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Live Chat With Yami On 13th April (Page 2)

.Tanya. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 April 2012 at 7:31am | IP Logged
i asked how was it interacting with John 

and what did she cook  last and when?

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.Tanya. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 13 June 2007
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Posted: 13 April 2012 at 7:30pm | IP Logged

taimoor : hi Yami... good to see you

":"RS":" : so tell us more bout your film...

Yami Gautam : Hi guys this is Yaami Gautam..

Yami Gautam : Hi Taimoor

PlAyA!!!!!!!!! : i love the way u act

... : you are looking beautiful

PlAyA!!!!!!!!! : where do u belong?

Yami Gautam : Vicky Donor is a rom com between a Punjabi boy and a Bengali girl with the concept of sperm donation in the backdrop

Parineeti : Yami if you dont mind how old are you?

Yami Gautam : Thank you Playa

Yami Gautam : I am from Chandigarh

Yami Gautam : Hi knw the rule never ask a girl her age

BoyY : can u wave once to me plz 

Hina Khanna : Yami u look absolutely stunning in the movie

taimoor : plz tell me about ur studies wat r u doin these dayz...

RAUL : Is this ur 1st bollywood movie ?

Yami Gautam : Thank you Hina

Parineeti : hv u ever met actor ranveer singh

Hina Khanna : u being a Punjabi ,did u have to work hard playing a Bengali?

Yami Gautam : I was persuing honours in Law from PU

Yami Gautam : Yes raul..this is my first Bollywood movie

Yami Gautam : No Parineeti..i havent

taimoor : in which year r u currently enrolled?

Parineeti : ohh

Reetu : how did u get the big break?

Yami Gautam : Yes Hina, I had to work really hard on my diction, my body language and even the look

Praful : how hard is it to act?

RAUL : Good luck Yami for VD..  

Yami Gautam : I am still doing my graduation Taimoor

Hina Khanna : After the 20th ,besides attending success parties of Vicky Donor,are do doing more movies?

Yami Gautam : Reetu..courtesy my ad campaigns followed by a couple of look tests for the film

Parineeti : yami i wish u all he best 4 all ur movues

BoyY : yami are you single or ?

Yami Gautam : Thanks..Raul

Yami Gautam : Its very hard but lots of fun..Praful

Yami Gautam : Yes Hina..i am in talks but cant name the films now

taimoor : i liked ur darama Yeh pyar na hoga kam nd ur character as lahar

Amaan : u luk very beautiful

Parineeti : i wish u all the best 4 all ur movies

Yami Gautam : Thank You Parineeti

Yami Gautam : BoyY..yes..i am single

Tanya : Hi Yami.Tell us about your interaction with John Abraham

Yami Gautam : Thank you taimoor

Amaan : waiting for vicky donor its ur first film hw was it working wid ayushman in ur first movie

Amaan : hw is john as a producer???

SydneyBoy : Hey! Will this movie be releasing in Australia?

Yami Gautam : Thanks Amaan

siddz : hey Yami... r really very pretty... pretty than the rest in the industry.. srsly...

BoyY : so yami if your single can date with you  

Yami Gautam : Tanya..John is a fantastic person, he is very cool, down to earth and intelligent

Hina Khanna : You were brilliant as Leher and looked great with Gaurav in Yeh Pyar Na hoga Kam, do u miss TV?

Yami Gautam : Ayushman is a brilliant actor and i had loads of fun working with him

monish : eagerly waiting for vicky donor...all the best..wishes!!!

Yami Gautam : Amaan..John is amazing

Amaan : Do u hav other movie releasing after vicky donor????

SydneyBoy : I absolutely love the Pani Da Rang song and video

Yami Gautam : Sydney..i doubt that but you can catch it on dvd

taimoor : where do u see ur self in future ? As an actor or a lawyer??

padmanavam : u luk amazing in the pani da rang song..

BoyY : yami who is your fav actor ?

Yami Gautam : Thank you Siddz..these compliments matter a lot

Yami Gautam : Hina..I respect Tv

Yami Gautam : Thanks catch it in the theatre

aleesha : salman or srk?

Yami Gautam : Thank you SydneyBoy

Amaan : who is ur fav actors nd with whick actor u want to work with????

siddz : u r welcome Yami... i always givee genuine compliments... its true... u really are...

Amaan : Can we see u again in tv????

Yami Gautam : an actor any time

monish : yes of sister is here...can u give her a hiii...?

Yami Gautam : Thank you padmanavam

siddz : I wish u all the best.. and wanna c u more n more...on Big screeen. :D

Yami Gautam : Aleesa..both of them

SydneyBoy : There is certain charm about chandigarh girls...You both look great together.

taimoor : r u on twitter ?

Yami Gautam : Amaan..i dont think so

SydneyBoy : Its a shame the movie is not releasing in Australia

padmanavam : any other movie after this coz i become i huge fan of urs..

Yami Gautam : Thank you sweet

Yami Gautam : No taimoor

Hina Khanna : Can you plz once VD is released get on twitter or facebook to interact with your fans ?

Yami Gautam : Definitely padmanavam

Amaan : R u der on fb

SydneyBoy : I am a Delhi boy and love how delhi shown in the traliers and videos

Yami Gautam : Please watch my movie too in the theatre on 20th april

cool sms : hey yami..u looks cool

cool sms : yami..which part from india basically

Yami Gautam : I would love to connect with my fans but its just that i am not a very big fan of social networking

AB Chandra : Being such a prominent face in tvcs was it difficult to break into films?

Yami Gautam : fb either

Yami Gautam : Thanks SydneyBoy

SydneyBoy : Do you like the attention that you getting because of the movie

Parineeti : so would u ever like o do a movie with ranvir singh

Hina Khanna : Whats your mantra to beat the heat this summer?

SHABOO : yami you got a haircut clour changed why

Yami Gautam : Thank you cool sms..I am from Chandigarh

taimoor : how can we connect to u in future???

Yami Gautam : AB Chandra..yes it is but nothing is impossible

Yami Gautam : I love the admiration SydneyBoy

Yami Gautam : Sure..Parineeti

Parineeti : which one would u choose ranvir SINGH or ranbir KAPOOR

cool sms : yami..any plan to come dubai pls

Hina Khanna : Did your role as Leher help u in getting VD? or was it your commercials?

Yami Gautam : Keep it cool..Hina

Yami Gautam : not really..Shaboo

kevink : hey wat does yami means? is there any meaning?

Yami Gautam : I will keep dropping in at Bollywood hungama

Yami Gautam : I would like to work with both of them..Parineeti

SHABOO : yami do you feel nerveous during intemate scenes

Yami Gautam : cool sms..not possible but Ayushman is already there

cool sms : yami..whre dou stay in mumbai currently , which area

nikil : i am gonna watch vicky donar

SydneyBoy : "tussi bong ho"?

AB Chandra : Do you read? If you do, who are your favourite writers?

Yami Gautam : Hina..i think all the work that i have done has been a stepping stone

padmanavam : so you love kids??

Yami Gautam : Yami means daughter of the sun and intelligent

nikil : best of luck miss yami for your movie!!

Parineeti : so r u going 2 do any new movie 

SHABOO : yami your views on pakistani serials would you work in pakistani plays

Yami Gautam : thanks nikil

Yami Gautam : Yes,,sydney

kevink : aha ur intelligent for sure , rest u knw better..!!!

Yami Gautam : Yes Ab Chandra.. Jeffery Archera and currently Khalid Hosseini

SydneyBoy : you really Bong!!! Strange, you dont look like one. I am bong too

nikil : yami ji!! if u have to choose between shahid and ranbir? who would u go for? as a co star?

Yami Gautam : Why not Shaboo

Yami Gautam : Sydney..i play a bong in the film

taimoor : i am an electrical engineer i wanted to interview u for my project of professional ethics course.

Hina Khanna : How much is Yami like Ashima Roy ?

ajith : Hi yami how was your experience with prithviraj in hero

taimoor : can it be possible... can u help me out?

Yami Gautam : nikil..they are both very talented

Yami Gautam : sure taimoor

Yami Gautam : Hina..quite different

Parineeti : r u goign to do any new movie?????????:F

SydneyBoy : i hope you live up to the "beauty with brains" reputation for bong girls...j/k

Yami Gautam : Prithviraj is a brilliant actor

Parineeti : do u hv a pet?

SHABOO : yami please wave to all your suppoters in pakistan and me to

kevink : do u smoke?

taimoor : i wanted to visit u for the interview this oct...

Yami Gautam : No i love pets

Yami Gautam : No Kevink

priys : Hey Yami. Keen to see you movie next week. So Salman or Shahrukh, who is better?

Hina Khanna : Are you a good cook Yami?

Parineeti : ur fav colour?

kevink : people do change after becoming famous, do u agree?

ajith : any south indian films

Yami Gautam : Sure Taimoor

Parineeti : do u like sports?u fav sport?

Yami Gautam : Yes Hina

Yami Gautam : White

Yami Gautam : No Kevink

Yami Gautam : Ajith..not right now

Yami Gautam : Lawn Tennis..Parineeti

SydneyBoy : alright Yami good luck to you and Ayushmaan..Cheers!

Ali Mosa : Whats your biggest obsession in life?

... : Yami will u ever visit London?

nikil : yami ji if vicky donar aces the theatres? will u meet us again here???

Yami Gautam : Thanks Sydney

Yami Gautam : My work Ali

Parineeti : when u were a chil wt was ur fav actor

priys : Im all the way from NZ. who you think is better star for you to pair with. Salman or SRK ?

ajith : ayush and you looks great in the movie

Yami Gautam : ...Yes I would love to

Yami Gautam : Of course Nikil

Yami Gautam : Parineeti..SRK, Salman and Aamir

Tanya : so Yami As U Said You are a good cook when was the last time that u cooked and what was the dish?

SHABOO : yami why is it that celebrites dont vist pakistan people want love and peace your view?

Ali Mosa : Whats your biggest achievement in life till now?

Chandu : Hi Yami, ur performance in Nuvvila was good. all the best for future projects

Harsh : yami madam, i am so looking fwd to vicky donor.

Yami Gautam : thanks ajith

Parineeti : do u go to gym?

Yami Gautam : Tanya..i cooked 2days back and it was chicken curry

Hina Khanna : Whats your favourite holiday destination Yami?

Yami Gautam : I would love to..Shaboo

Yami Gautam : Ali..Vicky Donor

Yami Gautam : Thanks Chandu

Yami Gautam : Thanks Harsh

rockstar : best of luck for ur movie

Yami Gautam : No Parineeti..i do yoga

Yami Gautam : Hina..Ladak

Harsh : btw, i liked ur performance in ur debut kannada movie ullasa uthsaha

Chetan Paliwal : Whats your ambition in life 

taimoor : wat do u like to eat the most...

Yami Gautam : No kevink

isHaqZade : caN u WIsh mE iTS mA BirThdaY 2dAy

tarun : yami u r so beautiful.

Ali Mosa : Are you nervous right now?

Yami Gautam : thanks Harsh

Yami Gautam : excel in whatever i do

Parineeti : is it easy to become an actress i would love to be.:

Yami Gautam : Taimoor Pahadi food

Yami Gautam : Happy Birthday..Ishaqzade

ArnavKumar : Hi Yami. From fiji. cant wait till VD. so which movie u find better hum apke hai kaun or DDLJ?

Yami Gautam : Thanks Tarun

Hina Khanna : television or cinema,which is closer to your heart?

Yami Gautam : Ali..i am nervous and excited both

Yami Gautam : Parineeti hardwork is the key

kaykay : hello yami which is ur favorite fashion brand???

isHaqZade : So hOWz UR jOUrnEy oF BEiNg An Actress?

tarun : YAmi give me flying kiss 

Yami Gautam : Arnav..DDLJ

Yami Gautam : Cinema

Yami Gautam : Kaykay..I am not a very brand person..but i like Zara

Hina Khanna : What song are you humming these days ? Are you a good singer?

Yami Gautam : very good

Parineeti : so hw did u felt when u first got the movie vicky donor?

Yami Gautam : Hi Tarun

ArnavKumar : Would you like to star with Salman in future?

Yami Gautam : Paani Ayushman

SHABOO : do you miss lahers character

Yami Gautam : great Parineeti

Yami Gautam : Of course Arnav

Parineeti : whom would u chose between ranveer SINGH and ranbir KAPOOR

Yami Gautam : i loved my character

kaykay : critics or boxoffice???

Yami Gautam : Hey was great chatting with you hope you love me in Vicky Donor and all my forthcoming projects..dont forget to catch Vickey Donor on 20th April in the theatres


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