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SS: ASR's Take on her Dairy(Last Part) (Page 24)

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poor khushi its all backfiring on her, brill update, thanx for that and the pm.

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wow... super driving lessons :P ;)

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Originally posted by ihtruda

wow... super driving lessons :P ;)
thanks dear...and thank u every one for commenting...em going home on a 4 days leave..i will update soon after coming back...i promise...sorry for the late update...!Ouch
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Ha Ha Ha!
Nice! Clap

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pm me next time

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brilliant..:) ...

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Originally posted by Black_Paradize

Originally posted by ..-Sanzz-..

Omfggg, The Precap : O Short Night Dresses ?! Blushing
yup...BlushingBlushingBlushing...i wish he would have done this with her for changing his wardrobe...hy naa
Embarrassed LOL
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I hold the soul ownership of all my work and concept and nobody should produce it without my permission.


For all those who can read hindi/urdu no need to read the blue font as its just the translation!

Khushi and payal were making breakfast for every one when Arnav came into the kitchen asking for some water ...but khushi was continuously talking to shukla ji and she did'nt noticed him...this was the thing Arnav hated most...when he was talking to her and she is not willing to pay attension...he shouted one more time..."KHUSHIII..."...making payal jump in fear and looking at her jeju and her naughty sister scared of the situation which was coming for her sister...she knew tht khushi was doing that intentionally to avoid her husband...

He took off the blue tooth from khushi's ear and said..."kab sy chila raha hun..r u gone deaf???"...(em calling u from so long)

"Hum zarori baat kr rahay thy, ap ny humara fone kun band kia?humain humara blue tooth wapas dijye..." she said behaving a little angry at him...(i was on an important call why did u cutted my call? Give me back my bluetooth)

"Jab tak meri baat sun nahi leti, yeh nahi milay ga.." he said (not before u listen me fully)...and khushi started jumping on the ground trying to reach his hand to get her blue tooth back ,which he was holding in air to a level where she can't reach...she was jumping holding his shoulders and this caused herself to brush with his body creating a strange fraction in his form as well as his mind...they both stopped when they realize the proximity...she backed off a little shy and he gave back her blue tooth and went to take a glass of water himself rather than asking her one more time and left the kitchen instantly...!

Payal who was seeing all this laughed in his heart to see her sister playing with his angry jeju like tht...offcourse she was the one and only person on this earth who can dare to play with mighty ASR...she smiled seeing her who was now busy making purris...

Payal: khushi...tu bhi na ...abhi tak bachi hy...koi na koi tareeka dhund hi leti hy jeth ji k sath khelnay ka..agar kisi din unko ghussa agaya tou?(khushi u r still a kid hun...u always find some way to play silly games with him dont'nt u? Wht if some day he really got angry?)

Khushi: tou konsi nai baat hy(she murmered to herself)...humara matlab tou aur kis k sath khelain jiji? Wo humaray pati hain aur humain unkay sath khelnay ka pora haq hy...!(so whts new? Means its my right to play games with my husband.)

"Pagal"...payal patted khushi's head and left the kitchen...(crazy girl)

Now adays Arnav was acting very husband like...the same ASR who never liked any girl to touch his things in a wifey manner ...was asking khushi for each and every thing like he is depending on her.

"Pata nahi aj kal arnav ji ko kia hota ja raha hy...wo jantay bhi hain hum yahan sirf kuch mahenay k liye hain..! aur unko agar humari adat ho gayi tou na yeh unkay liye acha hy na humaray liye...!"...she was murmuring to herself while walking towards his kitchen when Angali meet her and give her some information about Arnav tht he can never show his love and when some body shows love he dun like it...(i dun knw whts happeneing to Arnav ji nowadays ..he knew its a 6 months marriage, i dun want ourselves to get habitual of each other, its not good for both of us.)

khushi who was already doing some thing to be thrown away from RM, change her strategy and starts her swami drama...she changes his wardrobe and gave her his hanky with a kiss mark on it which causes him to be embarrassed in the meeting later and also took his lunch herself to his office for embarrassing him some more infront of his staff, and she knew tht she was successfull...

Arnav thought to seek his revenge in his own style rather than being now the misunderstanding was clear and there were two missions ahead for him...

1.To get her love...

2.To punish her for teasing him by her 101 ways.

(Actually to bring khushi closer in both cases)

He asked aman to get AR's Best of the Best catalog and choosed some great laced lingerie and dresses and revealing dresses for khushi.


He got home early today and moved towards his room where he knew khushi would be up with some thing new to tease him...

"i need to read her dairy to find out whts up in her mind..." he thought to himself...but one part of him stopped him to do so as these are called ..."BAD MANNERS and ASR never behave cheap and classless. But one part of his mind asked him to go and read tht little dairy as he is her husband and he has All Rights Reserved on her, so reading a mere dairy doesn't matter if it is to get back his wife.

"but whts the need of reading it when i already know her major plan"...! he thought smirking to himself and entering his room where khushi was standing still with an open mouth facing the cupboard...!

His smirk widened as he realized the cause of her still state...! he moved forward and picked up his clothes from closet and move towards the bathroom for freshen up. When he came back he found her still standing near the closet in the same position. He was a little amazed this time...he was expecting this but not to this extent.

Khushi was standing looking at her wardrobe where all the dresses were modern and revealing, but the thing tht caugth her attention were the lingree items ...she knew tht it was a revenge but he can even choose this she was not expecting...

"yeh itnay besharam ho saktay hain hum soch bhi nahi saktay thy"(i never thought he could be so shameless)...she thought to herself,when he came out of bathroom and gave her a questioning look.

"kia hua?" (wht happened?) he said ignoring irritation in her eyes and moving towards the dressing table and brushing his hairs...!

"ap aisa kaisay kr saktay hain?"(how can u do tht to me?) she asked!

"kaisa?" (what?) he replied back in the same expressionless tone

"yeh ..sab...humara matlab hy yeh humaray kapray nahi hain"(these are not my clothes)...she said...

"subha meri cupboard main bhi mere kapray nahi thy, likin phir bhi mainay pehnay kun k tumhain pasand thy..hy na khushi?"...he replied with the same ease...!(yeh right just like i was unable to see my clothes in the closet in the morning ,am i right?)

"likin humain aisay kapray nahi pasand aur na hum yeh pehannay walay hain samjhy ap...!"(but i dun like such clothes nor em gona wear them ok!)

"iskay matlab tum sirf achi patni bannay ka natak kr rahi thi? Aur tumhain meri pasand ki koi parwah nahi hy?" he blackmailed her emotionaly together while trapping her in her own plan...why did'nt she understand tht if the plan reciprocate it will be more damaging for her than him. (thts mean u were only acting to become a good wife? U dun wana obey ur husband actually by heart?)

"hey DM yeh hum kahan phans gaye?"(hey DM where the hell am i trapped)she said to herself.

"bolo khushi...wo subha subha chai, mere kapray tayar rakhna, meri wardrobe apni pasand sy change krna? Wo sab drama tha kia? Issi liye tum manna kr rahi ho hy na?" he said smirking making her lose her confidence at all.(u changed my closet according to ur will so tht was a drama? Was'nt it? Thts why u r not full filling my wish is'nt it?)

"Naan...Nahi...humara matlab hy...Arnav ji...humara matlab hy hum aisay kapray kaisay pehen saktay hain?" she said looking sacredly at him demanding some mercy.(No i mean...Arnav can is just wear such clothes plz)

His heart melted on her innocence...but he regain his ASR mood..."Do not let her go"...some one shouted in his mind ...

"waisay hi jaisay mujhy pehenay paray thy"...he said (same like i did)

"Arnav ji ...pleaseee...! hum yeh sab pehen k nani ji aur angali ji k samnay kaisay jain gy???" she said in a pledging tone...!(Arnav ji plz how can i go infront of Angali ji and nani ji wearing them?)

At tht time he wished he could hug her for her cuteness and someone can be so innocent...he was gone weak a little..

"theek hy ...tumhain thori si favour dey detay hain...tum yeh sab sirf iss kamray mein pehena...likin aik bat..aj k baad iss kamray me main tumhain in kaprun mein na dekhun..." (ok then em granting u a lill relaxation...wear it infront of me in this room only)he said in a ruthless tone...she shivered at his words...

"Arnav ji...please..." she asked him again for some more favour but he was'nt in any mood to listen any further...

"Please what khushi...? wesay bhi mainay tumhain ab tak yeh nahi bataya k mujhy hanki py kiss mark nahi pasand..i rather like it on lips" he said looking serious. (i did'nt told u tht i dun like kiss marks on hankies i prefer lips instead )

"Wo hum..." she was speechless she forgot all the words existed so far in her vocabulary. She knew tht she was fully trapped in her own plan. (actually I)

"wo kia khushi? Chalo...tumhain itna pareshan dekh kr tumharay liye kuch asani kr detay hain...! u have 2 choices now...yah tou mujhy kiss karo yah yeh dresses pehennay k liye maan jao...aur yeh baat decide krnay k liye tumhary pass sirf dinner tak ka time hy"...he rushed out of room saying this as angali called them for dinner, leaving a nearly crying khushi behind..! (ok so seeing u so restless i can have some mercy on u...u have two choices ...either kiss me or wear these clothes)

"Hey DM yeh sab ulta kaisay ho gaya?"...she thought to herself (hey DM how come this all become oposite?)


In the dinning hall when the whole Raizada family was having dinner, Arnav was waiting for khushi to join him...she came taking heavy steps from stairs as she never wanted this dinner to end ever and they shd return to their room and he can make her wear those short strange dresses in there...

"khushi ji aye na ...yah phir aj dopahir k bad apko bhook hi nahi lagi?" Angali giggled.(khushi ji come or u r not hungry after lunch?)

"Ji?" khushi asked angali confusingly. (what?)

"han khushi ji hum ny suna ap chotay k office gayein thin? Aur wahan ap ko chotay ny apnay hathon sy khana khilaya..? hosakta hy pyaar ka doze kuch ziyada ho gaya jo ab apko bhook hi nahi lagi ho?" angali giggled once again making khushi confused and look in frustration towards her husband. (oh yeh Chotay told us how u were at his office today and how he feeded u lunch there!)

"Nahi Angali ji aisa kuch nahi ..." khushi was cut off by angali...(its not like tht angali ji!)

"Ab ap chupanay ki koshish mat karein khushi ji, chotay ny humain sab kuch bata dia hy...aur ab apki barri hy chotay ko apnay hathon sy khana khilanay ki ,dekhiye na shayad issi liye chotay ny abhi tak kuch nahi khaya aur apka wait kr rahay thy..." Angali said making khushi shy infront of all. (now dun try to hide from us hun...and see now its chotay's turn , will u not feed him with ur hands now?he is waiting for u only)

"Angali ji wo hum..." said khushi (angali ji actually!)

"Come on khushi...Di is right , ab mere barri hy, mujhy apnay hathon sy nahi khilao gi?"...he said smirking evily ...(will u not feed me with ur hands?)

There was no way escape so she sat on the chair right beside him and started feeding him with her hand...he in response some time licked her fingers intentionally, making her feel more vulnerable. She was lost in her own thoughts while feeding him his food when he bit her finger and she gasped as she felt gust of pain and then she looked around her and feel embarrassed as she saw the whole Raizada family smiling at her sheepishly. She increased looked away shyly and prayed her DM to end this embarrassing moment soon.

The dinner was ended and now he was waiting for her to join him in the room as she escaped from dining hall making an excuse tht she is making jaleebies...!

The whole tin of floor and sugar was ended and there was no batter left for making jaleebies any she was compeled to move to her room as there was no other way. she entered the room and found him working on his Laptop...

"hey DM..yeh ab tak jag rahay hain...inhain sula kun nahi diya ap nay" she murmered to herself but her bad luck as he heard her.(hey DM why did'nt u made him sleep till now?)

"DM is not listening dear...just go and change ur clothes with out wasting any time..."

She went to bathroom choosing a comparatively long dress unaware of the fact tht even though its long in length but much more revealing than all of the others...

Arnav smiled at her ignorance abt this dress as he saw her rushing into the bathroom worriedly. She took almost 20 minutes for just a mere dress... she was feeling shy to come out as it was backless and has a quite low neck...

"khushi tum bahar arahi ho yah main andar aown?" he shouted ,his voice full of irritation and anger some how...! (khushi r u coming out or shd i come in?)

"Arahay hain,,,!!!!" khushi shouted back but did'nt come out ...! (Em comming)

When she did'nt came out for a good 2 mins he went to the door and knocked...!

"Khushi bahar aow...mujhy bhi change krna hy, main yahan sari raat tumhary liye wait nahi kr sakta...!  (khushi come outside i have to change as well) he said knocking at the door..and she came out hidding her thies with her dress tht resulted in revealing her neck area some more...he sood there waiting for her to come out of the door frame completelty, and watched her as she moved shyly infront of him keeping one hand on her chest and another on her thies... his eyes were filled with mischief and were penetrating through her body. She felt the warmth in his eyes and steal her eyes from his, sat on the dressing table and started opening her braid to cover her back with her hairs... he looked at her for a while and then entered the bathroom and she sighted in relief.

He came out after 5 minutes and moved to the dressing table where she was already sitting. It was good tht his cell phone was laying there tht provided him the oportunity to stand beside her...he stood just on her back without looking at her and she stoped combing her hairs and looked at him with wide eyes wondering wht was coming from his side now. He leaned on her too close tht she can feel his breath on her neck's side and picked up his cell phone, while getting his hand back he purposefully touched the back of his hand with her bare arms and she shivered at his touch. He noticed tht and was happy to see his effect on her.

"Arnav ji...yeh sab humain kab tak pehenna hoga? Kia hum inhi kaprun mein soyein gy?"...she asked him causing him to stop in his way to recliner. (arnav ji how long i have to wear all tht? So i have to sleep in them as well?)

"Shayad tum ny ghoor sy dekha nahi, cupboard main kuch nighties biklool samnay pari thin"...he said without looking back (i think u have'nt noticed clearly, there were some nighties as well)

"kiya?????...wooo??? (what??? Those?)(khushi reminded some of the ultra revealing nighties in the closet and shivered at the thought of wearing them)

"han woh ...aj tou tum ny yeh pehen lia hy,its ok for today, likin tum kal sy raat k wakt wohi pehno gi"...he ordered her (yeh those..well as its ur first day so it ok, but from next time u will wear those nighties during night)

"Arnav ji..wo kapeay bohot ajeeb hain plz..hum wo nahi pehen saktay hain ,hum ny jo bhi kia humain maf kr dejiye na plz...hum ayenda aisa nahi karein gy" khushi said in sucha pledging tone tht made his heart melt at her innocence but he was on a mission he cant let her go. (Arnav ji tht dress is so strange ..i cant wear them...plz forgive me for wht ever i have done plz..i will not do any thing again plzz...)

"Maffi kis liye khushi? Kia kiya hy tum ny? Besides tum ny jo bhi kia theek kia...tumhain mujh py apni marzi chalanay ka pora pora right hy, likin tum mujhy bhi mera right use krnay sy nahi rook sakti ho"(forgiveness for wht khushi? U have full right on me and u did it ur way, but u cant stop me from using my right as well now)...he said working on his laptop. He very well knew tht the way khushi is been treated by him and the way she got all her ways back on her by him, she will never ever even think of teasing him again.

"Kia? Abhi aur bhi kuch baki hy? " she said running to him and sitting on floor infront of him, holding his knees..(wht? U mean some thing is else?)

"Arnav ji hum ny kaha na humain maaf kr dain ,DM ki kasam hum aj sy aisa nahi karein gy, hum apko bolkool tang nahi karein gy, na hi ap py koi haq jatayein gy, kal jo hum apko samnay humary maikay janay k liye kehnay walay thy wo bhi nahi kahain gy...par humain wo kapray mat pehnain plzzz..." she said having tears in her eyes (Arnav ji i said please forgive me na...i swear to DM tht i'll never ever tease u again , nor i'll show any right on u any further, and i will also not take u to GH tht i was taking u tommoro)

"Hmmm so tht was her next move...get me to GH and torture me there" he thought to him self but when he saw her teary face he got up from the recliner and grabber her shoulders and picked her up from the floor.. tht was limit for him...he was not intended to bring tears in her eyes ..

"Khushi..?..rona band karo..." (khushi stop crying)he said while covering her with her dupata tht was laying on the recliner which arnav bought mistakenly with his towel from bathroom.

"agar tum nahi pehenna chahti tou mat pehno its OK,tumhain jo karna hy karo likin rona band karo" he said relaxing her (if u dun wana wear its ok but dun cry, do wht ever u want)

She immediately wiped off her tears and said exitedly...

"Achaa...??? phir hum kal apko apnay maikay leja saktay hain???" she said smiling widely making him wonder in anger tht she was crying fake.(OK..then i can take u to GH tommoro?)

"You...tum yeh sab drama kr rahi thi?" (so tht all was a drama?)he said pointing on her tears ..

"Nahi nahi hum drama nahi kr rahay thy...likin hum sach main bohot dukhi thy jab apnay hum sy wo ajeeb kapray pehenay ko kaha ..ab hum khush hain kun k apnay humain maf kr dia hy aur hum dobara sy apni marzi kr saktay hain...aur pehlay ap naraz thy...ab nahi hain...iska matlab hum apko apnay maikay leja saktay hain...hy naa?".(no actually u were upset with me and now as u have forgiven me so i thought i might take u to my house with myself ...r u coming na?).she said smiling widely making him fume in anger some more.

"Shut up...tum sy kis ny kaha k mainay tumhain maaf kr dia hy Kushi singh raizada?" he said moving one step forward towards her and she took one step back (who said tht i have forgiven u?)

"Aaa...ap ny"...she said backing off (u said)

"What? Mainay kaha tum apni marzi kr sakti ho, it does'nt mean mainay tumhain maaf kia hy? He said closing the distance .. (i did'nt...).

"Arnav ji..ap yeh kia?..." (arnav ji wht r u doing?)she said backing off but left in middle as she felt her back hit the wall and his hands trapping her from both sides ...

"Tum ny socha yeh ansu dikha kr tum mujhy control kr sakti ho? Socha aisa kr k Arnav singh raizada sy bach jao gi? ab tak tou tumhain mujhy jan jana chahiye tha...k main kabhi kisi ko maaf nahi krta..." (how can u think u can control me from ur tears? U shd have known me till now, tht i never forgive any one)he said reducing the distance between their lips ...and when was half an inch away khushi pushed him and run away from the wall and was about to open the door of pool side when he grabbed her from her waist and pulled her to his chest. She started running her feet in the air as she was lifted from the ground some how.

"so u think u can run from me?" he was already turned on seeing khushi in this dress and they way khushi was running here and there..his patience was lost and he wanted to have her right now...and stop playing games with her any further...and claim her his forever..!

"Nahi...Arnav ji...!" (No Arnav ji!)she said fumbling with his hands tht were on her either sides of belly as a cross grabbing her...she tried to get off from his grip...she was innocent but not tht much tht she cant read the wildness in his eyes and she was scared of this. She did'nt wanted this to happen in a 6 month marriage. But he was too fast...

She tried to run away from him but he carried her the same way, back to front and throw her on the bed...! her head spinned for a while for this powerfull thorwn.

"so u love to show ur right on me hunn???Can i show u what rights i have on u?" he said a bit evily and smirking to her.

"Nahi Arnav ji humari baat tou suniye ...wo hum yeh kehna chahtay thy k...!" (No Arnav ji plz listen to me ..actually...!)she was again cut off in the middle when he pressed his lips on her and kissed her hungrily...she was sitting on the bed with the help on her elbows which was now impossible as he was pushing her while kissing and so she fell on the bed. And he moved above her without breaking the kiss... he broke the kiss to have some breath and she again gained the opportunity to talk...

"Arnav ji wo hum..." (Actually I..!)but soon she was cutted again as he again shut her up by the kiss. She tried to sit on the bed once again and she succeeded as he decreased his pressure realizing tht it might be hurting her. But in the process he gave her the oportunity to run. She sat up pushed his shoulder tht only caused him to sit on the bed in a way his feet were on the ground. She tried to run away from him quickly but he grabbed her once again and pulled her in his lap, making her sit there forcibly, she struggled to release herself from his grip but he was too strong for her fragile body. She clutched his arms to remove them from her waist tht was paining now becoz of the force he was applying..she surely felt his condition while sitting in his lap tht caused her to jump and shiver realizing wht he was going through becoz of her presence.

"Ahh..Arnav ji...choriye humain...janain dain plzzz" she whimpered in pain.(plz leme go plz)

"Why khushi? Do u think i'll leave u without ur punishment?" he said bringing his nose near her ears tht caused her to flinch...

"Saza??kaisi saza?...hum ny aisa bhi kia kiya hy jiski itni bari saza dain gy ap?" she said still struggling to remove his hands from her waist. (punishment wht punishment? Wht have i done so bad?)

"stop moving khushi, or i'll not even wait for this conversation to end..." he said tightening her some more and he felt her relax in his lap after this threat.

"hmmm...tou tum kia keh rahi thi? K tum ny "Aisa" bhi kia kiya hy? Iska matlab tum manti ho tum ny kuch tou kia hy..don't u khushi?" he said..(hmmm so u accept tht u might have done some thing hun?)

"Nahi...haa...hum ny aisa ...humara matlab aisa kab kaha hum ny? Aur kaisi saza?" she said trembling as she realized her mistake. (no i did'nt mean tht and wht punishment)

" hmmm...saza ka tou tumhain abhi pata chal jaye ga, likin filhaal itna...main tumhari dairy parh chuka hun Mrs. Khushi Singh Raizada" (ok so u r asking me the reason i must tell u then...tht i have read ur dairy)he closely observing her shocked expressions as she tried to look back at his face in his lap, brushing her self badly on his lower body, making him more harder.

"Sari?" (fully?)was the word tht was uttered from her mouth after such a long silence while looking into each other eyes...she said innocently and he was once again drooling over her innocence.

"Sari"(yes fully)...he said and kissed her cheeks which were now turning red as she remembered how she has shared her love secretes about him with the dairy...and how.."Hey DM" she has wrote 101 ways to tease him..she remembered while uttering those words...!

"Dekhiye Arnav ji...hum sach mein apko hamesha sy satana nahi chahtay thy...likin ap humain zabardasti apnay sath yahan rakhna chahtay thy aur humain dar tha k ap...iss liye humnain yeh sab kia takay ap humain khud tang akay ghar sy bahar phaink dain'...she said hurriedly(look Arnav ji i did'nt wanted to tease u but only becoz i wanted u to throw me out of RM before u do some...)

"tumhain dar tha k main kia khushi???...tell me" (do some wht khushi?)he said snaking his hands up on sides of her breast and she fliched and pressed her forearms to her sides forcefully in a process to avoid his hands touch her there.

"K..K...Kuch nahi Arnav ji..choriye humain...!" (nothing...leave me )she said trying to run again.

"Kun? Ab kia hua khushi? Achi bewi nahi banna hy?" he said teasing her. (Why khushi? U dun wana be a good wify?)

"Choriyeee"...(leave meee...!)she said angrily causing his anger to rise as well.

"What the hell Khushi? R u on ur dates?" he said irritatingly.

"Hey DM...Bhagwan k liye chup ho jaye Arnav ji...plzz !" (plz be quite Arnav ji for God sake)she placed her hands on her ears and nodded in a "NO" as she blushed to her roots hearing his words.

"then its fine...and just shut up...and get ready for ur punishment"...he said and at the same time put her on the bed and pinned her hands on the bed sheet and in no time he was hovering over her ...her heart skipped a beat with fear as she saw him all over her and she started breathing heavily.

He started kissing her temples, then cheeks, then lips, then chin, then neck, and then when he moved toward her chest but she tried move away from there and didn't let him touch there but he tightened his grip and started kissing her on her butterfly bone and down the exposed area. He turn khushi on her belly and she whimpered a bit at this sudden assault. He unzip her dress and exposed the skin just above her breasts, he saw her golden little skin hairs standing straight with fear or cold some how on her skin and he rubbed her back with his hand tht were huge enough to cover half of her back, he moved his hand back and forth on her exposed back to sooth her and felt her breathing getting even. But she regain her restlessness when he again turned her on her back and held both of her wrists above her head with one hand and tried to remove her dress from top and leaving wet kissed on her bare shoulders and arms in together.

She tried to struggle again to get rid of his grip from her wrists and ended up hurting her self..."Ahh.." she screamed ...

He knew why she has screamed ..."Just stay there relax khushi..u r with ur husband and i am not rapping u as i have every right on all parts of ur body did u get tht?" he said a lill angry on her behaviour...he knew it was her first time but he was not expecting tht much resistance from her.

"Arnav ji please..." she said having tears in her eyes at last...

Arnav who was kissing her delicate neck bone stopped at her tone.

"Khushi? R u OK?" he said leaving her wrists alone but she stayed under him as it is bring her hands on her eyes and wipping away tears and sobbing slowly.

"Arnav ji hum istimal ho k phainki hui cheez nahi banna chahtay ,please..." she said with so much pain and request in her eyes tht was enough to stop him for doing anything further (I dun wana be used and thrown away please...)

"What?" he said shocked for some time then realizing wht she meant he sighted in frustration.

"Arnav ji ap shayad bhool rahay hain..humari shadi sirf 6 mahenay ki hy aur agar ap ny humary sath aisa kia tou shadi khtam honay k bad shayad hum kabhi jee hi na payein"...she said while cleaning her teary face.(u r forgetting tht its just a 6 month marriage and u will spoil my life tht u have already spoiled enough)

"Rona band karo pehlay"...(stop whinning now)he said roughly (he planned to tease her actually)

She wiped her tears and looked at him.

"i told u tht u can't control me with these tears, didn't i?" he said with ultimate seriousness and she was dumbstruck and speechless as she didn't knew he can be so ruthless.

"I married u coz i wanted to have these relations with u, not to hear all this crap...i dun care if u like it or not but u r mine and i have right to do any thing with u till six months did u got tht?" he said cruelly...and laughed in his heart at khushi's cute scared expressions.

"now stop all this and lay down on the bed as i dun have much time and i have an early morning meeting"..he continued looking in her eyes who was sitting motionlessly on bed looking at him shocked at this cruel reaction.

He grabbed her from under her knee and pulled her so tht she was laying on her elbows on the bed and then he pushed her on bed pressing her shoulders and he was again all over her...she was laying motionless on the bed when he undressed her pulling her dress and then her panties together and then when he reached up her bra to unclasp it by bringing his hands from under her armpits to her back, she like came back to senses and started pushing him by placing her tinny trembling hands on his chest tht were of no use off course to move him. He held her hands and the bra was left hanging on her he starting kissing her lingering on her skin for a while ,under her ears and then jawline, under her chin, her neck, he collar bone and she flinched and moan in an irritating way as she felt his hard stubble brushing on her soft delicate smooth skin...he continued kissing as he loved tht effect but when she tried to turn around on bed for making him stop kissing him, he was hurriedly pinned her both hands above her head and entered her with one jerk and she screamed like she is being murdered... "Ouch ...Ahhh...Arnav ji...plz mat karein aisa plz... humain dard ho raha hy, plzz mat karein humary sath aisa, nahi naa please..." she was now litterally crying like hell, when he shshed her.(Plz dun do this Arnav ji its paining like hell...plz leave me alone plz..No please..!)

"Shhhssshhh khushi...chup!...dont cry jan..! u'll be ok , u'll be ok, trust me sweet heart...!" he said while patting her cheeks and chupping her face with both hands as she kept on sobbing and he was still as he wanted her to relax first and the pain reduce. He was cupping her face with his hands and kissing her face while she kept on cleaning her tears as she cried all together with his kissing. Her hands were disturbing him so he held one of her hand tht was busying cleaning her tears on her face and kissed her fingers and when he left she closed her fingers in a fist and hide it under her back. And stoped crying.

He felt her at ease so he started his work again and she again gasped in pain when he moved. But he kept this process all tender for her to not get hurt more.

Khushi was sleeping in his arms after 2 hours when he got up from sleep as he heard her mumbling to herself in sleep.

"Laad governer, humain yahan sy nahi jana" (I dun wana go from there please)she mumbled as she hugged him some more in sleep..

"I know tht u dun wana go khushi"..he said some how loud tht caused her sleep to break off. She opened her eyes flickering and moved a little away covering herself from the blanket tht was already laying on her, as she realized tht she was naked. She saw him who was in his night dress laying next to her, his arms around her protectively.

"jee?" she asked blankly(what?)

"So u think tht i'll kick u out of RM if u applied tht silly 101 tricks on me?" he said in a quite serious tone making her heart jumping in her throat at the thought of kicking out of RM after all tht he had done with her tonight.

"Jee?" she asked scaredly again (what?)

"Ans me khushi?" he said

"Nahi...humara matlab hy han...likin abhi tou 6 mahenay bhi poray nahi huay, please humain abhi saza mat dijye ga...hum apsay us bewakofi k liye mafi mangtay hain aur wesay bhi saza tou ap dey hi chukay hain Arnav ji..aur nahi plz" she said in a pledging tone

"So khushi tumhain lagta hy yeh thi tumhari saza?" he asked hidding his smile on  her innocence. (so u think this was ur punishment?)

"jee!" she answered (yes)

"Wrong khushi! Tumhari saza itno choti nahi hogi...yeh saza tumhain rooz milay gi aj k bad, sari zindagi, likin ayenda me jab bhi tumhain bulaon ga tum koi resist nahi karo gi, Do u understand? " he said (ur punishment is not tht short khushi, now u'll be facing this for ur whole life, this is ur punishment, but i dun want any resistance like today in the future do u understand?)

She was shocked 2nd time this night and she was thinking about the meaning of his words...

"Arnav ji hum samjhay nahi..!" was all she could manage to say...(i did'nt get)

"Chilaon?" (shd i shout?) he said looking at her as if he was litterally gona shout if she said NO.

She looked at him for a while and then said "Par app tou hum sy nafrat krtay thy na arnav ji, ap humain bardasht bhi nahi krna chahtay thy, phir ab?" (but u were not ready to tolerate me for one sec even then for ur whole life?)she asked innocently and now he was unable to hold it any more.

He pulled her hard to his chest and khushi's eyes were again open widely in his embrace. He was pushing her hard in his chest tht caused her to stop breathing but she did'nt stoped him as this was different.

"Aisa kuch nahi hy khushi...i loved u always, i did this becoz i misunderstood ur's situation with shyam, but when i read ur diary , i gota knew how tht bastered tricked u, di and me altogether. I got his inquiry and jailed him for tht thts why he has not been shown in RM for so long. I gota knew tht u were a victim as well, and i hate my self for hurting u, u can hurt me for ur rest of the life but i cant let u go ever now and thts final. At least shayam ki waja sy aj tum mere pass tou ho.and i am not gona let u go now ever, understand." He said kissing her forehead lovingly and she was dumbstruck sitting on the bed now and listening to his words. She was not responding as she was thinking his words some time ago he said..he sounded like a complete beast some time ago, who only wanted her body as a punishment but wht was he saying was totally contradictory...being used and thrown away was her biggest concern tht she was scared about as far as this misunderstanding was concerned, she was not shocked to hear tht as she already had doubts tht he hates her becoz he might have misunderstood her becoz of shyam. But the way he has claimed her body tonight ,threatingly! She was thinking as she was being fooled so hard. Or he was laying right now? One of them could be true not both...she thought

"Tou wo sab jo apnay abhi thori dair pehlay bola tha wo?" she asked..(then wht was tht ...i mean a couple of hours ago the way u talked to me?)

"Oh...wo...tumhain kia lagta hy sirf tum mujhy tang kr sakti ho main nahi?" he said smirking evily. (oh think only u have a right to tease me?)

And there she was back in her senses with a jump on him and punching him with her tinny fists on his chest ,which were of no use on him offcourse, while shouting at him hestrically.

"Ap...Jottay ...dhokaybaz hain...ab kabhi humary kareeb mat aye ga...samjhay ap...hum ap sy nafrat krtay hain...laad governer kahin k...!" she said punching him on his chest while sitting on his belly. (u...u cheat...dun u dare come near me again...i hate u...Laad governer ...!)

He was laughing hard and trying to catch his wild wife's hands and as he catch her hands he rolled her on the bed and pinned her hands and she like an angry lioness was scowling at him "Laad Governerrr! ..choriye humain , hum aj apko nahi chorain gy...mar dalain gy apko"...she said angrily.(Leave me em not gona spare u today..!)

"I love u" he said and kissed her on her lips to shut her up and after a little amount of strugle she was relaxed again ,senseing tht he left her hands and she snaked her hands in his neck and hugged him..he stopped kissing to see her face.

"Hum bhi ap sy bohot pyaar krty hain Arnav ji..." (I love u too Arnav ji..!)she said between tears of happiness and he hugged her tightly saying and caressing her head..."I know"...!

OK guys this one is a longgg PM as i dun want an OS to turn an SS...but i can if i had time and i get enough number of comments on this one ,em sorry for updating so lateee, though i have wrote this long ago 2 weeks before but was unable to upload it and i also apologized from all of those who Pmed me and i did'nt replied ...em sorry guys PM was full and i never got time to see all PMs as em hell hell busy as its high time of my life but i wana say tht i love u all too...and thanks for so much love ...! keep loving and i'll keep writting...!

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