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FF: Destination Called Love *Chapter 7 on Page 69 (Page 60)

--Sobi-- IF-Dazzler

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NOTE: The Italics represent the situation that led to the present circumstances. I didn't want anyone to get confused that is why I am mentioning it beforehand. I will be moving backwards and forwards in the same time period, just experimenting with a new style. Hopefully, you will understand what I am saying once you start reading it.

Lastly, don't expect too much.Embarrassed





"You only need one man to love you. But him to love you free like a wildfire, crazy like the moon, always like tomorrow, sudden like an inhale and overcoming like the tides. Only one man and all of this."

C. JoyBell C.

Arnav had constantly captivated her senses by his soothing words. There was no abjuring that fact. She nodded silently. Though, she was still a little apprehensive, but otherwise assured that he would never hurt her. He will always protect her, no matter what, even if it meant from himself. Undeniably and irrevocable, she only belonged to him, the whole of her.


Khushi's uneasiness was quite understandable. Arnav knew why she felt this way, as he was nervous too. He didn't know how this was done, being his first time, but he was sure that this was the right thing to do. It was time to take their relationship a step forward.


Arnav plunged his hands through the electrifying air surrounding them, towards Khushi, holding her hands in his. She was looking at her feet, not wanting to look at him directly and the essence of blushing quite evident. He raised his fingers to her chin, forcing her to look up at him, their hearts beating erratically. From their muffled breaths to the tinkling of her bangles, all was lost over the pounding of their heart against their chest.


And, as their eyes met, Khushi saw nothing but pure love in them. Love for her, and only her. She had his undivided attention.


Arnav placed a soft, chaste kiss on Khushi's forehead. His lips lingered over there for a very long time. She closed her eyes, trying to control her breathing, relishing his touch, failing to understand the erotic emotions that had engulfed. Emotions she didn't know existed inside her, until now. Still holding his hands under her chin, he trailed down his lips to her right cheek, placing another kiss. Khushi held his hands tighter, afraid she might not be able take her own weight, as the numbness took over her.


Arnav moved further down, leaving a trail of moist breath, caressing her, and kissed her jaw line. When finally he reached her lips, he stared at her for a moment, pausing to drink her in. Her eyes were still closed. She had completely submitted herself to him, and by now was dancing on his tunes. Pulling down her chin, he parted her lips and bent down to place his lips on hers, kissing her lower lip first. Before she knew it, his tongue had already flung into her mouth, tracing every part of it.


This time she didn't hesitate, and gave him full access to every curve of her mouth. Soon, she was following suit.


Arnav's hand left hers, and glided around her waist, pulling her closer, and her hands travelled on their own accord to the collar of his shirt, merely to steady herself from the force of his actions.


And, when the kiss had turned into an intense one, no one came to know. Both were deeply submerged into a pool of passion.





"I thought we were going out," she said, dejected.


"I never mentioned that we would be going out," he said casually, resuming his attention back to his iPhone.


His failed attempt to stifle his smile didn't go unnoticed by her. She felt humiliated, not knowing exactly why he was doing this. She should have known better. This was a man she can never understand. Why did he have to ask her to get ready if he wasn't going to take her out? And, without another word, she stormed towards the dressing room, that connected with the bathroom.


"Where are you going?" he asked her, stopping her in midway.


"To change my clothes," failing to hide the irritation in her voice.


"You don't have to. That dress looks perfect." Although his words were true to the core, his eyes held a mischievous glint, as though he was enjoying a private joke.


"Arnav, if we are not going anywhere, I think I should just change," she tried to keep her voice level.


He shrugged, "Anything you feel comfortable with," his eyes playful, but his expressions sober.


Nonetheless, the long dress that she had especially chosen for today had started to suffocate her. The dress that was red in color had a string that secured itself to the back of her neck. It fitted over her chest, but except for that it just flowed freely downwards, adding elegance to the person wearing it. A part of it trailed behind her as she turned around once again and walked towards the dressing room.


Khushi closed the behind her, and thought about the conversation they had had in the evening. She remembered his exact words from the telephone conversation, "I have a surprise for you in the evening. Just be ready."


Khushi walked towards the long mirror covering the wall and reached for the tie at the nape of her neck, but before she could proceed any further, a knock on the door stopped her. She opened the door to find Arnav standing there, still in his three piece, the tie was missing.


He smiled at her, beaming, as though he had just won a lottery, "The surprise is ready,"


Khushi looked disconcerted, "I thought we were not going out."


"I never said that I was taking you out for the surprise," he said simply.


Now that she came to think of it, he was right, but before she could divulge on further facts, a sound from the hall broke their silence. She looked in that direction, but Arnav merely stared at her.


"Shall we," Arnav offered her the crook of his arm, which she hesitantly took.


He stopped at the bedroom door, asking her permission to put his hands on her eyes, "If you don't mind."


Khushi nodded, now the thrill of the surprise had taken over her, "What is it?"


"You will come to know in a few minutes," he sounded so young. Khushi couldn't help but smile.


She heard the bedroom door close behind her, as Arnav walked her out of there, guiding her. He had made sure she couldn't see anything and it was completely dark. A sweet smell surrounded the air, Khushi felt. They walked few feet into the hall, before he removed his hands.


The withdrawal of his hands didn't help much, as the room they were standing in had no lights switched on. The only lights that illuminated the now decorated living room was coming from the scented candles that surrounded it. Rose petals lay all over the floor and couch, giving a romantic appeal to the ambience. A round table with two chairs on the opposite sides lay with freshly cooked food.


Khushi glanced at him sideways, completely in awe of him, and speechless.


On the other hand, he stared at her uncertainly, not knowing what to expect, "Say something."


"It's wonderful," was all she could come up with. Words would be less to explain what she felt right now.


His eyes reflected the several candle flames surrounding the area.




They finally broke the kiss, only to take in oxygen, their immortal traitor. Arnav rested his head against her, their nose brushing. Both of them stood there, till what felt like eternity.  The room was dangerously quiet, except for their heavy muffled breaths. None of them wanted to extinguish the lascivious moment existing between them. Their eyes opened simultaneously, mirroring desire and ecstasy, and a raw passion for each other. Anxiousness mingled with sensuality had taken over them, though the latter dominated the former.


Arnav lowered his head below her jaw line, placing several kisses, and moved further down to the hollow of her neck, driving both of them crazy.


Another pause.


And then, he slowly moved his hands to the nape of neck and pulled the strings that held the dress together, without breaking eye contact. Khushi's breath caught.




They were slowly dancing to a tune playing in the background from the home theatre. The tune was unknown to Khushi, not that it mattered. Both were indefinitely lost in the intimate moment to notice anything, except each other. It had suddenly started to feel hot, most probably due to the candles. Though none cared much, the temperature just added fuel to the already arousing feelings between them.


Arnav stopped dancing, his hands still on her waist. He had a sudden urge to claim her rosy lips, know how they would feel against his, get acquainted with them. And, without contemplating on his thoughts any further, he bent down to kiss her, a slow sensuous kiss.


Khushi was taken aback and became stiff. Arnav noticed her disapproval, and stopped in midway. He looked at her questioningly, but she was staring at the floor instead, biting her lower lip.


"If you don't want to''we can always'.." Arnav said understandingly.


Khushi shook her head before he could complete his sentence, still not meeting his eye, unable to tell him how she felt. The fact was that she herself wasn't sure why she felt this way.


"It's not that'." She tried to reason.


Arnav waited for her to complete, but she didn't, "What is it?" He thought maybe he had done something wrong, and his posture tensed.


Khushi shut her eyes, "I am a little scared," she said, barely above a whisper, thinking how foolish her words sounded and was ready to hear his laugh, but it never came.


Arnav smiled at her agreeably, relaxing. He placed his finger under her chin forcing her to look at her and when she opened her eye, he asked her, "Do you trust me?"


As soon as Khushi had looked into those chocolate brown orbs, she knew she couldn't and didn't trust anyone more than him. The last three months had just strengthened their bond even further and Arnav knew that this was the right time to move forward. Though none of them had told the other in so many words about their love for each other, they knew pretty well how the other felt. Their actions had spoken loud enough from the past few days.


Every time Arnav opened the car door for her and every time she waited for him at dinner, to all the other small gestures which might not mean anything to the observing eye but it meant the world to both of them. For a very long time they were trying to ignore the growing attraction between them but knew it wouldn't be long before they reached this bend.


Khushi nodded silently, agreeing to everything he had promised. He had hypnotized her.




It was not long before they stood naked before each other. Arnav carried her to the bed and they both made love to each other in every way possible. Caressing each other, getting aware of every inch of each other, and not wanting any contour neglected.


Love was made again and again, until both of them lay exhausted and facing each other, but still not ready to sleep. They held hands under the quilt, which now covered the lower half of their body. They still hadn't spoken anything in particular, except for calling out each other's name admiration and wonderment, during their passionate collision. Khushi felt extremely foolish at her previous misconceptions and giggled.


"What is so funny?" Arnav asked smiling, he laugh a lullaby to his ears.*


Khushi shook her head, "Nothing," and he didn't pester her any further. He thought he knew what she was thinking about and he was himself thinking along the same lines.*


Arnav propelled himself onto his elbows, to get at better look at her; both had a radiant glow around their faces.

"Are you hungry?" he asked. He just remembered that they had left the food unattended earlier.


She just shook her head slightly, extremely tired to get up.


"Me too," he said.


He bent down to kiss her one last time that night, before sliding his under her, pulling her closer. She rested herself on his chest, as he kissed her hair, and it was just a little before dawn that they both drifted into a peaceful sleep, bodies intertwined and souls enlightened, belonging to each other in the matters of both heart and soul.


It's true that, when there is a collision of two passionate hearts, the erupting sparks can be seen flying everywhere.



*I think so the lines are from The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn.

A very difficult chapter to write from my opinion and very cheesy I guess.

Hope so it is up to the expectations. I would really like to apologize to Rae, who has reserved from a very long time, even before I changed the title. This one is dedicated to you and everyone who has reserved for a very long time.

Please do leave your comments and feedback to let me know your opinions.


P.S: Thank you everyone for always coming and reading my FF and always asking me to update it soon. It means a lot. All your eagerness to read it means a lot.

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Ah. Beautiful, author and reader I dont know the name of!

The love making was sensuous and poetic and just completely natural for the state they have reached. The new writing style you were experimenting with...I really liked it and there was no roughness in transition. :)

The whole thing started off with Khushi losing her cool but then ended on such a beautiful understanding! I do hope you are continuing with this story. :)

And I dont mind waiting for the update when it is so beautiful! But thank you for the dedication! :)

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Damn. I wanted the 1st spot :(
There's always a next time!


You are spoiling me Sobi and I love you for that.

I had butterflies in my stomach while reading the chapter. You definitely know the Mechanics of romance very well! Wink

The chapter started on such an nervous note with each of them scared to spoil the moment and their first time and it ended on a beautiful acceptance of each other completely.

The style of the scenes set in present and how it all came to be was an amazing concept. It was like they were remembering how it came to the moment.

I loved loved loved the chapter!

Looking forward to more and more :D

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__blossom__ IF-Dazzler

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Wow!!!! I must say it was worth the wait... Smile
That was amazing!!!
Their emotions their feelings so well described...I'm lost for words... Embarrassed
That was just so perfect...extremely adorable and a treat to read!
Great update absolutely loved it!!!!!
Continue soon:)

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Beautiful and brilliantly written :-) arnav took a very wise decision of taking their relationship forward and obviously khusi agreeing was a bonus lol overall it was amazing :-) :-D looking forward to read the next part xx

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No Matter what my position is! I claim by right Sobi!



Sobi, is that really you? Wrote such an update. Someone someday told me, they dont like love stories much and this one is just a try!Wink

Amazing as usual. And I loved the way you switched back and forth. Initially it seemed a little unclear as when u mentioned "His hand was still under her chin" I was wondering when did it go to chin.

When I read that last one. I was like Awww! Lost in their perfect moment.

Both were scared to make a move. How sacred is their feelings. I'm overwhelming with that.

Is it the end? Please dont say yes! I want you to continue in whatever ways you want and could!

Thanks for the pm Mech engineer. :D

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Aww shucks I again didn't get 1st position
No probs
Resing now

Gosh sobi you really using my siggies thanks re
Ur dabba looks shrutified nowROFL


sobi sobiHugHug
big big jhappis for you

what an update 
the love making was sensuous passionate and it was wild in some sense but not that wild
i hope you get what i mean to say bcoz i dont what i am sayingLOL

the transition was smooth and the quotes you used ah beautiful

the update is just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

i am totally in love with your new style of writingEmbarrassedClap
and for someone who isnt so much interested in love stories you really write great
the emotions of khushi the shyness, nervousness of a virgin bride is depicted beautifully 
i so loved it

great work and plz plz plz update soon before my pestering startsROFL

Loads of Love 

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Awesome... Thumbs UpClap

Do update soon... Can u PM me when u update 

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