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It was Damn HOT!!Day Dreaming

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I want to read it once again
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hey i want to read ur os series pls tell me hoe to read them
pls pm me
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oh it is also removed

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Originally posted by GodsEye



Shyam was curious. He knew they have changed their plan of consumating here at RM since they too knew he will not let that happen.. But what can he do now?


Shyam: Par Rani Saheba... Hum ne toh aaj khaana apne haaton se banaya tha Saale Sahab aur Khushiji ke liye.. Aur yeh hai ki Party jaa rahe hai..( But Rani Saheba .. I have cooked the dinner myself today for Saale Saheb and Khushiji.. And they are going out..?)

Anjali: Rehne dijiye naa.. Fir kabhi aapke haath ka khaana kha lenge.. (Its Ok dear.. They will have food prepared by you some other time)


Shyam showed himself a bit serious and Anjali looking at him was all worried.. Arnav and Khushi saw Anjali getting upset and they decided to cancel the party and eat the Dinner at home..


The dinner was served and Khushi and Arnav were sitting next to each other very close. He kept on holding her hands, and caressing her legs with his from inside her saree all the time giving intense looks to her. And she kept blushing.. They were craving for some time in Private but destiny was not supporting them. Khushi removed all the plates and then helped Payal in cleaning the Kitchen. When she was about to go upstairs in their room, Anjali called evryone down..


Anjali: Kyon naa kuch ice creams hojaye? PAr layega kaun? (Lets have some ice cream.. But who will get it?)

Arnav: Di... Me and Khushi will go and get the ice creams..

Anjali agreed but Shyam interfered again..


Shyam: Hum bhi chalte hai Saale Sahab.. ( I will also join you both)

Arnav: Koi zarurat nahi hai JEEJAJI.. Hum le aayenge.. (No JEEJAJI.. We will get it..)


He said that and they both left. Shyam was serious.. But then he cooled his mind thinking they will return back with the ice creams soon.. How can they do something of that sort outside? No way.. They will come home.. And may be that time he will again try to bother them..


Arnav hurried Khushi to his Car and they started their way to the Ice cream parlour.. He stopped the car at a very remote place.. Where there were hardly anyone.. It was a route aloof from the main road. He parked his vehicle at a corner near a tree and finally looked at Khushi..


Khushi: Arnavji.. Yahan?  (Arnavji... Here?)

Arnav: Haan Khushi.. Kyon? There is so much disturbance at home.. I am fed up of his evilness Khushi..


Khushi understood the urgency and importance of the matter.. She smiled.


He switched off the headlights of the vehicle and it was dark. She was scared .. But his presence made her feel good. He pressed her seat back and bent from his side to kiss her.. They were very very desperate to feel each other. To love each other. He kissed her hard on her lips and then thrust his tongue inside her mouth to take her scent.., She too kissed him passionately.. All the while kissing his hands were busy removing her jewellery including her bangles, earings, and Khushi was all the while busy in removing his shirt buttons.. That Black shirt was making him look damm hot and without that shirt he would be Hotter she thought.. They were in no mood of talking and wasting time.. He Then started to kiss her cheeks and bit her hard on her neck. She moaned.. Similarly she bit him hard on his neck.Bites Bites and Bites everywhere on their exposed skin.. The Skin was more red than their usual colour. He kissed her bosoms and belly and moved his way down. She held her hands at the top of her seat, she bent behind and started giving him more access to her skin.. But this posture of theirs was not allowing him to access her completely. He opened his side of the door and got down. He walked to her side of the door, opened it and then picked her.. He made her to open the back seat door and made her sleep on the seat. He then entered in and closed the door behind him. He was on top of her now. He was about to tear her blouse when she stopped him..


Khushi: Arnavji.. Yeh nahi.. Hume yahi pehenke ghar bhi jaana hai.. ( Arnavji.. Dont do this..I need to wear this same stuff and go back home too)


Arnav understood.. He made her hug him and removed the hooks from the back of her blouse slowly. He then slid the blouse from her hands and threw it at his front seat.. She was loving all this.. It was cold.. Very cold outside but his body pressing her was warming her.. He then tried to remove her saree carefully not to tear it off.. She was in her Underskirt and Bra..He started biting her bosoms and making her moan louder.. SHe was continulously biting her lips not to moan since they were not doing this in their bedroom but outside.,.. He started licking her bosoms where he bit her before.. That made her moan more louder.. Arnav had to kiss her on her lips to make her stop her moans.. He lied on her and she started unzipping his pants.. She unhooked his pant buttons and started pulling it down .. making Arnav groan in passion. He immediately fulfilled her wish and pulled his pants down threw it again at the front seat..


Khushi was getting more and more excited now.. Firstly she touched his butts and started pressing them, caressing them sometimes even pinching them.. He was surprised to see this passionate side of Khushi.. He always felt she was too naive for all this.. He loved the way she was playing with them.. He wished she gives such equal importance to his other parts too.. He was rubbing her breasts and licking them .. He unclasped her bra and took her breast in his mouth,, She moaned again and tried to move her chest forward to provide him more of her.. He licked and sucked every part of her bosoms pleasuring her to extreames.. He then removed her underskirt and pulled it from her legs..

He then made her sit on that seat and he himself kneeled down..He wanted to taste her.. everywhere.. He started placing hot wet kisses on her thighs. She bent back and clutched his shoulders.. Tight.. He kissed her knees.. and her legs .. His eyes on her inner thighs now wanting to lick her.. bite her.. He didnt waste a single moment in reaching her inner thighs and spreading her legs with his hands.. She was breathing fast.. This was it.. This was it they were waiting for since long.. Past few hours they had made love to each other in many ways and many locations.. but never reached this part.. And here it was.. She helped him by actually spreading her legs to the angle that he wanted her to.. It was dark inside.. Though he could not see her properly, he could feel she was wet.. All wet.. and slippery.. He kissed her there on her feminity and then moved his hands to remove this obstruction.. She was getting all nervous..of the feeling that he would be making love to her core.. first with his mouth and then with ... Gosh the thought itself made her shiver.. He removed her panty and kept it aside.. He then made his way towards her feminity to love her there, lick her, suck her.. She moved her waist forward so that he could reach there without any further delay.. She was lost in a new world. The first touch of his lips directly on her Core made her pull his hair towards her, more.. He was already erected.. But he wanted to enjoy each bit of hers than just thrusting inside her. He loved her, licked her there and made her shiver in his arms. He pressed her waist as if squeezing her would make her release more.. He then reached her lips and made her taste what she is at present.. He stood up a bit and sat on the seat and pulled her on him with her legs on either sides of his waist and started kissing her more passionately.. She pressed her nails on his back and then made her hands reach down on his manhood. He loved the way she was playing with it.. He pressed her hard on his chest so that their private parts crushed each other...When His phone started ringing.. It was Anjali..

Definately shyam must have asked her to know their whereabouts..


He extended his hands to pick the phone which was somewhere on the hand break.. He was panting hard and so was she.. But they had to answer this call.. No matter what...


Arnav: Hello

Khushi was hugging him...still on his lap.

Anjali: Chotte.. Kahan hai aap dono? (Chotte.. Where are you both?)

Arnav: Di woh gaadi bund pad gayi hai.. We wil be back in an hour.. And the ice cream shop is closed so wont be getting them.. You all go to sleep.. We will be there soon..


Saying that he cut the phone as if he would have continued then they would have recognized from his voice that they were doing something else.. He then made khushi lie again on the seat and finally entered her slowly making her familiarize with the new pain and then as she was co-operating he continued it a bit faster.. They did this for another long hour and then finally broke in each others arms.. He still being on top of her.. The entire world seemed to be silent for them at this moment.. This had started with she seducing him a day before and finally ended up in clearing the misunderstandings and finally consumating their marriage..


They then dressed themseleves and he started driving home.. Both were quite tired and needed sleep.. Since afternoon they were playing with each other and now they really needed some rest.. He parked the Car and then picked Khushi in his arms.. He then made his way to the stairs. SHyam was still awake and he saw them.. The way they were looking into each other, their clothes little messed up and their tired look didnt go unnoticed by him.. He was now sure that they finally did it.. Without his disturbance.There was nothing he could do to stop them.. Khushi was finally marked as Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada...





I am already missing writing this SS..Cry


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Originally posted by GodsEye


Same current plot of the story where Khushi is trying to irritate Arnav by her Laad and Pyaar..

Khushi was in the kitchen making the lunch ready when Anjali came to her.

Anjali: Toh Khushiji aapko humaari baat yaad toh hai naa?
Khushi: Kaunsi baat Di?
Anjali: Wohi ki agar aap saamne se khul ke pyaar jataayengi toh Chotte apne aage ek badi si diwaar khadi kar denge..Aapko unhe sikhaana hoga ki pyaar kaise jataaya jaata hai..
Khushi: Haan ..Di.. Hum acchi tarah se samajh gaye hai (She remembered all the Gopi Bahu and Swami drama that she was doing from past 2 days with him..)
Anjali: Pata hai Khushiji, Chotte ki ek client thi, kuch 2 saal pehle, woh chotte pe puri tarah se fida thi. Ek baar toh unhone chotte ko Dhoke se apne ghar bula liya aur phir..
Khushi was now keen to know what this girl tried to do with her husband. She stopped her work and sat on the Kitchen Slab to hear it)
Khushi: Phir?
Anjali (Continued): Phir kya.. Bus ghar ki lights off kar di, aur Chotte ko seduce karne lagi..
Khushi: What The..!! Di woh aise kaise kar sakti hai.. Aur Arnavji.. Unhone bhi kuch kiya kya?
Anjali: Kiya naa. Uske ghar se toh woh bachte bachaate aagaye aur dusre din Chotte ne unse saarein Deals tod di..

Khushi sounded happy listening this. Afterall her laad governor is not that easy to be seduced. She knew that. But the main interesting thing she understood was that if she does something similar to this, he may be frustrated and himself ask her to leave the house and break their marriage deal. This thought gave a broad smile on Khushis lips. She hugged Anjali happily.

Anjali: Arre Khushiji aap itna kyon khush ho rahi hai?
Khushi: Kuch nahi Di, hum iss baat se khush hai ki Arnavji aisa bhi kar sakte hai.. Aapko nahi pata di aapne kitni badi baat hume batayi hai.. Dhanyawad di.

She said that and left the Kitchen to make preparations for "SEDUCING ARNAV". This was her next mission now...

Arnav came back from Office at night. Changing his clothes he came to the dinning table and waited for the food to be served. Khushi came out from the kitchen with the bowls. She was wearing her usual Anarkali Chudidaar. She Came directly to Arnav and started serving him. Payal was serving others. Khushi was trying her best to serve him slowly and passionately. While serving him the Roti's she purposely touched his hands. And not only that she also tried to carress his wrist from her delicate fingers. Arnav was surprised at her actions.

Arnav: What The ..!! Khushi.. Kya kar rahi ho?
Khushi removed her finger from his wrist.
Khushi: Humne kya kiya.. Hum toh bas apna Kartavya nibha rahe hai..

Arnav wanted to scream at her saying "Damm her Kartavya" but he was quiet as the other family members had started to get surprised seeing Arnav pissed off on his wife. He also saw Shyam who was smiling at the thought that Arnav did not treat Khushi as his wife at all, forget being good to her. Arnav became conscious and gently held her hand stroking it a bit.. infact stroking it very hard and said

Arnav: Khushi agar sabke saamne tum yeh sab karti rahi.. toh mujhe majburan tumhe utha ke kamre mein lejaana padega.. humare baaki ke kartavya nibhaane..

First Khushi was a bit embarassed at his sudden boldness but she knew he was lieing. he just wanted to show off to him family that everything between them is fine.. So she did not care much. She sat beside him smiling at everyone and started having her food. While having, she started caressing Arnav's legs from her toes sideways. Arnav jerked at that action from her.. He looked at her angrily..but softened when realised again about the family..

Arnav: Khushi.. Tum theek ho naa?
Khushi: Hume kya hua hai Arnavji.. Hum toh Bilkul theek hai.
Arnav: Toh Phir tum yeh...
Khushi: Woh bus humaare paav mein khujli aarahi thi.. Toh isiliye..
Arnav knew something was wrong with her..why was she acting like that?
Again after few minutes Arnav almost choked when Khushi kept her one hand on his thighs. This was heights he thought.. He immediately got up..

Anjali: Aree Chotte kya hua? Uth kyon gaye? Khaana toh khatam karo..
Arnav: Woh Di..
Khushi: Di.. Shayad inhe room mein jaane ki jaldi hai.. Hai naa Arnavji..(She asked him raising her eye brows) Arnav was totally irritated by this behaviour of hers. Khushi too got up from her chair

Anjali: Arre Khushiji ab aapko kya hua? Aap kyon uth gayi?
Khushi: Agar yeh Khaana nahi khaayenge toh hum kaise khaa sakte hai..

Arnav was damm frustrated now. She was trying to be a typical wife in front of all. He sat back on his chair and continued having. She too joined him. Anjali who was sitting beside Arnav asked Khushi to pass a bowl. Khushi took the bowl and extended it to give it to Anjali. Since Arnav was in between them, she almost leaned on him and her breast touched his upper arms. He closed his eyes tightly and clenched his jaw. What kind of Kartavya was that he thought..

After Dinner, Arnav was sitting with Akash on the Sofa when Hari Prakash was searching for Khushi with a Box in his hands.

Arnav: Hari Prakash, yeh tumhare haath mein kya hai?
HP: Woh Khushi Bhabi ke liye koi parcel aaya hai..
Arnav: Mujhe do.. I will give her.
HP gave the box to him and left. Khushi came running from the Kitchen to him and snatched the box..

Khushi: Yehh .. Humaara hai..
Arnav: Haan I know that.. Par iss mein hai kya?
Khushi blushed at the thought of the contents.
Khushi: Woh iss mein humaare kapde hai.. Joh humne aaj kharide the.. Bus alterations ke liye diye the..

She said that and started walking towards their room. Suddenly she turned back and asked

Khushi: Aap aa rahe hai naa? Jaldi aayiye..Hum aapka intazaar kar rahe hai... (She said that and left for their room leaving a stunned Akash and shocked Arnav behind..)


PART 2 -----PG 8
PART3 -----PG14
PART4 -----PG23
PART5 -----PG31

PART6 -----PG39
PART7 -----PG48

PART8 -----PG56
PART9 -----PG66

PART10 -----PG75 (LAST PART)


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Originally posted by GodsEye

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Originally posted by MOHIBMAHIR

Originally posted by GodsEye

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