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Sushaan OS#13:Kaise Unhe Main Pukaron(Pg/15 (Page 14)

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fabulus fantestic mindblowing

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Awosm writing ani

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Srry ana di i didn' t cmmnt last1,i mean Bfr ths one...
Holdin my ear.. Dead
Tht was a superb OS..
Luved d last mmnt wn sushaan confess thr luv fr eachothr..

U r a Star Star Clap writer...:)

Nxt1's cmmnt cumin m busy fr today thts it Wink
Luv ya..

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here i cum wid my comment Wink
@first tnxxx a ton di fr taking my req. & writing it..may b i forced u Wink
but m ur mad SUSHAAN OS fan naa thts y did it Wink

now let me tell about ur OS...
it is a completely different OS...@first i had took tym to think about suhana,Ouchwhose background was frm village but well educated & on d othr hand Ishaan was frm U.S,frm a well established family Tongue...
this 2 differnt ppl together..Wink

ths is d best thing on ur writing tht u try to keep 1 person in 'B PATIENCE' wrd Wink ,was amazed wen i read ishaan try to control his emotion fr his wife,so tht she can fell fr him slowly..Clap   

Heart wat u created fr thr honeymoon on ur writing Smile it was d bst part..thr HeartHeart, thr feel fr eachothr Wink ..Suhana's shyful attempt to impress her husband, thn d anklet,oh!Gosh!!!how romantic tht ishaan wanted to heard its sound whole night which was soo passionate..WinkWink..i wish i could read thr romance more Wink,wanna knew it how ishaan gave tht couch a lesson LOLWinkWink
Di,woww woww wooww fr u, superb, fabulous, wonderful, mindblowin evrythn suits in ur writing skill...Star

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Originally posted by RockchickFaiza

here i cum wid my comment Wink
@first tnxxx a ton di fr taking my req. & writing it..may b i forced u Wink
but m ur mad SUSHAAN OS fan naa thts y did it Wink

now let me tell about ur OS...
it is a completely different OS...@first i had took tym to think about suhana,Ouchwhose background was frm village but well educated & on d othr hand Ishaan was frm U.S,frm a well established family Tongue...
this 2 differnt ppl together..Wink

ths is d best thing on ur writing tht u try to keep 1 person in 'B PATIENCE' wrd Wink ,was amazed wen i read ishaan try to control his emotion fr his wife,so tht she can fell fr him slowly..Clap   

Heart wat u created fr thr honeymoon on ur writing Smile it was d bst part..thr HeartHeart, thr feel fr eachothr Wink ..Suhana's shyful attempt to impress her husband, thn d anklet,oh!Gosh!!!how romantic tht ishaan wanted to heard its sound whole night which was soo passionate..WinkWink..i wish i could read thr romance more Wink,wanna knew it how ishaan gave tht couch a lesson LOLWinkWink
Di,woww woww wooww fr u, superb, fabulous, wonderful, mindblowin evrythn suits in ur writing skill...Star

thanku so much faiza
i am happy that u liked it baby...
u know i like to experiment with different characters n thats what i m doing...
haa...glad u liked that anklet part n my ahem ahem hot OS...
luv you dear...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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Kaise Unhe Main Pukaron
OS | 13

Gumsum gumsum gup chup, gumsum gup chup 
Halchal halchal ho gayi teri, honth hai tere chup
Khalbal khalbal ho gayi teri, baithi hai tu gupchup

suhana   was seating in her room infront  of the dressing table. few of her  cousins were surrounding her. while  someone was busy with her hairs,  other was trying to make sure that her  makeup was done perfectly. it  shouldnt be over but it should be enough  to make her beautiful facial  features prominant.  sanjana was busy pinning the duppata over her head  that had to be  followed on her shoulder. the single safety pin, that was  tightly held  in between her lips, was showing how concentrated she  is.and why not,  she was asked specially by smriti, suhana's mother to look  after  everything aand being suhana's bestfriend she was adamant that all  came  out perfect. sanjana choosed the sweet elbow length sleeved purple  kameez  having a patiala shalwar below. the silver work on the v-necked  dress  and on the sleeves was looking so pretty against her milky skinand  sanjana  made sure that the duppata is being wrapped in such a way that  it will  show that work. suhana's lips were shinninh  with a light gloss.  her eyes were looking dazzling after kohl,  eyeliner and mascara was  applied on them. her cheeks were having the  natural pink color, all  credit to her blushes. her cousin's were  mercilessly teasing her. "didi,  tell us r u feeling?" her  younger cousin asked her in a  teasing tone that made her face beet  rooted red. "suhana, are you too  feelin butterflies in ur stomach like i  felt for the first time your  jeeju came to see me" now, her elder  cousin aria asked in a dreamy tone.  "didi" suhana whinned  with a cute face that made all her cousins  giggled. "whats going on  here?" suhana mother asked as she entered the  room and pushed all the  girls aside to get close to suhana "why are you  teasing my suhana?" she  said with an affectionate tone hushing all girls  away and turn to look  at suhana. "ohh..."  a happy sound escaped from her  mother's throat as she was unable to  say anything else. smriti hands came  up to cover her face as her eyes  get teary. she cant believe that her  daughter grew up so fast. it seems  like yesterday she hold her for the  first time in her hands while  laying on that hospital bed. she was  adoring her tiny baby but  everytime, noticing her sweet features, and  delicate body, all she  qanted  was to cherish this baby forever. time  passed on quickly and now, her  daughter is on the verge to start her own  life. suhana eyes too filled  up seeing her mother teary, and getting up,  she hugged her tightly.  thekr hands were running on eachother backs,  ensurring eachother that  everything would be fine, and unknown to smriti  and others, that hug  gave her lots of confidence. "aunty, dont cry...see  suhana is also about  to cry...and we havent worked so hard to let all  that ruined by these  awful both can have ur share after this  rishta is  finalized" sanjana commebt made all other smile as smriti  break the hug  and hushed her. "ok, i will call and then you can bring  suhana down"  then she turnwd back to suhana, applied a black mark behind  her ars and  after squeezing her hand, left the room.

Pyaare pyaare chehre lekar dediya ishaara
Dekha teri aankhon mein hai ishika koi pyaara
Humse gori naa tu sharma, kehde humse zara 

ishaan   was sitting downstairs with his family. his parents alok and rano  kashyap  was just so happy that finally, there son has agreed to get  married.  was that easy? they had a whole long story to tell in the reply  of this  question but do they care. there son agreed and that was all  that  married. ishaan cleared it before that he doesnt have any feelings   for any girl and just was lingering on his wedding topic because he   wanted to make his own name in his father's textile business and soon   with his hard work and determination, he did it. he is 28 years old and   really successful and now he know, as the struggling part is over, he   would have time for his personal life too. alok and rano immediately   started the search of there to be bahu. while alok  wanted someone from the family of his business fellows, rano was out  looking for a match  with her kitty party friends daughter. ishaan was  fed up with the amount  of pics, his parents showed to him and he was  feeling so irritated.  above that his sister, ishika,  instead of helping him, all will do is to  laugh out loud on his  miserable state as mostly he would b sitting in  between his parents and  each one will look at him with expectant eyes,  and damn, he dont want  to disappoint any one. "then marry two girls,  bhai" ishika  would chip in and all he would do is look daggers at her as  she would  giggle. "mom, dad...that enough..."finally he said one day. " i  dont  want to marry any business associate daughter or any kitty party's   friends daughter...i want a simple girl...who will love to make this   house a living heaven for me and for you with her love...not a business   advisor or a party host, please" and that was the time, when his  lovely  bua came with an appropriate proposal and he agreed to go with  it.  lovely bua  was close to ishaan and knew him better than rano. ishaan  trusted  her more than anyone so he even didn't dare look at the picture.  and  here, now, while sipping his tea, he was waiting for her entrance.

Kehna hi kya yeh nain ek anjaan se jo mile
Chalne lage mohabbat ke jaise yeh silsile

soon,    the shimmering voice of the anklet ring in his ears. Strange, even in   such bustle of there families talking, he could feel a real soothing   presence. the giggles erupted from a corner. a silence took place in  the  hall and he lifted up his face to see what cause it when his eyes  saw  and witnessed the beauty of a God creation. she was looking so  delicate.  her persona seems so enchanting. her downcasted  lashes and her crimson  cheeks completely explaining her nervousness.  the girls beside her were  supporting her as she lead them to the place,  ishaan and his family was  sitting. "beautiful" ishaan heard his  mother whisper and ishika,  who was  sitting beside him, nudged him with a knowing look. suhana came  and took  blessings from his parents who blessed her with happy chirpy  voices.  ishika was being introduced by lovely bua who was a friend of  suhana's  chachi. and ishika moving forward, hugged her tightly. ishaan  was quietly  peeking in between to see her and his heart doesn,t  have enough fill to  admire her while his mind, doesnt seem to find  enough words to define  her. sanjana made her sit on the sofa, opposite to  him, the competent  boy for her best friend, looking at her in awe. she  bend closer to  suhana's ear and whispered. "jus once, look up and see,  how handsome he  is...and how dreamingly, he is looking at you" suhana  blushed at  sanjana's comment but looked up for a fraction of a second only  to get  caught by the dazzling brown eyes, she had ever saw.

Armaan naye aise dil mein khile,
Jinko kabhi main naa jaanoon

the    chatters in the room weren't able to distract there thoughts as they   both were busy to think about each other. there parents send them out  in  the back yard so they can discuss a little but they were too shy to  say  anything. the silence between them was conveying more messages but  the  silence was broken by the giggles of sanjana and ishika  who were quietly  observing them while standing in the back door. and  just after few  seconds, they were being pulled inside by them saying  "you both have a  long life to look at eachother" sanjana teased. "or may  be, you both  will like to stay silent more" ishika  giggled and they were took inside  and got seated in there earlier  place. "so ishaan...what do you think?"  lovely bua asked with a  hopeful look. ishaan turn to look at his parents  who were looking at  him with raised brows and a smile on there lips.  before turning back to  lovely bua, he took a glimpse of suhana  who seemed  to be seating with a batted heart. a side loop smile graced  his face as  he look at bua and nodded, blinking his eyes once as in  approval. "YES"  bua shouted in excitement and her gaze quickly turn to  suhana's chachi,  who was standing behind suhana's sofa, indicating her to  ask suhana.  "suhana beta, what do you say?" suhana's  chachi asked in a motherly tone.  all eyes were now fixed on her. sanjana,  aria, her cousins, her parents,  her uncles and aunt, ishaan parents,  lovely bua and ishika were gazing at  her, not wanting to miss her  approval nod. ishaan crossed his fingers at  his back, looking down,  hoping to hear a yes. suhana  was feeling so  nervous now. her hands were trembling. she was feeling  so conscious of  herself. she nudged sanjana, asking her to get closer and  then she  whispered softly in her ear. "mujhe kabol hai" and that light a  440 volt  smile on sanjana's face as she squealed "suhana said yes" and  ishaan felt  like the most blessed man at rhat  moment. they both don't know, who  pulled them and made them stand and  who were hugging them till few  moments. everyone was in celebration  mood. sweets were brought on the  tables by the ladies of the house and  were stuffed into there mouths but  they were in a situation where they  cant say no. ishika and sanjana  clicked  many of there pics with there stuffed mouth, just to keep it in  record  and later have something to tease these two. they were just about  to  get spared from the elders of the house, when sanjana and ishika  approached  these two showing a big fat laddu stuck in between there  finger tips.  they have that grin that say how-can-u-escape-now. ishaan  and suhana  both made a face. so much to get into a relationship but they  didnt  dare complain and they took the whole laddu in there mouth at once  as  it was pushed by sanjana and ishika. ishaan and suhana almost whined  while  sanjana and ishika high-fived eachother.

Voh humse, hum unse kabhi naa mile,
Kaise mile dil naa jaanoon
Ab kya kare, kya naam le,
Kaise unhe main pukaaroon

suhana  changed into her night suit. a plain white kameez with a green patiala  shalwar  below. she get under her quilt and remember, how in a matter of  few  minutes, she became engaged from being single. though the official   engagement is announced to be done after two weeks, suhana was feeling   something different about herself. she shook her head to push away  these  thoughts and got ready to welcome her sleep as she closed her  eyes with  a smile on her lips when that blazing enchanting brown eyes  flashed  infront of her. her smile broadened. "ok, no one can hear me i  can appreciate his looks" suhana told herself with a shy  smile as she  tuck one of her hand under her head and other came to hold  the first  one's elbow. "he has amazing clear" she  whispered.  and she just wish to fall into there depth one day. her  closed eyes were  now drifting down to notice her's imaginery  ishaan's cheek which was  showing his deep dimple. "oh God!!!!" she  cried softly. how her lips  wanna kiss that place. her eyes were off to  check his smile when the  vibration of her cell, placed beside her on  the bed, make her groan and  on opening her eyes. she made an irritating  face and turn in her bed to  get hold of her mobile. a message from an  unknown number greet her and  as she opened it, her breath got caught in  her lungs. it was a message  from ishaan.

" wish you a good night.


her  heart was almost jumping with excitement seeing this msg.  she kept on  looking at the message for few minutes. her eyes were  shinning with  adoration. her lips were giving a wide smile. her hands  were clutching  the mob tightly. and that was the first time she took  his name "ishaan"  so softly that a new sensation run inside her body.  and that was the  very first day, she went to sleep to dream about her  ishaan who replaced  the face of a stranger, she used to imagine and  dream about her life  partner. surly, he was way much better than her  imagination.

Pehli hi nazar mein kuch hum,
Kuch tum ho jaate hai yun gum
Nainon se barse rim jhim,
Rim jhim humpe pyaar ka saavan

Few   days later, it was a cold windy day when suhana  was standing in her room  and keeping her hands on her hips, was  looking down on the bed which  was containing her various suits. she was  confused. first time, she was  going out with her to be fiance and she  wanted to look extremely good.  ishaan's mother called yesterday night  to her mother saying that ishaan  and suhana should go out to select  there engagement rings and dresses.  when smriti told suhana about this,  she literally shiver. with excitement  or with nervousness, smriti  was unable to figure out but taking later one  as a most probable  situation, she decided to ease out her nervousness  by telling her that  sanjana and ishika will accompany them that seem to  make her feel good.  suhana  was definitely excited about going out with  ishaan. in few days just  through his Good night messages, he created a  very sweet place in  suhana's heart. but his yesterday message, totally  left her speechless.

"hey to be mrs kashyap,
ready for first mini date with mr. kashyap?"

as   she read that her cheeks automatically got the blush which now has   become a trade mark to tease her. anyone mention ishaan, and she is  all  red and shy. but right now, what exciting her was that date part  and she  really wanna make that memorable. right than, her knight in  shinning  armor best friend, sanjana popped in the room and quickly decided  on a  red anarkali  plain frock which had churidar sleeves and churidar pajama.  and green  fabric plates in the frock.the duppata and the border of her  dress had  fancy lace with a green gold patch which made it look so  elegant and  classy. suhana  surly was so happy with this dress. sanjana  asked her to keep her hair  loose and after a little make up they run out  as they hear the car  horn.

reaching  near the main door, they  stopped and after taking a second to make  there breath normal, they open  the door and step out. ishaan was  spell bound seeing this beauty infront  of him. plain, simple, without  any fake mask...she was just so  mesmerizing. ishika purposefully get out  from the from the front seat and  before suhana  could argue, sit at the back while pulling sanjana with  herself and  closed the door. ishaan smiled and look down on the steering,  saying a  million thanks to ishika while suhana  was playing with her  fingers not knowing what to do. "my too be bhabhi  g, please sit down  quickly or instead of getting your engagement  rings, at this speed rate,  we will be buying the wedding rings" sanjana  chuckled at ishika's  statement and joined in. "come on suhana,  you have to sit infront for the  rest of your life...but its better if  you start practicing it from now"  and not giving them anymore chance to  comment, suhana  quickly opened the  door and sit beside ishaan infront with a huff.  she bite her nail in  between her teeth to control her emotions and  started looking out. ishika  was about to add a teasing remark when  ishaan looked into center mirror  and stopped her. though he was  enjoying the banter, but suhana's  flushed  face told him how embarrassed she felt and he didnt want to  make her  more uneasy. ishika stayed quite but decided to use this  affection of her  brother to tease him later on.

Sharm thodi thodi humko aaye to nazarein jhuk jaayen
Sitam thoda thoda humpe shok hawa bhi kar jaaye

Aisi chali, aanchal ude, dil mein ek toofaan uthe
Hum to lut gaye khade hi khade

ishaan    take them into a mall that was situated infront of the sea. he let the   ladies get out from the car infront of the main entrance and went off  to  park the car. soon he joined them inside as the girls were just  doing  window shopping. ishaan eyes were fixed on suhana who was  admiring a black  and blue sari having nice zarbdosi  work on the edges n pallu. but  feeling him near her, she turn back to  look at him and sanjana and ishika  too did the same as they went on to the  jewellery  shop to get the  desired rings. "bhai what is the fun if you are going  to buy ring for  yourself...bhabhi should do the honors...doesnt she?"  and sanjana  agreed. ishaan and suhana  for a moment look at each other and then looked  away. ishaan noticed  the way how elegantly she pushed her hairs back and  tuck them behind  her ears. her shyness is one thing that gave his heart a  lil jump but  her elegance got him smitten. suhana choose a gold ring  having a square  face and in the middle have a big blue stone. ishaan  though know that  suhana  is a simple girl and a gold ring with stones will  b her choice but for  God sake. its an engagement ring. a symbol of  there togetherness and  that has to be sumthing unique and antique. and  thats what he choosed.  an antique style ring which was also have a  square shape on the front  and a design that was blended beautifully with  white stones. the  checked the sizes and were at the counter to pay the  bills when ishika  and sanjana quietly sneek out and hide them-self in a  far away shop. when  ishaan and suhana  realized they came out, and search  for them in a few nearby shops but  were unable to find them. ishaan  called ishika who was enjoying  looking at the duo while standind  behind a  glass door. "yes bhai" she answered. "where are you both  now?" he asked  still looking around. "bhai, stop looking around  first...we are  here...but we want you to spend some time with bhabhi  alone...its your  only chance as you will only get to see her after a  week on your  engagement dont waste your time here and take her  out for a  drink or sumthing" ishika's words made him smile so he looked  around to  not let suhana see his expressions. "ok...but come soon"  ishaan said  knowing that suhana  is hearing his words. "dont worry bhai...we know  exactly what this  come soon means...we will take our time" she ended  with a chuckle as  sanjana laughed in the back and cut the call.

ishaan  rub his  temple to straighten his facial expression and when he was sure  that  its ok, he turned to suhana.  "they are looking for some  dresses...they will be back in the meantime, will you like  to go for a coffee or  something to eat?" he asked hesitantly. suhana's   heart did a little jump on thinking that she will be all alone with   ishaan. she wanted to go out from the mall to have a glass of tea on  the  road side stalls that she used to visit with her friends. she  wanted to  introduce ishaan to her memories. her hesitation give a  little hint to  ishaan. "you dont wanna go?" he asked with concerned  voice. "no no, its  not like and my friends used to  visit this tea  vendor near the beach...he serves amazing tea...will  you mind if we can  go..." she hesitated in the middle..and look up to  check his facial  expression. "its ok if you dont want to...we can go to  a coffee shop"  she added quickly as his expressions were unreadable  then. ishaan smiled  at her hesitation and next moment, he hold her  hand and dragged her out  of the mall. suhana  was shocked first but feeling his fingers clutching  between hers, his  palm against hers, she was just looking down at there  joined hands.  ishaan stop on the footpath for a second and look lrft and  right to  see any coming car, and assured, he lead suhana to the other  side of the  road.

he stopped and turn to look at her. "to which  vendor you  liked to go?" he asked looking around. suhana got her senses  back with  his question. "huh" she was just able to utter that. "which  vendor  suhana?"  and looking ahead, she pointed towards the one. ishaan at  her  pointed way and lead her there. there hands were still connected but  it  felt so right. while before, suhana  was shocked, now she was all  smiling in the back. ishaan stopped  near the vendor and ordered two tea.  it was the 1st time, he was about  to taste any road side thing but he  wanted to experience it with suhana  especially thats the 1st time, she  asked him for something. they left  eachother hand to grab the hot  glasses but there heart felt so bad.  while ishaan took out his  handkerchief to hold it, suhana  hold it in the pallu of her duppata. the  sea side was giving all a  different taste and smell to the tea. ishaan  took a sip and really  enjoyed that. "its amazing" he commented that  brought a bright smile on  suhana's lips before they touched her glass.  the wind was niw  blowing strongly as it was about to sunset. many  couples were standing  on the shore to witness that beautiful sight but  ishaan suhana  were busy witnessing that in each other eyes. ishaan returned  the  empty glass to vendor and paid him when a strong blow of air messed   suhana's  hair and now half of them were coming on the front, allowing  ishaan  to witness a glimpse of her back a little. the deep u cut of the  back  and the dori above were hardly able to cover that dark black mole  that  was looking so devilish. as if teasing him. suhana  was struggling  with her hairs and duppata, trying to keep them in  place. ishaan decided  to help her and pulled her duppata. suhana  looked at him with stunned  eyes as his eyes too looked deep in her's  and the next moment, he  wrapped the duppata around her shoulders also  covering her head in  between. his eyes telling her to trust him and  right that moment, she  felt herself to be the most luckiest girl in the  world. his sincerity  and promise to her words, showed her how  beautiful her life is going to  be and her heart wasn't able to say  thanx  to God a million times to send  this amazing man in her life. They were  busy looking at eachother and  thats how ishika and sanjana found them and  couldn't stop themselves to  take a picture of this scene. ishaan  suhana in the front, almost a black  image of them and the sun setting in  the background.

Kehna hi kya yeh nain ek anjaan se jo mile
Chalne lage mohabbat ke jaise yeh silsile

suhana moved her hand above the picture of
herself and ishaan on the beachside as it was
now gracefully placed inside there memory
album, they have created of themselves. they
put all there private pictures they clicked before
there wedding and after that. one of next
contained there engagement picture where
ishaan was putting the ring in her finger. she was
looking down shyly and ishaan's eyes were fixed
on her face. once again, ishika's captured
moment. suhana smiled as she remembered how
many moments of them were made and
destroyed by ishika and sanjana during there pre-wedding period. they both would make excuse
with there families to take them out and let
them spend sometime alone but would layer
interupt them and tease them to the great
extent. but it all was worth. ishaan and suhana
couldn't thank those devils enough to help them
out as it really helped to take there relationship
to a comfort level. the initial hesitation of them
left the house with there each meeting. and
soon, they were married and were one in every
possible way. the passion of that night could
still sent shivers through suhana's body even after
8 months of there wedding. it was passionate,
fierce yet gentle and unforgettable.

Leaving the album on the bed, suhana get up to
take a bath so she can get ready for tonight
function. its her parents-in-laws 30th wedding
anniversary and this time, it was suhana who took
the charge of all the arrangements of the party.
usually the family like to celebrate there events
in between themselves as it give them a chance
to spend valuable time with eachother. like on
ishika's birthday 2 month back, they all went out
to a picnic in a nearby resort and totally enjoyed
it. but this time, ishaan and ishika along with suhana
pressurized rano and alok to celebrate it on
a large scale.

inh honton ne manga sargam, sargam tu or tera he pyar hai
ankhain dhoonday hai jiss ko har dam, har dam tu or tera hi pyar hai

She get out wearing her robe, planning in her
mind what she still have to do now. she rub her
wet here with a towel and threw in on the bed.
Her thoughts got interrupted by a call. she
stretched on the bed to get hold of her mobile
perfectly knowing who's call is this. "hellooo"
she said in a lovely tone. "hello wifey" a husky
reply came her way that made her smile. "what
are you doing?" he asked further. "hmmm...just
took a bath" she replied while playing with one
of the wet strands, rolling it on her finger.
"hmmm" came a dreamy voice. "what hmmm?"
she asked with an thoughful expression. "was
just imagining you in ur bathrobe...your long
legs...fresh smell...mmm...your red kissable
lips...your..." "suniyeee...please stop..." she
stopped in a warning tone but her cheeks were
flushed with shyness. "oh...u cant blame me for
imagining that." ishaan replied with a chuckle
that raise suhana's temperature. "well its ur are the one who is away on a
business trip...when are you coming back?" her
tone change to complaining one. ishaan missed
her more than ever now. "right now sitting in
waiting lounge of the airport...waiting for the
boarding...just few hours and i will be there with
you" sigh. "next time, you are coming with me
on each trip...even if it is just for a day" he
ordered that made suhana's heart filled with love.
"you missed me so much?" she asked in a soft
tone. "you cant imagine how much i missed
you" another sigh followed. "ok, boarding
started, i need to go now...see you soon
wifey""bye take care, and i am...waiting for you"
she wished him. "between, i hope you are
gonna wear that blue and black sari" he asked
in a teasing tone. "you wish" he chuckled at her
reply and cut the call.

suhana went towards her wardrobe and go
through her dresses. though she had choosed a
mustard silk sari for herself, but right then her
eyes fell on the black and blue net sari, she was
looking at on there first date and surprisingly,
ishaan was well aware enough of her gaze as he
gifted her that sari after the 1st month
anniversary. she was surprised too see that sari
and ishaan promising words "i want to fulfill each
of your desire and wishes" still ring in her mind.
she wore it once just on ishaan's request in the
boundary of there room and didn't dare wear it
again as its blouse was deep from front and
just had a strap in the back. she got a new
matching blouse with the sari and thought to
surprise ishaan. he was requesting her to wear
that sari tonyt from so many days, but she
always felt to shy to say yes to it. "you wish"
she had replied though but how can she explain
him that all his wishes are her commands too.
she took out the sari and the new blouse she
got but looked at the other one still hanging in
there, looking at her as if pouting. "you know
you are hot...but unfortunately, i cant show you
off in a gathering...may be, later, just for my
husband eyes, i will allow you a chance" she
winked at the blouse with a naughty smile and
closed her wardrobe to get ready.

mehfil main bhi, tanha hai dil aise dil aise
tujhko kho na day, darta hai ye aise, ye aise

As expected, the large living hall of there
mansion was totally filled with guests. its rare
that kashyap's hold a party and whenever they
do, its surly a success. alok and rano
greeted the guests while ishika was busy with
checking on the guests and music and suhana
was busy with instructing the caterers and
making sure, everything is perfect but nothing
could stop her to look at the entrance of the
home from time to time. ishaan said he will be
there and the driver, who went to pick ishaan,
already informed that the flight has landed an
hour back, then why he is not till here. suhana
wondered. she was feeling restless now. her
hands were curling into eachother as she
silently prayed for his well being. every pore of
her body was wishing and hoping for his safe
arrival and as if she was having a connection
with the Above one, he appeared. his warm
dimple smile was gracing his lips and that was
the only thong that could provode sooth to her
restless heart. she said a silent thank you to
God and turn her gaze back at him who was
himself looking at her from afar. her heart did a
little dance feeling his gaze as he flashed a side
looped smiled at her and she blushed. His eyes
twinkled seeing the sari she was wearing. His
choice. ahaan. But soon, a frown took place on
his forehead as he narrowed his eyes at her.
before he could proceed to her, he was called
by his father who was truly elated seeing his
son back. he shared warm hug with alok,
rano and ishika as he wih alok and rano
happy anniversary. "mom, dad...i will just be
back after a quick change...ok" his parents
nodded as he approached suhana who.was busy
talking to some guests. "excuse me" he politely
said to the ladies who wished him hi and went
away perfectly knowing that he need to talk to
suhana. "your clothes are on the bed" she made
an attempt to keep him away perfectly knowing
that its useless. "come with me" as if he didnt
listen, he entwined there fingers together and
pulled her with himself towards there room.

suhana get in the room with a sigh as he closed
the door behind themselves. "Why have you got
this new blouse?" was a question that came
straight out from his mouth. suhana turned to him
with an open mouth. Was he really expecting
her to wear that all to body showed off blouse in
such a great gathering. She hoped that her
action will make him realize how inappropriate
that question was but seeing the confused
expression on his face, she hold herself back
and replied in a calm tone. "Kia appko lagta hai
k i would have wore that barely able to hide
anything blouse in such a party...I cant let
anyone see me the way you do" as realization
dawned upon ishaan, he took quick steps
towards her and got her in a tight hug. "I myself
can't let anyone see you that belong
to me...You are mine...just mine" ishaan said
possesively as suhana let herself drowned in his
warmth. God, she missed him soo much...his
embrace, his kisses, his love, his eyes the way
they get fill with love and desire as they look at
him, his lips from which her name sounded so
extra sweet and sexy, his touch that can ignite
her body. They stand there for few moments
before ishaan move his lips near her ears and
whispered softly. "May be, you can wear that
blouse for me...later on" and she blushed even
more as he smiled. "I have to attend the
guests...Your suit is right there on the
bed...come out soon" and she left the room
without giving him a glance.

He got out soon to see his wife receiving and
serving the guests. Aww she truly hold the
kashyap charms with herself. He thought with
proud but he observed with time that she was
on purpose staying away from him. he
wondered why but that mischievous smile
played on her lips give him a slight hint and he
decided to play along. he himself stayed away
from her but the teasing glances they shared
from time to time was enough to burn up there
passion. At some point, suhana even wondered
that will ishaan allow her to change her blouse.
and her cheeks turn crimson with just the mere
thought. They both were pulled towards the
main table that holds the beautiful huge cake by
alok and rano and clapped for them. Inside
they both wished that one day, there own
children will celebrate there anniversaries in
this same manner. ishaan and ishika feed the
cake to there parents first and suhana came up
with the gifts that were a joint gift from ishaan,
suhana and ishika. It was indeed a fun party.

As last of the guests leave, ishaan slumped down
on the sofa as there housekeepers clean the
hall. suhana was instructing them. rano, alok
and ishika had already retired to there rooms.
"suhana, lets go...I am so tired now" ishaan whined
seeing suhana still going around the hall,
checking on everything. "Why don't you go and
take a shower first...I will be coming shortly"
suhana suggested and ishaan agreed.

aj milli, aisi suhana
jhoom uthi duniya ye meri
tumko paya tau pai zindagi

The shower was surly a great idea as it refill his
energy. He was feeling so relaxed and strainfree
after the warm bath and came out to see suhana
standing infront of the mirror, taking out her
bindi and attaching that to the mirror. His life,
his house even his room changed alot after
there marriage.
now along with his, her things also need to be
there. on dinning, a chair of her was fixed
beside him. in his room, her pillows are settled
beside her. her dresses are hanged beside his
suits in the wardrobe. her heels and sandals are
placed in shoe rack beside his shoes. her scrub
and cleanser is placed beside his shaving kit in
bathroom. heven her shampoo is placed beside
his and God, he loved the flowery intoxicated
smell. suhana was unpinning her sari when his
hands ce around her waist, mking her gasp. he
nuzzled her neck slowly, tracing her long neck
with the tip of his nose, making her sigh in
pleasure. "you smell so...hmmm...good" he
commented as he removed the pallu from the
shoulder and his fingers traced her belly at the
edge of her blouse. "this blouse
soo...disappoint me today" he whispered softly
in her ears as he turned her around. his one
hand cupped her face, caressing it softly,
making her shudder. she bend her face to get
that more in touch with his palm. her eyes werr
getting heavy. her breath getting slow. he
enjoyed the power he had on her for a few
minutes before moving her face up and kissing
her nose. his lips didnt leave her skin as they
move up and kissed her forehead and temple.
suhana clutched his night suit tightly to get a little
support before ishaan left her temples and get a
hold of her lips. she moaned as his lips capture
the soft lips of hers. he sucked them lightly just
enough to make her loose her senses. her
hands came up to round his neck for support as
his hands slowly moved at her back to unhook
the blouse. one, two, three...all six hooks were
open in the matter of a minute. ishaan removed it
carefully as his lips moved down to her neck
only to hear her whimpering sound of her
objection. but he didnt care. he missed her so
much in these last three days. everynight,
sleeping without her, not feeling her kisses in
the morning, her teasing glances, he missed all
that so much to now consider anything else
than satisfying his hunger for his wife and suhana
let him take over as she trusted him more than
anything else. ishaan undressed her quickly
while leading back to the bed. making her lay,
he got over the bed and started kissing her feet,
making his movements up. his hands werw
tracing her body in there own way. suhana try to
grab his shoulder but he kept himself out from
her grasp so ultimately, she run her hand
through her hairs with a groan. ishaan took his
sweet little time to reach her belly and felt that a
little puffy. his lips stopped moving as now his
hands were examining her. suhana bit her lower
lip. her eyes were shut and her cheeks were a
light blushed. she knew its time to reveal the
secret . "suhana, why your belly is swelling?
everything checked with the doctor"
suhana wondered. how in this moment of
passion, his concern came out breaking the
trance. she smiled still biting her lip. ishaan was
worried cause of her silence and moved up on
her to read her facial expression. "will you say
something now?" suhana opened her eyes to see
his worried face. she felt so happy having such
a caring husband. her eyes get teary. she
moved her hands up to trace his face. ishaan got
more tensed with her actions and moreover her
tears. "you are scaring me now" he said with a
bated heart that make her concern. she need
to say it now before he get more panicked. still
cupping his face, she brought him closer to her
face and whispered, looking deep into his eyes.
"suniye...we are gonna have a baby" she said
with a clear voice. ishaan heart stop for a
moment, before it worked in its normal
condition. a pool of warmth, love, affection and
care run through his body. he looked in her eyes
for confirmation and she nodded. suddenly, he
get off her thinking that may b his weight will
cause any problem and lay beside her. his hand
moved down to her belly and caressed it softly
as suhana caressed his hairs. tears formed in his
eyes and he slipped down to her waist. he put
his ear with her tummy as if to hear something.
"say it again suhana...with my name in it now" he
requested and suhana felt wetness on her tummy.
she knew he was getting emotional right now
and thats exactly what she expected. he was
such a soft hearted person that these
emotional things surly get him have tears. "we
are having a baby ishaan...your baby, my
baby...our going to be first born" ishaan looked
up at her with a wide smile. she rarely call him
by his name. ishaan always have to force her. but
in these moments of them, he felt so good when
she take his names. he kissed her tummy
before he moved up to kiss her insanely. his lips
met hers again and again. this feeling that she
is his and this baby is a proof of there
togetherness give him a new kind of happiness.
"i love you suhana...i love you so much" he said
after breaking the kiss and looking at her
intently. "i love you too" suhana said as ishaan
slumped beside her, pulling her close to
himself. they keep looking at eachother for
sumtime when suhana pulled him close. "i
think...we were in between something before
you heard the news" damn, not only him, she
also missed there closeness in past few days
and before when he took the charge, she was
more than ready to give in. she initially planned
to disclosed the news after there...hmmm...but
ishaan was so observant that she had to tell him.
"do you will be ok for
the baby" he asked hesitantly and suhana found
herself falling once again for him. "i talked to
the doctor..." she tugged on his vest and moved
her hand inside it to caress his body. "she said
its ok till first trimester and i am just a month
pregnant now" she said hoarsely and kissed his
cheek. "and i do think the baby need a great
reception from his father" she said with a
twinkle in her eyes that made ishaan grin. "now
how can i have my baby and her mother having
complains with me" ishaan said as he was back
to his earlier task and surly he does welcomed
his baby with many deep kisses.

kehna hi kia ye nain ik anjan se jo mile

Long comments plz...

This part dedicated to my 1000 buddies...luv u all...n thanku for all the love...muwah

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Clap  Superb ones... awesome writing ...
 thank you so much for these wonderful OS's StarStarStar
will be waiting eagerly for your next one..

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