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SS: ASR's Take on her Dairy(Last Part) (Page 15)

Black_Paradize IF-Rockerz

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I hold the soul ownership of all my work and concept and nobody should produce it without my permission.
For all who can read hindi/urdu...there is no need to read the blue font as its just the translation.

Part 3

Khushi was walking behind Arnav like he is taking her to slaughter house for murdering her and not a driving lesson...angali noticed her and grabbed her to kitchen excusing her brother.

Khushi ji...yeh lijye ..pani pe lijye..ap driving sekhnay ja rahi hain kisi jang py nahi...(have a glass of water khushi ji and relax...u r going for a driving lesson not war)said angali smiling at her sister in law's condition...she knew her brother was hard to deal but she never knew somebody could be so terrified of him in that world. She sensed some kina thing was cooking up between the couple which was terrifying her little sister in law badly...!

Khushi drank the whole glass in just one swig...!

Wesay khushi ji...ap itni ghabra kun rahi hain? Chotay apko kha nahi jaayein gy...! she said to khushi...(by the way khushi ji why r u so scared? He is not gona eat u up.)

Khushi looked at him who was standing outside kitchen waiting for khushi to join him back. "dekh tou aisay hi rahay hain jaisay abhi humain kha jain gy...ab bechari angali ji ko thori pata hoga k unkay bhai kitnay besharam hain, unkay samnay thori hi aisa krtay hun gy"(yeh right! The way he is looking at me seems like he is gona make me his dinner, and poor Di dont know how much shameless his brother is)...she said to herself in a low tone while angali tried hard to understand wht she was saying but couldn't...khushi was very well aware of her husband's situation nowadays...she knew wht effect she was having on him, she was'nt tht childish to not understand, but as much as she tried to escape from him ,he some how found a away to keep her in front of him. She did'nt wanted THAT to happen in a 6 months marriage. Khushi knew tht laad governer respects his Di so much and can't do anything against her will in a house where his Di is present ,but today as he was taking her out ...her mind was making images of he attacking her on a lonely road...!

...but before angali could speak any thing ASR came in and ask khushi to join him back in the car soon and rushed out of the house.

"Jaye khushi ji...warna chotay phir sy ghusa ho jain gy"(Run Khushi ji other wise he'll be angry again.)...she said to khushi "Chotay...khushi ji ka khayal rakhna..."(chotay take care of khushi ji!)she shouted at her brother who was walking toward the door...he did'nt answered and rushed outside.khushi ran after him to join him.

He was driving for an hour now, playing soft music in the car and his lips were curved in a slight smile but tht smile was so short tht it was hard to see.

"Kuch khao gi?" (wana eat some thing?)he asked her ...and she looked at him like she was seeing a dream..."hummm???"...she asked...!

"Who else is in the car...hmmm?"...he cross questioned her instead of answering directly.

Before he could make her more confused with his differnt attitude and tone ...she answered him urgently... "ice cream"...she knew there were no jaleebies on the way and she did'nt wanted to irk him this time when she herself was confused.

"Which flavour?"...he asked..."jo bhi apko pasand ho"(what ever u like)...she answered to avoid any conversation with him..."i don't like ice creams"...he answered..."acha...?phir chocolate wali"(Ok then chocolate one)...she said ending up the short discussion. He stopped the car outside an ice cream parlor and fetched an ice cream cone for khushi and went back to his driving seat...then he turned the car towards a quite lonely road...khushi was licking the ice cream nervously thinking tht why he has still not started teaching her, was now scared of her own husband when she realize where he was driving her.

She forgot her ice cream and asked him..."y..yeh hum kahan ja rahay hain Arnav ji?"(where r we going Arnav ji?)...he now very well knew tht poor thing was scared becoz of his previous behavior ...whenever he asked her to get out on a lonely road, some times in the dark as well...tht time he never knew he will marry her and will be determined to protect her like the most precious thing of his life ever, but now he was...

Relax khushi...i am not kidnapping u r already mine...i am taking u to a lonely road where u can easily practice driving without worrying abt the traffic rush.

Khushi did'nt knew wht he was talking about? She has never seen him talking to her these words..."hum arnav ji k hain?"...(u r mine?)"...she reminded his words in her head..."Hey DM is baat sy inka kia matlab hy????" (Hey DM wht does he mean by tht?)she murmered while bitting her nails but it was loud enough for him to be heard.

He stoped the car and said some how seriously..."khushi meri pass aow"...(Khushi come near me)

"K...KKKuunnn???" (W..Whyyy???)she said looking around her out side the car scared ...

"khushi i dont have enough time to listen to ur Kiya, kun aur kaisay...just come here and sit in my lap"...he said some how irritated of her behaviour now...he wanted to make her comfortable and here she was running from him all the time and avoiding him...he was restless to feel her in his lap and she was too innocent to understand this.

But khushi was looking at him scared not getting why he was asking her to do tht...!

Khushi drive krna nahi sekhna kia? (khushi dont u wana learn how to drive?) he said still looking irritated at her questions.

Acha phir ap humari seat py ajaye hum wahan beth jatay hain...! she said (ok then  we shd shift our seats)..!

" u know how to drive alone naa...just come here and do as i say...i cant trust u with my car"...he said.

Likin Arnav ji...! hum apki gowd mein kaisay ..? (but how can i sit in ur lap?)she asked him to confirm once again tht did he actually mean it? Thought she knew he mean it but still.

"Aisay..."(like that..)...he said and pulled her forearm and with a jerk landed her on his lap..."Hey DEVI MAYYA"...she shouted when she felt her soft body touched his hard muscles under her and covered both her eyes with her hands. ...she was weightless he gave him extreme pleasure but he did'nt wanted to scare her in a lonely place letting her feel her impact on him under her soft bottoms..he did'nt wanted to end it like tht...he has planned alot still to punish her further for teasing him so much in the past some days. Her legs were hanging on his left leg and she was sitting as her left side was touched to his chest...

He grabed her hairs swiftly and set them on her back so tht they may not fall on her face, mean while brushing his figures to her bare back...she shivered at his touch...he get a hold of her hands tht were covering her face and dropped them on her sides. She turned her neck to looked at him but at tht same instace he roughly grab her waist and pulled her to the side as she was now sitting back to front on his lap...his rough stubble brushed her nape when he was adjusting the set belt, sending cold shivers down her spine. She tried to look back at him with questioning eyes when he said ..."Steering sambhalo". (Take the control of steering wheel)

"Jee?" (what?)khushi too shocked to understand wht he meant as she was still lost wht he was doing to her a couple of minutes ago.

"Steering sambhlo...and get ready for ur driving lessons"...he said..(Take the control of steering wheel)

He keyed the car and pressed the cluth with his one foot and the other on speed and asked khushi to observe carefully...she was unable to see unless she bend...but she did'nt wanted to...he let the cluth go in anger and the car which was ready to start was stopped with a jerk.which caused khushi to jump in his lap creating a great feeling for him...feeling his muscles under her khushi moved forward slightly. But he urgently pulled her back to his lap by grabbing her waist again..which caused khushi to gasp in surprise. Her gasps and her soft body on him was turning him highly on...but NO...he couldn't make it tht way...not here...she will be scared and he don't wanted to scare her any further.

"Khushi...observe me carefully this time Ok"...he said a little scolding her for her absent mindness..

Khushi bend to see where his feet were and while doing tht her whole back area got some more contact with his body turning him hard in spite of trying like hell to control himself. He started the car and asked khushi to practice on steering wheel. After some time he ask her to carry on with the paddles as well...she kept her foot on break and speed giving a very low pressure on speed as directed by her husband ...she can sense him turning hard under her bottoms but she behaved as she is feeling nothing and started to concentrate on driving but as he slided his arms in her waist the car got out of control and was about to hit the tree...she removed her hands from steering, turned her head to him closing her eyes tight and hugged him by placing her arms around his neck scared of the uncontrolled situation breathing heavily. He got the control of car and parked it on side...she was still sitting in his lap, eyes shut and hugging him tight as if she left the accident will happen...he observed her and remained in the same position for some time until her breathing got even. He placed his hand on her upper back and slided it up and down on her back to make her relax. She was some how normal now. And broke the hug.

Bas Arnav ji...humain nahi lagta hum aur sekh payein gy...she said to him.(Arvan ji i dont think i can learn any further)

He knew she is giving up. He felt her legs trembling against his...which was obviously becoz of accident fear. he looked at her for a while trying to see whts in her mind, till she lowered her eyes and tried to get off his lap by placing a hand on his shoulder but fell down again becoz of her still trembling body. He placed a hand under her hips and the other under her arm and placed her on her seat back. He drove back to Shantivan and khushi was quite the whole way. she was unable to look into his eyes becoz of what she have felt while sitting in his lap..And he knew tht she was very well aware of his situation but was satisfied that she was not scared; he knew she was shy and that was natural and he understood that.

He has to get her back slowly.

Precape: khushi change his wardrobe into some new colorful dresses to tease him and in return he put some revealing nighties and short dresses in her wardrobe.

PS Hit Like and comment ...the more u'll comment the more faster i'll update...Smile

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khushi to gayi..!!!
Nice update

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awww!!!! very nice...

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harshnee Goldie

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luved it. especially arnav by purpose made her sit on his lap and slowing arnav is taking revenge on him. cant wait for the next part especially after arnav changes khushi wardrobe (short dresses and nighties) cant wait to see khushi in them. revenge time for arnav. thx for the pm.

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loved it. waiting for the next part...

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Loved how Arnav taught khushi to drive,never heard of that method thoughWink...
Nice one,do continue!!!

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Precaps sound hilarious! Anyway cont soon!

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