brain to think? he kept trust that oldman for what?  the good news is barathi save with vadai...


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sethappa romanceis irritating...dhanam and co idhoda pona sari...

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