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Anita at G place ..G walks in all dazed shows A the papers..A storms out goes to see rahul tells about P being a flirt ,being with vanshika shows police report. R says not to worry he will get back at P lawyers for this...G calls MIL ..meets her outside the gate shows her the papers ..MIL stunned goes in shouts for P slaps him. says i m ashamed to have a son like u ..shows him the papers G gave her...P now mad goes to his lawyer..says why did u do thi s motu says this is the only way to win..P says he does not want to accuse G of anything as she did nothung of this sort..motu lawyer says i dont want to lose this case its a matter of prstige fr him..shows some more papers to P..then i missed what his secretary said. G now mad at A says nothing happened betw him and vishaka P comes to meet G says she knows nothing happened in hat hotel room and he wanted to have a simple quick divorce ..but it seems it has turned into a fight as always. all gathered in the judges chamber.. Judge says they have to stay seperate for 6 monts then they will carry on divorce proceedings... lawyers meet outside. motu lawyer teels rahul he will use these 6 months to collect as much evidence against G a s possible. UM shown talking to the judge..who happens to be his friend. at dinner table all busy talking and eating no one pays attention to P . he walks of. goes to his mum she also does not talk to him. P allsad ..goes in to flashback..happy/sad times with G next day at breakfast..he tells all he has come to realise how much G meant to the family ..more them him ...so he has decided( my heart almost skipped a beat here) to leave the house. all stunned





P says to all the mittal parivar that he is going to leave the house and chahis try to stop him but he says he got to leave and he takes his suitcase and leaves the house . here gayathri ic crying catching umesh mittal. P takes his suitcase and comes out of the gate and suddenly yash comes and says are P tumse kuch baat karni hei and suddenly yash sees the suitcase and asks yeh suitcase leke kaha ja raha hei tu then P says mei ghar chodke ja raha hoon yash says accha toh phir thik hei tu mere ghar avo but P says nahi mei sab rishtey tod ke ja raha hoon then yash says ohh thik hei chalo mere saath koi rishtedar nahi kisi aur ke paas le jaonga and P goes. here anitha and G r in a internet cafe and anitha is chatting with her net friend and G says kya anitha yeh koun hei jaha thak mei janti hoon mei hi hoon sirf teri friend to phir yeh koun hei anitha says yeh to net friend hei bahut accha hei then G says jo paas rehta hei woh dhoka deta hei aur yeh kisi ko ko dekha bhi nahi kaise keh sakti ho woh accha hei then anitha says sab log bure nahi hote G . and also creates a Id for G and names it anamika and g starts chatting with a guy named akela. G is smiling and chatting with that akea and says u r my first chat friend.here P and yahs with that vineet P's friend r sitting in a room and vineet says i am selling my pub and P asks why he says woh loss ho gayi yar isliye . then P says kyon waha toh bahut colleges hei phir kya problem hei then vineet says haan pur colleges subah hote hei aur mera pub raat ko kholta hei then P says subah business karlena aur raat ko pub chalana then vineet says pur koun sambhalega will u P then P says haan .yash says kya P tum then P says haan mei apna zindagi meri tarah se jeeunga and haan phir se waise hi jeeunga jasie jeeta chala aya i want to enjoy my life. and then both anitha and G have their lunch in a restaurant and anitha says accha huva tu kisiko friend bana diya nahi toh then suddenly anitha se the notice on the board ki care taker wanted for this restaurant and anitha says G why dont u try for this job and G says no way koun dega mujhe. suddenly rahul comes and says hi girls kaise ho tum log and anitha says dekho rahul G ko us job ke liye try karu bol rahi hoon aur nahi maan rahi then rahul says yeh G why dont u apply then g says koun dega aur agar unko nuksaan ho gayi meri wajah se toh then rahul says nahi hoga and job is urs G says kya rahul says haan yeh restaurant mera hei my fathers business and says G kal subah se ajanna and says bye and goes. here next day G comes to the restaurant and rahul welcomes her and they sit and rahul says aaj tumhara pehla din hei and suddenly comes and says to rahul mei pub nahi bejh raha hoon mei apni friend se panership kar raha hoon and says bye to rahul and G and goes away and rahul says chalo G mei tumhe hotel dikhata hoon . here P enters into the pub and starts cleaning everything and here G is making all the people work and getting the restaurant a nice look. and P is at his room and preparing tea and suddeny he keeps thinking and he remembers a scene G is inkitchen and preparing tiffin and P sasy G mujhe tea dena G says pehle tum muh dhoke avo then P says nahi mujhe pehle tum tea banake do and g says are baba accha ais ahei to tum khudh hi banalo . P says mei kyon banaloo tum ho na G says agar mei kal kahi chali gayi toh then P says thik abhi tum sikhavo and here P comes to his sences and tells haan G tum ne mujhe bahut kush sikhayaa. and the next day G is out side on road catching some packesta and calling for a taxi and there P stops his car and comes near her and says chalo G mei tumhe chod deta hoon G says nahi mei chali jaoongi then p says plz chalo and takes the covers and G goes and sits in the car. then they see each other and P looks at the ganes idol in his car and remembers past scene in mittal house G breaks the coconut and puts the ganesh idol ih his car and says yeh ganesh muhrti yaha hei toh tumhe sab kuch accha hi hoga and touches the idol and prays two times. then P asks aisa do baar kyon kiya tumne then G says ek baar mere liye aur dusir tumhare liye and P comes back from his thinking and G says stop P . P sees out and says kya tumne ghar badal di then G says meri zindagi hi badal gayi pur meine ghar nahi badli yeha mei kaam karti hoon and takes the packets and goes away. here G comes in to the restaurant and not even one customer and G gets worried and rahul says dont worry G baju wale pub ko bhaut bheed hei uska pehla din hei pub ka phir bhi and rahul says dont worry and goes away. here P keeps the ganesh ido and prays to it and vineet comes yeh ganesh idol here P says haan kuch purane yaadein taza kar rhaa hoon and the pub is full rush and vineet goes and takes order from some people for his pub and some worker there says to vinet sir woh llog purana maal bejhte hei plz aap unka order mat lijiye then vineet says u go mei janta hoon kya karna . and vineet says well done P bahut accha chal raha hei Pub and dekho woh baju wala restaurant toh jal rahe honge na hum pur and suddenly G coems and sees P and P says G tum happily and G says accha tum ho is pub ko chale wala bahra toh bahut acche bante the aur yaha tum jante the ki mei us reataurant mei job kar rhai hoon aur mere restaurant ke paas hi tum Pub chala rahe ho taaki mujhe nicha dikhasake and P is stuned and G says pur dekhna kal se mere restaurant mei log ayenge dekhna and sees the ganes idol and takes it and P says yeh kyon lejarahe ho G says yeh wahi thik lagti hei jaha iski kadar ho . and goes away.G again in internet cafe and chatting with akela and says thik huva tum ne mujhe dsturb kiya varna mei hi tumhe disturb karti bus kuch oareshan hoon mei aur haan bye mei baad mei milti hoon. here in P's pub police inspector raj comes and says P yeh aadmi ka kehna hei ki uska bhai yaha khana khane ke baad hospital mei admit ho gaya aur doctor ka report hei ki uska food poisoning huva and P says yaha toh taza khana hi hei and says kyon vineet and Vineet gets tensed and says haan P. P is taken by raj to the jeeb and G sees it and G outside the police station and asks Raj tum P ko kyon arrest kiya thenRaj say s woh P ke Pub mei ek aadmi ko food poisoning huva g says P aisa nahi kar sakta kya mei uski jamana nahi de sakti and says raj bahle hi hamara koi relation na ho ab pur mei nahi chati ki jiske saath mei rehti th i woh jail mei rahe and says mei paise leka aoongi Raj says thik hei mei use chodoonga pasise baad mei dena and G says pur P ko batana mat yeh baat ki mei yaha ayi. and P is givesn zamanat and sees vineet and says thanx vineet vineet says meine zamant nahi di and P asks Raj mera zamanat kisne di then raj says tumhe sirf yeh jaana hei ki tumhari zamant ho gayi and P comes to his pub and is tensed ki kisne uski zamanat di raj ko bahut sincere officer hei aur jab mei ne use puch usne baat tal li hei and suddenly sees out and is stun.






p sees g giving money to raj and says to himself that g mujhe nahi pata tha tum intni gir jaogi...(something like that...) then some gundas come to g's restuarant do some mischief and g tries to call this police but they hold her hand and push her and she hits hte chair and gets hurt on her head... then the gunda go to p and tell him about it laughing...on what they did p gets up and goes to g as he did not want to hurt her...there he makes her sit down and examines her wound and removes the blood with his hankie... and both look into each others eyes... p leaves and g kisses his hankie and is happy that p still cares 4 her...then some sound comes and c's p hitting those gunda and telling then why they did so he only send them to threaten her... g hears this and is angry and p tells that it's her fault that he did this thing... mil crying in her room and umesh also comes and c the photo of p-g in goa...and they both 5r sad sanskruti calls hiten but he is not willing to hear her and sheetal is sitting in fronty of him and then hiten say i married her bcoz of p and i will find out the right time and divorce her... sanskruti hears this and tells him i am leaving u and g bhabhi was right... them y and h in the p's pub and yash is like i can no more bear ria...she is too much... then p comes and y tells him about it and he says y u luv her them how come y says lekin tum bhi to g bhabhi se bahut pyaar karte the... then vinni comes and tells y that ria is outside waiting 4 u... then y goes out and ria and yash fight p comes nad puts his arm around ria and tell them to come inside and talk and don't create a scene outside...g listens this and ria leaves and even yash...p turns around and sees g... then g goes inside the restuarant and anita comes and ask her what happened and she says what happened outside and anita says y r u worried it's p's sis and his friend and g says after all she is my nanad..anita says lekin yeh rishte to kuch dino ke liye hai y r u messing up with them... there were 3 songs today...






First in the beginning they show that g tells anita that riya is my nanand and thinks and goes immediately to riya house where p is tryin to convince yash riya not to separate so g goes there and says that u should not leave and think abt the family so yash interrupts sayin if the family was so precious why did u leave. P responses that there are differents fights between us. And suddenly they start fightin and end up leavin. then g finds some children outside her restaurant and takes them in and feeds them wid pastries, and icecream and suddenly one of the children tell her that the uncle next door ( p ) will be waitin for us. so g asks why so he says that he feeds us everyday. g has tears in her eyes and remembers the time when they spent thinking abt their baby. and again tears fill her eyes and she looks at anita g is shown talkin to her friend akela where mr a says that we should meet and she refuses and says that i said in tha beginning that we will not meet. and says bye. anita tries to convince her to meet mr akela and it gets over there.





in the beginning g talks to mr akela and says that they should meet. wid rose in their hand. g oes to the restaurant and searches while p also lands up there and as u'll all must have guessed p is mr. akela so he goes to someone who has a rose and starts talkin to this female. g sees this and gets very angry. p knowin that g is seein this makes her more jealous. suddenly rahul comes there and takes g away and she said the person she was waitin for has not yet come not knowin that p is the person and p also didnt know then and g and p are chattin they come to the topic of meetin their sole mates and tryin to sought out things ( meanin p was tellin g that u should meet ur husband oince at least. but he does not know that g is anamika.) ok then g goes to p and says that she wants to talk to him. he says ok we will meet somehwere and so and so time. p also tells himself that now when i meet g i will give her what she wants and how ever she wants. but p being the fool calls his lawyer and tells him to come there also. ok then rahul comes to g and says that r u goin to meet p at so and so place. g says yes and asks him how does he know. so r says that p's lawyer told him. g gets angry as to why p has called his lawyer. ok then p and his lawyer are waitin and g comes in wid r. p asks her why she bought r wid him so she says that when u can bring ur lawyer why cant i. so p's lawyer tries to tell her taht p just wanted to give u what u asked for but r interrupts and theres a huge fight. in the end g says that i thought that i will come her and sought out things but wehn u dont want to atempt to sought out then what can i do. and leaves. g is cryin and sits online to chat and mr akela says that he wants to meet her and this time they should get friendship cards in hands. so g is waiting for her mr akela wid a card in her hand after takin permission from rahul to go and meet someone . then p gets out of the car and sees the back and suddenly anamika turns and p is stunned he is confused whether g is anamika or not. by the way that was the end but i missed a scene in between where p is lookin in the sky and yash comes so p tells him that the star that is shinin the brightest is my child and that one day he will surely meet me wid the person who can keep me happy. and y says that then one day he will certain get g back and the other side g is also lookin in the sky and cryin. tmrw's snippets p talkin to g. p cryin while sittin in front of the comp. p talkin to raj.






decides against disclosing the truth to G. P comes to know that the reason he got jailed was bcos of vinnie. raj tells P that G had bailed him out. G invites P for Preeti's wedding P agrees to come. Sheetal invites H for her Bro's marriage G's sari catches fire and RP helps to douse it. RP asks G what her future plans(He actually stopa short of proposing her) G's bro comes looking for Preeti P tells him that he'll pass on the message to Sheetal H n Sheetal in the car. P tells Sh that everyone is waiting for her. H opens the car door saying "Kya hua darling" P has a shocked look on his face.








comes to know thru the attendant that the Pub ka caretaker (P) is leaving) she is hocked when he says, P will be leaving ina day or 2. this will help in increasing G's restaurant sales. G come s to meet P. P taunts her again, i just joined this place just to irrtatae u. my job is done, so iam leaving waise bhi meri purani adadat hai, jis khilone se mein bore ho jata hun, use mein tod de ha hoon G (again her fav dia;logue) tum kabhi nahi badal sakte P. when G is leaving her pallu gets stuck up in P's jacket nd both r struggling with it. backgroung mein again shlokas flashback secene, P is trying to tie his tie and asks to G to help him out. a v cute scene as P keeps teasing G. yes he kisses her on the cheek. back to present as shlokas continue its P's b'day Rp asks G out for a party. G tries 2 avoid but then relents. RP gets a threatening call from one of hi sclients'husband (divorce case) P is in the same party P announces to everyone that it's his b'day G wishes P.again shlokas as they recollect his last b'day P starts dancing with some other female to make G uncomfortable. G tells Rp that she wants to go home. RP gives his mask to P. P tells him that G is upset n he should take her home G talks to P thinking he is Rp. G n P dance to the tune na jaane kyon... G thinks she is dancing with RP. P thinks to himself, this is the last time iam dancing with u G Rp n G leave the party. RP tells G that he has forgotten his keys. He is attacked by some goons. P sees this n saves him from the goons. he almost helps the bleeding RP when G sees him P leaves gosh now G thinks P is responsible for RP's condition




G is sitting in the hosp when P comes with a vase twds her..When G sees him she gets up & says angrily u, here. P says I bought a present for yr friend & turns the vase saying Flowers with Thorns….He was dancing a lot with u, look where he has landed…G says how can u be sick….Pratham says What did he think he wld touch u & get away with it….I cannot bear anyone to touch u.. G says what were u doing with that girl. We are atleast friends & u….P says I am PM…Thank yr stars I didn't take 2 more pegs or I wldn't be coming to give flowers but put up flowers….He then says give him this & turns to go….G says Pratham. P halts & G continues saying till tdy I did ask anyone for anything but tdy I am going to curse u that u will torment the same way u tormented me & u will never find love ever from anyone…..P hurts but swallows & turns with a smile saying If curses ever works, then tdy I wld have been in yr place & u in mine…I wld be worried for a friend of mine…Curses ? Don't curse instead pray for yr friend….He gives a smirk & says Curse !! & goes leaving a hurt Gauri staring at him P then comes out of the hosp. & holds a pole & turns back…..He remembers all the Thursday scenes RP & Gauri looking at a mask, RP giving P the masking, P saying naqab pe naqab….The entire Thursday dance scene was shown including the dance to the song Na Jane Kyu….with the flashback frm their start of the marriage till the present. When P comes back to the present he hits the pole with his fists & cries bitterly RP is regaining concioiusness & Dr tells G he'll inform the police..G sits on the stool beside the bedside…P sees this. When he enters G stands up & angrily stares at him. P tells her u go out for few mins hv to talk to R…G says so the cops will talk first to him. P tells her sternly u go & before G cld say anything further R intervenes & motions to G to go. P talks to RP & when the police enters with G, he gets up & says bye R take care or yrself, looks & G & leaves….RP tells the police since it was dark he didn't see the face of his attackers….Police tell him if he remembers to inform them & leaves & G says why did u do this, why did u lie & not tell them that P did this. RP says P threatened me that he wld harm both of us if I said anything to the cops. G feels bad & says I am sorry R . P did this bec u danced with me. R says it ok R & G are sitting in a restaurant when P comes to their table. Both P & G stare at each other & then P goes away without saying anything. Then when he is alone & thinking the background song plays & they show both of them going abt their own ways & hurting too at their resp.. ends. Rahul & G are in his office & he tells G, the stipulated six mnths are coming to an end. G says I know. R asks G did u meet P in these 3 mnths…..G says no. R says I want to talk to u…..G nods & Rahul says Will u marry me ???G is stunned….She stares at R for few mins & says in life how much I loved & cared for P, that much of hurt I received frm him. I don't want to go thru the same thing again….I have learnt to live as Gauri, I don't need a Mittal or Pandit surname anymore…..A Bandhan whether atoot or pavitra, is still a bandhan after all… the only true relationship anyone has is with theirself & I want to live for myself only… R says do u still love P. G avoids his gaze & says I don't think. RP smiles says u don't think but u definitely feel for him. G says I don't & then says I stopped feeling anymore…I decided to think frm now on….I used to listen to a lot from my heart but always ended up being hurt. Now I prefer to think….Don't mind Rahul, Rahul says no not at all….However if u ever feel yr feelings change pls let me know…G smiles in agreement. P & R are discussing…..P is shocked that 3 mnths hv passed & inspite of them not meeting, G did not agree to RP's proposal……..RP tells him that the time stopped since the last P & G met each other…….Nothing much has happened…..P says that G is entitled to a better life & no better than u who wld keep her happy….RP says but she is not agreeing to marry me…..P says she will RP says how ? P says leave it to me, its my responsibility. G answers the doorbell & is pleasantly surprised to see P standing there. He gives her a half-smile & says I want to talk to u & walks in…G says Bolo ….P has his back to her & says G I agree to all yr terms, u ask whatever u want but the divorce" G is hopefully looking at him when he turns & says u remembr the girl I was dancing with the other day, Her name is _______, she is a nice girl & I want to marry her so let's get on with the divorce quickly…….Gauri is shattered






P continues fm yesterday saying my marriage mahurat is after 3 days & for our divorce some more days are left so pls do something….Pls G for old times sake…G sadly says ok & anything else….P says nothing….Thank u very much…..Tear is rolling down his cheek & he quickly turns to hide it & says G what if u & me get married on one day only….How cool na….In my house a new dulhan will come & u will go to someone else's house as a dulhan…..How nice na ??? Perfect He turns to her & says……..I simply hit Rahul, u make a perfect match…..G tells him u think about yrself…..I am not marrying… P says why did Rahul ditch u…bec u are a divorcee…These guys, what mentality…..G says infact he proposed to me……P says then what happened u said no…..U to will say no……bec u cannot live without me…… G interrupts saying I didn't say no either…..U talk abt yrself & turns to hide her tears……P looks over her frm behind & says ok u give me the divorce & leaves…….G cries bitterly 2) G is crying bitterly while sitting on the computer…..She writes Akela I am talking to u after a long time….I accept yr proposal…..I am ready to marry u…She continues to cry……P at the other end…..(I think wrote) good…G writes, U don't know how much happy u made me…..Thank u for being there….P writes always….Akela & ends the chat…..He then repeats Akela with a lump in his throat… 3) While G is on the computer the phone rings & it is RP calling from the car…He says something meeting her at her place in the evening since he has court now & he is driving the car…..G is shocked & says u are in the car….RP says yes & the police is watching….can't drive & talk…G is shocked as she puts the phone down & says if R is in the car who replied to my mail 4) RP gets a call frm P saying G has agreed to marry u…..Just received a mail…RP is stunned & says she just called me & I told her I am in the car…P says oh no……then he asks when are u meeting her…..RP says at her place in the evening….P sayss ok meet me outside her house in the evening 5) P comes & hands over a laptop to a waiting RP & says something to him …RP then shakes hands with P & goes inside….. 6) G is waiting I don't know whether it was a house or the terrace but a beautiful water fountain was shown…..She sees Rahul & asks suspiciously who replied to my mail…..RP says I did,……G says but u were driving…RP says not me the Driver, I was beside him…G says but how did u reply….RP says by this, the laptop…..G says oh a mobile laptop…..RP says why are u so upset…G smiles & says no nothing….Lets go…..RP says no wait…..I bought something for u & shows a ring …Here P is looking heavenwards & says hey u little one, keep yr mummy happy always bec yr mummy's happiness is yr father's happiness… Here RP sees P's ring on G's fingers & says u will hv to remove this ring…G is stunned..She hesitantly tries to remove it…..Meanwhile they show the star in the sky & Yash's words when he told P that if yr baby is a star he will one day make u one with Gauri Bhabi…..Then there is lightning in the sky & a heavy downpour which make RP & G go down… Then the background song plays Kudrat ki karishma……..& here G is struggling to remove the ring & at the other end P is walking in the rain…. 7) P is looking out of the window when RP comes & P asks him G didn't suspect anything na ? RP says no infact she agreed for the marriage….P says Good….RP says P day after tmrw is yr divorce final date & the next day I plan to get married to G…..P says All the best… RP then tries to go & P stops him & says Keep Gauri happy….The times that she spent with him she only had unhappiness & I know u will keep her happy…..RP says u are doing so much for G, hv u thought abt yr life…..P sadly says if I had thought abt life & lived today I wldn't have been in a situation where I have to hand over my life to someone else…..Now my life has no meaning, so I will live somehow….He then says Goodnight Rahul & turns back twds the window….RP leaves & Vinny has overheard everything 8) Vinny comes & tells Yash & Riya and the 3 hv decided they wld do something since 1 more day is left. 9) Here G is looking at P's ring on her finger & RP's ring is on the table. RP comes & says what happened G says the old ring is not coming out…RP takes her fingers & says let me see & tries to remove the ring….G then pulls her hand away & hesitantly says Rahul I need some more time….Meanwhile the phone rings & RP has to go elsewhere….Here is mobile rings & G sees P's name….She is surprised….RP comes & sees P's call & ignores it…..The mobile stops ringing & G tells RP u have a missed call….RP doesn't know what to do….G asks why has P called u…..RP shrugs & says I don't know 10) Later RP stops the car somewhere & P gets in…..They shake hands & RP starts driving again….Behind G is following in a taxi & is surprised to RP & P together 11) Meanwhile Y, R & V plead with Shah to do something to stop the divorce & Shah says no…..Yash loses his temper at Shah & says for u its just a case, but Riya stops him & pleads with Shah who is adamant. 12) Dejected the 3 of them come out & Riya bumps into her college friend who….They come to know thru her that she is P.A. to shah & ask her to help them……She asks Riya what is yr brother's name & she says PM…. 13) RP & P are at RP's office & he hands over the laptop to P. P says u cld have handed it over to me anytime why did u call me here ?? RP says I wanted to talk to u… G is outside overhearing their conversations .P u will not only hv to get of G's life completely but u will also have to leave this place & go so that G doesn't even see yr shadow….P says I am PM & u don't hv to tell me what to do……I do things on my own…Don't worry I will leave this place & go somewhere far away… He then says G was always right & I was always wrong….In life if 2 ppl hv to make it, they have to hold each other's hand & walk twds one direction…..Anyway Thanks & gets up to go…..G hides as he leaves….After he goes G comes out & stares twds the direction he left….RP is stunned to see G & says to himself G??Here???






G confronts RP & tells him she heard everything betw P. & him & wanted to know why someone who hates her & wants divorce frm her spoke abt her in that manner…..RP says he was trying to get sympathy from Rahul….Meanwhile Yash comes & tells Gauri that Shah had given the bad characterization & not P….G is stunned 2) She goes to P's place & wants to talk to him but is stunned to see a woman there…. P introduces her as Shaina & when G tells him that she wishes to speak to him privately he says he wldn't want Shaina to doubt him after all he is going to spend his entire life with her whereas his relationship with G has only 1 day left….G says enough of this natak, u love me….P laughs & says u think I hv lost my mind, why wld I love u….I wanted RP's help so that the divorce wld take place quickly & with less money….Name it what do u want….Flat, Car, I can even give u 5lacs every mnth….G stares at him & he says why are u looking at me like that, in any case u are going to marry RP so a u can manage with little less money frm yr ex hubby…G says I don't want to speak to u anymore….P says then u can go..In any case Shaina & I wld like to chalk out our plans for the wedding…..G is hurt & turns to leave…….She suddenly sees the laptop & remembers RP's words saying I always want to be in touch with u…..She leaves P turns & notices the laptop & wonders whether G saw it… 3) G goes to RP's house & enquires abt the laptop…..RP shows her the laptop….RP's cell rings & he excuses himself & goes to the other rooom & says haan P, thanks for sending the laptop, G came to chk on that….suddenly he senses G behind the curtain & she asks him whose call, he says a friend & comes back to the room & tell G to sit down, putting the cell down which still has P on the line…G gives RP the ring & says this is for the person who loves u & not for the person who is with u because she is far frm someone else….RP asks tell me something do u really hate P….G says if there is anything bigger than hate, then that is what I feel for P…..P hears this & smiles tearfully & disconnects the call……RP meanwile loses his cool & says for god's sake stop lying to me……U love P…..Then G explained something abt coming 4 steps twds RP & 6steps away frm P & something abt the 2 steps…being that she wants to steal everything frm life & do everything which even her heart is telling her not to….Something abt bec she has separated frm p doesn't mean she has to come closer to RP…Abt P being in her mind, on her soul even if like a bad dream or dark shadow & that she cannot be separated frm his shadow…….To say she & P are separated is easy but separation is also not easy……RP says u stil love P a lot….G says NO I don't love him….RP says if u don't love him then u still wear his ring, u still hv expectation….Are u trying to cheat yr old relationship by building a relationship with me….G gets up & goes…. 4) At Shah's office, Shah asks P to sign the papers & while the sholkas & marriage flashback is shown, P signs the papers & hands over the pen & paper to G who signs it too…..RP & G are married & are in a mandir & P is watching them…..When they pass, P calls G & she stops & slowly turns round to see P in tears……P wakes up suddenly & realizes it was his nightmare….He goes to the window & looks at the stars….background song plays Jo Ho Raha Hai Nasibo ki baatein hai & both P & G are tearful at their ends 5) RP & G are in the car & RP is driving…..He stops the car & tells G he'll be back in a moment. G removes the idol frm her bag & remember the 1st time she put it on P's car & then later took it back frm him……She takes blessing & is abt to do it the 2nd time & remembers P asking why she is doing it the 2nd time….she stops & gets out of the car 6) V tells Y & the chachus who have come to meet P that P left in the morning & left a note behind in which P tells his chachus that he knew they wld come to try & stop him frm going ahead with the divorce….But he has to go ahead with it to make someone happy….He came to know from Vinny that Shah had manipulated the case but he says he is grateful to him,bec if he didn't do it then P wldn't have succeeded in giving G what she wanted….He says pls don't come to the court & make me weak…..Please he pleads. 7) P was walking all along while the chachus & Y were reading the letter…..He enters the court & sits down on the bench….He hasn't seen that G is also sitting on the same bench lost in her thoughts.





A child slips & P & G run to pick him up & are surprised to see each other. The child's mother takes the child away with a thanks & P & G sit on the bench again…Both say Tum & then stop P says u alone, RP is not with u, G says went to take the number. P says Mr shah for the same. G says Mummyji came today & P asks what was she saying. G says she cldnt say anything. P says I hv explained to mum Nothing can happen now. G stares at him. P says I mean I don't want to stay with u & u the same. In anycase whatever we think shd happen never happens…Wish u a very happy life & he gives his hand to G…..who slowly shakes hands with him….As they stare at each other while handshaking, the shlokas go on 2) RP sees them & is upset….P sees RP & leaves G's hand & goes. RP sits down & forcely puts the file down….He says G if u still want it everuything can stop. G says Frm this benc to the magistates office there are 22 steps & every step I take it will be my life's most imp moment. Frm now tilll then, when I sign, every moment I spent with P will come in front….RP says if u still want to show u don't love P when I can see it in yr eyes. Whenevr, whatever u think, u only think of P na ? He says I am waiting for u in the room & leaves 3) G gets up & starts her 22 steps & we are shown flashbacks amidst shlokas….In the office P sees G. RP motions to her to sit & as the lawyers start the proceedings with the judge, P & G stare tearfully at each other. Suddenly G bursts out crying bitterly…P sees her cry & wipes her tears…Everyone is stunned….G stops crying & looks angrily at P & is abt to sign but stops & first tries to remove her ring frm her finger. Suddenly P holds her hand & stops her & G is stunned. P says 1st sign the paprs, this formality can take place later… G picks up the per, thinks then takes the papers & P says Gauri. Gi stares at him & then takes the pen & is begins to sign when P holds her hand again. G is stunned. P takes the papers & tears it into pieces….G & the others stand up stunned….P throws the pieces & stands up. He cries & says G how u found it difficult to remove the ring, the same way I found it difficult to see it being removed. He taks her finger & pushes the ring back into place. He says I just can't go thru with this anymore , I can't bear all this he cries bitterly. G too cries bitterly. She says It took u so long to say this…..P says No I didn't take so long to say it. I was frightened as to how u'll react if I told u. RP smiles. G cries… P wipes her tears & they hug. P says "I am sorry G" ..RP smiles & says cmon Mr. Shah neither u nor I have won, their relationship has won…. P & G hug each other & cry bitterly. 4) The Mittals are waiting impatiently & on seeing P, say P and then are surprised to see G follow him. Everyone are happy & Hugs, tears are exchanged in happiness…. 5) G smiles & writes on the computer Hi Akela, I am very happy, I am back with my family & my Kutumb…..Thanks for being around when I was unhappy & alone. She gets up & sees RP standing behind her…..She says u, I just sent u a mail….RP smiles & says not me…G says what do u mean…. RP says come & he takes her hand & takes her to where P is standing looking out of the window his back to them….RP says he is akela…P turns & G is shocked to know it was P (Imagine she didn't recognize her own hubby). P smiles & RP says go & he leaves…..When G goes to P, he says 1 sec & gives her a banana. Both smiles. G says why didn't u tell me u were Akela. P says how could I u hated me so much…G argues with him & P says now don't start on such a small topic. G says this is a small topic for u U will never change…P says ok I will never change & they start arguing. Then Yash words ring abt the sitara as they show the stars…P says something & they both smile & hug….A voice says… If everything is ok then it is the end, if it is not ok then it is not the end… 6) Its UM & Gayatri's anniversary & every1 is wishing them.Y & H walk in with their resp. kids….UM asks where is P & G. P & G are sitting on the steps & watching their 2 little kids playing….P says this is our small Kutumb, Hum Do Hamare Do & G says no hamare 3. P is surprised & G stands up. P stands up & says hamare 3….pointing to G's stomach….P says looking at the boy, I'll make him like me & G says looking at the girl I'll make her like me….And this one they both look at each other & smile & says Like both of us…..Both then look at the audience & say this is our story & our Kutumb.


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Thank you so much. I had seen the end once and that too not properly. It was great reading it. Thanks again.

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