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FF: LOVE TO LIVE (Kria's POV) (Page 43)

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Originally posted by 1D_D3-Crazy

loved the update and thanks for the pm :D

Nikki <3

thanks and your welcome nikki!!

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Originally posted by poojadworld

amazinggg update,,,,,,,,,,,,,kriya is gonna meet her dad omg,,,,,,,waiting 4d nxt update

thanks... will update soon... :)
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Originally posted by nityaa02

update soon... eagerly waiting for it... want to know what happens next...

will update soon... :)
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Wil be waiting
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Sorry for updating so late!! but like and comment!! :)

Chapter 10

Sharon's POV

It had been a few days since my birthday, and the national fest was closing in. I was sitting in the rehearsal hall. It was early in the morning, and there was no one there. The peace made me relax. There were two things constantly in my head. One, the house which my parents had left for me and two, Swayam. He hadn't talked to me since my birthday, nor had he been present for my birthday celebration. He hadn't even given me a gift! That hurt. I knew I was being childish, but it disturbed me. 
I wanted to meet him, and talk to him and tell him what dad had told me. Somehow I felt that he should know, he should be a part of things that went on in my life. 
"Sharon?" I heard a voice behind me. I turned around. "Swayam? What are you doing here? That too so early in the morning?" He raised his eyebrows at me. "I should ask you that." he said, keeping his sack on the side bench. "I always come here in the mornings. It helps me relax." he said after a pause. "But if you want to use the hall, I'll go."
So we had something in common. "No, that's fine. You continue." he shrugged and started warming up. I wanted to talk to him, but I didn't know how to start. A few minutes later music started playing, and I looked at Swayam. It seemed as if he'd forgotten the world outside. He moved as if he was made for dance, his steps in perfect rhythm. I saw him as never before as he moved around the hall, dancing. Suddenly he stopped. He couldn't do a step perfectly. He kept on to it, his brow furrowed, wondering what he was doing wrong. He looked so cute, like a young kid, who keeps falling while trying to learn how to ride a cycle. He finally got it, and completed his dance. "Sharon, do you want to practice?" he said, as he picked up his bag and got ready to leave. "I mean, you've been sitting here just like that, doing nothing. I hope everything is okay." His concern was noticeable in his voice, though he tried his best to hide it.
"No. I mean.. I'll practice later."
"Umm. Swayam. I wanted to talk to you. Just for a minute." 
"Sure. What happened?" he sat down beside me. In a few words I told him everything dad had told me on my birthday. I felt better talking to him. He smiled at me. "See, I'd told you. Your dad is a wonderful person."
"Yeah. And Swayam, thanks. I mean.. You helped me that day.. And well, because of you I understand my father.." 
"I didnt do anything," he said, a little embarrassed. "by the way, why are you telling me all this?" 
"Well.. I just thought.. I mean.. You knew the truth in the first place, so should know the whole story.." I replied, a little awkward. Even I didn't know the answer to his question.
"Okay, well, thanks. Bye."
"Bye." I didn't want him to go. But I had no reason to stop him. He reached the door, and then looked back. "Sharon..."
"Yes?" I said hoping he'd stay back.
"Umm.. I think you should try and find out about Gautam Sir's wife and daughter. I mean..his daughter didn't have a father for all these years. You never know, she may hate him for leaving her. I think you should try and find out about them. That'll make your father happy too. And you'll probably have a whole family, who knows." I smiled at him. I was impressed by his selflessness. He was a wonderful human being, always the one to think about someone else before him. "But what if his wife has remarried, and is happy with her new life?"
"Well then you don't interfere. But if she's not, you'll be doing something good for your father." 
I nodded. 
"Okay, bye then."
I thought over what he said for a long time. I guess it was time I started searching for my sister.

 *Swayam's POV*

I was surprised at her behavior. Sharon had changed, that was for sure. But I didn't melt. I knew this was only a phase. I had stopped hoping that we would ever be together. That she would ever accept me. I loved her, and would always love her, but to expect her to do the same was asking a lot. 
I was pleased however that she chose to let me know what her father had told her, I thought as I got busy in the national Fest decorations. "Hey Swayam," Rey called me. "Make sure you make the stage arrangements soon. Take someone for your help." 
"Yup! Don't worry. It'll be done."
"Cool. I'll go see the other stuff."
"Sure." Rey was still hurting I knew it. Taani and I had tried so much to get him out of his pain, but his smile was only superficial and only we knew the tears behind his facade. 

*National Dance Fest, Pune*

Kria's POV

"Welcome one and all to the Indian National Dance Fest 2012!!!" the anchor shouted as we all went down the aisle towards the stage. The campus was huge, and the preparation was awesome. 
"Wow.." Prithvi said with excitement. "Look at this place! Its awesome!!" 
"Yeah! And the decorations, too good!" said Sam. 
"When is the inauguration guys?" asked Avni. 
"In the evening at 6, today." said Prithvi. "Which means we need to go get ready, and practice a bit before the performance." Damini reminded him. 
"Yup, lets go! Guys, hang around here for sometime. We'll meet you at 6! Bye!"
"Bye!" we all said in unison. 
 I wasn't interested in the campus, nor in it's decorations. All I could look at was the name of "Gautam Raiprakash" printed on every banner as the chief judge and chairperson. 
"Sam, Avni!" I said finally. "I need to do a few things alone. I'll meet you at around 5.45 near the stage? What say?" 
"Okay Kria. But take care." they were a little hesitant to leave me alone, but I knew they would understand. 
I walked around the campus till I came near the biggest stage where the inauguration and all the dance competitions would be. A crowd had started gathering. It was impossible to talk to Gautam Raiprakash I realized. He would come with a truckload of body guards. Suddenly a banner caught my attention. On it was written, 
"On the spot registration! Solo dance competion! Winner gets a chance to meet Gautam Raiprakash Sir, and gets to perform a dance choreographed by him! Come on dance aspirants, live your dream!!" 
Kria.. This is your chance. This is how you can meet him!! 
Without thinking I registered for the competion. I started walking back towards the entrance when something caught my attention. A lean, yet well-built guy, with wavy hair was giving instructions calmly to the people. They were decorating the stage. The boy turned and I was in for a shock. He was none other than Swayam! Tears came to my eyes, but I quickly put them at bay. What was he doing here???? Damz had told me that St Louis wasn't performing! That's why I had come here. I hid myself behind the seats in front of the stage. Suddenly I found the dance Fest brochure lying on the chair. I took it and went through the participating team list. St Louis wasn't there. So then what was Swayam doing here?? I flipped the pages, my heart filled with emotions. Suddenly I noticed something on the inside page of the brochure. "Organizing Student Team- St Louis College. Headed by GS Reyaansh Singhania, ACS Swayam Shekhawat and CS Sharon Raiprakash. That explained everything. Because they were the student organizers, they couldn't participate. No wonder Damz thought St Louis wasn't there. But then, that meant.. If Swayam was here, Rey would be here too. I knew I wouldn't be able to face him. I controlled my tears. My first thought was to go back. But then I wouldn't get to meet Gautam Raiprakash. I was caught in a dilemma. My mind oscillated between my love and my father. Suddenly a loud voice shook me. "Come on dancers and dance lovers!!! It's time for the inauguration!! Come on!!!!" I looked at the stage, and it was all set and ready. Swayam waited in the wing, Sharon by his side. Rey was not to be seen. I looked here and there and found a person giving out party masks to those who wanted them. I quickly wore a mask so that no one would recognize me and stood in the crowd. I noticed Sam and Avni and texted them to be where they were, as their seats were pretty far away. As the clock struck 6, Gautam Raiprakash came with much pomp and splendor. Had I been the earlier Kria, I would have whooped and jumped to see my idol in real life, just like the crowd was doing. But after knowing that he was my father, my feelings were submerged somewhere in the bottommost recesses of my mind. I stared at him, as he walked on the stage, and sat there. Formalities were completed and Prithvi and Damini came on the stage to perform. They sung a beautiful prayer and then the song "Aashayein" from the movie Iqbal, representing the desire of all the youngsters present there. I cheered for them, and after they were done, and all the formalities ended, Gautam Raiprakash cut the ribbon. I saw Sharon smile at him, and deep down, I was jealous. Jealous that I could never have a father, jealous that Sharon got all what I had wanted. I envied her, and the family she had. For the first time in my life, I Kria Ghai, thought that I had less than Sharon Raiprakash. 

*Rey's POV*

The inauguration had been great. All the competitions were taking place. So much dance reminded me of Kria again. They say time heals all wounds. Mine hadn't healed, if nothing else, they were not seen, but rooted deep inside me, leaving permanent marks. "Rey, is all okay?" Taani asked me quietly. She'd been a wonderful friend over the past few weeks. "Yes Taani. Thanks. Are the group dance competitions on stage 2 over?" 
"Yes. Even the duets are done. It's now the solo ones. Come, we'll watch them. They are on stage one."
"No.. I'm not in the mood. You go on." 
"Please Rey. Stop hurting yourself over Kria. Atleast come for my sake." 
"Fine. I'm coming."
"Thank you." 
I smiled at her.
She smiled back. "Let's go." Together, we were walking to stage one, when a girl with a mask amost banged into me. "Shit, I'm so sorry" she started, and then our eyes met. Beautiful, brown eyes stared back at me. But they looked full of pain, and guilt and sadness. They stared at me and the glanced at Taani, and then ran away at full speed. "Rey, come on!!" I hadn't moved from my place. "Kria..?" I questioned my own self softly. "That was Kria." 
Taani looked at me, her eyes soft. "Rey, stop thinking about her. What would Kria be doing here anyways? She's left you all for good, and she's not coming back. So the sooner you accept this fact, the better. Come on, let's go. The competition is starting."
I nodded at her, and we walked on. I knew she was right, what would Kria be doing here? But somewhere, deep down, those brown eyes covered by the party mask brought back Kria's memory. 

 *Kria's POV*

I had almost given myself away when I banged on him. He was with a beautiful girl, and I felt jealousy rising within me. I tried to keep it at bay, with not so successful results. It was my turn for the dance, and I remembered the times when Rey had encouraged me. It was a good thing I saw his face before the dance I thought. Even his face could make me all dansical. 
I went on stage, the mask still on my face. I was dancing again, after a long time, that too almost on the spot. I saw Sameer, Avni, Prithvi and Damini cheering for me in the crowd. I even saw Swayam and Sharon, standing together. They looked comfortable. So much had changed after I'd gone. My eyes searched him however. He was there with the girl, his eyes subdued, thinking about something. "Contestant number 23, your time starts now." I saw Gautam Raiprakash sitting in the judge's seat. And i knew I would win. The song started, it was O re piya, from Aaja Nachle. 

 *Rey's POV*

The first thing that caught my attention was her fluid movement. She was the same girl who had banged into me. I recognized her by her mask. Her flow was amazing. Even her dance reminded me of Kria. The beauty, the grace, the perfection, no one had it except Kria. I knew it. I was sure now. Her stance told me everything. "Taani, I know this is Kria. I can forget everything, not her dance. I am sure it's her. I'm going backstage to meet her."
"Rey... Should I come with you?"
"No, I'll be fine alone."
"Okay. Let me know if you need anything." 
"Yeah, thanks."
I reached backstage, and the dance was over. She received the biggest cheer from the crowd. She was the last participant so she was asked to wait on stage for the result, and the other participants were called on stage. I couldn't meet her. I saw Gautam Sir come up on stage and give a little speech about how everyone performed and all. Then finally it was time to announce the winners. 

 *Kria's POV*

Results. Something that had always spooked me. Every time, it was more for the dance, and less for competition. This time my win was necessary. 
"And the winner is," the anchor said, and I waited with bated breath, "Contestant number 23!!!!" I tried to control my tear. Me and dad were finally face to face. He gave me the award, and congratulated me. The anchor blabbered about how beautiful my dance was, the crowd shouted out and asked me to remove my mask. But I was oblivious to the world. All I knew was that I was receiving an award from a person who was my father. Who had been my idol, the person who ha left me. "Congratulations dear, you danced wonderfully. It was a pleasure to see you dance. And it would be an honor to choreograph a dance for someone as wonderful as you. But what's your name?"
My voice broke. I couldn't speak anything. Tears rushed out of my eyes. "Hey, you okay?" he asked me.  I wiped my tears, and came off stage. He followed. The competition was over, and a crowd had started gathering around Gautam Raiprakash. I had lost my chance. More tears engulfed me as I ran to the changing room behind the stage. I removed my mask and sat there wondering why I hadn't talked to him when I had the chance. Suddenly the door behind me opened, and Gautam Sir walked in. He instructed some one to stand outside to keep off the crowd. He closed the door, and came near me. His eyes the same color as mine. "I can never see tears in a dancer's eyes. And you didn't even tell me your name." he smiled at me. All my emotions came staggering up this time. In a broken voice, I said, "I'm Kria, Kria Ghai. Shobhna Ghai's daughter... Your daughter..." I tried to sound accusatory, but I couldn't. He just stared at me, in shock. "Kria...?" 
"Yes! Kria!" my anger came out. All those pent up feelings rushed out. "I'm Kria. And I'm ashamed to call you my father. You left us, how could you? Not even once, not even once did you come and ask me if I wanted a father? Didn't you ever think that mom wanted you, that I may want a father, someone who'd be there for me at all times? But no, it does not matter to you. You are happy, that's it. You moved on; we were struck at the same place. Didn't you ever think about me? Oh but why would you? You have a daughter right? And you must have a second wife too! It was easy for you I'm sure. Well I'd like to tell you that it hasn't been that easy for us. But we have fought our circumstances. Like today, I've always won my prize. I entered the competition to meet you. And tell you that I'm proud I don't have a father who changes his wives and daughters like he changes his dance styles!!" I knew I had been a whole lot mean, and spoken much more than I had intended to. But I couldn't control my anger. He listened to every thing calmly, though anger blazed in his eyes. He spoke, his voice steel, "Kria! I'm sorry about leaving you, but that does not give you the right to speak what you want!! Do not speak unless you know the whole truth!"
"Truth? What truth? That you have another daughter? I know Sharon. She is your daughter!!"
"Kria, listen to me!"
"No! I won't! Im going!! Bye!" I shouted and ran out of the room. Someone was standing at the door, and I was sure he must have heard everything, but it didn't matter. My tears fell as I ran, and ran, around the campus, wishing my pain would reduce. 

 *Rey's POV* 

I was a little surprised when the masked girl whom I thought was Kria, ran away in the dressing room before I could even meet her. Something was wrong. I went near the room. Gautam Sir called me form behind, "Hey Rey! Do me a favor please kid. Stand outside the room, and keep the crowd at bay. I want to talk to the winner of the competition." 
"Sure Sir." 
"thanks," he said and went inside. I liked Sharon's father. The first time Sharon had introduced me to him, he'd thought I was her boyfriend. We'd all had a good laugh over it later on. 
I could hear the conversation inside. I knew it was bad manners to interfere, so I was going to move away from the door, when I heard the girl shouting out her name, "Kria Ghai!" so I had been right! But their conversation shocked me. Kria ran out of the room without noticing. Her mask was off, and I saw her, her face showing pain all over it.
Kria was Gautam Sir's daughter? Why didn't she ever tell me? Or even she didn't know before? That meant Sharon was her sister? I was shocked, my mind had stopped working. I left from there as Gautam Sir's bodyguards arrived and he went with them, his face showing nothing. I was dumbstruck. Kria mist be in so much pain I thought. My heart ached for her. I tried searching for her, but she was nowhere to be seen. I walked up towards a beautiful garden in the middle of the campus. The dance Fest was over, and the crowd was almost gone. Tomorrow would be the last day. It was evening, and the sky was a magnificent shade of blue. I sat on the bench, holding my head in my hands. Was this the reason Kria left Mumbai? 
"Rey!!" I heard Swayam sitting beside me. He kept a hand on my shoulder. "Is everything okay?" 
"Taani told me you met Kria. Did you?"
"I saw her. She was there. But I couldn't meet her."
"She was talking with Gautam Sir.. And.." 
"Kria is his daughter."
"Yes." in a few words I told him the conversation I'd overheard.
"That means..Sharon and Kria.."
"Yeah, they are sisters. And Kria was hurt. She said a lot many mean things to Gautam Sir, you know.. About getting remarried and all. And you know how she is. Only a lot of pain can make make her talk this way." 
"But Gautam Sir never got remarried."
"Meaning Sharon is adopted!"
"Yeah. She told me a few days before her birthday." now I told him everything about Sharon and her dad. 
A smile lit up my face. "So we know what we are supposed to do, don't we?" I looked at Swayam. His eyes glazed. "I'm with you!!"  We both shook hands. Mission Kria-Sharon Family Union!  


*to be continued*

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First 2 comment!!!

Awesome update loved it!!

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awesome update.
yup kria removed all her frustration on her dad.
Noe reyam know eveything abt krisha except the part why kria left dats nice.
do continue soon .
thanks for pm.

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amazing update
lovd it to the core
m happy nw that both the boys knows the real truth...
Finaly kria met her father...

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