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SS: Anjali-Imad (Arhi. Part7 p81 TECH PROBS pg 88) (Page 30)

aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 April 2012 at 10:18am | IP Logged
great teaser
waiting for the update

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sanjeewi15 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 April 2012 at 11:06am | IP Logged
piya o re piya... one of my favourites... waiting for the next part... :)

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nyans Newbie

Joined: 07 March 2012
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Posted: 18 April 2012 at 2:37pm | IP Logged
hey mary,
tnx a lot for the pm n actually continuing with imad and anjali 's love's been a pleasure to read all your writing n m still waiting lyk a fool wen u will write part 12 of my avenging angel hehee...even though it's end agghh...m asking u seriously???CryCry

i read both parts of anjali n imad --havin a crush wid imad's charachter n also the nawaab only f he wasnt olld...n has been luvin it n the how there is arhi n there dear lovey dovey moments...i also lyk the fact that his character is still in a way as same as before ASR n yet obeying KKGSR n actually trying to please her n willing to walk around wid the cat heheh...(f u can understand wat m sayin)...

n i just wanted to say i have been absolutely luvin anjali's rite now character the way c is behavin n stuff ((i dunt know how her character is suppose to be but in my head it's lyk dat StarstrongStar, StarindependantStar n actually being able to think.Star..hope c will think for imad too))...lyk wen abhinav came n all were worried or angry c was d one widout any change remainin strong n actually facin him n rather than gettin angry or stuff c was actually able to reply to him..

n m waitin eagerly for anisha n imad's moment hehe..i just luvvveee babiesBig smileBig smile...n for the sake of how much i m scared Shockedof cats...lukin at ur pic of the cat i want the same oneEmbarrassed...any chance of maybe posting it hehe...n more arhi tooo...writing anoda ss maybe on arhi anytym soon do pm me...!!!

n once again thank-you for actually not only being able to write beautifully and exceptionally well but also for being able to bring the character into life n me as a reader m able to actually imagine n i feel lyk a third person in ur story lyk seeing the things rather than knowing dat m reading a ss...heheClapClapClap

ps..m not so gd at this so sorry f u cant understand it eheh

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SankaDevi20 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 April 2012 at 5:14pm | IP Logged
YEEY! A sequel for Imad and Anjali! I felt sad when AA ended and there was no happy ending for Anjali and Imad, they have such a connection, I felt like there should be more ( Im greedy u see! :D) And here u are! YEEY!
I love the little arnav-khushi exchange over the nail polish remover! And the Nawab still wants Imad and Anjali to be together too, just as much as Khushi. It sucks that Imad and Anjali feel so awkward around eachother, I guess they just need to get to know eachother better. Loved arnavs protectiveness for Anjali, but she's been strong and I like that! Lovely new OS! Sorry for my late reply! I had exams! Gonna go read the next part!!
Part 2- HAHAH she got him that cat? Nooo way! Its a big cotton ball.. Im not a huge PET fan, so I wouldnt like  it in my house, but calling it a fascist cat? ahahah arnav cracked me up! An it seems that Imad just cant seem to get a break! He brought Abhinav, of all people! Poor anjali. Im glad youve incorporated her status as single mother, and how Imad is not afraid of that, most men, espicially in India would shy away! Great job!

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Nakita19 Groupbie

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Posted: 18 April 2012 at 5:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Marybarton

I miss hearing from some of my loyal readers and friends. 
So sorry dear, just been so busy Wacko ahahha. First of all, I LOVE that you're continuing Imad and Anjali's love story!!!!! Dancing *does crazy happy dance* Don't feel bad I haven't been commenting on the regular OSs, FFs, and SSs I read. I just believe that if you guys(the writers) can take out so much time to write something so beautiful for us,we ( the readers) shouldn't half ass our comments hahahaha especially the regulars!! Finally got time today...Party will defnitely comment!! LOVE LOVE your work girl!!! Hug

*Forgot to mention, o re piya is so unbelievably PERFECT, for Imad and Anjali!!!! Ahhh, my mind is blown, especially this line...sajish mein shaamil sara jahan hai har zare zare ki yeh iltiza hai; this is how Imad must be feeling Cry @ 3:00 - 3:14 this part goes so perfectly with Imad's inner confusion, frustration, and complete helplessness towards Anjali!And my absolute favourite @ 3:42...chalna aahiste ishq naya haaaiii...Day Dreaming

Edited by Nakita19 - 18 April 2012 at 5:53pm

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Marybarton IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 October 2011
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Posted: 18 April 2012 at 6:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nandalala

 This is for you, Mary:

"Only from the Heart, can you touch the Sky."  


I cannot tell you how humbled I feel at having this OS dedicated to me!  I have no words...I can only say that it is one of the best GIFTS I have ever received!  "Thank you" doesn't even begin to cover it!  You write from the heart, and it won't be long before you touch far more than you do here!Smile

Ah, you started with MY LOVE!!!LOL  My heart fluttered when I read the clickety clack of his Italian made shoes!!!  Absolutely adored Khushi's innocent greeting!  I can relate because even after all these years, I greet my own father in the same way!!!Smile  The Nawab puts his plan into action right away--who better than his Darya to carry it out!

I must say your very first scene of ArHi together has to be my most favorite thus far!  I could ttly imagine the two of them sitting together like that--what a beautiful tableau!  I really liked how open ArHi were with each other...she asks for permission to bring di to the meeting, he retaliates...She continues to make her case!  He can't help but get on the defensive re. Imad's past!  Yet, in the end, he has enough faith in his wife to let her carry out her matchmaking!  I just loved the dialogues in this scene!

So not surprised Khushi "tricked" Anjali into attending the Shareholder's meeting!LOL  I was just amazed at how you kept each of the characters in this scene so distinct.  Khushi surprised Imad as well...Well, she's just one girl with a whole bag of tricks, eh!  Ah, what she won't do for love!  The awkward conversation between Anjali and Imad was so poignant...their uneasiness suggests how much they do care for each other...He couldn't get past the thought that it was an obligation to her, she thought she offended him...We finally saw how exactly Anjali viewed him...heiwas "powerful" and "protective" in her view...and she, the "vulnerable woman...throwing herself at him."

I loved the part with Imad and Evelina.  In light of last week's "mirrored revelations" on the show, I couldn't help but chuckle how Evelina allowed him to reflect back on his past, on all his allow him to say he was sorry!  Yet, she reminded him that though she was hurt in the moment, she learned to move him insight that things do and can change for the better!
Well done in showcasing the Imad knows what it felt like to be in Evve's shoes!

Oh, my heart tore  while reading the last few paragraphs!  He did not want her to feel guilty for all that had happened.  He was so forlorn at seeing her feel sad!  Her concern for his friendship with the Nawab--which only highlighted how much he meant to her & the Awadh family--so on display!  His apology, her concern...suggesting his feelings were misguided!  And then, in the end, he couldn't contain it!  He told her unequivocally that "this is not some passing fancy."  He'd spoken what's in his heart!  

Wow, it was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster riding with these two, Mary!  But I thoroughly enjoyed it!Big smile  I have read part 2 as well, and will give detailed comments on it within a day or two! Thanks for being patient with me...Well done, my friend!  Just always a pleasure for me to wind down reading your treasured pieces!!

Thank you so much. Just wanted to say, don't feel obligated. Only write if a piece moves you Embarrassed

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-Emma.K- Senior Member

Joined: 30 September 2011
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Posted: 18 April 2012 at 7:26pm | IP Logged
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! This story is so different from typical love stories nowadays, with a young girl and guy rather than a single mother and a rich bachelor! And that's exactly why I love this so much!Big smile
I must say, you are really talented to write so beautifully and come up with such beautiful stories.Clap
Please keep up the amazing work, and keep me updatedThumbs Up

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Marybarton IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 October 2011
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Posted: 18 April 2012 at 8:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by AnnieKittWatt

Ola Mary,Big smile
It is an honour for me Embarrassed to accept this wonderful piece of Dedication by you. I was seriously overwhelmed with every emotion. This is the first time, that anyone, anyone here or in my whole life, has dedicated something to '
Be it a story, a part of the story, a poem, a song, a paragraph even. Not that I ever expected it from anyone or even those, to whom I've dedicated many of my precious works. Because I believe in Giving and Selflessness and not Taking!
Expectations from my readers, yes, it is one kind of an expectation, because a writer, always wants to know his/her readers' opinion on his/her work, that he/she has given so much time, body and soul to.
I very much wanted to hug you for this gift. But realised that I couldn't, not literally of course. So to make up for it, I would like to hug you virtually. Please accept a BIG BEAR HUG from me! Hug
And I apologise for not commenting sooner. I know that you would be waiting for my comment, since you had dedicated this piece to me. I sincerely apologise for being late. Embarrassed

Back to the update,
The letter broke my heart into two
Broken Heart, when I read Imad's sincere apologies and how he had poured it all in simple yet beautiful vocabulary of his. He, himself, knows that he is an impulsive person and knows that what he did was not right. He is mature enough to recognise his mistake and correct it. But as it is universally said that 'Past is History, so you cannot change it.'

And Anjali keeping it back safely, made me smile.Smile Not because, in every Love story the girl and the boy keep their letters safely away, which marks us knowing that they'll meet soon and take their relationship to the next level or because that is the way every love story should be. But because it is what even
do, when it comes to any letter, from any person, who is good in your eyes and know him/her to be so. At least I do it. Embarrassed To be honest, I definitely do that. I somehow like to read all of them again and again, and reminisce those moments Day Dreaming, when I was reading them and remember the particular thoughts I was having while reading them. LOL

Aww...Imad's excitement was so cute and so like it would be in reality. I couldn't help but grin for a whole 10 minutes, after reading that the letter was from HRH Darya of Awadh aka Khushi K. G. S. Raizada.

Ae le!!! Gosh!! The gift was definitely Awesome!!Clap But to be honest, even I was scared to see that pic of that cat!!Shocked Pinch Hilarious, Mary!! ROFL Gosh! 'Fascist looking Cat'!!!
ROFL ROFL :P ROFL!!! And also the 'Laad Governor-y top hat birthmark'!!! ROFLROFL You couldn't have made it funnier!!! ROFLROFLROFL

When I read Abhinav's name, somehow I felt very curious of him. Geek I felt somewhat weird at that time, and after reading that Abhinav was somehow related to the Raizada's since infancy, I started trying to place him in the story the show itself had showed us. Ermm
And BANG!... He was the Bridegroom, who left Anjali at the altar!!! Shocked I covered my mouth just like Khushi does on the show, when I read Anjali and Arnav were standing rooted to the ground on seeing the most unexpected familiar face after all these years.

And Arnav's anger was justified of course, knowing his protective nature, or rather his over-protective Wacko nature for his family and closest friends. And Abhinav's presence did trigger his anger to the limit, having made him angry on Imad too. But his anger on Imad was kinda awkward to me to read. But from a brother's point of view, it somehow makes sense that since his sister had rejected that man, the brother may think that that man may be trying to get back at her. But his judgement was way too fast, since he is not much familiar with Imad on personal terms, thanks to Imad's impulsive action of his confession to Anjali, leaving out their professional relationship.

The atmosphere, later, at the dinner table, was somewhat funny and sad. Abhinav's efforts to make Anjali smile was confusing actually! Confused Was he doing it to bring back the good days and revive the healthy friendship they had? OR was he trying to revive the relationship they supposedly would have if the wedding had taken place?? I don't think it will be the latter, since I somehow feel that he IS married now.
I smiled while reading that Imad was getting goosebumps while hearing snippets of their conversations and feeling the familiarity waves hit him with full force, which somehow he was presuming again. :P LOL

Hahahah...About Nawab's eye interactions, I very much liked it!!! WinkHeheheh...he knows how to control situations, given his age and experience!! :P Tongue Wink
And every other family member and neighbour's glaring and staring at the two - Anjali and Abhinav, was both Serious and Funny, respectively!! :P Uff...The seething glares of Raizadas always melt the enemies to nothing!! Not only Enemies, but Anyone!! :P

Urm...the two disappeared out into the balcony, leaving a hurt Imad to presume again!! :P Gosh!! Silly His impulsive nature does has its disadvantages really!! And you bring it out in the best way possible here!!Wink That's what makes your story all the more lovely and enjoyable. Big smile Every minute thing you include in your story, someway or the other, has a significance sooner or later!! Just like IPKKND does on screen. Star

You really are a Clap Gifted Writer and am very much honoured to accept this dedication from you. I feel like am a part of this special work of yours, which is really overwhelming and touching and exciting!!

Gladly waiting for the next part! Embarrassed Wink Big smile
Hmm...Now that I remember the Major conversation Geek, am yet in the Heating mode!! Stern Smile Hahahah...Wink Not going to ask for an update, since I want you to give your Best and then post it when you're satisfied with it!! Just read Part 3's preview. You're making it exciting all the more!!Dancing

And the quote I used earlier in my comment, it has a continuation. Half of it is from the movie 'Kung Fu Panda' and the rest is mine.

"Past is History, so you cannot change it.
Future is a Mystery, so don't worry about it.
But the Present is a Gift, so make the most of it and live it to the Fullest."

~ Master Oogway and Annie

Big smile

I just wanted to thank you for your previous comments. Don't feel the need to write a long reply because of it. But loved your comment too hehe. I am a writer who loves to hear from the readers at the end of the day.

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