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SS: ASR's Take on her Dairy(Last Part) (Page 9)

Black_Paradize IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 4:18pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lovespell

That was awesome. Please continue.  I am die hard fan for your other FF 'Rakshas'
awww so sweet of u bunny...keep reading yaBig smile

sweta1231 Groupbie

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
I like this new ASR its getting interesting.

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BSwan Senior Member

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 4:21pm | IP Logged
nice add me to you pm list 

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maryk_09 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 4:41pm | IP Logged
fab!! luved the details & naughty Arnav!!

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Black_Paradize IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 5:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by maryk_09

fab!! luved the details & naughty Arnav!!
thanks Smile

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Black_Paradize IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 7:25pm | IP Logged
I hold the soul ownership of all my work and concept and nobody should produce it without my permission.
For all who can read hindi/urdu...there is no need to read the blue font as its just the translation.

Part 2

Yeh kia hy khushi?...! he asked seriously having a mischevious glint in  his eyes...! (what is tht khushi?)

Kia hy..? too embaraced to look at him...! (wht is it?)

Idhar dekho Khushi...meri taraf...! What the hell is that..? (look at me khushi..)he said trying to behave a little angry...! Deep down he was lusting over his cute wife shying away from him...and his intense gaze was making her knees go weak.

 Khushi looked at him slowly ,shying away and tensed..."K...KK...Kiya hy...???" ..she said annoyed.(W..WW...What is it???)

"This" he pointed at her tinny undergarment in his hands...

Now she was some how back to her senses and so she tried to act some how strong..."ghor sy dekhiye shayad ap hi ka hoga"...(may be its urs)She said hurriedly and looked away on celling ,then floor and then the pool side ...trying to escape from his buring eyes.

What the!...I dont wear tiny pink lacy panties...besides its too small to be even in my foot! Now speak up damnit...

he was actually loosing patience to hear tht word from his wife's lips. It would be a high turn on for him but this time was not right for would be too much for her and too early as well...before doing tht he must punish her for all the clause she had mentioned in her little dairy and also he must make her comfortable with him, so this was a way to make her comfortable with him. To involve her in sucha hawt talk and then carry on with some other hawt topics next time so tht she becomes comfortable with him some how for wht he has planned in his mind as finale. And another benefit would be tht she will clean the cupboard to avoid being putted in a weird situation like this by him again.

..."Wohi hy jo apkay pas bhi hy"...she said hurriedly and tried to escape her eyes from his.(its the same thing tht u also would be having)

bahanay mat banaow and tell me yeh yahan kia kr rahi hy?... He said coming to the point again...! (dont pretend now khushi and tell me wht is this doing there?)

Khushi's cheeks were scarlet red she could'nt think of an ans tht urgent...she was breathing heavily as it was an embarrassing moment for her.

He came near her and she backed away covering herself from the sarri which she was still wearing like a dupatta around her shoulders. He stood close to her and asked her again..."Answer me khushi??"

Han tou...hum mantay hain yeh humara hy...Aur humari cheezian aur kahan jayein ge?...adhi almari humari bhi hy issi liye hum isay almari main rakh saktay hain...aur apko sharam nahi ati..ap ny isay uthaya kun???ap issay meherbani farma k wapas rakh dijye...she said trying to be strong. (ok so..?i accept its mine and where else will it be? This cupboard belongs to me too so i can keep it in here ...and btw dun u have any shame left...why did u pick tht? Plz keep it back)

tum phir sy bhool rahi ho khushi sirf adhi cupboard tumhari hy, aur yeh meri taraf k cupboard mein thi...tou main issay utha sakta hun do u understand...aur yeh wapas amlari main nahi jaye gi.samjhi tum...!...he said. (r'nt u forgeting? Only half of the cupboard right? And it was laying on my side so i can touch it do u understand? And this is not gona be back in the cupboard right..!)

Kia???phir hum iska kia karein gy????kahan rakhain gy??? ...She said worriedly.(wht..! then wht else em gona do with this?and where its gona go then?)

I dun care...either wear it or keep it safe from HP's eyes...he said looking into her eyes...he said

Kia??? likin hum ny pehlay hi aik pehni hui hy...!!!aur HP ji ki ankhaian????? likin unko kab???yeh ap kaisi batain kr rahay hain Arnav ji...! is py ab tak sirf apki nazar pari hy wo bhi iss liye kun k ...! she stop speaking further and covered her mouth urgently with her hands as she realized she has told him abt wht she is wearing, she became nervous and her eyes grew bigger as she found him glaring at her in a different way...(what???but i already am wearing one...and HP? How come HP will see? Wht kind of things u r talking arnav ji...u r the only one who has seen it till now ok ...and tht too becoz...)

He was satisfied hearing from her mouth tht he is the only one who has seen such private thing of her's..."Yahan rakho gi tou uski nazron main bhi ajaye gi..becoz yeh cupboard kapron k liye hain undergarments k liye nahi..aur wesay bhi HP is cupboard sy rooz mere kapray laundry k liye lenay ata hy..."(HP comes here daily for getting my clothes for laundry so its easy for him to see such thing laying there ok. And tht cupboard is not for undergarments ...)

Arnav jiii! she yelled at him shying from his bold talks...

Now Arnav...who was behaving to be serious but deep down he was hell enjoying this hawt converstation on undergarments with khushi...!

Arnav ji...ap aisi besharmo wali batein krna band krein aur isay wapas rakh dain aur ayenda isay choye ga bhi mat...samjhay ap...She said trying to be strong and bold enough to ans him , but poor her...she did'nt knew whom she was facing...!(Arnav ji stop being so shameless and put it back ok..and dun even try to touch it again...!)

Shut up khushi...awaz nechi karo...aur mujhy apni almari mein mojood kisi bhi cheez ko hath laganay k liye tumhari ijazat ki zarorat nahi hy...aur isay ayenda yahan mat rakhna ,nechay walay cupboard mein rakhna coz usay kholnay ki permission ghar k kisi nokar ko nahi hy...understand!... he said.(Shut up khushi ..keep ur voice low...and i dun need ur permission to pick any thing laying in my own cupboard. And keep it in this drawer afterwards as nobody is allowded to open this one)

he was actually serious abt the last sentence he said coz he was the only rightful person in this whole world to see khushi's private things...and he cant tolerate any other person to use his rights even mistakenly. he would have killed tht person right away.

"Hey DM yeh hum kahan pans gaye hain..yeh laad governer tou din badin bohot besharm hotay ja rahay hain...ab is sy pehlay k inkay hath humari koi aur cheez aye aur yeh usay bahana bana k hum sy dobara aisi batain pochain ,hum apnay kapray inki almari sy nikal dain gy. sirf oper k kaprey rehnay dein gy"...she said bitting her nails (hey DM this laad governer is becoming more shameless day by day...before he can see any of my other things in his closet i shd shift my clothes other than the suits, so tht he could'nt find a chance to ask these weird things with me again)and he gave her a last glance before keeping her panties back in the cupboard and picking up his file tht was now fully visiable in the heap of clothes..."There it is" he said and rushed out of the room leaving a nervous khushi behind ...she urgently tied her sarri around her and rushed to set the cupboard before any other work.

After she was finished ...she grabed her dairy and crossed the clause..."Laad governer ki almari py kabza"(Capturing Laad governer's closet). "sab ulta ho raha hy"she said..(Every thing it turning oposite)

She hides her dairy again in her clothes and grab a bottle of cream to put it on her feet and after putting it on her feet and massaging she grab a pair of his socks and wore them, even they were too big for her little feet but she did'nt bought her socks in Shantivan...she thought before he would come she will wash them and put them back in his closet. And went downstairs for breakfast. But he was still there ...discussing some thing with Mr. Roy as he has came. So he decided to discuss some thing with him in the house and then leave after...he was sitting in lounge when he saw khushi running on stairs toward the kitchen wearing his socks ..."bohot bhook lagi hy, us Laad Governer k chakar main bohot dair ho gayi"(its already been too late for breakfast and em starving..thts all becoz of tht laad governer)...she ran murmuring to herself..."hmm so she is comfortable using my things hunnn...not bad"...he smirked to himself thinking some thing in his evil mind.


Arnav was always late from work and she spend most of her time with his family...but when others got also busy in their daily chores and she got bored as ASR made it cleared tht Arnav singh raizada's wife was'nt supposed to work, as there are alot of servants for this. So she thought of joining driving classes. And now she was here to ask angali and nani.

Angali: aray khushi ji...ap chotay k hotay huay kisi aur sy kun sekhain gi? Ap unki patni hain... aur wesay bhi khushi ji...apko pata nahi hy...yahan k jo driving classes walay teachers hain na bohot ajeeb hain...apko sikhatay sikhatay apka khub faida uthatay hain...hum bhi gaye thy aik do din k liye ...magar humain wahan ka mahool acha nahi laga...ap chotay k hotay huay kisi aur sy sekhain ge? (khushi ji u r gona learn from some one else being chotay's wife? He drives really good himself and well as i dun like the atmosphere of driving schools so u shd learn from chotay)

Khushi: rehnay dijye angali ji...unkay pass time hi nahi hota ..hum classes hi join kr letay hain...she made an excuse becoz she did'nt wanted to learn from laad governer...! (leave it angali ji...he doe'nt have enough time)

They were talking when they saw him coming down from main entrance and walking towards the stairs to go into his room.

Angali: chotay...suno tou...(Chotay listen)

ASR: yes Di!...

Angali: dekho na tum khushi ji ko time nahi dey pa rahay issi liye khushi ji driving classes join krnay ka soch rahi hain...humnay socha agar tum khushi ji ko driving sikha do tou tum unhain kuch time bhi dy pao gy aur wo driving classes k ajeeb mahool sy bhi bach jain gi. (see as u r not giving khushi ji enough time so she wana join driving school but i dun wana send her to driving school as i dun like the atmosphere i thought if u would teach her then u will also be able to give her time)

He imagined khushi sitting in his lap while learning driving and also he could'nt imagine some one else in this world even touching khushi while teaching her so he agreed to his Di's openion.

ASR:theek hy Di...kaal main office sy wapas akay khushi ko drive py ley jaon ga.(ok Di..! i will take her for a drive after office tomorrow.)

He left a stunned khushi behind and moved towards his room... and khushi was scared to learn any thing from laad governer as she reminded his office behavior with her and how he bashed her all the time for her little mistakes in the office...

"Khushi ab tera kia ho ga?...yeh laad governer yakenan humain dantnay k bahanay dhundna chahtay hain jabhi tou sikhanay k liye manay...yeh tou humain kacha chaba jain gy agar hum ny in sy driving sekhi tou...hey DM raksha karna "... she thought to herself. (khushi now wht will happen to u...this laad governer is finding reasons to scold me so thts why he agreed...he is gona eat me alive if i learned from him...hey DM plz save me)

Precap: Arnav forces khushi to sit in his lap if she wana learn driving.

PS: thank u every one for sucha nice u allEmbarrassed...the more u guys comment the more em motivated to write.Evil Smile any one who wants updates can buddy me.Big smile

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Originally posted by GoGreen

me first
congo sumu...Big smile

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loved it arnav is so naughty poor khushi him and her under wear he is so bad loving this ff it so cute thanks for the pm

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