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FF: Destination Called Love *Chapter 7 on Page 69 (Page 59)

--Sobi-- IF-Dazzler

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"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."



"Now'..let me'''just adjust this''over here'..that's it''done'''you look wonderful Khushi. I am sure Arnav will not be able to take his eyes away from you."


Khushi unexpectedly started feeling warm, in contrast to the dressing room which was acutely cold. For some reason she was feeling extremely uncomfortable, exposed to be specific. Was it the heavy makeup? Was it the dress? Or Both? It was definitely the dress, she thought. After Anjali's constant persistence, Khushi had finally managed to wear the dress that belonged to her. It was a wedding reception of Arnav's business partner and colleague and when Arnav had asked Khushi to go with her, she decided to take Anjali's advice on what to wear. After long hours of fruitless discussions, Anjali had come up with a conclusion that she would dress her up, to which Khushi had gratefully obliged. Though, now she doubted Anjali's ideas.


When Anjali had finally finished with Khushi, then only she was allowed to look at herself in the mirror. She anxiously turned around, glancing at her fully fledged reflection in the long mirror attached to the wall. For a brief moment Khushi didn't recognize the grown up woman standing in front of her, tall and slender in her silver stilettos. The strapless dress in the dark shade of blue, left her shoulders, hands and legs uncovered, unveiling her flawless milky skin. With the dress fitting just at the right places at the top and the bottom, she didn't look less than any of those size zero actresses. A dark reddish orange lipstick furbished her lips and the silver earrings dangling from her ears, swayed slightly as she moved. Her hair was tied into a tight bun, with a few strands purposely left. Anjali had rolled the ends of those strands, so that they now hung freely at the sides. 


Whatever Anjali had done, made the woman standing in front of her look glamorous and stunning at the same time. Anyone who had known her previously, wouldn't be able to recognize her, but one thing really disturbed her and that was the fact this was not at all the Khushi she had brought back with her from Lucknow.


"I think so this is too much Anjali Di," Khushi tried for the umpteenth time that day.


"Khushi, you look lovely in this dress," Anjali said and then sensing her discomfort, she added, "Everyone at the party will be dressed in a similar manner. I am sure once you reach there, you will feel over dressed," she tried to cheer her up.


Khushi tried to smile, in between all the nervousness.


"Arnav will love you in this dress," Anjali teased.


Love? Had their relationship reached that point? She highly doubted that, but the conclusion that Arnav liked short dresses only nourished Khushi's already discomforted feelings.


Khushi and Anjali walked out of the dressing room towards the living room, where Arnav was impatiently waiting for the past half one hour. He got up from the couch, and placed the iPad aside as he heard them approach.


"Finally, I thought you two''.," but he stopped in mid track, as his eyes fell on the striding form of Khushi.


He gulped in her enthralling appearance and their eyes met. As his scorching gaze met hers, a blush crept upon her cheeks, giving everything away. Arnav's passionate eyes also left every stone turned as he swiftly walked towards her. A magnetic force had captivated both of them, drawing them towards each other, causing physical tension to revive.


Arnav's already commendable personality was enhanced once more with the black tuxedo he was wearing. His lean figure and broad shoulders added to the enthralling beauty, he already was.


"I told you he won't be able to resist you," Anajli whispered in her ears, "


Khushi looked exceptionally bewitching to Arnav. They were so engrossed in each other, that they didn't realize that they had met halfway and were now standing in front of each. Their eyes were still not ready to leave each other that were met for an infinite moment.


None wanting to break this contact, but they had to. An obligation called social manners was preventing them to move any further. Although Anjali was quietly observing them the whole time, not wanting to disturb their private and intimate moment, they still thought it was indecent to ignore her.


After what seemed like a lot of dilemma, both of them turned and smiled at Anjali and left for the wedding, while Anjlai left for her own home.




The reception was supposed to be held in a five star hotel. Arnav had decided to drive himself, as he decided to give Paul, his driver, a night off. The whole ride to the reception was filled with dangerous silence prevailing between them. None of them daring to break it, but the truth was both of them didn't know what to say, so they thought it was better to stay quite. Arnav wanted to praise her, but decided against it. Both of them looked straight ahead, though Arnav stole a few glimpses at her at her now and then. As they stopped at a red traffic light, he noticed she was fidgeting with her fingers.


He finally took the turn in to the hotel parking lot, and got out, while a chauffeur opened Khushi's door for her. She assumed the chauffeur to be somewhere in his late twenties, but it bothered her the way his eyes dawdled over her body. Thankfully, it did not last look. Arnav arrived, standing next to her and handed the keys to the chauffeur, which eventually made him revert his eyes.


"Take this and leave," Arnav's voice was seethed with anger.


Khushi stole a nervous glance at Arnav, and found him scowling at the retreating form of the chauffeur, and she suspected the worst. Knowing that his anger had no bounds, she wished he wouldn't blow a fuse in a public place like this. Gratefully, he didn't. He offered his hand to her and as Khushi placed her hand in the crook of his arms, they both walked into the hotel.




The wedding hall was decorated beautifully, with the background, where the couple was standing, intricated with flowers in the shape of a heart. Arnav and Khushi went to greet them. They seemed like lovely people to her, as they greeted them with much enthusiasm.


"Finally we are meeting you Mrs. Raizadah," they had said and then added later on, "Your wife is beautiful."


Arnav's felt ecstatic at their words. For the first time he felt blessed and gratified that she belonged to him and had had fallen into his lap, without much effort from his side. After an hour of exchanges, which passed by introducing Khushi to some of his friends and colleagues, he felt her exhausted by his side. Arnav guided her to one of chairs, and asked her to wait for him, but she refused flatly.




This was the first time Khushi had a chance to meet people whom Arnav considered friends. She didn't want to disappoint him. Everyone congratulated them for their wedding, as most of them were not present at that time and left praising Khushi.


The whole reception seemed to have gone better than she had expected. Anjali was right. Everyone was dressed just like her. Some even under dressed.


It was almost midnight when Khushi finally left the hall that night. After so many days she had an opportunity to leave the house and she had thoroughly enjoyed herself. Arnav too was smiling by the end of it all.


"I think so I have left my iPhone at the dinner table," Arnav's hands searched his empty pockets, "Just wait over here. I will be back in a jiffy," and he went, leaving her with his intoxicating smile. Khushi nodded in response and she too smiled at his retreating back.


It was a cold night, Khushi observed as she stood there waiting for Arnav. Khushi hugged herself tighter, rubbing her bare arms to warm herself. She stared into the open sky and was soon lost in the beauty of the full moon.


Suddenly someone pushed her from behind, and she was about to topple but balanced herself just in time. She looked to her right, scowling slightly, at a drunken man, who himself was having a difficult time standing straight. He swayed from side to side. She noticed that he was a rich man, though nobody could guarantee that looking at his disheveled state.


Khushi tried to ignore him and increased the distance between the two, walking awya towards a fountain she had noticed while entering the hotel grounds. To her utter shock, the drunken man followed her over there. She turned away from him, taking no notice of his presence, but his eyes had already drifted to her petite form, lingering at all the wrong places. Khushi's leg had started to tremble, more out fear than the fierce cold wind. Her eyes desperately searched for Arnav, but he was nowhere to be seen. She was standing alone over there, with no one to call out for help. As she revolved around on the spot, getting a proper look of the entrance, she was greeted with his wicked smile. His eyes conveyed something alarmingly deadly.


Khushi pushed him away, as his hands grabbed his shoulders, pulling her delicate body closer to his. His lips were now just few inches away from hers. She wanted to shout, but her voice seemed to have lost due to fright. All of a sudden, two hands grabbed the man in front of him and pushed him away, punching him hard on his face. He was knocked unconscious.


Arnav turned around and looked at Khushi, his eyes holding raw fury. This was something Khushi had always feared, more than the advances of the unknown man. Arnav moved towards her, none of his emotions faltering.


The fright and the cold winter winds had numbed Khushi's senses. She was unable to move.


Arnav leaned in towards her and out of nowhere; Arnav's hand travelled to the back of Khushi's hair bun and roughly pulled out the pins that held it together. Her silky dark brown hair came flowing down, blowing slightly due to the wind, but still covering her bare back and shoulders.


Khushi was taken aback by this unexpected gesture, but nonetheless didn't feel safe to say anything, without her voice faltering. Arnav backed away from her, as they both walked towards the entrance. He took his keys from the chauffeur, and as the chauffeur moved forward to open the passenger door, Arnav stopped him.


"I will manage it from here," Arnav snapped at him, to which he flinched.


The chauffeur seemed to be waiting for something, because even after getting a telling off from Arnav, he didn't budge.


Arnav opened Khushi's door for her and waited for her to sit inside, without uttering a single word to her. This silence was killing Khushi. She wanted to know what he was thinking, but still couldn't bring up the courage to ask him.


On the other Arnav didn't want to talk to her at the moment. Afraid that he could give her a rough tongue, he didn't want to risk it. The last thing he ever wanted to do, was take out his anger on a woman. Arnav resumed his driver's seat and they both drove in silence, yet again, though the atmosphere was very much conflicting with the previous one.


"I am'.."




They both started in unison. Arnav was staring at the road ahead, so motioned her to speak first.


"I am really sorry Arnav. I know it's my fault. I shouldn't have worn such a short dress," Khushi blurted out without thinking, but still not looking him in the eye and staring at the dashboard.


She regretted her actions, as soon as she met with Arnav's scathing expressions.


"Your fault? How come it's your fault?" he asked disbelievingly, "You are being unreasonable."


They both sat in silence once more, their good friend at all times.


"Even I want to apologize. I didn't mean to behave in that unmanly fashion few minutes back. I shouldn't have hit that man. It was wrong of me, but I couldn't control the feelings that had gotten inside me at that time."


Khushi didn't know how to respond to this, so she just looked ahead, along with him.


"Are you all right?" he asked concerned.


"Yes, I am fine," she replied earnestly.


As they stopped at the red traffic light once more, Arnav took off his belt and then his coat, before handing it to Khushi.


"Put this on," Khushi could fell that he was more relaxed now, as he said this.


He put back his seat belt and Khushi took the coat. Putting it on without any hesitancy, as she was feeling really cold.


"Can I ask you for a favor?" he asked after sometime, hesitating slightly.


Khushi felt her body go tense, not sure of what he might ask, but still nodded into the dark night, unaware that he didn't see her action.


He looked at her with expectant eyes, and saw her waiting for him to proceed.


"Is it possible that you don't wear such dresses, when we go out?"


She felt relieved at his words. She had never wanted to wear such revealing dresses in the first place. She smiled at him and said, "I won't," her words filled with utmost surety.


"Thanks," Khushi could feel a hint of a smile, but couldn't be entirely sure about it as his face was hidden in the shadows.


All's well that ends well, Khushi thought she didn't have anything to complain about tonight. She drifted into a peaceful sleep with Arnav next to her.



There were so many conflicting emotions going on in this chapter, that I am not sure if I brought them out rightly.

Please do leave you honest feedbacks and comments.


P.S.: All the people who had complained about short updates earlier, I hope so you are happy now.

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...shruti... IF-Sizzlerz

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hehe me first

First of all sobi love you thanxx so much for updating
So pestering really works with youROFL
Esp when the pestering is done with with giving you all hot Avis
Okay then you will have more of me pestering you
So beware I m gonna fill up your scrapbook Evil Smile

Coming to the update my my the description of Khushi you gave I can just picture her in that dress(after all I hv seen those type of dresses in English movies so much)
Arnav mesmerized by her hayye u reminded me of the red saree incident in the show
Anji is such a nice friend cum nanad of Khushi love her
And Arnav's possessiveness hayye first the chauffeur then that drunken man
It all reminded me of nanheji timings in the show
And the last request by Arnav I so wanted him to say wear it only for me in privacy aww never mind he will say a bit later
Lovey dovey update sobi
Now m really curious abt next update

Oh I didn't say this sobi m not only reading your work but also advertising to others hehe
U write it so beautifully

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Update soon! :)

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wow Sobi loved the update... Looks like my likewa button is having a prob will like it tomorrow...
Great update ...

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kyunki_iloveu Goldie

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amazing update..
loved the possessive arnav..
lol hubby's love short dresses on other girls not they dont want no man looking at her...

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HansaN IF-Sizzlerz

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loved it

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farheen75 IF-Rockerz

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Just loved the update...slowly but surely they r coming closer.

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arshisangel Senior Member

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it was a nice part..i guess one more step towards their happie married life lol 
Thx for d pm dear :)

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