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Calculated Risk: SaRa FF - Last Part/pg-30 (Page 16)

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Ishitha takes Indira to some boutique of her cousins and lends some dresses for the disco. 

Indira with irritation face selects one beautiful white short sleeves dress which is tight till her waist and then flows down to her legs. Indira looks like a Barbie doll in the dress. 

Ishitha is not looking less than Indira in her pink dress. It is feast to Rishi's eyes to see two beautiful girls dressed like doll standing infront of him. His eyes stayed on Ishitha which Indira noticed and felt so happy for him. 

She checks herself in mirror thinking 'if sameer is here will he look at me like that, as if I am the only girl in this world and rest of the world is disappeared' Indira slaps on her head 'day dreaming band karo Indira, this can never happen. He is just flirting with you and you think he too loves-' 

she did not want to complete the sentence. She gives a heavy sigh and says "if you both completed staring at each other. Can we go to diso" Ishitha and Rishi comes out of their eye lock session "yes lets go" Rishi goes out to his car followed by blushing and smiling Ishitha and little irritated Indira with her dress.

Three comes to disco entrance after parking there car at the parking slot. The security at the gate says "sorry sir only couple are allowed. Singles are not allowed." 

Indira "what?" looks at Ishitha, she puts her hand on her head says "oh know I forgot to inform Sheetal about Indira coming as single" 

Ishitha gives a helpless look to Rishi and Indira. Ishitha turns to the security "that ok you can allow us, this is my cousin's theme for this disco party but I can talk with her, it cannot be a big deal" 

Indira is very happy to escape the party, she says "no problem you both enjoy and I will go home, happily because no one is there to become my partner so-" 

"your partner is at your service mam" Indira turns her head hearing some familiar muscular voice from her back which made her hair on her neck stand. Her eyes locked with pair of black eyes. Sameer's breath stopped in his throat looking at Indira. She is looking breath-takingly beautiful. Sameer forgot what he has to say next. Indira and Sameer had an eye lock until Rishi said "Sir, aap yaha" 

Sameer with his every nerve of control turned towards Rishi "hmm, hmm oh mein" Sameer closes his eyes and opens taking a deep breath says "I just came to chill but I am single so" looks at Indira "just want to join". 

Indira is still staring at Sameer with disbelieved look. Rishi and Ishitha are very happy "sure sir, let's go." 

Indira donot know if she has to say yes or no. 

Rishi "Indira lets go" but Indira gives a helpless look to Rishi. 

Sameer "you and Ishitha carry on I will come in with Miss Indira" 

Rishi and Ishitha says "ok Sir" 

Sameer "Sameer, we are not in office so Sameer is enough" he gives them a smile and sends them away. Sameer stand beside Indira showing her the way to entrance saying "chale" Indira nods her head. Sameer placed his hands around her waist making Indira jump under her skin and looks at him. Sameer is happy to see his effect on her, he pats his back and goes inside with Indira.

As they enter the party, Sheetal almost fainted seeing Sameer in her party. She cruses her bad luck for not waiting for him and choosing her partner. The party has two different areas one is the normal disco where regular DJ and dance floor is set and people are dancing forgetting everything in a dark room like place and other area is open place with little music, drinks and snacks are getting served there. Some dance group is there to entertain the guests. Sheetal is on 9th cloud when Sameer gives flowers to her and wishes her. Sheetal goes to dance floor with her partner on insists of Sameer. Indira and Sameer followed Rishi and Ishitha to opposite site of disco enjoying the dancing of girls, who are doing different types of dances. Ishitha is asking Rishi to join her but Rishi is making bahanas and asking Ishitha to enjoy the girls dances. Indira is trying her best to ignore the hand of Sameer on her waist and enjoy the music and she wish Sameer to remove his hand as it is making weird things in her stomach.

[Guys here is a song from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara - Senorita]

A girl who is dancing at the on the dance floor looks at Sameer who is looking devilishly handsome standing beside Indira. She envy's Indira's luck to have such a handsome guy by her side. She gives a jealous smile to Indira and goes near to Sameer puts her hand on Sameers shoulder'. (Song starts)

Quien eres tu? (Who are you?)
Donde has estado? (where have you been?)
He removido cielo y tierra y no te encontre
(I moved heaven and earth and not find you)

She slowly traces Sameer's face, which he turns to other side with irritation but immediately hides his irritating seeing Indira's jealous face. Indira is glaring at the girl for coming near to Sameer. Sameer is enjoying this jealous look of Indira so decides to make her more jealous, he smiles at the girl.

The girl feels more encouraged and come more near to Sameer'

 Y llegas hoy (but you arrive today)
Tan de repente (So suddenly)
Y das sentido a toda mi vida con tu querer
(and give meaning to my life with your love)

Sameer removes his hand from Indira's waist, Indira feels bad and looks at Sameer who is slowly going towards the girl' she wished Sameer did not removed his hand'

Sameer goes with girl dancing with her placing his hand on her waist and swirls her.

Na main samjha, na main jaana
Jo bhi tumne mujhse kahaa hai Senorita

Sameer sees Indira her from his corner of his eyes enjoying her jealous face'mouths the words of the song as indicating them for Indira'

Magar phir bhi, na jaane kyun
Mujhe sunke, accha laga hai senorita

Girls places her hand on Sameer's chest pushing him stepping one step forward and dancing as sameer back out one step back like dancing, makes her turn and places his both hands on her waist dancing with her'

No desvies la mirada (do not look away)
Quedate cerca de mi (stay close to me)

 Indira looks this and decides to go from there when Sameer catches her hand pulling her towards him and swirls her taking her towards the dance floor' takes her into his arms placing his one hand around Indira's waist and catching her hand in his other hand, almost hugging her.

Mujhko baahon mein tum ghero
Samjhi na senorita

Ishitha encourages Rishi to join the dance floor, Rishi goes with her' Ishitha and Rishi starts dancing in there world hugging each other enjoying the music. Rishi-Ishitha and Sameer-Indira does some salsa steps'


Chaahat ke do pal bhi, mil paaye
Duniya mein yeh bhi kam hai kya
Do pal ko toh aao kho jaaye
Bhoole hum hota gham hai kya senorita
Suno suno senorita kehte hain hum kya

The girls still tries to catch Sameer's eyes but this time Indira catches Sameer's hand as if she has full authority on him, turn in his arms and comes near him, Sameer bends her down and pulls her up'  both keeps themselves at arms distance still catching their hands starts turning around without taking their eyes off with each other.

Jamas podre (i will never)
Interpretar (understand)
El sentido de las palabras que me dedicas
(the meaning of the words you dedicate to me)

The girl gets the clue and goes from there without disturbing them to get another prey to dance. Indira and Sameer are in their own world'

Pero el calor (but the warmth)
De tu mirar (of your gaze)
Me hace sentir como la mas bella senorita
(Makes me like the most beautiful miss)

Sameer leave Indira's one hand but still holding his one hand and Indira goes little distance from sameer and turn her head with full force making her hair fell back looking at Sameer with intense eyes..

Nighaahon ne nighaahon se
Kahi armaano ki daastan hai senorita

Pulls Indira, she comes swirling in his hands toward sameer, her back is touching sameer's chest. Her left hand is in Sameer's left hand and right hand in his right hand'

 Yeh chaahat ki, mohabbat ki
Saari duniya mein ek hi zubaan hai senorita

Sameer holds the interlinked hands and lift her up alittle, Indira puts her head on her shoulder and both turn around, sameer puts Indira down leaving her hand' Indira turns towards Sameer'

 Mujhse ab nazar na phero, aao paas tum mere

Sameer makes a half round around Indira, puts his hand on back of her head and Indira bends completly back with the support of Sameer's hand and sameer to bends down, both looking into their eyes'

Mujhko baahon mein tum ghero
Samjhi na Senorita

Sameer makes Indira stand on her legs, Indira takes her dress both ends and swrills and dances along with the dress where Sameer just do the same steps with his hands and legs.

Chaahat ke do pal bhi, mil paaye
Duniya mein yeh bhi kum hai kya
Do pal ko toh aao kho jaaye
Bhoole hum hota gumm hai kya senorita
Suno suno senorita kehte hain hum kya


Both again come near, standing opposite to each other at arm distance placing there on hand on each other's waist and other in air turns around making half circle both sides..

Jo bhi pal beeta
Hey senorita
Har pal tumne hai dil jeeta
Bus itni si toh baat hai

Indira puts her hand on Sameer's chest moving forwards as sameer goes backwards and then both turns other side going forward Indira dancing along with her dress as Sameer motioning the same steps with his hands and legs' turn and come back'

No desvies la mirada (don't look away)
Quedate cerca de mi (stay close to me)

The both holds there hand and does a salsa step and then Sameer swirls her continuously where Indira puts her other hand at her back and goes along with sameer.

Mujhko baahon mein tum ghero
Samjhi na senorita

Sameer and Indira dances with each other forgetting the world around them, enjoying in there world comfortably, Where Rishi and Ishitha are in their own world.

Chaahat ke do pal bhi, mil paaye
Duniya mein yeh bhi kum hai kya
Do pal ko toh aao kho jaaye
Bhoole hum hota gham hai kya
Chaahat ke do pal bhi, mil paaye
Duniya mein yeh bhi kum hai kya
Do pal ko toh aao kho jaaye
Bhoole hum hota gham hai kya

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Thanks 4 the lovely update.Really enjoyed while reading.

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Thanks for update, I was waiting for it from yesterday

as usual fabulous update 

please continue soon

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@ushali and Prada_176

Thanks you so much for your comments guys... 
i really donot know that you people wait for my FFEmbarrassed

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Loved the dancing part... Nice update Smile

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Nice update.Dancing part was beautiful.Sara were lost in each other.Enjoyed dis part.Waiting 4 next part.
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hey i am back with my update...

give me few minutes i am on the way to update Smile

hope you will enjoy it

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Sameer and Indira dances like there is never tomorrow. Sameer and Indira comes out the dance floor, suddenly someone spills drinks on Sameer's shirt unexpectedly. Sameer makes a face and looks at Indira; she hides her smile seeing irritating face of Sameer. She asks the waiter who is looking horrified for spilling the drinks on Sameer's shirt, "where is wash room". Indira send the waiter to save him from Sameer's angry glares and tells him the direction still trying not to laugh. Sameer gives her a fake angry look and asks her to accompany him. 

Indira says "no, you go" Sameer did not listen to her and he tugs his hand in her hair and pulls her making her walk along with him with an attitude. 

Indira "ouch, my hair" gives him an irritating look and follows him but sees around her if anyone noticing them. To their luck everyone are busy in their own world. As Sameer reaches wash room, the plumer comes out of wash room says "sir water is not coming." Sameer gives a frustrated look and Indira couldnot stop herself and starts laughing on sameer's helpless expressions. 

The drink is an orange juice so it is so sticky and Sameer is really feeling uncomfortable as his shirt is sticking to his skin. 

Sameer give her an angry intense look, Indira "ok ok chill, let's go out I will bring some water bottle. You can clean it" 

Sameer went outside of disco to the adjacent small garden waiting for Indira. Indira returns with a water bottle. Sameer takes bottle and starts cleaning himself. He opens his shirt buttons to clean the drink spilled on his chest. Indira takes an audible breath looking at Sameer's well-built chest and abs. Indira checks him out with an open mouth taking each detail of Sameer looking from head to toe. Sameer did not notice Indira he is busy in cleaning himself, when he turns towards Indira, he notices Indira drooling over him. Sameer hides his smile and looks at her. Indira slowly moved her eyes to meet with Sameer eyes. Sameer gave her a satisfaction smile and rises his eye brow as if asking her did-you-like-what-you-see. Indira blushes for getting caught red handed drooling over Sameer. Indira turns her face to hide her blush. Sameer goes near Indira standing at her back whispers in her ears "do you like what you see?" Indira closes her eyes feeling Sameer's breath on her neck; her heart beat rises as if she is running a marathon. She tries to run from there but Sameer hold her hand preventing her from running pulls her close almost hugging her from back says "but I like what I am seeing" he slowly touches Indira's blushing cheeks with his thumb making circles on her cheek, Indira closes her eyes savoring his touch.

Ishitha and Rishi goes near the drinks area, Ishitha orders some soft drink for both. At the same time some other orders for some hard drinks. Drinks get mixed up and Ishitha drinks the hard drink a little and gives a weird look to the drink, takes another sip and she likes the new taste and she empties the glass. Rishi drinks his soft drink without noticing Ishitha's reaction. 

Rishi "Ishitha, it is surprising that I danced. Actually I never danced this much before in life all because-" Rishi turns to see there is no Ishitha, Rishi searches "Ishitha where are you?" Rishi searches for Sameer and Indira. But he cannot find any one. 

Rishi "kamal hain suddenly everyone are missing" Rishi goes near to Sheetal to ask her. 

Sheetal "no Rishi, why where is she." 

Rishi "donot know where is she, till now she is with me but suddenly she is missing" panic can be seen clearly on his face. 

Sheetal "donot worry Rishi she will here only. We will search or we will give an announcement through DJ" Before Sheetal and continues they heard DJ saying "Guys we have a sweet girl with us who want to dedicate a beautiful song for her lover and want to propose him infront of even one." 

Rishi turns towards sheetal again without showing any interest what DJ is saying but stops hearing Ishitha's voice and turns with a jerk towards the DJ. Ishitha climbs the table and stands at the center of table and every one are encouraging her. Rishi and Sheetal stands staring at Ishitha. Rishi slowly goes forward without taking his eye off her.  

Ishitha "Rishiii, this is for you which I want to tell you the day I joined as intern and started working under you." 

Ishitha has drunken but she is not that much drunk not to remember what she is doing. In drinks effect in impulse she took mike and started singing but she became nervous when the reality hit her, she forgot about her cousin sheetal who may create trouble for her with her parents, but looking at Rishi's encouraging and love filled expression she decided to continue what she started. Ishitha starts singing thought she is not a great singer but love tune made her voice sweeter for everyone to listen and for Rishi it is like a sweet dream.

Ishitha "Haan hai Koi to wajah

Jo jeena ka maza yun aane laga"

She motions with her hands'

Yeh hawaon mein hai kya

Thoda sa jo naasha yun chane laga

She puts her fingers on her lips'

Pucho na pucha mujhe kya

Hua hai teri raahon mein aakar (pucho na pucha na)

Rishi comes and help her to get down the table, Ishitha puts her hands around Rishi..

Pucho na pucha mujhe kya

Milega teri bahon mein aakar

She runs on to the dance floor dancing'.

Yeh Ishq haaye baithe bithaye

Jannat dikhaye haan

O raama

Yeh Ishq haaye baithe bithaye

Jannat dikhaye haan

Ishitha stops singing and looks at Rishi'.

She bends on her knees taking Rishi's hand in her hands and says "I love you Rishi. I really loved you the day I saw you for the first time in the Lab, I am sorry happy when I was posted to work under you. But never dared to show my feeling openly for you. I donot know how much I love you but one thing I know I cannot live without you. Will you be mine forever." 

Rishi is on 9th cloud. He said "yes" and lifted Ishitha to stand on her feet and hugged her tight. Ishitha has tears in her eyes. Rishi and Ishitha hugged each other and everyone clapped around them. Ishitha sees an encouraging expression on Sheetal face and she gets relaxed. Sheetal comes forward and hugs Ishitha congratulating her. Ishitha is sweetly surprised to see Sheetal is supporting her. She thanks her stars for what all happened now, she got more confident about her love. Rishi and Ishitha celebrated their love with Champaign sheetal ordered. Every one cheered them for their love.

Sameer and Indira missed the whole part as they are still in the garden little away from loud sound. Though Ishitha's voice in mike is audible to them but they are in there own world to acknowledge it. Sameer and Indira comes out of there world when they heard loud cheering sound. 

Indira turns towards Sameer looking into his eyes says "I I need to go". 

Sameer "cannot you stay for few minutes-" pulls his hair back gives a smile towards Indira and is about continue his cell rings. Sameer keeps an irritating expression cursing the person who called him, he answers the call. After cutting the call he comes near to Indira keeps a disappointed expression "actually I need to go" 

Indira "oh ok" disappointment is clear in her voice which gave Sameer a satisfaction thinks 'good she is going to miss me, she is disappointed that I am leaving her' Indira forces a smile and turns to go. 

Sameer "Indira" she stops and turns, sameer comes close to her and slowly bends his head and pecks on her cheek leaving his lips to stay on her cheek for more seconds than required whispers "good night." 

Indira looks into his eyes whipsers "go-good n-night" turns and running from there Sameer staring at her departure. Sameer with sigh turns toward parking slot and drives to his house.

Indira goes inside the party and looks every one cheering Rishi and Ishitha. She gives a confused look and asks someone standing beside her "whats happening?" 

The person "aree kamal hogya, you missed it. Ishitha proposed Rishi infront of every one and Rishi accepted." 

Indira couldnot believe what she is hearing, she is so happy to hear the news. Indira forgets about Sameer and what happened in the garden and runs towards her friend Rishi to share his happiness. Indira goes near Rishi, Rishi smiles and hugs Indira whispering "thanks Indira, if you wouldnot have set the date I would have missed Ishitha, as always you are my best friend who knows what I really want" Indira too becomes emotional but she never showed it to any one, so keeps a smiling face "friend forever" Rishi nods his head. 

Indira goes near to Ishitha and hugs her saying "till evening you want to keep your relationship secret now what happened suddenly." 

Ishitha blushes says "thanks for sending Rishi into my life" Indira is on 9th cloud seeing her friend got his soulmate who will take care of him for his life time, her innocent friend Rishi.

Rishi and Ishitha drops Indira at her house and goes to celebrate their love in Ishitha's house.

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