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FF- His Innocent Wife's Moment(Pt11 pg83) *Now Up! (Page 9)

coalfax IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 April 2012 at 6:54pm | IP Logged
plz continue

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msin IF-Rockerz

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Good one do continue...Smile

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--Nargis-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 April 2012 at 8:49pm | IP Logged she really that innocent??  Smile

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masam Goldie

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Posted: 13 April 2012 at 1:56am | IP Logged
Update :D

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nihita Goldie

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Posted: 13 April 2012 at 11:23am | IP Logged
Readers discretion required...this is a complete mature part so please if you are not an adult, dont read this part.

For you Imran!

'The night of their lives'

Arnav slowly laid down himself on the bed and pulled Khushi beside him knowing this can be the only way to instigate her towards any intimacy. Keeping her head on his broad shoulder he turned towards her'..her left arm was on his waist while her right arm rested on his chest.

Arnav's left arm made a pillow for her neck while his right hand snaked through her wavy hair.

Looking at the cream walls of their honeymoon suite, this was going to be the most unusual wedding night, he thought wryly. Damn!he cursed himself if he had any idea before marriage that she was that innocent he would have atleast initiated some level of intimacy. They had not even kissed and here he was on the verge of being an 'about to erupt volcano'.

His right hand pulled her pallu away and Khushi protested: What are you doing?

Arnav threw it on the floor beside the bed without even giving it a glance: Its April baby''so hot and you did look a bit uncomfortable in that!

Khushi frowned and then smiled as his statement made sense.

He started drawing invisible circles on her back and she arched her back without understanding the undercurrents. Arnav pushed her back a little to have a look at her face. She was a beauty'.and he had no idea what he had done to deserve her. Her eyes were closed but somehow sensing his gaze on her, she opened her eye-lids. He looked into her eyes for what felt like an eternity and realised after four long years he has a right on her. He can be with her without her getting scared of anyone seeing them together, without her worrying that her loud voice on phone might wake up her parents, and without her worrying what if they don't end up together.

Pushing her more back so that she was completely spread on bed, he sat down and started unbuttoning his sherwani. Khushi's eye widened and she started chewing on her lips.

Arnav disposed of his sherwani top and muttered: I feel hot as well'.which if seen was practically true on his part!

He then started removing his vest. Khushi's eye widened more if that was possible'.and when she saw his tanned torso, she nearly fainted'..he had a toned body with perfect abs and to think she used to drool over Salman Khan. Her hands itched to touch him. She gulped down her saliva and Arnav smiled looking at her from the corner of his eyes.

Arnav again regained his position but this time pulled Khushi over him so that her torso was over his, her hands beside his head. She gasped and he suppressed a smirk but all his thoughts went out of the window when he felt her softness on his chest. He looked down and saw her breasts spilling out of her choli. He gulped''damn it! I am supposed to initiate her seduction not the other way around, he reprimanded himself.

Khushi followed his gaze and gasped more loudly, in this position her assets were completely on display. She covered his eyes and muttered in a childlike accent: chee bacha!

Arnav smiled as he felt her hands over his eyes at her usage of 'bacha', her name for him'..a name he had started loving hearing from her lips.

He pulled away her hands and brought his thumb towards her lips; parting her lower lip from her upper lip he felt the softness of her lips. She closed her eyes and moaned leaning further towards him. Arnav shivered as he saw her response to such an innocent touch. He shuddered knowing she was going to be very passionate, very very passionate.

Arnav huskily,  pressing his thumb on her lower lip: Jaan, in all these four years I have always wanted to feel your lips against mine'..everytime you spoke something I wanted to know your lips intimately'..wanted to feel your softness''I always wondered how would our first kiss be?

Khushi opened her eyes in shock. She never thought Arnav would be sensual or talk like that'.ofcourse she has seen his passionate side in terms of his anger, like whenever she was careless with her health he would get really angry but she never thought he could be sensual. She looked into his eyes'..his eyes were now dark brown in passion and she shivered. She had never seen him looking at her like that!

Khushi whispered: Aapne kabhi- she blushed and stopped.

Arnav looked deeply: what? Maine Kabhi Kaha nahin? you have no idea how hard it was for me to be in a relationship with you and refrain myself'..I was so scared Khushi, you always looked so pure, innocent'..and I knew you would die of guilt if I did something before marriage. I love you and I respect you'..ofcourse my body needs you but more than that I need you emotionally. I know you are scared but Khushi, just remember we love each other. Finally after such hardships we are together and go with your instincts. In times like this we don't consult a manual, how do you think people become one? They listen to their feelings and go with their instinct''there's always a first for everyone but they listen to their heart and instinct.

Khushi first turned red at his casual tone but then when his words seeped in her mind, she turned teary-eyed. Oh how she loved this not so perfect man, she wondered how a man who was so careful and gentle with her can come across as callous and arrogant to others. She was innocent but her desire and need to make her man happy was as old as eve. Her hands cupped his head and she brought herself to his level still lying on him.

She touched her forehead with his crying softly: I want our first kiss to be soft'..soft like dew-drops on rose. I want it to be so perfect that even if we have many perfect moments and we are asked to choose one from them, this moment outclasses every other moment.

She realized it was true'..she had never thought about intimacy with him but had she thought about it, she would have wanted their first kiss to be perfect!

Arnav closed his eyes and inhaled her fragrance. He did not need to be told what she was asking. Her hands cupped his head while his did the same. His hands cupped her head, with her on top of him''so close to each other that they were drowning in each other's scent. Arnav leaned forward and then the most awaited moment took place. His lips brushed against hers. He settled his lips over hers in a gentle brush to get acquainted to the feel of her. This was it!

He pulled apart and then again leaned forward. Softly kissing her lower lip, he started sucking on it. Khushi moaned and arched her back. His lips nibbled at hers and she arched her back some more, an action which caused their lips to separate. But Arnav did not break his stride, he started chewing her chin, Khushi fisted her hands in his hair.

Bringing her face down again to his, she placed her lips above his and Arnav once again close the distanced between them.

His lips were causing a havoc, a havoc she never realised could be caused by anyone's lips but then this was him, she assured herself!

Arnav muttered: Baby! Open your mouth for me-open'.

She did not understand his odd request but did as he asked and a second later wished she would have taken her time. His tongue entered inside her mouth, and started rolling with hers. She almost fainted at the feeling. At first she had no idea what to do but then she started mimicking his actions and she must have done something right because the next moment Arnav started groaning.

Still without breaking the kiss, Arnav turned her over on her back and pressed his whole length against hers. They both shuddered at the feeling. His hands left her face and travelled downward to rest on her pulse at the neck.

He pulled apart and opened his eyes to look at her. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily, her lips were swollen and he gulped knowing his self-control won't last longer.

Arnav pulled Khushi in a sitting position avoiding her sudden protest and muttered: Baby, I need you out of these clothes or I'll go insane!

Khushi blushed at his tone and slapped his hands away when his hand touched her front and started fumbling with the hooks on choli. Feeling shy but knowing if she doesn't do it her husband will tear her beautiful wedding dress, a dress she wanted to cherish forever. She turned her back to him and with nervous hands started unbuttoning her choli. As she unhooked the last one she felt beads of perspiration on the valley between her breasts. He said to go with instincts and her instincts were screaming at her to turn around but for some reason her body froze. She realised she was scared, scared of not meeting his expectation. He had admitted before her, he was in a relationship twice but he didn't tell her anything else about his relationships'..did he do what they did now, did he kiss them the way he kissed her''he was her first boyfriend and today he is going to be her first man. How does one react in a situation like this and suddenly she wanted to cry.

She felt Arnav behind her. He was on his knees so he could very well see the swells of her breast. She was still holding her choli tightly to her body when she felt his hand around her, covering hers and before he could pull her hand away from her choli she started crying.

Arnav stilled his hand overs her. What the! Here he was trying to fulfil one of his dreams'..seeing her without a stich of clothing and when he was so close she started crying. He seems pretty sure he was making a new record of the most unusual wedding night.

Arnav took a deep breath and hugged her tightly from behind: What happened?

Khushi sniffed: Remember you told me you have had two relationships'did-you'you-did you she hiccupped did you do all these with them as well?

Arnav wanted to hit his head on the wall now. Seriously she wanted to post-mortem his past relationships now? He knew only one way can save him, so he did that. He lied!

Arnav kissing her nape: Jaan! There hasn't been any other. You know I love you'..the only girl I have loved, the only one my heart, body and soul desires. He realized there was honesty in his answer but he also knew what Khushi was asking. No, he was not a virgin but he knew at this point if he says contrary to what she wants to listen he'll never have his wedding night!

Khushi smiled cutely: Really? So is this also your first- she shied away from saying anything further.

Arnav as if on cue muttered: yes baby! It is'.and he mentally added bedding someone he was in love with was a first for him as well!

With her downcast eyes and cheeks red she removed her hands. On reflex his hands held the corner of her choli and started removing it. While removing her choli he saw her fullness covered with black lace and gulped. Who knew his innocent bride would be dressed in something as sinfully sexy as black lace. Her breasts were full and he somehow knew she would fit perfectly in his hands. He with force turned her around and then looked into eyes, eyes which were reflecting surprise at being turned so sudden. He looked down and for him the time stood still.

Four years of being in love with this angel and now he can finally claim her as his. He deftly removed the hooks on her bra and she realised it when he was about to remove her straps from her shoulder.

Khushi bit her lips and shook her head negatively when he leaned forward to whisper in her ears: Yeh mera haq hai!

She was so lost in his sensual voice that she didn't realise when he took away her brassiere. She almost forgot to breathe when he brought his naked chest against hers. She had never felt this tingling feeling. She shied away and hid her face in the crook of his neck.

Arnav's hand became bold going between their bodies and he cupped her softness. Khushi jerked back her face and body from his. She pulled away but he boldly tugged at her fullness to stop her from moving her.

Khushi bit her lips at the unknown sensation: Arnavvv''.kuch ho raha hai.

Arnav freed her lips from getting all chewed up from his lips: Mujhe bhi!

Khushi started breathing heavily when his thumb started forming circles on her areola. She tried pulling away and his touch turned more forceful. Her hands tugged at his hair to get his attention, he looked at her and then went back to gaze her naked breast.

He knew he couldn't wait to take her softness in his mouth. He lunged forward but Khushi's hold in his hair prevented him from touching her softness with his lips. She was so pink everywhere that he groaned''.his mouth was just a millimetre away but she kept tugging at his hair in an effort to stop him. His passion filled eyes stared into hers.

Khushi whispered: Arnav'..yeh bache ki'..aap kya kar rahe hai?

Arnav kissed her swells above her breasts and trailed down a path of kisses muttering: Filhaal jab tak bacha nahi hai yeh meri jagah hai'..this is perfectly permissible, abhi bache ke papa ko jannahai uski mamma ka taste aur waise bhi chaar saal se main hi toh tumhara bacha hoon. He said reminding her how she calls him bacha. An image of a baby suckling her perfect breast came into his mind and he turned harder if possible. For the first time he realized, he was looking forward to the parenthood with her!

Khushi slackened her grip on his hair and taking advantage of the fact, Arnav inclined downward. She felt as if she had been kicked in her guts and her breath hitched as his lips captured her left areola while his hands massaged and pressed her right areola. Devi Maiyya kya pati-patni yeh karte hai!!she wondered silently' can she live for two decades and never realize pleasure and feelings like this existed, she had no idea.

Arnav suckled at her breast like a baby and knew from this moment onwards this was going to be his favourite fruit. Khushi looked down at his dark against her fair one providing a contrast and a shiver ran down her spine. He turned his attention towards her other areola and pushed Khushi backwards so that she fell on the bed while he feasted over her breasts. Their feet were towards the headrest and they were lying in the opposite direction but they hardly cared.

His other hand went downward to circle her navel; slowly dragging his hand towards the south he untied her dhori of the lehenga knowing very well she wasn't even aware of it. He left her breasts and lifted himself a little to look at her and what he saw floored him. She was lying with her hair spread on the bed cover, eyes closed, breathing heavily, swollen lips and a deep blush running all over her body and it made the possessive lion in him roar with satisfaction that he was the reason for this.

Khushi looked at him and was about to turn her head away in shyness when something in his gaze compelled her to look into his eyes. He looked like a predator and she knew she would never forget how he looked at the moment. Taking her hands through his arms and neck she looped her arms over his neck. She pulled him a little down and her thumb touched a spot on his nape and he without breaking any eye-contact with her started taking off her lehenga. He was looking at her but with deft hands disposed of her lehenga. He then looked down and swore silently when he saw black lace covering her femininity. His hands shook when he touched her milky thighs and he wondered how he managed to keep her untouched before marriage.

Khushi eye's jerked with realization that she was practically wearing a lace and nothing else when she felt his hands on her thighs. He was trying to part her legs with his knees but she was not ready to open her legs.

Arnav bit her shoulder and said: Open your legs.

Khushi hissed as the pain seeped and shook her head negatively. Arnav left her for a moment to remove his sherwani and briefs. Khushi closed her eyes and turned her face away from him. A second later when Arnav hugged her, Khushi's eye widened in realization when she felt his most private organ over her stomach. He was naked! And velvety soft''she choked in realization.

Arnav tried pulling her panties down but Khushi was not ready to part her legs. In frustration he held both of her thighs and parted them forcefully. As soon as he got the space he came between her legs.

Khushi hit him, she scratched his chest in annoyance and he instead of removing the lace gracefully tore it.

Khushi gulped in fear'..she has ofcourse seen him in anger many times but this side of him scared her the most. Looking down he saw Khushi gazing at him with fear in her eyes and then he hugged her without a word.

Arnav's naked body was plastered against her and then he said ignoring his sexual frustration: Jaan, sorry'..sorry! Main tumhe darana nahi chahta tha''but I don't have any more strength or control to avoid what my body is asking. Jaan, mujhe pyaar karne do''I know that it will hurt you the first time but I'll try to be as gentle as possible.

Khushi nodded holding him with her hands on his back and felt this most male organ rubbing her swollenness. Arnav rubbed his organ over hers and slowly parted her opening. He entered and paused when Khushi hissed. He pulled back and this time entered with force all the way breaking her hymen.

Khushi tried moving away, the pain was cutting her insides. She tried moving back but he didn't allow her. She felt as if she had been pushed into fire furnace and she started crying: Chodiye hume! Arnav bahut dard ho raha hai! Arnav nahi na!

Arnav kissed her hair and muttered: Jaan, thoda aur'.it won't hurt after that!Please baby'please'my god'.you are so wet, so tight'..fitting me like a glove'.never knew pleasure like this''so hot, so engulfing'.love you' are mine!

Khushi stopped struggling as his words registered, he was enjoying her and almost seconds later the pain paved way for a pleasure different than what she has experienced uptil now. She titled her back more grabbing bedsheet as her body started understanding what was happening. He pulled out and then entered with deep thrusts, thrusts which took her breath away''she was almost certain she will die of pleasure. Her hips formed a rhythm with him. Slow thrusts became wild, urgent and fast. She reached her climax and he came seconds later emptying himself inside her. Shuddering they both hugged when Arnav whispered: you okay Jaan?

Khushi nodded in yes, knowing he can't see her nod she whispered: ji!

Arnav pulled apart to look into her eyes: Sorry'..for not giving you more time, for taking more than you were ready to offer.

Khushi wiped the sweat from his brow and whispered: it's okay' was good in the end.

Arnav kissed her nose: It was your first time, it gets better''you actually feel as if you are dying that's why French call it a 'little death'.

Khushi got teary-eyed and caressing his cheeks said: Nothing else matters to me more than you'..i'll be alright if I am with you. I know at times you get angry at me for my childishness, I know we'll still have our fights'..shout at me, fight with me, yell, anything but never ever leave me alone. I can stand anything but your indifference. Aap duniya ke liye ASR ho par humare liye wo insaan kabhi mat baniyega. Hum aapse bahut pyaar karte hai, agar kabhi aap humse naraaz bhi ho fir bhi humse door mat hoiyega. Humne apna sab kuch aapko diya hai...humare paas ab kuch nahi hai... hum sirf aapke hai'.hume kabhi khud se door mat kariyega.

Arnav hit his forehead with hers: Pagal, kabhi nahi!


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vandana73 IF-Dazzler

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yay me first just awesome

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vry nicely writtenClap  no PMCry nxt time do PM me

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sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Omfggg, Khushi Is CUTEEE =) Hug But Why Did Arnav Lie To Her ?! I Know Khushi Was Happy That She Was His First One Like He Was The First One For Her, BUT He Shouldn't Have Lied :| Broken Heart Awww, Khushi Love Him Sooo Much, The End Part Was Really Nice Embarrassed She Can't Live Without Him Day Dreaming

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