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Pyaar Impossible(AK).epilogue...3/5/13

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Here goes nothing.

This is a story which I started then dropped off in the middle, or more towards the end.

But on encouragememnt from Palika, I am reposting it, and maybe I will post the next part sometime this week.

Happy reading,

Battle begins  :   Pg 3

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In the eyes of the beholder

It is naina's wedding and kripa is the bridesmaid. They are in the bride's room getting ready. naina is  nervous, she have to go to US after marriage, as her would be husband works there. Kripa is trying to soothe her. But the situation is getting worse. Just than gayatri there mother comes and try talking and soothing naina. Seeing her mother she starts crying. Kripa stood there watching the scene and  decides there and then that she will never fall in love, and if by some misfortune it do happens to her it will be an Indian munda.

In the groom's hovel angad is trying to talk yuvi out of this marriage. He is saying to yuvi, he can still back out why is he sacrificing his bachelor days for a gal. a gal who is overly emotional, prone to mood swings, so what if she was beautiful. Yuvi is one in million he can have any girl(literallyLOL). But yuvi doesn't want to listen he can't wait for them to get married. He is waiting for the moment when naina walks down the aisle. He says his bachelorhood days were over the first time he saw naina. Finally he says angad as his best man should support him, not try to discourage him. Anyways he was doing angad a favour by leaving all the gals for him.


After gayatri has calmed down naina enough by reminding her that she loved yuvi, and love happens once in the lifetime and we should not keep yuvi waiting the wedding march began. Gayatri took her seat in the front row. First went there niece, Sara, the flower girl. Sara was throwing one petal at the time, and looking expectantly toward her mom, ridhima, who was encouraging her. One petal didn't fall as she wanted it too, she bent down and straightened it. The bride and groom with everyone else couldn't stop smiling, and soon they were all laughing, kripa was happy to see naina smiling again. Than sara looked at naina and  asked her bua whether she was doing alright. Naina could not help laughing out loud and requesting whether she could start throwing more than one petal at a time because her yuvi phoofa was waiting eagerly for her. The mention of yuvi spurred the process. He was her favourite. She then ran towards yuvi. Next went kripa, though she was wearing a simple pink sheat of silk, she looked gorgeous. Though angad noticed her, but he knew she was bride's sister so she was off limits. He cannot touch, but he was looking. This is the first time angad has seen kripa and he was mesmerized. Than began the wedding tune and naina came with her father, suryabhan. She was wearing an ankle length beautifully embroideried off shoulder white wedding gown. Yuvi has seen naina in white, but she had never looked as beautiful as she did today. naina had eyes only for yuvi. He was looking very handsome in the white tux, and the love she saw in his eyes filled her heart with so much more love that no doubts remained. This was what she wanted, to spend the rest of her life with the person who loved her just as much as she loved him.

Gayatri is crying happily. She is just so happy for her daughter, now she just wished that kripa will also be loved by someone as suryabhan loved her and yuvi loved naina. She eyed angad, he was just as handsome as yuvi and he will be good for kripa. Gayatri has this special power that she can sometimes predicts who will be whose soulmate, this is why she ran a match making agency.

Naina and yuvi took the vows that they have written themselves, to love and cherish each other always and never to loose trust in each other. It was so poignant that kripa felt her eyes moisten too. So she blinked quickly before anyone can notice. But unknown to her angad did notice and smiled.

Than was the time to kiss the bride. Yuvi looked like he was interested in more than kissing but naina thankfully pulled apart before she completely melted. Amid loud cheers yuvi lifted naina in his arms and carried her to the hotel reception room.

Angad and kripa were paired together, as they were the best man and the bridesmaid. Kripa looked at angad for the first time. He was a handsome specimen of manhood, that was the first thought that came to her mind and which she quelled ruthlessly. She was not interested in handsome man with smooth charm. Though they watched each other covertly the whole evening but none of them spoke to each other. At the end of the evening they parted with a feeling of relief. They didn't know how much more of the close proximity they could have suffered before doing something about it. Angad was familiar with lust but for him too this was something very different from what he had experienced before. Kripa didn't know what she was feeling but she knew she had never felt so out of control in her life. This was there first face to face meeting.


In the night kripa and angad were both in their respective rooms. Kripa switched on her laptop and logged on as she did daily. She was very excited today as her chat friend from America was in India today.

Alwayssmiling>hi, so where are you? I m so excited you are in india, but in which city.

Stuffthegloom>I m as excited as you. I just wish we could have met. I am in Mumbai. Btw how was your sister's wedding?

Alwayssmiling> oh my god you are in Mumbai. I m too. My brother-in-law's family lives here. Did you like Mumbai?  Which places did you visit? Did you eat the famous bhel at the marine drive? What about bada pav? You must ...

Stuffthegloom> ohho calm down. I just came here today for my best mate's wedding. No I didn't go anywhere besides the church and I m going to US again tomorrow. Btw you are in Mumbai too. Can we meet?

Alwayssmiling> what? When? No no we cannot, we decided never to ask for each other's photo or meet each other. We don't even know each other's name.

Stuffthegloom> that was then this is now. I mean we have been talking to each other for months. You know more about me than my best mate and I m in india.

Alwayssmiling>listen this is just not possible, so lets forget about it. Meanwhile you have got to taste the bhel or you will be missing something really tasty.

Stuffthegloom> ok if you say so. But this is the last time I am abiding by this rule of yours. Next time when I am here or you are there, we are meeting. I don't care is you are small tall thin fat whatever we will meet. And I will eat bhel with you. Till than I guess I will have to forego the pleasure.

Alwayssmiling> you are crazy. Anyways so your mate did marry. I thought you were trying to persuade him not to.

Stuffthegloom> he is stupid in love with the gal. btw my dinner is here I will talk to you from home.

Alwayssmiling>ok safe journey

Stuffthegloom logged off

Alwayssmiling logged off

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Beyond Boundaries

Alwayssmiling> hey, what's going on? You have been behaving weirdly for the last week.

Stuffthegloom> nothing just some work related stress.

Alwayssmiling> I don't think so, it's something more. Are you hiding something from me?

Stuffthegloom> ms. suspicious where do you get these ideas from?

Alwayssmiling> mister I know you and you are not telling me something. But knowing you I know you will not tell me what is bothering you.

Stuffthegloom> so sometimes you use your mainly idle brain.

Alwayssmiling> what? Argh' I am going. You keep writing this nonsense.

Stuffthegloom> you are very touchy all of a sudden. Are you hiding something too?

Alwayssmiling> TOO. What do you mean too?

Stuffthegloom> ok you caught me. But as you so smugly told me, I m not going to tell you.

Alwayssmiling> ok be like this.

Stuffthegloom> what are you hiding?

Alwayssmiling> when did I say I m doing anything like that? Even if I am why should I tell you everything?

Stuffthegloom> if you want to know about the surprise I am planning than yes you should tell me everything.

Alwayssmiling> haha its not likely that you will tell me about it even if I do. So no try something else.

Stuffthegloom> so you are hiding something. Hmm interesting. Some guy?

Alwayssmiling> no

Stuffthegloom> I forgot your sister is coming to India. You are excited about it.

Alwayssmiling> I don't have to tell you anything.

Stuffthegloom> so you are excited about it. What is your sister's name?

Alwayssmiling> I didn't tell you and I don't intend to.

Stuffthegloom> why are behaving like this today?

Alwayssmiling> ok. I am being impossible today. Yes I am excited about my sister's visit. But I am more excited about seeing my niece for the first time. And now I am going I have to prepare for a surprise party for my sister's wedding anniversary.

Stuffthegloom> ok bye and don't forget to be here tomorrow.

It was yuna's second wedding anniversary. They were flying over to India that afternoon. Kripa was doing some last minute minute arrangements for their surprise anniversary party. They will be taken directly to their parents' home where a beautiful cosy evening for the closest circle of friend and relatives has been arranged. Kripa was very excited she will meet naina after a year and half . But she was more excited to meet her niece sara. Though she had thousands of photos of sara from her birth till date but she wanted to play with her, make her smile by making stupid faces, maybe even dress like a clown do stupid tricks, make a lot of smile inducing noises. She was looking forward to meet her niece at last.

Though angad has refused at first, but because of some urgent business concerns he was also coming to India with yuna. He was looking forward to this trip for an entirely different reason. He will be meeting alwayssmiling this time. She has not yet said yes, but he knew that once he is in India she will not be able to deny his request for long. They know each other inside out, though sometimes he gets the feeling that she is not sharing something very important with him. But he believes that once she comes face to face with him everything will change. He wants to know everything about her. There is a connection between them, he can feel it. He wants to explore it further. He can't wait to get to India.

The flight will land at 4 pm, kripa was anxiously waiting outside the terminal. It was 3:30 she didn't know how much more she could wait. She went to the coffee outlet at the airport. While she was scanning the available drinks, "I like black coffee, with dash of milk and a cube of sugar" like a flash stuffthegloom's choice occurred to her and she asked for it. For some reason she felt that he was rather close to her today. He has been secretive for the last week. He kept on saying that he will surprise her soon and when she asked what he is going to do, he didn't tell her. But he did ask her to promise that she will do whatever he will say when he asks her to. She had promised but with one condition of her own that he will not ask for her name or picture. After a lot of arguing he had agreed.

She checked her mobile for messages. There was a message from him. "see you soon."

She was puzzled by it. He has said though his friends were coming to India he will not. Just then another message flashed and she opened it to find a photo of her niece, naina has sent. She can't help smiling; her niece was such a cute little spitfire. She was well aware that sara has inherited her mother's hot temper with her father's hot temperament. But she was a softie just like her that was one quality she had inherited from her. One smile from her parents or one glimpse of her masi on the videocam was enough to make her smile. While she was still looking at the picture the flight arrival announcement was made. She knew it will still take half an hour to clear the immigration.

Angad was not in a hurry to get down the flight. Alwayssmiling has not replied to his message. What has she deduced from his message, he would have guessed if she have replied and normally she didn't take so long. After everyone has got down, he finally got down too. The first thing he noticed at the terminal was that naina's sister was waiting for yuvi and naina. Every other thought except her vanished from his head. She was wearing a knee length yellow sundress with an oval neck line and miniature sleeves. She looked about 15 instead of 24. He has asked naina about her. He just stood there looking at her until yuvi nudged him to move. The nudge broke his transfixion. He moved forward still looking at her.

Kripa was looking at the arrivals when she felt a strange sensation down her neck like someone was watching her. She searched all around and finally her gaze clashed with angad. What was he doing here? Naina has told her he was coming but then he had cancelled the trip. Why was looking at her like that? She felt as if his gaze was burning into her soul. A strange tingly sensation spread through her body. She tried to take her eyes off him. Just than naina called her, like a puppet she swiveled her head and fell in love. The little cutie was spreading her arms from that far for her. Kripa knew that she was an image of her but face to face the resemblance was startling. Anyone would be forgiven for thinking that she was her daughter rather than naina's.

Angad watched fascinated as two both equally excited ladies met, one was 24 other one and a half. One was openly gazing at her masi nd the other has tears in her eyes. He knew that kripa didn't even realize that tears were falling from her eyes. From yuvi he has heard that it was sara's first India visit, but the familiarity between kripa and sara implied otherwise. The normally shy sara was openly embracing kripa as if they long lost parts of the same soul. Both of them looked made for each other.

Kripa was mesmerized. She has never seen anything so beautiful. The angel was giving her a full blown dimpled smile. She was kissing her cheeks and feeling her face with tiny hands as if memorizing it. Then she turned towards naina again indicating with one finger towards kripa said in her own cute language,"ma'mas'mas'"

"yes angel masi, say masi."


Someone stumbled with angad breaking his reverie. He forced his eyes off the lovely twosome and grabbed yuvi's attention, "buddy I have some wok to do, I better run. See you later." With one last look at kripa he went his way.

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Dancing In The Moonlight

Angad was not sure what got over him every time he came in kripa's proximity. It was as if one look at those sparkling eyes and he just zones out in them. He was behaving like a teenager. Though he was not a playboy, and didn't do one night stands, but he didn't do commitment too. He has always had an active sex life but with partners who understood the score. He worked hard and played even harder. But one look at kripa and he wants to do the caveman act, heave her on his shoulders and take her somewhere where there will be only the two of them. Just then his mobile buzzed, his temp assistant in India had called him to inform that the guy he was to meet will be late by an hour, because his wife is hospitalized. She also said that he had apologized for the inconvenience.

Though he understood where the guy was coming from, but he still cursed women. They were made to distract men.

"Distract men do we, have you ever heard of indifference, perhaps men should practice it." Alwayssmiling has said that when he had reluctantly told her about his opinion.

Kripa was so very absorbed with her niece that she forgot even her jiju for a minute let alone his friend. But when she looked up he was gone. Yuvi swept her in his arms for a hug. He was the big brother she never had. She was so happy for naina, she just hoped that she will find a man who will love her as much yuvi loved naina. But saira noticed that her masi was not giving her, her full attention so she took kripa's face is in her hand and made her look at her again, the adorable cherub smiled up at her flashing her even more adorable dimples and kripa couldn't help smiling. If she was like this now what will she be in 20 years time, kripa shuddered as she thought this and laughed again.

Yuvi and naina looked at her quizzically but she waved them off. She was forgetting something, the thought flashed in her head, just as her mobile message tune buzzed, it was her ma asking her, "where are you, we are all waiting." Kripa looked up in astonishment, she haven't forgotten a thing before in her life what came over today, or maybe she knew, the little tyke named saira came over her literally.

"naina-jiju we need to get going or everyone will be worried."

Now darn them they looked amused, naina said, "Is that so?"

"We were not the one who was so mesmerized with her niece that we forgot all about the time, were we naina." Yuvi said winking.

"Ok I get the point, now can we move."

"Aye aye ms otherworldly" naina quipped. Kripa gave her a dark look and yuna laughed again and kept irritating her till they reached home.

The party was not in the main hall but in the garden which naina adored. Kripa asked them to freshen up and get down again in 15 minutes and instructed them to wear something nice. Before they could ask where did ma and papa go she vanished as if she was never there with saira. Having left with no choice they decided to do what they were told.

The garden was decorated in red and whites, musical symbols, lanterns, silky gauzes all based on valentine day theme, which incidentally was today too. Kripa had planned the whole party, and she was looking forward to seeing the anniversary couple's faces when they saw the setup. Initially she had planned a costume party, but changed the idea to valentine theme. She had another surprise for them. The music that will be played at the party will be same as that on their wedding.


Meanwhile angad is getting irritated, the meeting will have to be postponed because the guy's wife's was having an operation after her appendix ruptured. He cannot fault the guy but that didn't mean he was happy about the wasted trip.

"Hey angad. What's up?" angad had called yuvi to inform him that he will be flying home on the first flight out.

"I m flying home on the first flight out. The guy didn't turn up. Some family matter."

"Come over here. You have met most of the people in my wedding so it will not be a problem and you did say that you will be meeting your chat friend this trip."

Angad had totally forgotten about Alwayssmiling except when he remembered the distraction dialogue. He felt guilty and confused. What's up with him? But one thing is sure he needs to sort out his mind before he took this any further. So he will not meet her this time but send her something.

"angad you there?"

"man its nice of you to offer but I will just crash and take the morning flight."

"no you come here. Actually I m asking this as a favour. I have not met my in-laws since the wedding, last time naina came alone, and they can be overwhelming."

Angad smiled at that. The yuvi he knew was not afraid of anything may it be a bear chasing him on a camping trip, thugs after him when he kissed a don's daughter but he was afraid of his in-laws.

"oh man, you are so gone."

"funny you mentioned it. I was thinking the same on the flight. But I love naina, and she comes with the whole package so I don't mind."

"ok I will be there. Just give me the address. I just can't miss it." Yuvi groaned on the other side of the line, "not you too, you are supposed to be on my side."

"I am but that doesn't mean a guy cannot have fun. See you in fifteen."

On the other side yuvi was smiling. Yes sometimes it was torture to face his in-laws, he felt like he had just flunked his language test and was in detention, but the smile on naina's face when he had told her they were going to India made it worth it. He has brought a special valentine gift for her. He will give it to her later in the night.

"jiju-naina your 15 minutes are over. Come down now." Ms dominant was here again. Kripa was just like his kid sister from the first time has seen her, she had always called to his protective instincts.

"jiju come down or I am coming up and dragging you guys out of here."

"ok just a minute."

"no now."

"you are so impatient." Kripa smiled, once they know what she has planned for them they will not be saying that.

"ok come on guys. Its time ma-pa meet you."

"so there is a time scheduled for the meeting. What is it a job interview." Naina quipped piffed that her parents had not greeted her at the door.

"now now naina don't let your hackles rise." Yuvi turned to see his wife descending the stairs. She was a vision worth seeing. She wore a chiffon off-shoulder dress, which floated delicately at her ankles. Though they in the same room, but he was so anxious about meeting his in-laws that had just not paid attention, but now he did. She was a treat to the eyes. She faltered at the last step and yuvi straightened her. That brought her in full body contact with him. Her unique scent was teasing him and at the moment he wished that the whole world except them both will disappear and leave them alone.

"ahem ahem, if your lovey-dovey moment is over lets get going. Oh and by the way you both look smashing." Naina couldn't agree more. Yuvi was wearing a black stone washed pair of jeans with a stiff linen mauve coloured shirt. He looked good enough to eat. That's what she would do just as soon as they were alone again.

"stop mooning you guys. When will your honeymoon be over."

"not for the rest of our lives." Yuvi said with a grin as he finally turned his attention to a very miffed kid sister. Then he took naina's arm and tucked it with his and followed kripa who has marched past finally giving up.

the look on naina's face was worth million dollars when she entered the garden. Kripa hugged them both and said, "happy anniversary and happy valentine day."

"but our anniversary was two days ago." Yuvi said.

"so'" and with that kripa walked away again.

Yuvi looked at naina. Stars were shining in her eyes, he bent on one knee and said, "will you be my valentine, my love, for tonight and forever."

"Tonight and forever, love. Forever." Naina said tightly hugging him. Just then naina's parents came over and hugged both. Gayatri had tears in her eyes. Both she and suryabhan has witnessed the moment, and it couldn't be more obvious that they love each other passionately.

"Ma-pappa thank-you so much. You two are sweethearts."

"Naina it was kripa's idea."

"Then where is that moron?"

"That moron disappeared to give you both a moment of privacy. But I guess nowadays no one values good deed. I am right, am I not saira sweetheart."

"Come up, you smarty pants, I want to give you a hug."

"Your parents will smother me with their hugs." She said to saira who just smiled angelically and so did kripa.

"Ok guys enough of this lets get the party started."

There cake was a beautiful concotion of vanilla and coconut, both of their favourite. After cake cutting and cream smearing on kripa all of them were geared up to do some dancing. Yuvi gave naina a red rose and asked her to dance.

Angad had just entered the party when the song started to play, and kripa was just coming out of the house after washing up. Both their attention was focused on the party so they didn't see each other and collided. Wham an electric charge ran up there bodies. At that moment angad didn't think he just took kripa in his arms drew her close, and started dancing.

When marimba rhythms start to play
Dance with me, make me sway
Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore
Hold me close, sway me more

He swung kripa away from him and brought her close again. It felt so good to have her so close to him. He has not felt this good in ages, if ever. He brought her closer and dropped a kiss at the top of her head.

Like a flower bending in the breeze
Bend with me, sway with ease
When we dance you have a way with me
Stay with me, sway with me

Kripa looked up at him. she had felt his lips touch her forehead. She didn't know what was happening, but she liked it a lot and that bewildered her.

Other dancers may be on the floor
Dear, but my eyes will see only you
Only you have the magic technique
When we sway I go weak

I can hear the sounds of violins
Long before it begins
Make me thrill as only you know how
Sway me smooth, sway me now

Other dancers may be on the floor
Dear, but my eyes will see only you
Only you have the magic technique
When we sway I go weak

I can hear the sounds of violins
Long before it begins
Make me thrill as only you know how
Sway me smooth, sway me now
You know how
Sway me smooth, sway me now

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The Thing Called Love

Two years later

Kripa has just returned from Goa where she had gone for a trip with friends. she was in the shower and ma-pappa has gone out on dinner as it was their wedding anniversary, when the phone started ringing incessantly. First she ignored it, then wrapped in a towel went to receive it but before she could ringing stopped, then her mobile buzzed, she searched for it and found it in the bathroom in her discarded jeans. But she missed the call again. It was from a unknown number. Again the landline ringed and this time she ran to pick it up. In a breathless voice she said," Hello."

Angad was so relieved that someone picked the phone at last that he didn't speak for a minute, but the repeated hellos brought him back to present and the voice he heard was the one he was dreading the most. "Kripa'" one word brought back the memories of the night two years ago when two very different people have met, loved and parted ways. But he was saying something more too, she tried to listen but the memories kept intruding.

"Kripa this is important. Kripa are you there?"

"Yes Mr. Khanna." Mr. Khanna angad cringed when he heard kripa call him that in frigid tones. After that night he had never returned to India in spite of repeated invitations from yuna. Yuna, he jolted and continued,"Yuvi was in an accident, naina is frantic, saira is with me. Can one of you come here." He said in a breath.

Jiju in an accident, but I talked to him this morning. Kripa was stunned angad noticed she had not spoken, he should not have blurted that out in a breath, but he didn't know what to say to naina. Though yuvi was out of danger now, his vitals were good, but nothing can be said till he regained consciousness. "Kripa are you still there?" "How bad is it?" "He is out of danger, his vitals are good." "Angad what are you not telling me?" he experienced a momentary relief when she said angad, but it was expelled quickly when he heard what she said later. "Kripa just come here as soon as possible. Can Mr. and Mrs. Sharma come too?" kripa came out of her reverie and said, "No papa is not well and ma will need to be with him now that I will not be here. But I am boarding the first flight." "Ok kripa and I am sorry to drop this on you." "No angad, thank you for calling." She put down the phone with that, then clutching her face in her hands she slid had a good cry but before ma-papa came back she has to book a flight. She doesn't want to tell her parents about it but didn't want to lie to them about it too. She phoned the travel agent and asked him to book her on a flight to Boston. When her parents came back, she explained to Gayatri about what had happened, Gayatri insisted on coming with her but since Suryabhan cannot travel for quite some time yet after his recent heart surgery she complied to stay.

Gayatri and Suryabhan came to see her off. Though both were not happy with Kripa's decision but they didn't have any choice. And kripa had assured them that yuvi was out of danger, so they didn't try to force the point anymore. They embraced her and bid her to call them as soon as she landed plus every morning, afternoon and evening.

The whole flight kripa was restless. She wanted to be near naina as soon as possible but also dreaded Angad's presence. But she didn't let it bother her. They were like two players playing different paths, met, talked and then went back to their lives. Though it hurt but it was a mutual decision so kripa can't blame anyone but herself for tangling her life with him.

Angad was there with saira on the airport with a curt nod to him; she took saira in her arms and embraced her tightly. Then composing herself she asked, "how is he? How is naina?" a big smile spread on his face, that transformed it from sober to angelic. He said, "Yes he is awake and complaining incessantly about getting out of bed which naina has forbidden." Relief so great engulfed her, her knees sagged and angad held his arm out to balance her. But she avoided it with her hand and straightened. When she looked up she saw something skin to pain flicker in his eyes then it was gone. She decided she must have imagined it. Angad took her luggage and they went to the car parked outside. Understanding kripa instead of taking her to yuna home he took her to hospital.

As soon as they reached the hospital kripa ran into it but when she went inside she remembered she didn't know in which room Jiju was. Angad came soon and took her to Yuvi's room on the first floor, she glanced up at him and thanked him but before he could reply naina was on her and they were both weeping and hugging at the same time. After that emotional reunion all was quite except yuvi wording his frustration at being in the bed for so long quite volubly and rest of them smiling serenely. Naina sent kripa home soon afterwards. Angad went with her. He was also staying at yuna home since he had come down from Detroit after Naina's frantic call. Kripa was uneasy about it but could not voice his unease to naina who didn't know anything about that night.

In the night though kripa was tired she couldn't sleep. Now that all with Jiju was well, her thoughts wondered to that long ago night. After the mesmerizing dance they had parted than stayed away whole evening. Angad had brought chocolate wrapped strawberries with him as the anniversary present for yuna, but all of them had enjoyed them. Jiju had told her that he owned the second largest chocolate empire in USA. The thought had thrilled her for no apparent reason. Though she loved chocolate and it was her one weakness but why did him having a chocolate factory a chocolate factory/empire made her happy? She had no clue. After yuna and saira had retired for the night and all the guest have departed kripa had stayed back to clean up. Though her parents had insisted on calling a cleaning company but they would be here in the morning and she liked cleanliness. She hadn't noticed a lonesome figure standing in the shadows watching her. In hurry she had not noticed a small stool in the way and stumbled. Angad had been there in an instant to steady her, and they had not parted instead she somehow for long minutes they had kept looking in her others eyes. Then his eyes had gone to her lips and then to her eyes again, as if asking for consent and kripa had blinked to give it. After that sensation has engulfed them both and they had ended up in Kripa's bedroom spending the night together. At dawn angad had woke her up and made love to her again. Than he had gone and kripa hadn't stopped him. He had been her first and only. After that she hadn't been able to look at any other guy without comparing them with angad. But that didn't change anything she had always known they couldn't be together. Once he had called and she had told him in succinct words that they didn't have any future. But with both of them residing under the same roof things looked bleak.

Angad was also not sleeping but reliving the most wonderful night of his life. He didn't want to dwell on it but he can't stop either. It had been wonderful, the possessiveness and tenderness he had felt when he had known he was her first had been unlike anything he had felt till then and since. The morning after had been painful for him. He hadn't wanted to go, but one look at her face and he had known she regretted it plus the guilty look on her face was more than he could bear. So he had left.

He had then severed all connections with Alwayssmiling too. He didn't regret a thing about that night, but the mixed feelings he experienced towards Alwayssmiling made him uneasy. He liked to be in control so he had severed ties with her too. Now whenever he logged on and saw her online he felt a twinge somewhere near the region of his heart but he didn't avt on the impulse to contact her again. He had sent her a big box of confessionary chocolates on the PO Box number she had given her as a surprise. But he didn't know whether she liked it or not because that very night had been the last time they had talked.

Next morning both had gone through the morning routine jumped in the car and went to the hospital again. In a week yuvi had recovered and been discharged. The week had been uncomfortable for ak but they had avoided each other as much as possible by staying out of each others way. Kripa after ascertaining all was well with yuvi had gone to India the next weekend. It had been a fun week after yuvi had returned home but she didn't regret going home.

Yuna had noticed the uneasiness between ak but had not commented on it. Yuna had talked and decided to talk to with of them individually later.

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3 months later

Angad had tried not to think of kripa but it had been impossible. Kripa's was the first face that came to his mind when he woke up and the last when he retired at the end of the day. She was in his mind throughout the day, in his dreams when he slept, in his thoughts when he tried not to dwell on her. The more he resisted the more she crept up. It came to a point where he felt it like somebody was opening a fatal wound again with a knife. At last when he couldn't bear it any more he went to the place he knew he would get some answers. Though he had the key to the home he didn't use it, he rang the bell then cursed himself for doing it. He was not in the mood to play happy family he was here for some answers. But before he could brood some more naina opened the door, the pleasure on her face when she saw him made him feel guilty for being selfish. She dragged him in after fiercely hugging him. Then saira crept up out of somewhere and dragged on his jeans. He knew what the little sphinx wanted, he picked her up and tossed her in the air and spread his arms to catch a happily giggling bundle in his arms again. Until saira came he had thought he was not much into children but she changed everything just as kripa had. With a grim look on his face he handed saira back to naina and without a word went in search of yuvi. He didn't turn around so he didn't see the satisfied smile on Naina's face.

Yuvi was in the study. He was talking to someone on the web cam. Angad came more fully into the wide airy room with lot of open spaces and an old scarred book shelf with a eclectic collection of books in it. Naina was responsible for the shelf and yuvi for the books. Though he was happy for his friend he did envy him. He didn't know what had let him here, but he did know he was desperate. He didn't mean to intrude on whoever yuvi was talking to but he felt this just can't wait. When he was near enough to see the screen, he experienced a shock so intense he was petrified by it. He was talking to kripa and the chat window on the screen said Alwayssmiling. Yuvi didn't notice him; it seemed they were discussing something important. He stood there for what seemed like ages, it may have been seconds, minutes maybe hours. Time didn't seem to matter. Ina trance he moved forward, clicked the chat screen, and typed; "are u kripa Sharma?" a bemused yuvi watched angad but didn't do anything to stop him. Before angad could blink a reply came, "Jiju have you gone nuts I am kripa Sharma your sister-in-law cum sister." Still not able to believe it Angad's hands went to the keyboard again and he replied, "You never told me that." "Jiju stop pulling my leg." "Not Jiju I am Stuffthegloom." Before he could say he was also angad khanna kripa had logged out.

He turned towards yuvi who was still trying to figure out what had just happened and said,"Yuvi I am getting married." Yuvi being yuvi asked not to whom but,"when?" angad smiled at the absurdity but said,"A week from this Saturday." "Ok where?" "India." "Good naina will get company. When do we leave?" "Next flight." "Let me talk to naina and see if we can make it or we will be there as soon as possible." Then yuvi scratched his head as if just remembering something, he turned and asked, "Who is the bride?" "kripa." Angad replied and went out of the room and out of the home before yuvi could say anything.

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Thanks for reposting .I am 100 % sure ur all readers will br more glad than me to see that you are again updating this ff.continue as wellas u got time .Keep it up

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Ammunition At The Ready

The first thing he did when he reached his hotel room was message kripa.

Stuffthegloom>kripa, I am coming to meet you. See you soon.

After he did that he felt like a stalker. But somewhere as the guilt churning him has vanished the moment he had known Alwayssmiling is kripa his inhibitions has vanished too. It felt good to be the tormentor rather than the tormented, but he would not leave another stupid message like the one he just did. He will torment her in person; with an evil smile on his face he called yuvi.

"Hello." Oops naina till now yuvi must have told her, some husband-wife ethic yuvi has said.

"You'how dare you?" naina could never utter a foul word, she is such a lady. But he can tell she was royally pissed.


"Don't naina me how come you tell oh so calmly to yuvi you are going to marry my sis, my sis'"she stopped to take a breath and angad took his chance.

"Naina you knew something was on. You think I can't see your smiles when you mentioned kripa and I stormed out most of the times. You knew I am in love with her, didn't you?"

"You are in love with her."

"Why do you think I am going to marry her? I love her and had loved her since the first time I saw her. No even before that."

"You should have said so." That cut angad off. He hadn't expected her to capitulate so fast. Was the L word magic, it certainly is?

"Ok you guys coming to India with me?"

"You need to ask? You are dumber than I thought."

"I need you guys with me; I need all the ammo I can."

"Oh ho back up a bit big boy, that's my sister you are talking about."

"Yeah yeah, but you are also my sister-in-law as the wife of my best friend who is like my brother, and above all you are my friend."

"Look mister I will help you but you must have heard blood is thicker than water, if not memorize it." With that she gave the phone to yuvi.

"Looks like you got a good beating."

"Cut it out mate I am not in the mood. I have got other more important things on my mind."

"I shuffled a bit but still can't catch the first flight. We will be there with you later this week, not before Saturday though."

"Ok buddy we will be brother-in-laws soon." Yuvi barked out a laugh and said, "should I give the phone to your would-be-sister-in-law."

"No bud got to go, I have a gal to catch."


Kripa was still in the state of shock. How did Stuffthegloom know jiju? How come he was in there home? She thought of calling jijz but then decided against it. Jijz will be suspicious and she didn't want to answer any questions. She was wondering what he wanted with her anyway. He was the one who had severed contact. Though they had never deleted each other from their mail account, they had never talked either. He cell phone rang and she picked it up,"hey krips check your mail account." "Why?" "New client info." "ok." "Call me when you have gone through it." "yeah, talk to you in a jiffy."

Krips went through the mail about the new client. She had an event organizing business which she had started 3 years ago. Through constant hard work and recommendations and a little luck she had built good reputation, and now the business has started turning profit. She had finally repaid the loan and got herself an apartment. After going through mail, she went to her messenger messages.

What she saw their boggled her mind. How dare he use that threatening tone with her? She was never a coward so she replied back.

Alwayssmiling> you pervert. How dare you threaten me? I owe you nothing and if you ever show up here you will sink. You will not know what came upon you. After the terrorist attacks Mumbai police have become very strict, electric shocks are what you will get. To stay safe stay away.


Angad was at the airport waiting for his flight to start boarding. He checked his messages and smiled, life is sure going to be interesting.

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