Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka


Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka
Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka

Kunal Misses Siddhi very much..- Chapter 1.

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One week later after Siddhi left home ..
It was late friday night when Kunal came back from work  to an empty , souless house.. It was totally silent, without Seema, Gaurav, Papa , mama and the children.He misses them terribly...especially one particular person close to his heart, who used to take care of his every needs...
 And what did she do? Never even bothered to ask him to come  along, did not even say  a goodbye. She  just jumped at the chance as if staying in this house with him for another minute would kill her!
Well , he will show her that he can live without her too. Who needs her, he thought to himself and walked into the bedroom, unbuttoning his shirt and coming to an abrupt standstill at the foot of the bed.
Just a few days ago , he carried her into the room and recalled their last conversation. Ok, he was perhaps a little too harsh with her. But he reasoned, she is too stubborn and not easy going as well.  Like risking her own health and doing things without even discussing with him and still being very argumentative when asked . Did she say that he had brains and no heart? Couldn't she tell how much he loves her. ? Must he spell it out for her? He went to hell to bring her back to life and this is the way she pays him back by leaving him ...
He took a shower, changed  and went to the dining  table to have food. Except there was no food. He started to remember again, that she always waited for him to have dinner... made sure he ate but now no one waiting for him. Big deal,  he can take care of  himself. Who needs her anyway? He went to the Kitchen and made a simple meal and went to bed.Sleep keep eluding him and a particular face keep appearing  to his thoughts. He misses her, her arguments. He loves to tease her and see her blush. Yes, this girl has stolen his heart and got him wrapped around her little finger, where no other woman has succeeded.
He jerked and sat upright on the bed. He has to bring her back but he needs to do this very cool without being caught as a man desperate for his wife's affections.He decided to set of early next day to see Siddhi. With a plan already formalising in his mind, he went to sleep with a  smile. Oh, he will get her back...was his last thoughts before he went to sleep.
Next day - around 4 pm he reached Siddhi's ancestoral home. The first person he saw when walked into the home was his Seema.
Seema  with a suprise : Brother, what are you doing here?
Kunal   : "Hi Seema, how are you?  I came to see if mum was alright. I tried calling but there was no answer. So, I thought, why not drive in and see if everything is ok."
Seema ( what a liar! you came see your wife, not your mother) :" Oh really, no everything is alright. mum is resting now. Come in, we are going to have some refreshments..."
Kunal and Seema walked into the room, to be greeted by his father, Kapil and Shilpa
Raj: "Kunal, what a surprise to see you? Didn't you say that you had lot of work to do?"
Kunal :" Yes papa, I managed to clear most of it and was able to take a few more days of leave.I was concerned about mum. You know she was unwell recently, just wanted to make sure she is alright".
Raj;" Ah son, you needn't worry, There's all of  us here to take care of your mother . The air here is good. She is so much better. Talking and smiling a lot".( raj thought, sometimes too much)
Kunal: "That's good to hear papa. I will see her when she wakes up from her siesta. Where's Gaurav?"
Seema:" He brought the kids to the village for sightseeing. He should be back anytime now. Here, have some Chai."
Kunal :" So , Kapil , Shipa , how are things with you?"
Shipa - "Oh, brother in law - I am too excited about my coming marriage . Can't wait to go back to the city next week... Lots of shopping to do. I am  going to drag Siddhi and buy  lots of things for my wedding. She has great taste in Sarees..she knows what's best for me.".
Kapil  was smiling indulgently at shilpa and turned to Kunal
Kapil : " I am good Kunal . We are going to miss the place after selling it. Bringing Siddhi here was  good for her. The pure fresh clean  air is helping her to speed up her recovery. The aura is excellent."
Shipa -" Not only that, seeing her childhood friends and also our relatives, plus the beautiful places here, brings lots of good memories for her. I have never seen her with such healthy glow before. She has improved a lot eversince she came here a week ago. "
Raj and Seems chorused in to say, that Siddhi is looking her best here. Kunal was thinking, where was the object of his thoughts. Everyone is talking about her but where is she now.? Did she hear him come in and avoiding him?
Shipa : "Guess what, her old child hood sweetheart is here as well. Actually he is a  doctor now and he came to visit his family. What a coincidence, Siddhi is here as  well. They bumped into each other when Siddhi was in the village mall shopping today."
Seema added in with a smug :" And so nice of him to invite her to his family home this evening and talk about old times isn't it Shilpa"
Shipa : "Yes, Rakesh was infatuated with Siddhi since they were in primary school together. Always protecting her from the other boys who would tease Siddhi. Kunal , you  should see Rakesh. Now tall, handsome and rakishly dashing looking. If only  I had not met my pinku, I wouldnt t mind Rakesh..."
Everyone was laughing at Shipa with her dreamy forlorn expression ,  except one person who was fuming mad.
Oh, she was going out for dinner with her childhood sweetheart was she? They are not even divorced yet and she is going out with another man! What nonsense. I don't think so. She would not dare...she is still married to him. He is her  husband... and he would ...
Seema cut into his thoughts: :" Siddhi is resting now. After she wakes up, I have to help her dress for her evening out"
At that, Kunal turned his head in shock and looked at Seema in disbelief.? Seema sounded like she is preparing Siddhi for her first date? What's going on here? Why is everyone acting as he. the husband did not matter and this guy Rakesh, was someone god send and preparing his wife to send to his house. Did anyone remember , Siddhi is still his wife? Even his dad????
Raj: " It will good for her to get out of  here for a while to meet her old friends.. What time did Rakesh say he will be here to pick her up Shipa?"
Shilpa looked at the watch and exclaimed: "OMG, it's almost time. I need to wake Siddhi  up and ask her to get ready. Rakesh will be here anytime..."
At that,  both Ships and Seema was racing up the stairs as if the queen just ordered them up.
Stay calm, Kunal. Just calm. They are just friends . Child hood friends. That's all. Nothing to worry about He reassured himself. He has all the rights of a husband, not this Rakesh rascal...
He heard the sound of a  car and saw Kapil walking towards the foyer to greet his guest.
Kapil came to the living room with a tall young man. A man in his early thirties. Straight hair, parted softly, with the fringe falling gently  on his forehead. He was dressed up expensively too. Dark black shirt with charcoal coloured dress pants.
 He was smiling and nodding at something Kapil said. He walked with a man full of confidence and a powerful grace.
Kunal stood up and Kapil did the introduction;
Kapil :" Rakesh, meet Kunal Chopra, Siddhi's husband"
Rakesh smiled warmly at Kunal:" Ah , so you are the man , who stole my child hood sweetheart . Nice to meet you Kunal. How are you?"
Rakesh extended his hand
Kunal shook his hand and thought to himself. Nice firm grab. The man is confident..
Kunal too smiled at him but the smile did no reach his eyes:" Yes, I am Siddhi's husband. And I finally meet you today. I heard so much about you today from Shilpa. I hear you are a doctor."
Rakesh: "Yes, actually I am a neuro surgeon. I was based in New York for a couple of years  but I am back to India and I have my own specialist clinic at the general Hospital in Mumbai. And you , I hear you are a great lawyer yourself. So any plans for you and Siddhi to set up your own law firm/"
Kunal :" We are thinking about it. There's a lot of loosends to tie up . Yes, there is a strong possibility to set up our own firm."
Rakesh:" I think you should seriously consider it. Husband and wife team, - you would make a great A - team. Say, Kunal, why don't you join us today for dinner since you are here as well.?
Kunal: " Well, I think I will take a raincheck on that. I just got here a couple of hours ago. I need to freshen up...
Before he could complete, he heard the sound of foot steps and he recongised it as Siddhi's. He whipped his head around and was seeing a Siddhi , he has never seen before. Transformed!
What has she done to her hair? It was straight in the top but it was cascading down her shoulders in big curls. She was wearing some huge hearings and her dressing...
She was wearing a long white chiffon tunic, full cape  sleeves  over a white tights of something. Her make up was so natural. Very nude. the only accessories was her long hearings. She looked very etheral, like the wind would blow her away. Very  very beautiful and seductive.
Siddhi saw Kunal and came to an abrupt halt:
Siddhi- " Hi Kunal, I didn't know you were here. Did you just arrive?"
Kuanl keep staring at her without answering and Siddhi had  to ask again . Kunal suddenly realized every one was looking at him
Kunal : "Yes, yes, just a couple of hours ago. are you Siddhi? You look refreshing and different..."
Siddhi smiled and nodded ;"What I can say, I am in good hands. I am pampered with so much of love with all my family. Yes, I am good."
Rakesh: "Siddhi, you look great! I thought I will see you in a saree. I heard that ever since you got married, you always wear saree and I was hoping to see you in one. I am very disappointed, you know. "
Kunal felt like punching the surgeon and he thought. Oh did you? You wanted to see my wife in Saree did you? And suddently he realized that Siddhi never actually dressed up for him in this way. Did she do this for Rakesh. ? His heart was pounding.. The change of hair , the  white tunic . He has to find some reason and go with them for dinner. He is not going to let her go alone with this man. Not if he can help it... he stared to plan but ...
Siddhi: " Kunal, I am sorry, I like to sit and chat with you but I promised Rakesh to have dinner with his family. You must be tired from your journey. Why don't you take a shower and rest and I will see you tomorrow.
Before Kunal he could say anything, Siddhi was walking away in her high heels and bidding good farewell to her family...
Rakesh bent his head to whisper something at Siddhi, and Siddhi was hitting his arm playfully and laughting softly  at whatever the Rascal Rakesh was saying...
She never did that with him and he has never seen a carefree siddhi like this...
End of part one:

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wow ,,,,,,,,,,,very good writing ,,,,,,,,
liked it ,,,,,,,,,,,
nice thought 

carry on ,,,,,,,,waiting for next part

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Gayathri_MSK IF-Dazzler

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Hi This is what exactly i want to see... Kunal should feel jealous and burst out what he was feeling for siddhi. Wonderful Writing ... Please continue... I am excited to read what next???

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su369 IF-Sizzlerz

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hey realy nice written... n the best part is jealous kunal... i always want siddhi's childhood friend come n kunal feel jealous...LOLLOL

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V.nice story. Carry on writing.So many talented members of parichay IF n all r trying their best to guide the cv's in their upcoming tracks.
If pssbl write a part in yr story later which wud lead to remove anand's guilt cmpletely 4m kunal chopra.
Keep it up.

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wow really amazing.Clap
good to see kunal's jealousy.
plz continue soon. wish kunal also should do something to make siddhi jealous. 
waiting for chapter 2Day DreamingDay Dreaming

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Owh God, I'm waiting to see Kunal jealous for real...Plz do PM me when you update !!!

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plz do pm the next part.. hope to c sumthn similar in the upcumin episodes..Tongue

 must say beautifully written...Clap

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