Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG FF - Piya Tose Naina Lage Re ON HOLD TILL 19/6 (Page 21)

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 He was just about to slid off her kurti but there came a little disturbance..!


WARNING 18+ LOL Embarrassed Wink

"Ab kis ko kya problem aa gai hai ke wo aap ko bulare hai... Khud solve kare! Upar wale ne haath, pheir aur dimaagh kis ke liye diya hai?" Maan was really annoyed as firstly someone is interrupting their time together and secondly she will need to attend the person calling her. Geet giiggled at his plight... He sounded so cute whilst cribbing to himself... He overheard her giggle and got angry at her... She did not realise that Maan would take her innocent giggle to an extent of taking offence. He walked off and faced his back towards her pretending to take offence... Geet got worried and felt stupid for giggling at him like that, after all, He was her anchor in life, her saviour, the reason of her little smile and for the shine in her alluring eyes. Geet was conscious about what she was about to do... she ever so seductively walked over to Maan and snaked her arms around his taut waist, sending electrical impulses to every part of his body... His manhood was craving for her touch and her womanhood was no exception... His crossed over arms and his scrunched up eyebrows settled down by her calming yet erotic touch.
He turned around in her embrace and looked at her with a stern look whereas Geet's arms remained tightly snaked over his waist, almost as if possessing her love in her arms. She, for a moment, held a stern face to match Maan's... They both dissolved into each others eyes, capturing there moment together... How much they have craved for a slight moment alone, so that they could fulfill all their needs... Maan deeply wanted to escalate their relationship to the next phase, but there were these small disturbances which prevented their unity together! Just once Maan wished that he was away from his family whom of which really disturbed him and his 'lady-love'. Maan leaned in, forgetting that he is 'not talking' to Geetanjali and pressed a soundable kiss on her petal lips... She closed her eyes in contentment which was seen as a loving gesture from Maan... He just realised that he was meant to be angry on Geet, so turned his face away from Geet, holding his nose up high signalling his angry...Humse kiss karwaye iss ladki ne... bas dekhte jaana Geet aage hum kya karte hai... Geet's arms, which were still snaked around his waist, made their way to cup Maan's face... Is Miss SHAIRNI about to do what I am thinking?  She closed the distance between her lips and his cheeks and placed to soundable erotic wet kisses on his cheeks forcing a highlight of blush on his cheeks... Surprise at what she just did, she tried to hide her blushing face somewhere but couldn't as she was too shy... She tried to look into his eyes but was unable to do due to the depth of passion within his eyes. Those two kisses caused havoc inside of him and evoke his inner demon to unleash so she could be completely marked by Chhote Nawab Maan Singh Khurana's unconditional love...

"Geetanjali neeche aye... Ab kis waqt aow gi?? Hum tumara intezaar kare hai!" Badi Rani Saheba's voice became more clearer, besides it coul not have been anyone else calling her with such respect. Maan looked at the closed door in annoyance... "Geet, Maa se kaho ke app 10 minutes mein aari hai kyu ke aap kapde badal ri hain! Bas kaho" Maan whispered into her ear... she looked questioningly at him but he just signalled with his eyes for her to obey him... She could not refuse Maan... He was her love, her anchor... her LIFE! "Badi Rani Saheba... hum 10 minutes mein aate hai! Wo.. Hum kapde badal re hai to tura waqt lag jaye ga" She shouted back down to her..."Teek hai beta.. aa jaana, Hum intezaar kare hai" With that she left to her duties elsewhere in the house.

He looked at Geet with a slight smirk implanted on his face... Geet was curious and was wondering what was up to... She raised her eyebrows questioning why he made her lie.. and that too to his mother? He raised his eyebrows almost asking if she has any problem with the closeness between the two... She pulled a cute baby face which made Maan melt due to her cute gestures... he reciprocated the baby face by grabbing her two little hands and dragging her to the nearby wall... pinning her to it with his waist pressing fully against her petite body causing her to gasp at his intentions...

"Maan, yeh aap kya kar re hai?! Hume chodiya na! Dekha wo Badi Rani Saheba humara intezaar kar ri hai... koi zaruri kaam hoga.. Please let me go!" Geet hesitated with his proximity and secondly his alluring eyes slowly making her stuck in his every action/words...

"Ek shart hai Geet.." He gazed naughtily into her eyes... he signalled with his eyes of what he wanted from her... She blushed profusely... Babaji inko to har waqt lafanga gheeri sujhti hai... Chaddo hum nahi maane wale  "Bilkul nahi! Hum yeh nahi kare ge, agar itna shauk hai tou khud keejiye!" She just realised what she just said and covered her mouth up..."Sorry! Humara matlab hai ke hum aap ko wo nahi karenge..."He smirked inwardly at her miny plight she had due to him asking for a little mere kiss from his 'lady-love'... "Chalo hum hi aapki ichcha puri kardete hai..." he said husikly inching towards her rosy lips determined for a kiss at any cost. Geet stared at him in disbelief Babaji inki to hum! His lips were mere millimetres away from each other, Geet want to create a big issue so covered his lips with her palm, sending electrical impulses throughtout her body and stimulating a yearning feeling...

Maan widened his eyes in disbelief while her petite hand was still covering his lips... She looked away from his eyes and managed to speak a few words... "Ji.. woh! woh hum! yeh kehna chahte hai ke, wo Badi Rani Saheba humara intezaar kar ri hoye gi, to hum ab chalte hai.." within a swift in managed to escape from his embrace and pulled a funny face and sprinted to get changed...

"Maan Singh Khurana ke saath aise beizzati!! Dekhna Geet, hum aage karte kya hai, Hum aaj hi aap se wo kiss lekar hi rehge!!" Maan said in total confidence!


"Kitni der lagadi beta!" Badi Rani Anjali said with all the love in her words... she carassed her face... "Beta, wo sabzi mandi se koi samaan lene wala hai... Wo Bade Nawab Sahib hume nahi jaane dege aap ke saath..." she said regretfully. Geet smiled at the adoring woman she has always regarded as her mother... "Wo Maa..." Badi Rani Saheba looked at her and gasped at what she just called her for the first time since she was born at this palace... realising what she just said "Wo.. Hume Maaf kardijiye.. hum ne wo kaha jo shayd aap ko pasand na ho..." She got cut off"Pagali, hum balaa kyu kuch kahege, aap bi humari beti jesi hai... khair chodo, eh lijiye paise aur karaya"She took the money and carfully placed it in her purse... she untied her dupatta and drapped it across making her look even more heavenly than ever...

There was a silent spectator behind the pillar... "To aap Sabzi Mandi ja re hain! Dekhte jaiye aage hota kya hai!" He chuckled wickedly and planned something very cunning...


"Bhaiya, yeh kitne ka hai..?" Geet asked cutely as she reached one of the stalls in the market.

"Behnji, ye 40 Rupee kilo hai, kitne chaiye?" The Stall owner inquired...

Yeh to mere paas sirf 30 Rupees bache hai.. ab kya kare, yeh maane ge ya nahi She cribbed to herself cutely... "Bhaiya, dekhye humare paas sirf 30 Rupees hai, usse kaam chalega??" Hopefully he answered as Koi baat nahi but replied as "Behnji, yahan fixed prices hai... apne bag mein dekhiye, shayd aur nikale..." he suggested...

By that time someone walked past and slipped something into her bag and left by stroking her waist sending explosions in every part of her... She turned around but noone was near her... She carried on ignoring what happened and looked in her bag finding 500 Rupees in there... Yeh humare paas kese aye?  She held it in her hand and the Mandi owner signalled her to pay as she had money... 

She paid and moved along to the next stall to get her last lot of items... Someone again brushed past her and nuzzled her neck, which melted her insides... She could sniff out who it was and only one name came to mind... Maan!

She quickly looked behind but no one was there either... Was she dreaming? Is Babaji making her repent for making Maan suffer in the morning? Ab kya kare? Kya naam le? Kaise unhe mein pukaru Geet sang in her mind to herself stupidly... She was dumbstuck... who was doing this? Pehle Paise? Phir hume choona? 

Geet was walking down the alley of the Mandi... but two naughty eyes were following her all the way, from start to finish... Geet was turning into a dormant alley way to get home... whilst no one was watching... He came...!!! He startled her and covered his mouth with his palm... "CHUP! BILKUL CHUP!" those words reminded her of one face... Maan! Slowly he removed his hand of her mouth... She opened her eyes and saw her Maan!! She smiled widely at his face... Maan gave a loving smile as a Gesture... How much she missed his presence around her... Maan bent down dangerously closely to her... Babaji! Inhe yeh sab Mehal ke bahir sujhta hai?!! She cribbed...

"Geet..!" She closed her eyes as she felt his warm breath fanning over her neck... Maan slowly yet swiftly snaked her waist and picked her up in his arms..!! Geet for sure popped her eyes and shouted "MAAN! Yeh kya kare hai aap! Ghar ke bahir yeh sab!!?"... She exclaimed! Maan enjoyed her plight but did not reply back to her... she pounded her little fists on his red seductive shirt... which was looking sexier than ever..! She could not utter anything from her mouth, but silently obeyed to what Maan was doing...


He takes her to the Khurana Mehal Outhouse which is just situated on a 5 minute walk from the Mehal...
Into the grand room of the house was Maan's room... it was distinctively decorated to Maan's Favourite colour.. Red... Geet shied as he place her on the bed... practically voicing his intentions highly through his alluring eyes... Geet shied and lied on the bed on her stomach, hiding her face in her palms... Maan on the other hand sat on the bed and led his hands towards her face, telling her to look at him

Pee loon tere neelay neelay nainon se shabnam

He uncovered her hands from her face and kissed her eyes one by one

Pee loon tere geelay geelay hoto ki sargam

He started trailing wet kisses on her face, purposely leavig out her lips just to tease her completely... His hand trailed up and down her thigh which stimulated a change in reaction with her causing her womanhood to crave for his touch, his dominace.!!

Pee loon hai peenay ka mausam
Tere sang ishq taari hai
Tere sang ik khumari hai
Tere sang chain bhi mujhko
Tere sang bekraari hai

He carnally gave wet kisses down the long column of her neck, causing the internal havoc only she could understand.. He ripped off her dupatta and bit into her flesh hich made her moan in ecstasy and desire.!! He craved for her since their morning 'love-making' session which was 'kindly' disrupted by his mother, who he wished did not require Geet at that time of day... But, all is well as he was getting what he was desiring since the morning right now at this point of time!! He wanted her... and Geet was no exception!!!

Tere sang ishq taari hai
Tere sang ik khumari hai
Tere sang chain bhi mujhko
Tere sang bekraari hai

Her moans and groans drove him insane!!!! With a jolt he opened the dori of her blouse which made Geet suddenly hug him tightly, shy for what he was heading to... What they were heading to!! He stroked her back very seductively and ran his fingers up and down her back... making her womanhood melt the same way with Maan... Maan rubbed his fingers through her hair to console her... to ensure everything they were doing or were heading to was not wrong... but what destiny intended them to be... 2 bodies but one soul
Not Maan and Geet, but Maaneet!!

Tere bin jee nahi lagda, tere bin jee nahi sakda
Tujhpe hai haare maine vaare do jahan, kurbaan, meharbaan, ke main toh kurbaan
Sun le zara, tera kurbaan

He slid off her kurti... leaving her just in her her undergarments... He placed hot demanding wet kisses along her waist line making her moan... her bit her navel, which was very sensitive... Geet was unable to turn and shy away due to tthe fact her hands were pinned either side of her and his dominant body had pinned her abdomen right to the bed... arousing her further to feel what is was like to have someone  feel like that for you... He unstrapped her bra and it fell from his hands... Geet did not know where to hide herself but gave in once he started to kiss her carnally along her rising chest, biting and kneading them to leave the official stamp of 'Geet is only Maan Singh Khurana's.. KEEP OFF!' 

Hosh mein rahun kyun aaj main
Tu meri baahon mein simti hai, mujh mein samayi hai yun

He took out his shirt and his trousers and seeked permission from her... She closed her eyes in fright as what he was about to do would have no return whatsoever... He realised her plight and placed a blanket on them to cover them up fully... 

Jis tarah ki koi ho nadi, tu mere seenay mein chupti hai sagar tumhara main hoon
Pee loon teri dheemi dheemi lehron ki cham cham
Pee loon teri saundi saundi saanson ko har dum
Pee loon hai peenay ka mausam

He seeked permission from her deep within... he knew she may be against what he wanted, but wanted her to accept their relationship like this, so he may carry on...

Tere bin jee nahi lagda, tere bin jee nahi sakda
Tujhpe hai haare maine vaare do jahan, kurbaan, meharbaan, ke main toh kurbaan
Sun le zaraa, tera kurbaan!!

PRECAP: What will Geet Say??? Embarrassed LOL

I know this part was EXTRA HOT! But what could I do, as I didn't update for a while and I wanted to come back with a bang after my poor health.. I have recovered a lot alhamdulillah for those who were asking Big smile
I need the likes people!!! It all started off well but now the likes have decreased :'( I need the motivation!!
Will only update with a good source of motivation!

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woho me 1st to comment Big smile

awesome romantic update
continue soon

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Hot update...
Maan toh sabzi mandi mai bhi picha nai chodta hai... Maan geet ko sabzi de ne toh de or else fir daat pad jayegi.
Watever maan is doing i hope ki kuch gadbad na ho...

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awesome n superb updateEmbarrassed
loved maan following geet n their moment
but hope in future their won't be a big problem for geet
do continue soon

thnx for the pm dear
take care your self

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ooh it was a super duper sexy update !!

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dont worry we will keep motivating you
you came back with a bang for sure
loved it
maan as usual just cannot control himself when it gets to geet
but isnt it bit whats the word inappropriate to consummate their relationship before they marry that is if anyone lets them

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gud part..romantic n hot

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Awesome update... Waiting for next part...

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